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Picture a typical pseudo-intellectual scenario.  Marxism is the question, “And, what’s your opinion on the subject?” is how it starts.  Experience has taught to me to qualify the asker before making any kind of intellectual investment.  “Do you mind if I qualify your question?”, and in that way I qualify the asker.  I will not insult the reader’s intelligence by explaining the sorting-out-process. i.e. ‘sorting the wheat from the chaff’.  The asker usually has a mentality that has been influenced by Marxism, usually in a tertiary educational institution.  Neural pathways may well have been brain-washed by Marxist propaganda.  In those circumstances the qualifying process may require some countermeasures.  Once you understand the mentality, the lack of their qualified conviction, will become obvious, and you will know the level of intellectual investment to make.

The above begs the question; what type of mentality should be avoided?  In my opinion that type of mentality that is not shocked by the following true examples.   O.J Simpson (“The Juice”) was acquitted of a double murder, that was obviously without regard to the facts of the case.  African-Americans and Marxist agents-provocateur rejoiced.  Other examples are: A USA Department of Justice (“DoJ”) investigation under a Democrat POTUS, found that Ferguson policeman. Darren Williams, had acted justifiably in the shooting of African-American Michael Brown.  The DoJ investigation found that the slogan “Hands-up Don’t Shoot” was an invention and deliberate falsity by prejudiced African-American by-standers. “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” was a fiction.  Despite the vindication, Policeman Darren Williams was fired from his job, and the Democrat Party adopted the “Hands-Up Don’t Shoot” slogan.  

Another example:  A jury in Minneapolis, Minnesota, convicted a policeman. Derrick Chauvin of serious crimes.  He was doing his duty.  No firearms or weapons were involved.   Chauvin placed his knee on the side and back of the neck, of a person who was resisting arrest.   The facts of the case are undisputed.  The victim, George Floyd, had previously ingested an overdose of fentanyl and cocaine.  Floyd later died of a heart attack in hospital.  Floyd had been arrested for passing a forged banknote.  He had a long criminal record of violence and dishonesty.  The entire incident was caught on camera, on location.  By no stretch of the law could any policeman have done their duty without restraining Floyd.  Once again, and this time even more surprisingly, some ordinary Americans and a majority of African-Americans, including Marxist agent-provocateurs, rejoiced when policeman Chauvin was convicted and sentenced.  

The USA Justice System has deteriorated into a two-tier, Injustice System.  The DoJ, Democrat appointed Inspector-General released a damning report.  Later investigations and fresh evidence show that the DoJ and FBI were implicated in the attempted Coup d’état of a sitting POTUS.   The FBI Director and all senior staff were fired.  The Democrat Party and especially Hillary Clinton, have recently been implicated in serious crimes.  Special Prosecutor John Durham is investigating.   Some of the results of the ‘Deep State’ dysfunction and criminality, are manifest in a disputed 2020 General Election.  Insult-to-injury, is the catastrophe of an intellectually impaired man being elevated to POTUS.  The Vice-POTUS is even worse, she an opportunist with no political support what-so-ever.  The USA has been left virtually leaderless, and it faces existential threats, especially from China.  

A political mentality that not only excuses and ignores corruption and criminality, is derailing the fabric of USA society.  Such a mentality tries to finesse, obfuscate, and divert attention.  The USA Supreme Court (“SCOTUS”) had no business sitting on its hands when approached to consider alleged irregularities in the electoral process..  SCOTUS refused ‘certiorari’ (the right to be heard) and in so doing replicated Pontius Polite when he washed his hands of a difficult problem leading to the crucifixion of Christ.

Make no error, people who are inculcated in a dishonest, morally bankrupt culture, become pathological liars.  The mainstream media and their owners fall into that category  The Democrat Party in the USA has now deteriorated into such a state.  Democrat politicians are politically psychopathic and prepared to lead their supporters down the proverbial garden-path, towards an horrific ‘Jones Town’ scenario.  Democrats and their ilk know what they have done.  They are fully informed, and they know that they deserve the consequences that is their due.  The fact is that, the train has left the station, and those that chose to be on board, made that choice.  Truth, morality and traditional values have been jettisoned, in favour of self-serving opportunism.  There will be a reckoning and the chips will fall where they may.

By Will Keys

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  1. The current greed for money and power globally is not necessarily unprecedented but the power and speed of electronic communication have changed the game somewhat. We can have the President of Zimbabwe fly to Glasgow in a private charter airbus for US$800 000 whilst the people at home starve. Justice and Injustice are major factors as laid out above – but the real cause behind the cause appears to be environmental degradation due to overpopulation which is also starting to move at an unprecedented pace. It was fine for Lord Hain and the British Establishment to engineer a “military assisted transition” in Zimbabwe in 2017 – with the Jameson Raid fresh in their minds – but there are now 14 million mouths to feed there – not 500 000 in Jameson’s time. Mugabe’s conversion of 20% of the land from commercial agriculture to 100% Command Agriculture is blindly supported by the likes of Professor Scoones from the University of Sussex as great intellectual and political success. Justice or Injustice will simply be mental trivia when 10 million people go hungry. The difference between civilisation and anarchy is really pretty simple – seven missed meals. It is not a case of if it happens in South Africa for example – it has already happened.

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