About Us

For a multitude of real and imagined reasons leading to extraordinary sensitivity, African reportage is invariably distorted or untruthful. As a result much of what should be known remains outside the public domain making it unlikely that the pressing problems afflicting the continent will ever be constructively addressed.

With this in mind a group of unlike minded, writers, philanthropists, engineers, hunters, guides, businessmen and unashamed Africanists decided to start “telling it like it is”. You may not agree or like what you see and read but we hope the discussions that follow will help us, together, get closer to the truth.

A mostly unmentioned casualty of our current culture of intolerance is humour and when people are forbidden to laugh they grow grumpy. We firmly believe that if enough people rediscovered the funny side of life the world would be a better place. But to do this, we all have to remember how to laugh at ourselves again. There is a soldier’s refrain; “Call me anything you like but for fucks sake don’t call me late for a piss-up!”

This is a rough idea where we are coming from; we hope you will learn from this but we also hope you will have a good chuckle!


Africa Unauthorised