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Former President Donald Trump and inventor-extraordinaire, South African born Elon Musk, despite having little in common in so many ways, share some characteristics.  They are both driven by enormous conviction, with equally enormous self-confidence.  They are highly intelligent and blessed with the capacity to crystallise objectives, so that their employees achieve great results.   Having said that, they are two very different personalities.  Donald Trump could not be Elon Musk and vice-versa.  Together, I predict that Trump and Musk will save Western Civilisation from destroying itself.

Taking a broad-brush approach and making the assertion that the United States of America (“USA”) is at the centre of Western Civilisation, I believe a civil war’ fuelled by a reckless mass-media, is brewing in the USA.  I will not waste time insulting our mutual intelligence by trying to define in detail all the categories of protagonists.  All stratas of society, races and classes will be well represented on both sides.   Fundamentally it will be left-wing against the right-wing. There will be few fence-sitters.  The size, ferocity, or time period of this second USA civil war, is subject to variables that are presently unknowable. I suspect that the second civil war will be shorter than longer, but a great deal more criminally murderous instances will be reported. The chivalry so often witnessed in the last civil war is unlikely this time around.  Parts of the USA will be placed under ‘martial law’.   

I predict that Donald J Trump will be re-elected to the Presidency of the United States (“POTUS”) in 2024.  Trump will rally the silent majority once again and lead the ‘right-wing’ in a great victory, in the second civil war.  How that victory will manifest is impossible to know, but that there will be severe consequences for the left-wing, I have no doubt.  The USA will return to being “Great Again, AGAIN“. The left-wing will have over-estimated themselves and they will be obliterated.    

Towards the end of the second civil war, Elon Musk will emerge as the greatest visionary in human history. Musk will combine with POTUS Trump and together they will lead the USA on to unprecedented times.  POTUS Trump will ensure constitutional stability, and Elon Musk will provide the financial resources along with the technical expertise for Space-X, to adventure to Mars.

Meanwhile, on the 18th of December 2021 the James Webb Telescope (“JWT”), the most expensive single science project in human history, will be launched from French Guiana into space.   All things being equal, the JWT will replace the wonderful Hubble telescope.  The JWT is one hundred times more powerful than Hubble, primarily because it is designed to observe in the infra-red spectrum of light.   The JWT will be positioned over a million kilometres from Earth, away from the Sun.  It will be positioned at the Lagrange Two point.  Extract: “At Lagrange points, the gravitational pull of two large masses precisely equals the centripetal force required for a small object to move with them. These points in space can be used by spacecraft to reduce fuel consumption needed to remain in position.”

I predict that the JWT, after being successfully launched and positioned at the Lagrange Two point, will send back photographs that will open the door to a perspective of the Universe that is presently unknowable.  What mankind does with the new knowledge will depend on those that lead.  At the moment there are few ’silver-linings’ facing mankind.  Maybe the JWT will focus mankind in a positive way. 

Kind regards,

Will Keys 

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3 thoughts on “Who Will Save The West?”
  1. In a Voltaire like manner Mr. Keys’ predictions are great food for thought and imagination which are the keys to innovation. Closer to home and closer to the soil, we peasant simpletons from the land also believe that we should not neglect the environment and Mother Earth – she is now being subjected to an amazing and unprecedented level of bodily abuse from over 7 billion Homo sapiens who all want more and more from her. Even for educated people in the cities – a road trip through Australia or Africa can illustrate just how abused the land now is. In South Africa it commenced in 1652 and the Karoo is growing not shrinking. In Australia it all started in about 1788 – ironically with sheep and cattle imported from South Africa! Australia and South Africa may seem fine to a 25 year old person who “has breathed the air of their upbringing” (Enoch Powell) but I am pretty confront that Jan van Riebeck and Captain Cook would be shocked to see how man has “developed the environments they discovered.” I have no doubt that Robert Mugabe and Jacob Zuma – and even the current President of Zimbabwe would love to find another planet to beautify in their eyes. We have seen what Mugabe and Zuma have achieved socially and environmentally in Africa and we sincerely hope that Barnaby Joyce does not have a rush of blood to the head and perhaps ignore the environmental consequences of any National Party policy? Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty – be it social, political or environmental.

  2. Bold predictions…but ,hopefully, correct . I certainly hope it happens before I depart this dimension . It would give me immense pleasure to see the total demise of the left wing and progressive liberals . I would certainly feel a relief for the sake of my wonderful young Grandsons !

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