Meeting the great psychologist of our age and persuading him to come south…

Simon Lincoln Reader,

The world’s most famous Canadian Dr. Jordan Peterson has been in London for nearly a month now.

His shows have been sold-out, he’s spoken to the army (at exactly the point the RAF has decided to apply quotas to its recruitment – with straight white men being the intended casualty) and he’s been reported to the police for visiting the Michaela Community School, located in an impoverished suburb of north London, which encourages routine and discipline – to startling academic results. This act of snitching alone reveals just how sick quarters of the UK are.

Alongside some colleagues, I had dinner with Dr. Peterson and his wife Tammy a week and a half ago, and I’m busy persuading him to come to South Africa. Unfortunately he is too busy saving western civilisation this year, but we’re looking to the end of 2023.


South Africa makes an intriguing case for Dr. Peterson. Attempts to indoctrinate woke ideology into the country are not being engineered by the government, but by corporate, “NGO” and media forces, the majority of whom are white or white-owned. The ANC will obviously seize whatever features of this assault they find useful (e.g BLM, net zero, etc), but creating a society defined by bizarre, “non-hate hate” laws and compelled speech does take some coordination, which the ANC isn’t capable of.

Dr. Peterson spoke and I spoke about the recent Swedish elections (I deliberately linked to those cope-harder groomers Vox here) and the US withdrawal from Afghanistan as an indication of the US’s willingness to present itself as weak and incoherent. I explained that the idea of the US being some kind of security superpower was mythical nonsense, with the major event of 2013 being an example. Mark Steyn went on to quote this same event a few days later as one example of “empire dysfunction”.

Barack Obama attended Nelson Mandela’s funeral with two Air Force Ones, attack helicopters, the bulletproof beast and hundreds of menacing secret service agents wearing sunglasses and ear pieces, who cased the stadium for days before. So you had streets closed, you had fake routes published by the media and a small army protecting Obama and his wife Big Mike Obama as they slept.

Yet on the day on the funeral, Obama spoke on stage right next to a man called Thamsanqa Jantjie. Jantjie was of course the sign language dude, and much of the emphasis of his participation involved the crap he was wildly gesticulating. What wasn’t mentioned until later was that Jantjie was previously charged with rape, housebreaking, malicious damage to property and murder between 1994 and 2006. One of those charges involved allegedly necklacing a man. So there was the world’s most famous, best protected leader…standing next to someone whose docket for attempted murder had ostensibly been lost – but was still relevant.

If South African opposition politics is still disorganised by the time Dr. Peterson arrives in South Africa, then it’s pointless him talking to its leaders. But if there is a sense of purpose and compromise central to the task of defeating the ANC, it will be worth their while to listen to one the most thoughtful men of our time. Because what happens afterwards will be everything.-

*I don’t ordinarily distribute health or nutrition information or advice, but Tammy Peterson was diagnosed with advanced kidney cancer a few years ago, setting off a sequence of now-documented events that resulted in her husband nearly losing his own life. On the advise of non-Big Pharma aligned professionals, she changed her diet to meat only, a diet Dr. Peterson now follows too. She has reversed her diagnosis and he is in, as you’ll note in recent interviews and appearances, peak condition.


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  1. Please try and get him to come to Zimbabwe. The only person alive today I want to meet is Jordan Peterson.

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