by Hannes Wessels

                          Inevitably, as the father of two spirited and opinionated girls I find myself criticising them for a multitude of perceived sins which involves a lot of me grumbling and remonstrating while reciting tales of yore about ‘when I was your age’ and how tough it was for me and how easy it is for you. Most of these admonishments fly in the one ear of the recipient and out the other at the speed of light and my fulminating becomes more furious as I note eyes closing slowly and a general blankness enveloping the demeanour of the child under attack. But when I’m done moaning, I look at the world today, the journey they have traveled compared to mine, and what might lie ahead, I feel a sickening pain in my gut.
The truth is, now I think I was bloody lucky. Rightly or wrongly, from a young age I watched wholesome Hollywood heroes who excited and entertained me. One of them was the Western movie-star Audie Murphy who performed magnificently on screen in battling the ‘baddies’ whoever they were but he was also one of America’s most highly decorated soldiers in WW II. He had all the ingredients that a young boy might have aspired to and I revered him.
At home and throughout my school years, I and my peers were instilled with enormous pride in our country, our leaders and our history. We were constantly reminded that we were indebted to those who had built the country, that we had an important role to play in its future development and that if required we should be prepared to fight and die for it. We read in some awe about F.C. Selous, the great hunter-explorer and naturalist who perished fighting the Germans in then Tanganyika during WW I and Allan Wilson who died bravely on the banks of the Shangani River along with all his men at the hands of Matabele warriors. We learned of the hardships endured by our forebears in the settlement and development of southern Africa and all the changes that had been wrought bringing an end to tribal wars and primitivity while replacing it with peace and prosperity.

Hunter-explorer FC Selous

Beyond our borders we also learned about the huge contributions made to Western civilisation by European scientists, writers, explorers and philosophers.
We heard from Douglas Bader, the legless legend of the Battle of Britain when he toured the country’s schools on a visit from his home in England. He reminded boys and girls of the valiant service the country’s small population provided Britain in the war against Nazism. We heard about our Prime Minister Ian Smith, the Spitfire pilot who flew and fought with such courage and commitment and we felt blessed to be Rhodesians. Out of this sense of pride came the confidence and moral strength that helped us to go forth; some to war, some to other places and challenges, but we had our heads held high and our chests out.
My children, despite efforts made in the home have not been blessed thus. They watch few films where white people are anything but the villains. I know every father complains about the music their children listen to but ‘Rap’, replete with ugly lyrics about sex, drugs, torturing women and killing cops is de rigueur.
The history they have been taught concentrates heavily on the European’s perceived sins; slavery, colonialism and apartheid. They know nothing about the people who stopped slavery or of remarkable men like Generals Jan Smuts and Louis Botha. Most have not heard of Professor Christiaan Barnard but they have heard of Jean-Jacques Dessalines who rid his island of French rule and established the failed state known as Haiti. And of Nat Turner who led a slave rebellion in North America in the 1830’s. And of course they know all about Nelson Mandela to whom they must pay homage for the rest of their lives for the bountiful blessings bestowed upon them in the course of 26 years of ANC rule. They know all about Mapungubwe the great African civilisation that flourished near the Limpopo almost a 1,000 years ago, and ‘Great Zimbabwe’ but less about the Romans, the spread of Christianity under Constantine or The Renaissance.
The message to them from all quarters; their teachers, the press, social media, Hollywood and the political class is clear; being white carries guilt so be sorry to everyone for a curse visited upon you by your parents, your forebears and your genetic composition. The fact that they belong to a racial group that comprises roughly 12% of the world population and are entirely blameless of any of these alleged ‘crimes against humanity’ is utterly irrelevant. They must take responsibility and understand, for the foreseeable future they will be classed as pariahs who must concentrate a large portion of their future energies on compensating and apologising to the ‘victims’.
Terrifying Instagram accounts are now set up in schools to give vent to the ‘victims’ frustration and to them the power to destroy innocent young lives upon a whim and the press of a few buttons that transmit the dreaded word – ‘racist’. Because of the ease with which damning but unproven allegations can now be transmitted far and wide and with immediacy the current purge makes the Salem Witch-hunts look tame. The fact that all of those calling for retribution against whites because of slavery never suffered it and that young South Africans never experienced life under apartheid is simply ignored.
As a result of the ruthlessly effective manipulation of young minds throughout the Western world much of the new generation has accepted this false narrative with alacrity and today fill the streets of America and England, alongside ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘Antifa’ activists while seeking to lend a hand in the destruction of some of the most successful and benevolent societies in history.
It seems the twisting of history has seeped to the very top of academia. At Oxford, the ‘Rhodes Must Fall’ mob is back with a vengeance, attracting support from the media, politicians and academics. Simukai Chigudu, Associate Professor of African politics at the university is fully supportive stating, “..the phrase ‘black lives matter’ resonated because of a history of white supremacy that has denigrated, exploited and subjugated black lives”. Liberal Democrat MP Layla Moran and the leader of the local council have also voiced support. PhD student Ndjodi Ndeunyema refers to Rhodes as a ‘genocidaire’. What these strangers to the truth and the morons who believe them ignore, is the fact that in the territory settled by Rhodes that became known as Southern Rhodesia the indigenous population exploded under white rule from several hundred thousand to approximately 10 million in 70 years. If this is what they teach at that once august institution then God help them.
Growing up we all learned that winning a Rhodes Scholarship which gave one access to Oxford was the ultimate academic accolade. Were one of my children offered one today I would strongly suggest to them they give it back. For them the world they must navigate seems hostile, the airwaves are filled with lies and they are to be discriminated against at every level and in every sector for alleged crimes they never committed.
I weep for them.


By Managing Editor

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19 thoughts on “Weep For The Children”
  1. Excellent writing, Hannes.
    You’ve articulated what concerns so many of us. Its really important we make sure our children and grandchildren understand that – apart from learning the 3 R’s – ‘school’ and ‘university’ are now in fact indoctrination factories whose intention is that we Lose Our Minds, our ability to analyse and reason and question everything, and instead parrot communist orwellian doublespeak.

    NEVER watch the te-LIE-Vision! Threw ours out in 2012 upon waking up. The te-LIE-Vision is there to ‘Program’ us. The music industry is clearly satanic to those who can see and hear correctly, and pro-communist hollywood is there to condition us, promote degeneracy, and it also entertains us – to ensure we watch!

    We must never give up pushing back with the truth (not violence) and

  2. I was born in Northern Rhodesia, my family moved to London in 1970. I joined the British Army in 1972 ans served in the Parachute Brigade. Left in 1978 and decided to travel the world. I ended up
    along with a group of 12 white men from several countries trying to protect appx 80 mainly Tobacco farmers in Centenary in what was then Zim/Rho. I have to say that they were the finest group of soldiers I ever came across and the farmers who had turned the wild bush into productive enterprises employing 100`s hundreds of black families deserved credit as well as our admiration for the benefits they brought to the area. This was at a time the nearly the whole world was against the then government of Abel Muzawera (sp). Despite being sanctioned for decades the worlds villain was still able to operate with a surplus thanks to the ingenuity of the people. After 50 years of independence the country is a basket case, if people cannot see this then they are beyond reason. This catastrophe despite billions of $`s in aid sadly sums up the sad situation facing the good people of Africa.

    1. Brian, everything you have written, and everything that Hannes has written in his article, is why I AM SO PROUD TO BE A RHODESIAN. I’m especially proud of our men and that includes all the european soldiers from all over the western world – U.S. to N.Z. – who came over and joined in our courageous stand against a despotic marxist takeover.

      I’m so proud because we alone in the western world, stood up to the World Order – our Secret Rulers, and their puppet Media/UN/Russia/China/OAU/World Council of Churches eunuchs, and said NO!!

      That’s the Rhodesian Spirit and its the White race Spirit that slumbers in most right now.

      I, too, lived in Northern Rhodesia/Zambia (what I contrast I observed with the two systems) but was born in S. Rhodesia which was the greatest country on earth for both black and white rhodesians, regardless of the bolshevik propaganda.

      Just one more comment:


  3. I’m blind with rage regarding recent political developments. Boris won a landslide election victory last December only because the white English working class considered him trustworthy. Now? Well now we know he’s weak and certainly no leader. Was he ever? Meanwhile, cultural Marxism appears back in the ascendancy. My (our people are raging) – many thousands of ex-British servicemen are rallying against BLM and their far-left allies. Just this last weekend here in Glasgow, we saw them off. We will do again. Our Glasgow police probably saved many of their lives. This will get very ugly. Much uglier …

    1. Glasgow making a stand – awesome. I lived in Scotland for 2 years.
      Food for thought for all – the World Order our Secret Rulers (the international financier money power headed by the Rothschilds and Royalty) want a World Dictatorship, one that is a communistic system as per China ie Oriental Despotism – no rights. These international bankers funded the Bolsheviks against Christian Russia and 66 Million Russians were murdered by the Bolsheviks even while we were ‘allied’ with them in WWII against Germany.

      The World Order and their communist useful idiots use ‘divide & conquer’ repeatedly to achieve their end goal – race against race, woman against man, class against class etc.
      Its clear by the fact that all the large companies are supporting Black Lives Matter as well as the likes of Soros, that there is a War Against the White Race and the money power and their useful idiots, the communists, WANT the white Race to retaliate.

      Action = Re-action = (preplanned) Solution

      is their game. We must keep cool heads and think strategically and NOT re-act as they intend us to do.

      We must take the time to do our research and then educate our children with the truth. There’s a war on for our minds.

      May I suggest some good starting places, videos by – THE CORBETT REPORT website, SGT REPORT website videos, also The SOLARI REPORT of Catherine Austin Fitts website. She was in the Bush Administration, a very smart christian woman who cannot be corrupted.
      These all do thorough research and save us much time. Greg Hunter of USA WATCHDOG (youtube) interviews some interesting informed individuals. For Catholics (and even if not!) I highly recommend E. MICHAEL JONES youtube channel. Adam Green’s KNOW MORE NEWS is more than informative for those wanting to dig deeper.

  4. Hannes I think most of us out there share the same thought process and mental anguish as a result of our children’s attitude towards the world we/they now live in. Sadly I think that their eyes will only be opened when they learn to truly pay attention to the issues at hand which they will undoubtedly face as time ensues. This is now a war not a movement, whether we like it or not, and its likely to be irreversible without the true intervention of the military and supported by governing politicians. South Africa sadly is on the abyss and I fear for many there, along with others in USA. White politicians have lost their backbone in the west. Alas, I fear for our children and grandchildren greatly.

    Best regards

    Warwick Hodgson

  5. Asked an old friend: seen that you have six? Please, what is the right way to develop your child? His answer was – “never say no, do not do it”

  6. Thanks Hannes. I think the younger generation have slowly but surely brain washed at schools , universities from 1980 to now. Maybe with the extremism going on now , they may have their eyes opened. Fancy no police stations anarchy , civil war mus follow. Here is a link to listen to quite amazing how this has been allowed to fester in interests of free speech. Make up your own mind after watching this.

  7. You echo my thoughts precisely, Hannes. Thank you.

    Greatly saddened as we are, we must believe good will overcome evil, but at what cost?

    1. I hope so Nick but I’m struggling to see the light at the moment.

  8. Not sure the ages of your spirited daughters, I have two spirited sons, early adulthood who are having to deal with this although they probably have not yet “experienced” it. Both have chosen paths of which I am p[roud, one having just completed the Royal Marines as the “badger” the other having just purchased his first home at the ripe old age of 27.
    It may be we are the first generation to feel a sense of hopelessness for those that follow. I certainly hope not.
    As always great words and eloquently articulated.

    1. So pleased to hear about your boys Wade. I’m sure they will serve with pride and distinction. They say every generation has a problem with the next. I’d like to believe i’m too much of a pessimist but only time will tell.

  9. Greetings again Hannes, and thank you. Your perspective is no doubt shared by many of us that grew up in Africa. I thank you for capturing my feelings in your words so well and I too weep for my children that never knew of our life and experiences.
    Stay well and keep writing. Many thanks and much respect, Sir.

  10. If only the greater part of the world understood the truth as youve just narrated it the world would be a far better place to live in. We are hoodwinked by a press that lie at every turn just to print the buck and not caring about the lives they destroy in the process. Evil is on every Newsfeed or trash that the media feed the public. Sad times indeed and for me i am sad for my daughter who with her Masters Degree seeks greener pastures where she may one day bring her children up safe. Unfortunately the whole world is a mess and thos pastures are quickly dissapearing.

  11. Very eloquently written. I also have a firebrand daughter who is caught up in the hysteria. Thankfully she listens to my reasoned argument though may not always believe it. I too am worried for their future in a world of false truth and the rewriting of history. As a social sciences teacher I see first hand the effects of this wave of anti-white retribution from my all white students. While I cannot tell them what to think, I implore them to question everything they see, too challenge their beliefs by listening to opposing view points, by playing devils advocate to their, at times, blind acceptance of what the media is feeding them.
    I pray that reasoned discourse will prevail and that changes that need to be made, as our society evolves, do so from a view point of understanding the history that has taken us this far and that will enable us to make the right decisions to benefit the majority without sacrificing the freedom of choice that makes us all members of minorities.

    1. Unfortunately the young are having their minds set early and so hard to change that. I think it was Lenin who said something about ‘give me a child and I’ll give you a communist’?

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