Will Keys,

The 9th of May 2023 marked the Russian Victory Day celebrations in Moscow and it went down without any hitches. In his speech, Putin emphasized the immeasurable courage and sacrifice of the Russian people during the fight against Nazism. He further stated that civilization is at a turning point, as they are currently facing a real war against their motherland. But fear not, as they have successfully repulsed international terrorism and will continue to protect their people in Donbas while securing their security. In summary, Putin sees the threat against Russia as existential. He also sees Western culture becoming increasingly degenerate and insists he is determined to protect his people against being similarly contaminated. He sees Russia as a Christian country that has been spurned by erstwhile allies.

On the other side of the story, Russia had launched a Special Military Operation (SMO) against Dombas in Ukraine, which led NATO to embark on an SMO of its own. NATO is ultra vires its own Charter because Ukraine is not a member of NATO, and thus the intervention is logically illegal. It could spell the end of NATO as a whole. The fundamental difference between the two geo-political positions is that Russia views the threat as existential while NATO, is obliging US Neocon strategy.  In other words, NATO is the Chicken and involved while Russia is the Pig and committed. The same people who took the US into a disastrous intervention in Iraq have orchestrated this war.

NATO is entirely reliant on the USA for its financial, logistical, and military leadership. Ukraine’s government, which is widely condemned for corruption, is easily swayed by corrupt US politicians. The US agents provocateur, operating clandestinely in Ukraine,  agitated for the 2014 Maidan Revolution.  After the revolution, the ethnic Russian unease in Donbass led to the banning of the Russian language.  This provoked the ethnic Russian inhabitants in Donbass to declare their own Unilateral Declaration of Independence (“UDI”).  In response, the Ukrainian army sought to ruthlessly put down the UDI, and this led to the Donbass conflict and eventually the two SMO and war. 

The conflict was real for Russia and Ukraine, but for the US it remains a NATO ‘proxy campaign’ using Ukrainian youth to do the fighting and fortified with short lived ideals.  Romantic and patriotic idealism that has been conjured up by the US media on behalf of the military-industrial complex.  

The Ukrainians, ever eager to test their mettle in battle against the Russians, were egged on by NATO and the US.  Over time the reality of death and destruction has dawned on them, unfortunately it is too late, they are the cannon fodder. Ukraine has been reduced to rubble, and hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost, and an equal number severely injured. 

And the kicker?  Ukrainians are denied the opportunity to negotiate their own terms of surrender/settlement with the Russians.  US embarrassment, especially after the Afghanistan humiliation, is a bridge too far.  The US Congress has still not debated the Ukraine – NATO SMO in Congress.  Only the US Congress can declare war, and after something like 200 billion dollars for NATO/Ukrainian expenditure, prospects of a global conflagration have increased appreciably.  

The Biden Administration is in a dreadful quagmire of Congressional investigations into Biden criminality and corruption, and all the while the US Democrat Party continues its downward spiral into a parlous state of ‘wokness’ and feminist insanity.   “Please sit down Admiral John Kirby, your qualifications are weak”.   

The recently released Durham report confirms what some of us knew all along; allegations of Trump colluding with Putin prior to his election, was arguably the greatest political hoax in history. The big lie was paid for by the Clinton Democrats and facilitated by the FBI, the CIA and the Department of Justice. Mr. Durham makes it clear in his report that there was never any credible evidence produced to trigger an investigation and all the organs of state knew this but they used their positions of influence and power to try and facilitate a Hilary Clinton victory. This falsehood was then used to bedevil the entire Trump presidency. The Neocons/Globalists wanted war with Russia, Trump did not; he had to be removed from power.

According to Col. Douglas Macgregor, the Globalist elitists (WEF types) are responsible for the disastrous and precipitous NATO and US interventions in Ukraine. Apparently, these Globalists do not intend to give up power, regardless of the 2024 US general elections.  The truth is that a Trump victory in 2024 poses an existential threat to the Globalists.  They may have to be removed by force. 

I am sure that Russia is left wondering if there is a responsible and legitimate government in the US to negotiate with.   In the meantime Russia and China are militarily closing ranks.

As the duplicitous Chinese saying goes “may you live in interesting times”. I hope not.   

By Will Keys

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  1. Hi Will,
    I think by and large you have nailed the Ukraine war situation quite soundly and I agree with your advice given to those who disagree. It is hard not to be patronising when you are dealing with folk who have simply failed to discern the extent to which the Global Deep State led by the WEF has indoctrinated people world wide using it’s economic might. I suspect that your detractors are victims of this evil lot, as we all are, and as such deserve our pity because they miss the opportunity to resist, hence, I reiterate, it is hard not to to be patronising when dealing with them. I wonder if they even noticed that for four solid years the liberal left media pounded us day in and day out with anti-Trump propaganda and demonized him mercilessly, not to mention the atrocious things they did to try and frame him and many others courageous enough to articulate anything resembling a conservative viewpoint. I personally am not in favour of war or any violence for that matter and would only advocate for it if my back was literally to the wall. I am not a fan of Putin but I believe the likes of Biden, Clinton, Obama, Soros, Klause Schwab, etcetera are 1000 times more evil. I see them as evil incarnate and set to do
    harm to humanity that makes Putin’s SMO look like a tea party. Just mark my words.

    1. What I cannot get is how the alleged agenda, actions, of the Deep State et al can be used to justify the horrors Putin has inflicted upon the world generally and Ukraine in particular?

      1. Hi Keurboom, I take your point, now please try to take mine. After the CIA backed and orchestrated the Ukraine Maidan ‘colour revolution’ in 2014, a coup against an elected Ukraine government. Thereafter, the ethnic Russians in the Donbass were brutalised. The MIC and Deep state (neocons) increasingly egged NATO to arm and train the Ukrainian army. All these actions were vigorously protested by the Russians and were ignored. If you factor your perspective with knowledge of the patience that Russia showed in trying to placate the west, you will not be so sure of yourself. We love and revere the American people, the USA and its brilliant constitution. We are MAGA supporters, but we are also fair and balanced human beings.

    2. Here’s something for you to ponder…….. Did the computer age create the Deep State or did the Deep State create the computer age?

      A simple example, your communications with your bank – you no longer deal with people, you have to log on and follow endless computer commands……. all of which reduces the need for the human face, the high street branch and the like and, here’s the key, greatly increases bank profits and rewards massively the top echelon including especially the level of mediocre slugs with no skin in the game and the beneficiaries of massive rewards?

    3. Hi Don, thanks for the very grounded and sound analysis of Russian President Vladamir Putin. I believe your perspectives are fair and balanced. I know quite a few men, who like you held senior military rank, and they all deplore war and violence. Your observations of comparing degrees of evil in individual characters, is obviously subjective but one with which I totally agree.

  2. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to say that the US, seemingly blundering, crude and confused outside continental America, has a lot to answer for but unlike Russia, which has only caused major chaos wherever it can, particularly in Africa, it has also done a lot of good?

    There is arguably substance to a lot of what you say but, and it’s a big but, your hate for the US has caused you to seriously lose all perspective. The nub of the matter is that Putin’s invasion was vile, cruel, misplaced and criminal. He will in the future be ranked along with Stalin, Hitler and the like.

    There must be something very wrong with your make up if you bang on saying it’s ok to destroy towns, level tens of thousands of homes, kill thousands of civilians and leave an innocent population to migrate, die and starve.

    1. Hi Keurboom, I appreciated your comments because you make the effort and I think I understand your perspective.

      I am the probably the most pro-USA advocate and admirer of the US Constitution that you will ever know. I am known in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia to be a “Make America Great Again” (“MAGA”) supporter. I have a genuine personal and educational knowledge of the USA. I have visited the USA many times. We love the USA and Americans’ in general.

      The fact that I despise the corrupt US Democrat Party; the Deep State and the corrupt military industrial complex (“MIC”) and the misguided Ukraine war is precisely because I love and revere the USA.

      Keurboom, you are obviously not a fully informed student of Ukraine war. Throwing around unjustified epithets makes you look dumb. I don’t think you are dumb, but remember there is always two or more sides to a story. My advice is to inform yourself, fight against personal bias and engage the subject fair and balanced. In other words adopt critical thinking acuity.

      Believe me you will remain loyal to western ideology, but you will close ranks with those that you presently scorn.

      1. “…..the misguided Ukranian war …..”. Your comment. Surely it doesn’t escape you that had Putin, a man who tests the depths of human savagery, not started one there wouldn’t be one?
        I’ll ignore your last two sentences other than to say that being patronising wins no arguments?

    2. Keurboom, I agree with your sentiments, in particular to the chaos in Africa. Your comments that: “Putin’s inavsion was vile, cruel, misplaced and criminal” will be validated when Putin’s troops reach Jerualsem on its way to Europe.Mr Key’s be very careful for what you hope for. The final cost may be more than remebered by the Yad Vashem. Mr Keys, your education, knowledge and word-ninja skills can be put to more enlightening debates. I respect and acknowledge your right to ‘free speech’ in this forum. . Shalom.

  3. Will, I usually like reading your pieces, but that submission was tripe, not even worthy of a devil’s advocate.
    In this this age of the long standing global village we should be recognising boundaries and Russias attacks on Ukraine and their heinous behaviour since is totally unworthy of any measure of support, even if framed with satire.

    1. Hi Koos De Klerk, my comments to Keurboom also applies to you. The fact that you refer to a ‘devil’s advocate’ means you are not dumb. Are you aware of the number of times the USA, a country that I personally love and revere, has either invaded or send in Special Military Operations (“SMO”) on the last 20 years? The answer is 22. What is good for the goose………..

      I this is not framed in satirical language. I want the USA to survive and thrive. I support Donald J. Trump and the MAGA Movement because I want to MAGA.

      I advise you to read the recently published DURHAM Report. The USA Federal Government is corrupted and has gone way off course. The sad NATO/USA duplicity in the Ukraine is because of Biden family corruption. Informed people who don’t rely on the MSM know it. The USA is now domestically and in foreign policy terms jaundiced. Just look at the present US, tragic border disaster.

  4. First succinct comment on the reality of the Ukraine war that I’ve seen. Can’t rely on the garbage in the MSM.

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