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The National Security Division of the USA Department of Justice (“DoJ”), is leading the way towards tyranny in the USA.  I quote Matt Olsen the Assistant Attorney General: “we face an elevated threat from domestic violent extremists.  That is, individuals in the United States who seek to commit violent criminal acts, in furtherance of domestic social or political goals.  Domestic violent extremists are often motivated by racial ideologies and personal grievances.  We have seen a growing threat from those who are motivated by racial animus, as well as those who ascribe to extremist anti-Government, and anti-authority ideologies.  I have decided to establish a domestic terrorism unit to augment the approach. This group of dedicated attorneys will focus on the domestic terrorism threat.”  

The facts are that there are no statistics that justify such paranoia and provocations.  Olsen speaks in the non-legal language of personal conjecture, more in psychology nomenclature, than the law.  It is telling because Olsen is supposed to be a qualified lawyer.  By-the-way, there is no domestic terrorism legislation in he USA.   

Olson may have a psychosis, manifested in a figment of his imagination.  Nevertheless, he will be influencing the uncritical imagination of those under his authority. A man of Olsen’s disposition, and being the ultimate leader of a domestic terrorism unit, is a horrifying thought.  

There is no, or very little, domestic terrorism threat in the USA.  If Olsen has his way, he will create the threat by targeting MAGA supporters.  This may lead to counter-measures and a downward spiral of competing dire consequences.  The FBI should note that Olsen is the actual threat and the danger.  Every effort should be made by Republicans to expose Olsen, and divert his insane machinations, before he does any further harm. 

The reader will have observed the hyperbolic statements of USA Democrats against what they called “Insurrection day” MAGA supporters.  It is a ridiculous accusation, because not a single case of insurrection has been levelled against any of the seven hundred and more patriotic protesters arrested.  Well not until yesterday, and I will deal with this later in the article. 

On the other hand, the Congressional Select Committee of Enquiry into the 6th January 2020 patriot protest, interviewed Ray Epps.   Ray Epps was videod extensively, using a megaphone to direct the patriotic protesters to go to the  Congressional buildings.  At the time, and on video, many patriot protesters chastised Ray Epps and accused him of being “a Fed”.   Ray Epps, ignored the allegations, because he obviously was a Agent Provocateur for the FBI.  Epps was never arrested and after giving, false evidence, he was released without charges.  There it is, an FBI Agent Provocateur, on video, for all the world to see.  

Yesterday, the DoJ indicted a January 6th patriot-protestor, a navy veteran, Lt.Commander, Thomas Caldwell.  It is obviously a cruel, dishonest and tragic misuse of USA Government power and duplicity.  A disgusting fraudulent ‘set-up’, and a political stunt, all at Caldwell’s expense.   The foul Biden Administration, is intent on making false accusations against a man they know is innocent.  They are doing so, in order to ensure that at least one person is charged with the crime of ‘insurrection’ re 6th January 2020.  The fact that he will be acquitted, will be forgotten.  What horrible bastardly?  

We should all be appalled.  This is worse than the attacks by an over-powering force of armed and ruthless FBI, against innocent citizens i.e. Paul Manifort and Roger Stone.  Both have since been pardoned. 

This Caldwell attack is even worse.  The Biden Administration needs a ‘fall guy’ to fulfil their despicable and unlawful narrative against the 6th January 2020 protesters.  Thomas Caldwell never even entered the building, but is nominated to be the fall guy. 

Tucker Carlson,Fox Network, has the second biggest audience (+/- three million nightly) in the USA.  The biggest is Joe Rogan.  The official ratings figures, show that Joe Rogan has four times the audience (twelve million daily).  We like Joe, he’s now stinking rich but still average/blue collar, and comparatively conservative.  He knows where his bread is buttered.  Good on Joe. 

The recent grilling that Tucker Carlson gave to Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tx) was riveting and entirely justified.  We, are still, but not so much, Senator Ted Cruz fans.  His brilliant legal mind is impressive.  Cruz recently and disappointingly lambasted the 6th January 2020 patriots/protesters, on the USA Senate floor.  He called them terrorists, and in the process ‘pissed off’ people like us.  

The GOP backlash was instant, and very telling.   Ted was so concerned, that he asked to be interviewed on the Tucker Carlson show, so he could “put the record straight“.  Tucker invited Cruz onto the show, and then gave Ted Cruz a well deserved spanking.  Cruz grovelled, and apologised profusely.  Ted’s excuse was that he had misspoken and been careless with his choice of words.  Tucker would have none of it, and exposed Cruz’s hypocrisy for what it was.  If Ted Cruz thought that he could play both sides of the isle, he was rudely disabused of that strategy.  Tucker reminded Cruz that the ‘left’ will never like him, and that his duplicity will only expose him to criticism from his GOP rivals.  

I’m comfortable saying that MAGA people don’t want to hear from political empty vessels.  They want politicians to speak with conviction, but wise enough to be prepared to change their opinion, if faced with a better opinion. 

By Will Keys

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  1. Very detailed article. I have decided these authors need to get out more. Will lives in Australia, go for a walk along the coast, watch the cricket. More to life than worrying yourself sick over POTUS. Sure Old Joe doesn’t read these blogs. Big Brother might.
    No domestic terrorism USA? What about Stephen Paddock or Timothy McVeigh? The latest spate of railway thefts in California can be called domestic terrorism. Surely.

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