Will Keys,

“In an earlier article, Will Keys drew some derision for suggesting Donald J. Trump and Elon Musk would be the saviours of the western world.  With this in mind, it is worth noting that Elon Musk has just made an offer to buy Twitter. If he succeeds, he will change the nature of the conversation and the neo-liberals who have current control are nervous.

“’‘My strong intuitive sense is that having a public platform that is maximally trusted and broadly inclusive is extremely important to the future of civilization,’ said Musk. ‘I don’t care about the economics at all. If in doubt, let the speech — let it exist, if it’s a grey area, I would say, let the tweet exist.’

“There is a possibility that the ban on Donald Trump and other anti-globalists will be lifted while Trump’s popularity appears to be surging. Mr Keys has also taken a very contrarian position on the crisis in Ukraine but again I believe he has shown prescience. Below is a current view” Hannes Wessels.


Being prescient has its advantages, for example, we took a position with Australian Sports-Bet on the outcome of the 2016 USA general elections.  We won handsomely.  Four years later, we took the same position, but with a reduced bet.  We were deeply suspicious about USA electoral fraud, and we expected all kinds of shenanigans.   We underestimated the depth of electoral fraud which was enhanced by the duplicity and culpability of the MSM and many Democrat Party voters. 

It was obvious on the night of the 2020 vote count that the GOP was heading for a landslide victory.   Then, suddenly the MSM, in unison, announced that vote-counting was being suspended.  No reasonable explanation was given.  The GOP ‘brains trust’ was unaccountably quiet.  The fix was in, and we all knew it at the time.  The next morning the MSM announced the GOP was losing.  Overnight and miraculously the ‘Donkeys’ had acquired enough votes to announce a comfortable win.   

The Biden Administration has tentacles of corruption and duplicity inherited from the Clinton and Obama Administrations.  The average American citizen must be utterly appalled by the moral decline.  The general mindset that followed the ‘Saint George Floyd death’ was a tragedy.  The guilty were declared innocent and the law enforcement community was made to appear culpable.  Make no error this delusional mindset, if allowed to grow, will destroy the USA. The recent subway attack in New York City is a tragic reminder of the impact of the ‘de-fund the police’ movement on law-abiding citizens. Leaders of the BLM movement have used money raised for the cause to purchase a mansion to help them recover from not being ‘mattered’.

I will not bore this intelligent readership with an extrapolation of the disastrous history of the Clinton, Obama, and Biden crime families.  Hopefully, I can inform the readership about factors that may enable some critical thinking acuity, and maybe some prescience.  I segue into another aspect of moral decline in the western world.   

According to the newspaper ‘The Herald Sun’ the Australian Federal Government, both sides of the political divide, joined in a common cause to help get Hillary Clinton elected POTUS in 2016.  

This breach of international norms was in my book, treason against Australia.  Surreptitiously and without fanfare the Australian Government donated four hundred and sixty million dollars to the Clinton Foundation.  They camouflaged the donation as an Aids initiative; it was made on a piecemeal basis. 

Australian tax-dollars were being used to fund a political campaign in another country. The donation was blatant interference in the domestic affairs of the USA and potentially a hostile act.  If the Australian people ever get to digest the degree of the depravity of their government, they will throw these politicians out of office and into prison.  The stakes are very high.   The Australian Government does not want the general public to digest their evil shenanigans. This contribution to this online magazine is a humble attempt to right these manifest wrongs.  

We note that the Australian Government has airlifted ten Bushmaster troop carriers to Ukraine as requested by the Ukrainian President.  Australia has no geopolitical interest in helping to support Ukraine.  We have no dog in this fight and the Australian decision is in my opinion short-sighted, impetuous and against the national interest.

The USA also has no geopolitical interest in Ukraine.  The impetuosity of the USA administration, in its dealings with Russia over Ukraine, is deeply disturbing.  Why did the USA orchestrate the Orange Revolution, also known as the Maidan Revolution, in Ukraine in 2014?  Victoria Nuland, ostensibly from the USA State Department, acted more like a Ukrainian revolutionary than a civil servant.  Why was the USA involved at all? At the time Nigel Farage warned the European Parliament this action would lead to war. Sadly, he was correct.

What was the USA ‘goal’ and ‘end game’ in Ukraine?  Why were the CIA and NATO personnel so engaged in arming the Ukrainians? A recent meeting at the Pentagon with Defence Secretary Austin and CEOs from the eight largest arms manufacturing companies in the US to discuss Ukraine’s requirements provides some answers. The military-industrial complex is cheering the war on.

Why I ask, did the USA operate and control dangerous pathogen labs, twenty-six, in Ukraine?  The simplistic explanations thus far given are insulting to persons of average intelligence.

Russia invaded Ukraine and stipulated that it was obliged to do so in order to protect Russians living in the Donbass.  Russia embarked on a strategic feint to occupy Kyiv.  The feint was to tie down Ukrainian forces.  It enabled the Russians to secure the Donetsk and Luhansk republics. 

The Russian army was under strict orders to avoid civilian casualties.  This is evidenced by the low percentage of civilian casualties i.e. one-tenth of the military. The usual rate is one civilian to one soldier casualty.  In international law, military action must be proportional to the threat posed.  If the military use civilians as cover, that is to say, they place themselves among civilians, they will nevertheless be a legitimate target. Nobody likes to see the destruction of property, however, it is a natural consequence of war.

The Russian strategy of a pincer movement to surround the enemy in a cauldron and then negotiate a humanitarian corridor has been successful.  The vicious fighting in Mariupol and the strange behaviour of the defending Asov forces have created interest. Why has the French President, Macron, repeatedly called Vladimir Putin to request safe passage for a group caught up in the fighting?  Who are these people?  Any military map indicates, even to the most dim-witted, that Russia is in control. 

As I write, the majority of the Ukraine army is surrounded by a cauldron in Donbass. They are being softened up by constant artillery fire and will hopefully surrender before being killed. 

I believe the Bucha killings were probably orchestrated by Ukrainian forces. An independent investigation will prove the facts.  The evidence thus far is that the Russians were not involved.  They have requested a Security Council Meeting to hear the evidence.  We should all want to know the truth before attributing blame.

The western mainstream media (“MSM”) have been lying, misleading, misinforming, under-reporting or not reporting at all, the truth in Ukraine. The MSM have a record of dishonesty.  Remember the Russia Hoax and how the MSM strangled the airwaves with lies that went on incessantly for three years. The lies crippled the Trump Administration.  They also refused to accept the evidence of the Hunter Biden laptop, even when they knew it was true.  The MSM lied about “hands up don’t shoot” in Ferguson, Missouri, and again promoted a false reality.

The Saint George Lloyd suicide delusion was and still is a fiasco.  The same MSM is hell-bent on convincing a gullible and ill-informed USA citizenry that the Russians, in Russia, mean harm to the USA.  It is beyond ridiculous. Please do not be fooled.  The Russians will win this war and will take control of the parts of Ukraine they wish to control.

The western sanctions against Russia will hurt everyone, including Russia.  The difference is that Russia will tolerate the pain and Europe will not.  Please do not be fooled by a western perspective that has no currency in Russia.

If the planet Earth survives to see the USA midterm elections in November this year, I predict the Democrats will be thoroughly vanquished as will the RINO’s.  There will be a period of sanity, leading up to the 2024 USA general election.  Donald J Trump will be re-elected POTUS and thereafter the corrupt and dangerous Democrats will be prosecuted.  

Elon Musk will continue to amaze us with his brilliance and by his actions, he will help make America Great Again.

By Will Keys        

By AAdmin

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  1. I’m a Rhodesian living in Australia and have never heard of the Aus govt donating to the Hilary Clinton Campaign but it wouldn’t surprise me. I find Australian politics incredibly boring. At the moment they are in the throes of an election between the Labor Communists and the Liberal socialists and “Transgenderism” is the flavour of the month (yawn yawn)!!!!! Hopefully the Loony Green Watermelon Party (green on the outside, RED on the inside) don’t win any seats. There are a few good politicians like Pauline Hanson, George Christinson, Alex Antic, Mark Latham and a few others but a lot of Wokes masquerading as Conservatives like the Rinos in USA….

    1. The Labor and LNP Governments donated $460 million dollars to the Clinton Foundation. Google the Herald Sun and the stories by Miranda Devil, she discloses all in her articles. I personally asked ex PM Tony Abbott about the Clinton Foundation donations and he answered, I paraphrase “We gave the money to the Clinton Foundation to help fight Aids in Asia”. I replied “since when has the Australian Government given foreign to privately owned foundations?”

  2. I generally agree with you, have no doubt that the woke, Left infested West has peaked and is now into the decline phase.
    I cannot however agree with you on Russia generally and it’s behavior, far beyond savage and obscene, in Ukraine in particular.

    I wonder, did you agree with their involvement in Angola ? In Rhodesia ? Have you not noticed that in every picture of chaos in this stuffed up continent you will see AK47s and other Russian military hardware ? Read about the gulags ? One could go on but indeed an Evil Empire.

    1. Hi Jack, since the collapse of the USSR we have the Russian Federation which has rejected communism. We do not disagree with any of your comments.
      On the other hand the USA has acted dishonourably in Ukraine. The CIA orchestrated the Maidane revolution against an elected Ukrainian President. After the President had agreed to call fresh elections, why? The USA set up 26 bio-labs with pathogens in Ukraine? NATO and CIA were unquestionably up to no good in Ukraine. Jacki, the USA has no geopolitical interest in Ukraine and their aggression is an existential threat to Russia. What happened when Russia was an existential threat to the USA? Re the Cuban Missile crisis? Jack, we are also sceptical about Russia, however, they do have a case and decency dictates that we listen diplomatically to them.

  3. Scott Ritter, ex US Marine intelligence officer and ex UN weapons inspector, also confirms many of the points you make above (YouTube). He is known for speaking the truth and seeing past the MSM bs and banned from Twitter so someone worth listening too.

    1. I agree with Bossau, Scott Ritter is object, sensible and realistic. He is also an honest man.

  4. Have just circled in red the 9th November on my Take That calendar. Just a tad over 200 days away.
    Will will be either ecstatic or cursing the USA electoral system.
    The Republicans are on course to make substantial gains. Cue one happy Will. Chorus of ” told you so”.
    But to quote Harold Wilson :” A week is a long time in politics.”
    Or Chamberlain muttered a similar line about a fortnight. So a lot can, and will happen by 8th November. If the Democrats hold, or even gain seats Will will not be a happy bunny. Cue Will calling the elections stolen.
    Never mind. I am going in hiding for that week. Williams Creek in Australia looking good,.
    But seriously a good article from our Will. Yes a bit predictable , but informative in places.
    We agree to disagree that Trump will win in 2024, or is the man to MAGA. Need a younger person. Musk might throw his hat into the ring. Could even have the Twitter crowd behind him!

    1. Hi Annette, reasonable people can agree to disagree without rancour. As the Zen Master said “we’ll see”.

  5. Victoria Nuland and Geoffrey Pyatt certainly have a lot to answer for. Russia was aware of an existential threat in her own backyard years ago. Let’s not forget the 20th Nato Summit in Bucharest 2008. This war was essentially declared in April of that year. I agree with much of what you write, although I have some question marks against Musk and his quest to ‘download brains’ for eternal life. I believe the scriptures are a more trustworthy resource for matters of eternity. I would recommend listening to Professor John J. Mearsheimer from the University of Chicago for an alternative view to the Ukraine crisis. He is a lone voice shouting against the ‘conventional wisdom’ of the MSM.

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