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We’ve been banging on a bit about selective application of the law, mainly in reference to the United States where there is now little disagreement about the fact that if Hillary Clinton wasn’t Hillary Clinton and did not have the support of shadowy but extremely powerful ‘special interest’ groups she would have been indicted. We all know however, she is free as a bird and America might be on the slippery path to ‘Banana Republicism’ if corrective action is not taken. But it seems this malady is spreading.

The Russians, we all know, have been cheating in athletics and sport in general. Maria Sharapova was another recent victim of the purported purge on the use of illegal substances but under highly questionable criteria. Notwithstanding protestation of innocence on her part her conviction and punishment has been upheld and her career is effectively over. Now, thanks to hacked e mails coming out of the offices of WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) it is revealed that the Williams sisters and gymnast Simone Biles were all using banned substances. We are belatedly told they have been excused on the grounds that the drugs were being used for therapeutic purposes. This smacks loudly of double-standards. If it was all above-board why was it not made public at the time? No answers to this as far as we know and again it looks like different strokes for different folks.

Just like racism in sport is the most heinous of crimes unless you use racism to discriminate against people of European descent in which case it’s absolutely fine. Lest we forget what happened to Jake White after he coached the Springboks to World Cup victory. In a scenario probably never witnessed before in sport, the South African media, officials and politicians went hysterical calling for his replacement for committing this affront. Just like the current calls of frenzied outrage over corporations still run by a majority of white males which we are told has gone on for too long and must end forthwith. It would be almost a relief if someone would accuse these scoundrels of incompetence or better still criminality in which case we, the morons who believe in meritocracy, could heave a collective sigh of relief and applaud their departure but on this score the silence is deafening.

We know zilch about medicine but Hillary’s continuing unwellness is intriguing. ‘Slick Willy’, (technically her husband) told us she had ‘flu’ so we knew that was a lie because when last did ‘Slick’ tell the truth. Then Hillary told us it was ‘no big deal’ but it seems that was another Clinton ‘porky’. The campaign has also suggested Putin might have tried to poison her. Now they say pneumonia and it is not contagious. But normally with pneumonia you are flat on your back in hospital and they say it’s not catching but now we discover her staff at campaign Head Quarters are all coughing their guts out and there’s a ‘bug’ going around. We don’t know, but in New York City where the Clintons work, from all accounts, all sorts of old diseases seem to be staging a comeback and that includes Tuberculosis. If it’s not TB then surely Hillary should produce a chest X-ray to prove it. And if it is TB then she needs to get to an infectious diseases hospital before she makes anyone else ill.

If you’re a Trump supporter there is an excellent chance you fit Hillary’s definition of being ‘deplorable’. The rump of Trump’s support is made up of working class Americans. These are people who toil in factories and farms, fight America’s wars, police her streets and protect her borders. They are the voiceless majority and times have never been so tough. They have reached out to Trump in desperation. Hillary made her comments about these people being ‘deplorable’ at a fund raiser affordable only for the ridiculously rich minority who are bankrolling her and are determined to get richer while most Americans get poorer. They were entertained there by Barbara Streisand, that icon of the ‘Cadillac-left’ who lectures and admonishes the proletariat on the wonders of socialism from her mansion on the mountain.

This election season has turned American politics on its head. Trumps new Republicanism has become the blue-collar party while Clinton’s Democrats work for Wall Street and the super-rich. The only real socialist in the race was Bernie Sanders but he went the hard way when the oligarchs who own the Democratic Party decided he did not suit their needs and to hell with the poor people on the streets of America who thought he would have made a good president.

By Managing Editor

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