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In any normal election Hillary Clinton might have withdrawn her candidacy but this is not a normal election and for the powerful who make up ‘The Establishment’ and that includes the ‘globalists’, the ‘global warmists’, ‘the George Sorosists’, and the ‘Wall Street Gang’, the stakes have never been higher. Despite the fact that she appears to be unwell and has buried herself in buckets of lies and contradictions the campaign roles on but the road is getting rockier. Even the MSM (main-stream-media) seems a little lost for ways to ignore the growing flood of troubling questions about their favoured candidate’s integrity and fitness for office. Bearing in mind it is now beyond doubt she was utterly reckless as Secretary of State in the handling of state secrets which almost certainly imperiled the lives of fellow Americans serving in sensitive posts at home and abroad, her credentials are looking shakier than ever. The Benghazi tragedy gave a stark insight into how indifferent she was to the safety of her ambassador and associated personnel when they were under armed and violent siege so this seems to be the nature of the lady. While her foundation was racking up a fortune in ‘donations’ in return for access to her, her people were dying. Just why anyone would want her to be their next president is a mystery.

Meanwhile Trump is raiding far behind the Democratic enemy lines with his campaign taking aim at the hard core of Clinton supporters to be found among the black American voters. With Mrs. Clinton now hiding from the press because she can’t explain herself, he’s got an open field and he’s having fun explaining to his audience that his opponent will take jobs from blacks and give them to Syrian refugees! Stretching it a bit in our view but if your opposite number is not on the pitch then make hay while the sun shines!

Sadly, her successor, John Kerry, seems to be as dangerously inept as she was. Turkey and U.S.-backed Arab rebels this weekend attacked the Syrian Kurds who are battling ISIS. Earlier, the US Airforce threatened to shoot down Russian and Syrian planes if they continued attacking certain targets, some of which include ISIS positions. One has to ask where the Americans derive the authority to lay down the rules in Syria about who, particularly, the Russians, flies where. This smacks of a perverse form of imperialism unfolding under a president who has shaped his political philosophy around a rejection of colonialism. Well what other name do you give it when a foreign power, using force of arms, assumes sovereignty over another country? It seems Obama is determined to eliminate Assad who will almost certainly be replaced by ISIS and the al-Nusra Front which has close ties to al-Qaida. We thought the serial American interventions were all about getting rid of al-Qaida but now they seem to be supporting them. Someone in Washington needs to decide which side they’re on before the Russians get really angry and a real war starts.

San Francisco 49’ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick elected to sit during the singing of the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ in protest against a government and country that he says is dedicated to the destruction of African-Americans. This guy is rich, famous and lives a lifestyle most can only dream of and this because he is fortunate to have been born in America. Someone needs to get this man to west Africa, from whence his ancestors came and let him get his little brain around where he’d have been had his great-granddaddy not caught the boat across the Atlantic! If he’s so anti-American maybe he should take Donald Trump’s advice and relocate to more agreeable climes.

In South Africa the stand-off between the executive and Pravin Gordhan the finance minister continues and with it much uncertainty about the currency and the future of the country’s economy. By all accounts something has to give. The political hierarchy need a bail-out for South African Airways and conclusion of the nuclear deal with the Russians and they need it soon because the clock is ticking and a national election looms that may not go the ANC way. If Gordhan continues to be obstructive he’ll have to go.

Adding to the general gloom President Zuma has announced he will be overseeing the affairs of all the country’s parastatals. Jacob may have many other talents but prudent fiscal policy and management is surely not one of them. A loota continua!

The prophets of impending doom were again confounded when Robert Mugabe alighted from an aircraft on Saturday morning providing all the evidence required that he had not gone to the great ZANU PF jamboree in the sky as many hoped. Doddery maybe, but feisty, angry and obviously determined to continue the excellent job he has done of destroying absolutely everything he touches that may be working.




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  1. Well written, erudite, and to the point, and particularly so regards Zuma and his ongoing circus.

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