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In the ‘Dark Continent’ we have become used to the selective application of the law. A system that was designed to regulate and moderate behaviour of the citizenry in a fair and impartial way is a distant memory in most African countries where the ‘law’ is there to be used by people in power as an effective weapon to perpetuate their rule. Regrettably America appears to be on the same track.

Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, like him or loathe him, seems to have got most things right thus far and maybe that is why so many governments want him silenced. We all now know that the Democratic Convention was a stitch-up and sinister powers that be long ago decided on Hillary Clinton as the nominee. We know because Wikileaks published e mails proving such and this was blamed (falsely as it turns out) on Putin and Russian intelligence. Assange has now hinted strongly that the source was from within the Democratic Party establishment and the recently murdered party staffer, Seth Rich, paid with his life for his involvement. By some counts close to 50 people closely associated to the Clintons have died in the three decades they have held political power but Hillary is very likely to be the next president.

When Bill was president he flat lied to a Grand Jury when giving testimony in the Monica Lewinsky affair. Most Americans go to jail for this but Bill was excused. Since then a litany of events have unfolded suggesting gross malfeasance on the part of this couple and yet they seem totally above the law. The great American union was built on a strong commitment to the constitution and the rule of law but that seems to be unraveling and that’s disturbing.

We note an article that appeared in ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine in August last year warning of the looming apocalypse caused by man-made carbon emissions, is doing the social-media rounds again. The article is pivoted on the views of Dr. James Hansen. When Hansen worked at NASA his supervisor, Dr. John Theon, described him as more of an ‘activist’ than a ‘scientist’ and as an embarrassment but hats off to him, he has captivated the world and millions swear he is right so who are we dunces to take him on scientifically . But, as is nearly always the case with these warnings of some impending global catastrophe, there is invariably another agenda and we believe this is no exception.

Hansen hangs most of the blame on the Western industrialists who have become rich while destroying the planet. So add ‘planet destruction’ to slavery, colonialism and capitalism and another lash is provided to whip the cruel Caucasians into confessing yet another colossal crime against humanity. Admissions of guilt will be followed by a readiness to pay reparations.  This financial retribution will take place under the august aegis of the United Nations which will be voted a mandate to impose and enforce a trans-national tax regimen which will almost certainly be run by corrupt Third World bureaucrats, (probably with a former Nigerian Foreign Minister at the helm) who have done such a spectacularly horrible job of running their own countries.

You can also be assured the environmental catastrophe presently being visited upon most African countries will attract no criticism or sanction because, once again, selective application of the rules inevitably kicks in. And God forbid the melanin deprived ‘usual suspects’ raise a dissenting voice or point an accusing finger. That of course will be ‘racist’ and may even be criminal behaviour in the form of a ‘hate crime’.

We were disappointed but not surprised to learn that Lord Peter Mandelson has been energetically engaged in trying to raise some cash to buttress the beleaguered Robert Mugabe. Known in the media as the ‘Prince of Darkness’, Mandelson was at Blair’s side pushing for the Iraqi intervention which has wrecked what was once a unitary state, brought misery to millions and death to hundreds of thousands while providing the catalyst for ISIS to emerge as a global force for terror. As chairman of Lazard International this man is well rewarded for all his efforts in the public and private sector proving crime certainly does pay.



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3 thoughts on “The Week that Was”
  1. I once listened to a climatologist challenge anyone on open radio ( live radio phone in) to a debate on global warming. Of course there were no takers. Because as he put it it is a farce. He did not say that there is not a huge pollution problem in the world but global warming, “farcical”!
    With regard to carbon ommissions, he stated how one large erupting volcano could pump more co 2 into the atmosphere in one day than all the motor vehicles in the world could do in fifty years.
    He also pointed out that the glacier we are continually shown with regard to warming (ice falling into the sea ) is on the coast of Alaska. He visited it in 1967 and it was doing what glaciers all eventually do, like rivers, fall into the sea. That’s what glaciers do.
    Thanks Hannes for highlighting, once again, the twist in the liberal tail.

  2. We have it in oz too. If you have a farm , they pit in trees and that supposedly takes the carbon di oxide out of the atmosphere. They have 5 year contracts. The money raised then goes to some third world country to offset the damage supposedly done by the first world. All it is doing is creating more millionaires like that arse hole Gore. Too many crooks and easily led people.

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