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The immediate UK media reaction to the stabbing to death of an American women and the wounding of five others in London was to emphatically tell the word that this was a mentally unstable ‘Norwegian’ with no apparent ‘terror’ motive. Talk about ‘double-speak’! We know profiling is a serious offence these days but the attacker is a 19 year old Somali migrant with dead eyes who looks exactly like a terrorist and if stabbing innocent, defenceless people to death in suburban London is not an act of terror then the truth-twisters of the mainstream-media must help us understand this better because clearly they know something we don’t.

Days before this, Imam Hammuda, who is the English-Islamic programmes officer at Cardiff’s Al -Manar Mosque (which almost certainly obtains a subsidy courtesy of the British tax-payer) told his flock that it is perfectly acceptable to capture women and use them as sex-slaves when they are taken in wars. ‘There will be wars –women are taken – as captives as slaves – yeah women will be taken as slaves. And then her master has relations with her because this is permissible in Islam, it’s permissible to have relations with a woman who is your slave …”

This particular cleric has ‘taught’ and motivated at least three young ‘British’ Jihadists who have subsequently joined ISIS in Syria where they are almost certainly plotting violence against the country that nurtured them but he is at liberty to continue his poisonous proselytizing because this is, after all, the ‘religion of peace’!

The same approach were not applied to Myrtle Cothill, a 92 year old South African lady with no surviving family in her home country who had become totally dependent on her 66 year old English daughter for her survival. The Home Office, with Theresa May then at the helm, issued a deportation order which called for her immediate, forcible removal from the country and repatriation to South Africa where, at her age she would be very vulnerable and alone against the world. Only a public outcry saved her and she has been allowed to stay.

It was also reported that a Muslim priest in Afghanistan’s Ghor province has married a 6 year old girl as a ‘religious offering’ and that the parents consented. We hear plenty about Catholic paedophiles but not much about the sexual perversions that are endemic within Islam and we also hear little of the ongoing persecution of Christians. Turkeys’s Christian population is now reduced in a number from 2,000,000 to 120,000. There are 117,000 Imams spreading the ‘word’ and daily chants ring out in the Turkish metropoles joyously announcing another ‘infidel’ death.

Pope Francis has nothing to say about this but much to say to the Poles who he admonished recently for their perceived xenophobia and enjoined them to ‘open their hearts’ and their borders unconditionally to middle-eastern migrants. Someone needs to ask him when he plans to take that bloody great wall down that stops strangers entering the Vatican where he resides. Strange bedfellows indeed but the Pope and the ghastly George Soros seem to be jointly committed to the destruction of Europe and Angela Merkel remains a loyal ally. She has again called on Germans to be more tolerant and accommodating of immigrants despite a massive backlash from the voters. One theory holds that Soros bought the STASI files after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the East German intelligence community was in possession of information that Frau Merkel would rather not have publicised.

Turkeys decisive swing away from secularism towards becoming a fully fledged Islamic State should have alarm bells ringing in the capitals of Europe but nary a word. Turkey has the largest army in NATO, provides a platform for American nuclear weapons and is increasingly hostile to the West. Donald Trump intends to pull the American military out of Europe. He quite rightly points out the Americans are unpopular despite all they have done to keep Europe free so why stay on when unwanted. Left to their own devices the European armies may have a fight on their hands if Turkish belligerence turns into hostile action.

In South Africa the ruling and once apparently omnipotent ANC received a bloody nose in the recent local government elections bringing cheer to many dissolute South Africans. Some in opposition are saying Jacob Zuma is a God-send for the opposition and long may he continue as president. Well at least until the next general election. Opinion being that he is the prime reason many are abandoning the ANC fold. This may be so but we wonder how much more damage is done in the process? The ANC hierarchy have a tough call to make. Dump Jacob and revive their political fortunes or hang on to him as long as possible in order to keep him beyond the law enforcement authorities. Many of those tasked with making this call are themselves directly exposed to prosecution in the event the president is prosecuted and decides to take the rest of the pack down with him. Between a rock and hard place they are.




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  1. Ja nee ou Hannes

    You have an uncanny way of seriously distorting the truth whilst pushing your Muslim scare stories and other excretum tairi Here again you try to push your guilt by association tactic and just beat me to un-subscribing after having received your previous issue from a gullible friend in Australia. In that one I asked myself if your story about Obama and Churchill’s bust could be true. A quick Google search immediately showed it to be a blatant lie copied from Boris Johnson. That bust was lent by Tony Blair to George W. Bush as a gesture of goodwill (for Iraq?) to be returned to the UK after 2 terms. This was done as arranged by Obama who quite understandably preferred a bust of Martin Luther King.

    Far be it from me to have to receive more of what you dish out and hasten to unsubscribe from it.

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