Will Keys,

Have you asked yourself: What is the US geopolitical interest in Ukraine?  “When did it start, what are the motives, and importantly why Ukraine?” 

On 31 August 2021, the US found itself unceremoniously and humiliatingly being booted out of Afghanistan. Those who support the US were appalled by the utter stupidity and incompetence of the Biden Administration.  Nevertheless, the catastrophe was quickly forgotten, and little did we know that Afghanistan would be small potatoes compared to the future Biden Administration’s appalling decisions. 

Almost overnight, the lobbyists for the US military-industrial complex (“MIC”) found that their Afghanistan rationale had vanished.  The MIC beast that POTUS Eisenhower had warned about was for a short period, witchinhout a weapons market.  With apparent seamless ease, the MIC replaced Afghanistan with Ukraine in its lexicon ‘of enemies’. 

Overnight, the clandestine CIA operations, comfortably ensconced in Ukraine since before 2014, received massive US Congressional support.  American hubris went through the roof.  Victoria Nuland of ‘Foggy Bottom’ was making careless and bold public statements.  The US seemed relaxed about pitting itself against Russia using Ukrainian soldiers in a proxy war.      

The only explanation that makes jaundiced sense and somewhat explains the dangerous pivot to Ukraine comes from Colonel Douglas Macgregor. The USA wants to spoil the festive party in Russia and China after the opening of the One Belt, One Road, Silk Road Project (“the Project’) in 2018.

The USA had enthusiastically sponsored China’s membership in the World Trade Organisation (“WTO”).  At the time, global Capitalists were salivating at the prospect of abundant cheap labour and a developing domestic market in China.

The Global Capitalists (“GC”) eagerly financed the manufacturing base in China.  They ignored the impact upon America regarding lives and jobs. They pursued their ambitions and selfish interests.  Unfortunately for the GC, they failed to do full due diligence, and the failure could see them losing their shirts. 

Ashkenazi Jews, followed by Chinese, Japanese and a few other countries, are the most intelligent people in the world.  The reader can check these facts for themselves.   Once the Chinese had gained membership in the WTO and had successfully mastered the growing pains of astronomical industrial expansion, they no longer needed salivating global capitalists. 

The One Belt, One Road, Silk Road Project (“the Project’) was and is a magnificent infrastructure project.  It is the name of a super-highway that runs from China to Europe.  The potential economic flow-on effects of the project could facilitate a change in the old-world order.  It will enable millions of people, from China to Europe, to aspire upwards in mobility.  It is human to desire to share in the health, wealth; educational, and technological benefits of the middle classes.

Why would any US Administration be ‘put out’ by the self-motivated, upward mobility of the Russian and Chinese people?  I understand that the Chinese are diabolically challenging to deal with, but who is to blame for human ambition? 

The Silk Road project was immensely costly and dastardly complex; however, with the typical Chinese work ethic and brilliant engineering, the project started in China in 2008.  It was completed on time and within budget on 27 September 2018.  The Silk Road is a super high-way and is specifically designed for all types of vehicles and traffic.  It connects multiple cities, towns, villages and settlements by road between China and Europe. 

Chinese President Xi Jinping opined that the project would be good for the whole world and would provide opportunities for tens of millions of people.  The logistical improvements in transporting freight between China and Europe improved by multiple factors.  What took 1.5 months by sea, and 14 days by railroad, was reduced to 10 days using the Belt and Road Silk Road project.  President Xi Jinping paid tribute to all concerned and specifically mentioned Ukraine as an essential partner in the Silk Road project.   Ukraine is geographically well-positioned on the Silk Road.  There is an alternative route north of Ukraine to Moscow, but optimally, the road should go through Ukraine.  

Does the US intervention in Ukraine, under cover of ‘neo-con’ philosophy and behind-the-scenes leadership in NATO, answer the question? 

Is the USA’s interest and endeavour to interfere in the domestic affairs of a non-NATO country done in bad faith and with ulterior motives?  What other conclusion is there?  US conduct is undoubtedly a breach of the NATO Charter and UN Charter.  Most damaging is that it is a violation of the US Constitution.

If the primary conclusion is that the US interference in Ukraine is nothing more than an undercover ploy to wreck a successful Silk Road project, it is a breach of international law.    

Ask yourself another question.  Was the recent sabotage of the Nord Stream pipeline, part of US covert foreign policy, undertaken by Navy Seals to disrupt the Russian economy because the ‘pipeline’ was a success and would export cheap gas for German industry?  The US is not at war with Russia, and Germany is a US-NATO partner.

If the USA cannot compete on a global level playing field and feels it must resort to acts of war and violence, then it is acting unlawfully and without morality.

I have the utmost confidence that the US MAGA movement is awake to the Biden Administration’s illegal machinations.  US MAGA will have nothing to do with immoral behaviour.  I predict that if Donald J. Trump is successful and returns to POTUS in 2024, he will immediately pivot away from the existing state of affairs. 

Trump desires a level playing field; he would have it no other way.  I have no doubt that the Chinese and Russian leaders know what is on Donald Trump’s mind, and it might be what is saving the west from nuclear war.   


For those who think that I have sympathies for Russia and Vladimir Putin in these present-day circumstances, be assured I do.  I have even greater compassion for the Ukrainian people.  They have been manipulated into allowing their country to become the battleground and their bodies the cannon fodder for an unscrupulous MIC and incompetent POTUS. 

There are few people outside of the United States of America who are more well-disposed to America than I am.  I love and enjoy Americans, and I revere their magnificent Constitution. 

I am an original MAGA supporter and believe Australia’s fortunes are directly tied to the US.  Donald J. Trump is my hero.  He’s not perfect, but he’ll do nicely. 

Regarding the US 2024 general elections, I like Ron DeSantis of Florida, and it is distressing to see my heroes having to pit themselves against each other.  The US political system is adversarial, no different to other common law jurisdictions.  There can only be one winner.  The system can be brutal; sometimes, justice is not served. However, mankind is imperfect; our adversarial systems produce the best and most lasting results.   

I can assure the readers that when it comes to the Ukraine war, Donald J. Trump will have views closer to mine.  He chooses his words wisely in order not to offend those that are committed to Ukraine.  I am encouraged in my assessment by listening to the Donald Trump Jr show.  Don, can’t speak for his father, but I intuit that he encourages us to read between the lines. 

Many dedicated Ukraine supporters are loyal and decent; they take their clues from the dishonest mainstream legacy media.  They don’t know how uninformed, misinformed, and propagandised the legacy corporate media is.  The US media is owned by the MIC and the ‘Deep State’.

By Will Keys

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  1. Intersting article. When did we all loose the plot? Hannes Wessels informed us that when he did his law degree in Cape Town in the 1970’s left-wing idealogy was already flourshing in the law faculty in South Africa. This was despite the right-wing Afrikanner government in power during this period. The USA academics invited the post-modernists (Marxists) to America and they leached their proganda into the minds of Americans. I arrived in Ausralia (from Rhodesia) in 1984. A few years later I was fortunate to got get a tertiary qualification . There was no left wing idealogy at that time. In the I returned to university in 2016, and expereinced the same BS post-modern Marxsim that Hannes expereiced in the 1970’s. Most of it comming from US tertiary institutions. The conditoning has been very effective. Look at all the WEF strategic partners (the wealth of the USA) have bought into this philosophy. Ian Smith was sold out; and the Afrikanner right-wing government was betrayed by their own, generals and politicians. The ‘Judas Goat’ that led the lambs to slaughter. Former Australian gnerals do not believe we can count on the USA to help us if China invades Australia. Trump like the former US presidents are about US ‘interests’ not ours. Have a look at history, and the US has supported all the despots around the world to further its interests. The only winners are “Military-Industrial Complex”. Again, I wish you well on your search for the ‘truth’ and your hopes of a Trump return. We will continue to loose the plot, while our attention is diverted by the many distractions in this forum. Link to Yuri Bezmenov : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Or9CeuqcfMY

    1. I arrived in AsstraLiar in 1981 when Malcolm Fraser, the closet communist was PM. He had a bromance with Communist terrorist Robert Mugarbage and was part of the Globalist cabal that brought Ian Smith down and subsequently destroyed Rhodesia and South Africa.
      AsstraLiar currently has a wimpy Trotskyist PM who is trying to stuff up the country.

      1. Phil, you are correct about Malcolm Fraser. I recall when they had the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in Australia, Prime Minister John Howard (Liberal) prevented someone entering Australia to make a citizens arrest on Mugabe. John Howard also supported Mandela. That is politics .The point I was making is that Marxism had not entered the tertiary system when I did my first degree, bt was in full swing in 2016. Hence my link to Yuri Bezmenov subversion video. To further my point about the Afrikanner government in South Africa selling its own out, I suggest you buy Wynand du Toit’s book ‘Judas Goat’ where he delinieates how the South African genrals and foreign minister sold their own out. Youtube has a video the lik is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ad6Xt-m9dhg Enjoy!

  2. Wil, in terms of your logic it was quite ok for Mugabe and ZANLA terrorists to attack Rhodesia, to install ZANU install Mugabe? And for Mugabe’s 5th brigade to attack and kill what, 20 000 Matabele ? And for ZIPRA to take out a couple of Viscounts ?

    1. Hi Keurboom, you are conflating far too much history from different places and in different contexts.
      “No” to your question. In very broad brush strokes I don’t approve of violence and I despise war. On the other hand, I am not a pacifist and I believe in self-defense. I don’t think we would disagree if you were as informed as I am. On the other hand, let’s agree to disagree.

    2. Hi mate, lawyers can argue from any point. Mr Keys has mastered the art. The “truth” is out there somewhere, and everybody is a authority. We know from our Rhodesian expereince, that propganda is a powerful tool in influencing people, Good luck to Mr Keys. Take care.

  3. Re: keurboom – take a leaf out of Will’s book and do some research … starting with Operation Barbarossa in 1941 – where 20million Russians lost their lives, the bulk of the fighting taking place in the Ukraine. Russia now supposed to hand that land over to the ‘West’ – which is what NATO’s invasion by proxy amounts to? If Putin, who’s first responsibility is defence of the realm, hadn’t given the order to attack Ukraine his generals would have replaced him with someone who would. America provoked this war with its usual parochial cluelessness of how other countries tick. As everyone agrees it’s the Ukrainian people who are paying the price and this will only end when that whole country looks like Berlin in 1945 and raised to the ground.

    1. John, I agree with doing research. The point is most of you fact-checkers research is Rupert Murdoch’s propoganda. You find my post on this matter in previous responses. I suggest you watch the video of Mr Joe Hockey, in my post above. Further you may like to educate yourself of the down fall of South Africa by watching Wynand du Toits vidoe listed above, and reading his book. A researcher knows nothing is black and white. But your remarks are valid fro this ‘opinion’ piece. Take care.

  4. Phil, thanks for posting the video by that legendary British medical doctor, who unlike his countrymen has got an intact spinal coloumn. The video is infuriating because the background music is louder than the narrator’s voice so I can hardly hear what the guy is saying. Wish someone could tell me why they do this on almost all videos these days. Dumb.

  5. Excellent article dead on the money until the pitch for Trump … if that’s your best option for USA there is no hope for that country – with the exception of Richard Nixon the foreign policy of the Americans has been an upside down disaster ever since Woodrow Wilson co-signed the economic destruction of Germany in 1919.

      1. With due respect Will – Trump has remarkable talent and has some amazing coups to his name – especially the grand send up with Kim Il-sung which closed down his missile testing; also – if he were President the Ukraine war would not have happened – he would have put the squeeze on Zelensky and might still do so – that part is true. He makes decisions, is fast on his feet and has balls. Give him all of that. What makes me disbelieving of The Donald is he doesn’t read – his dismissal of key top talent who stand up to him when he is wrong – Mattis, Kelly, McMaster, etc. – and his surrounding himself with yes-people who are idiots: Navarro, Pompeo, the treacherous Pence – in tandem they have not understood how profoundly China has reversed course post-Mao and, as your article illustrates so well with the Silk Road, they are a different animal now, which has joined the world. Trump is central to the anti-China paranoia and that’s all I need to know and this Navarro-Pompeo ignorance has completely undone Nixon’s brilliant work. The only American president who knew the outside world with any sort of empathy because he had the humility and took the time to learn was Tricky Dicky Nixon – guy knew exactly how to play the game. As an aside it’s no coincidence Rhodesia was safe while he was in office – that’s what I’m talking about – man saw the reality of things and moved accordingly.

        1. Hi John, you are obviously well informed and I can see that you have come to your conclusions after some thought. I respect that. My perspectives regarding General Kelly; General ‘Mad Dog Mattis’ and to a lesser extent General McMaster is also negative. They got fired because for good cause. I liked Navarro, but one way or the other he didn’t factor. Pompeo did factor and as far as I know he did a good job. He now appears to be a ‘neocon’ and if he is, then I predict he will crash and burn. I appreciate your comments about ‘Tricky Dick’ and I’m not prepared to argue the Rhodesia point. I believe POTUS Trump was second to none, and I further believe he is the man to save the USA from itself.

      2. Mr Keys, you may delight in watching Mr Joe Hockey’s expereince as Australian amabassador to the USA, and his dealings with Trump. Clinton and Obama. For those that are not Australian, Mr Joe Hockey was the Liberal Treasurer undeer John Howard, but lost Howard’s blessing to become th next Australian Prime Minister. I think Mr Hockey provides an objective insight into Trump’s personality, and the American psyche. https://www.cis.org.au/commentary/video/diplomatic-a-washington-memoir-book-launch-2/

  6. Mr. Keys is right.

    Look into the not keeping committed to the Bucharest, 1992, and Minsk agreement.

    The same internal traitors, USA, London, in the Rhodesian bush war, the Republic of Korea, and Vietnam, Palestine, Yugoslavia, Syria, Iran, Central America or Carribbean nations have protogesworking, generational planned.

    At You Tube, “Mossad: Covert Operations and assassinations”, and “100 hundred years of the United States over throwing governments”.

    Both are 10 hours long.

    1. Hi Clarence, I will look into Youtube doco’s re Mossad. I’m informed regarding the USA.

  7. Excellent article. I agree 100%.
    The Chinese started meddling in Africa with their Belt and Road initiative way back in the 60s when they built the TamZam railway from Tanzania to Zambia. Most Rhodesians would remember that. I also remember seeing Chinese driving graders on Nepalese roads way back in 1988 when I was hiking in Nepal. The Chinese were supporting Marxist terrorists (Shining Path movement, I think?) in Nepal during that time and now Nepal is communist. They interfered in Tibet as well going back to 1949 so their interference is legendary.
    I live in Australia and we have a Victorian state leader, Daniel Andrews who is an avowed communist. He’s been in power for about 12 years and is currently on a secret visit to China without any Australian media with him. He joined the Chinese belt and road initiative a few years ago and was ready to invite in Chinese workers but was ordered by the then Federal govt to desist. We now have a weak woke Labor govt who will probably let Andrews resume his plans with the Chinese Communist party……we will see.


    1. Yes, an very good article. I, too, having been in the USMC, USCG, Army national guard, and in EMS, NREMT-Paramedic, did observe the same in my travels and interacting with persons from around the world.
      The stopping of Central banking is an answer, stopping the info tech availability of legions of spies, local ordinary people, law enforcement, to shadow government.
      I am now reading “The Great Betrayal” and “Mercenary in the Congo”. Again, the answers require action, and the need of the caliber if the RLI, USMC, U.S. Rangers, C Squadron SAS, Michael Hoare, Senior, etc…, would do, [Spanish or French Foreign Legion, Spanish Tercios, too.]
      There are sheep, wolves, and sheep dogs. Although, 58 y/o, rickety knees, some aches, I am still a sheep dog.

    2. Phil, interesting reading. How many Australian States and Territories have Labor govermnets? I refer you my post above about former Liberal minister and Treasurer, Mr Joe Hockey video. Please not that he was with Kim Beazely, a Labour under the Hawlke Keating government. If you are a believer in the Murdoch news empire, you may be interested to learn that Rupert Murdoch kept a bust of Lenin in hi Oxford drom room. I have provided a link. https://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2011/11/rupert-murdoch-kept-bust-lenin-oxford-dorm-room/335908/ You may recal, that Mr Murdoch gave Kevin Rudd his blkessing to take the reins from John Howard. Murdoch, liked Tony Aboot, and his party dumped him for Turnball (who Murdoch supported), the Liberals removed Turnball and elect Morrison (who Murdoch supported) and the Liberals dumped him for Dutton. Oh yeah, you may recall that the Liberals dumped their sitting meber and gave the seat to Turnball because he made a huge donation to the Liberal party. In the last week 2 Liberal have ressigned to to their objection to Mr Dutton views on the voice. You would be aware that Murdoch supported Blair & Cameron, in the UK; and Clinton and Trump in the USA. I am not pro Labor but I do not belive the Liberals or any other party will save us. take care.

      1. Australian Politix is stuffed with this present Labor Trotskyist govt. Their only agendas are Climate Change, LGBTGARBAGE+++++ and divisive race politics. At least the last Liberal govt were relatively “conservative” although they started going woke in the end, unfortunately.

        1. Mate if you think Australia is “stuffed”, you are free return the Zimbabwe or South Africa, or try the grandiose USA. In regards to your comment about “LGBT garbarge”; well mate it came from the USA. Most of Australian tertiary education is heavily influenced by US academics. You may be surprised to discover that the authors of post moderninsm were Zionists who lived in France. America gave them the green card to spread their Marxist propganda. As to your comment about “at least the Liberal governm,ent was relatively conservative”, it’s denial of the truth, the fact-checlkers are unable to accept. Malcolm Tunrbal openly declared he could have nee a Labor or Liberla prime minister. Malcolm Turnball atrtended the Mardi Gras in Sydney (therefore legitimising it). Mate, politicians are at the extreme of the narcisistic spectrum, its about them not the electorate. The Australian Army supports the LCBT…. and whateever else they have added. If you have followed Mr Key’s post, you would eb aware that his grateful for Australian giving him and his family a safe have, compared to Zimbabwe. Unfortunately every country in the world is plagued by problems, mainly due to the imperfect human psyche. As the moon affects the tide, it influnces the change of the guard.

  8. Mr Keys, your dislike of the US Left seems to have resulted in a serious logic malfunction around the subject of Ukraine. Whilst I pretty much agree with the rest of your thoughts, briefly, you cannot arbitrarily decide to annex a neighboring country, Russia’s aggression, cruelty and brutality are uncivilized, NATO countries cannot let Putin define their interests or their borders and neither can the US sit by and ignore what in effect is an attack on the West generally.

    1. Good comment. Another thing that cannot be ignored is the Ukrainian’s desire to be an independent sovereign country with their own language and culture. Irrespective of who is behind what or supporting whom, this is what they are fighting for. If they weren’t, they would have capitulated months ago.

      1. Hi Petaseel, Oh! Yes indeed! I couldn’t agree with you more, the Ukrainians have my deep respect but not my admiration. They have been led up the garden path by misguided US Democrat political hubris. “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”.
        The Rhodesians’ were also led up the garden path by the British Government, and also ended up losing everything.

    2. Hi Keurboom, I would agree with you, if I did not know the facts leading up to the Russian SMO. You appear to be fair minded and smart. Research the Warsaw Pact Agreement, the first and second Minsk Agreements. Appreciate the concept of what amounts to an existential threat. Overlay that research with CIA, State Department and Neocon/MIC ambitions. Consider the geopolitical significance of Ukraine. Finally, please research the twenty two times that the USA has either invaded or used the SMO strategy to get its way. Examples: Panama; Granada…….. On and on. I love and support traditional US values and I’m a positive MAGA supporter and a dedicated Dponald J. Trump fan. I have travelled widely and travel adds to perspective. The US under Biden has acted beyond the pale, and Russia does not pose an existential threat to the US. The West is about to get thrashed and I’m deeply concerned.

    3. Mate, I get your point and empathise with your views. I have posted a link, you may find helpful. As you previously mentioned the world is not fair. The US has military bases in more than 75 countries. People can mock Biden and be pro Trump, the reality is the money (BlackRock) and the multinationals decide what the President of the USA will do. Search on google for BlackRock and the finacial crisis. We may have differences, but Mr Keys is one of the few who actually engages in dialogue, and agrees to differ. I found the other authors to be self-opiniated about their grandiose writings to even respond. Take care.

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