by Hannes Wessels


The West has probably never been more polarised along political and ideological grounds than it is today. The accession to power of Donald Trump has dangerously divided the United States to the point that some commentators talk openly of an ominous drift towards some sort of civil war. In Europe, tensions have simmered but recent elections in Holland and France and the swing away from Europe in the UK referendum show an increasing number of voters are growing tired of the status quo and the systems that continually deliver governments that appear to ignore, even deride, their needs.

Driving these divisions ever wider apart is the mainstream media (MSM) who give powerful voice to the politicians and pundits who conform to their agenda and either ignore or belittle, and in some cases, destroy, those who dare to dissent. What we are now witness to is an established tyranny of intolerant, extreme left-wing liberalism that is the accepted paradigm in western democracies.

Never ones to miss an opportunity to further arouse the anger of their followers, key words like ‘Nazi’, ‘racist’ and ‘far-right’ are routinely hurled at their dissenters like verbal Molotov-cocktails, turning what should be an orderly discussion into a vicious war of words that has, and will continue to morph into deadly violence on the streets of America and elsewhere.

Those that thought that the internet might provide a platform for all, including the previously voiceless ‘little-guys’, unedited and unvetted by the moguls of the MSM are now disappointed. While militant Islamic and other radical voices from the ‘far-left’ are given free rein the opinions of those who find themselves bracketed as the ‘alt-right’ or ‘far-right’ are considered too close to being ‘Nazis’, too threatening to peace and public-order and they are being silenced by censorious social-media czars like Zuckerberg and Bezos. James Damore, a Google engineer, was recently sacked for having the temerity to write a review that concluded the corporation’s diversity programme was unworkable. Based on hard facts he pointed out that 90% of British students doing A Level computing were male and that was the end of him.  So much for tolerance of dissent at that particular bastion of liberalism!

Thanks to the success of this propaganda offensive we have a situation where Muslim gangs rape Christian Caucasian girls with impunity because law enforcement agencies are too terrified of being fingered for racism to react and violent, brazenly racist movements such as ‘Black Lives Matter’ are not only tolerated but encouraged. A ‘White Lives Matter’ movement would be condemned as ‘white supremacist’ and the proponents would be prosecuted. The not so subtle signal being sent is that white lives don’t matter?

Donald Trump is under furious media and political fire for stating the blindingly obvious when he said there ‘was blame on both sides’ when referring to the deadly violence that blighted Charlottesville. The fact that he is unquestionably correct is ignored and the usual shibboleths roll off the lips of the MSM broadcasters who not only denounce him as a crypto-fascist but suggest that this entirely true statement is compelling proof the man is deranged.

We now know that that our politics are infused with evil when ‘alt-left’ citizens throw acid into the eyes of other citizens whom they consider to be ‘alt-right’, and our leaders condemn only those who are thus blinded. The famous phrase; “Those whom the Gods wish to destroy they first make mad,” springs to mind in this context. Problem is, I don’t think it applies to President Trump.

Sadly, we are witness to an ethno-masochistic war on truth and history that is being waged against the very culture that generously provided the platform for free and open debate and it is being destroyed because it is too tolerant. No good deed goes unpunished applies on a colossal scale. The radical remedial action required looks unlikely to occur and this bodes ill for future stability.

The irony lost on most who slavishly (and dare I say stupidly) follow the MSM line, is that the original ‘Nazis’ actually came from the ‘left’ not the ‘right’ (or the ‘alt-right’), and their script is being diligently followed today; not by the Trumps or Farages, or Le Pens of the world but by the ‘liberal’ media and  the ‘alt-left’ socialists who dominate and rule our western democracies.

It is the leaders of the left, not the right, who today insist on the omnipotence of ‘Big Brother’- governments that are all knowing and all powerful, that will decide what is wrong and what is right, what is ‘hate-speech’ and what is not and to hell with trifling calls for free-speech and freedom of association.

On the other side of the coin the so called ‘right-wingers’ cry out for smaller government, authentic individual liberty and less interference in the daily lives of the people. It was that doyen of classical conservatism, Ronald Reagan, who famously said; ‘The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’”

It is the people of the ‘right’ who recognise the dangers of closing down important discussions and of overpowering governance because they know it was these very tools that Hitler, Lenin and Stalin used so effectively so introduce the fascism and authoritarianism that resulted in mass-murder and wrecked millions of lives. How anyone who supports the idea of small, rather than big government, can also be a fascist, beggars belief but that is the big lie so successfully peddled in the modern day. And do not forget the full name of the Nazi party was Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeitpartei; it contains the words ‘socialist’ and ‘workers’, not ‘capitalist’ and ‘employer’.

Sadly, this monstrous distortion of the truth is likely to prevail, simply because too few are prepared to break ranks with a misguided multitude, who wear their ‘anti-right’ label as a badge of pride but are either too stupid or too lazy to find out more about what they actually stand for and what they stand against.

15 thoughts on “The Real ‘Nazis’ of the Left”
  1. Amazing how bad today the knowledge about the history of Europe is.
    So the knowledge about Africa is even worst.
    What happened to the schools and the teachers?
    A very good article Hannes.

  2. Cogent and very relevant article Hannes. Sadly political correctness currently overrides fact and realities on the ground on a global basis, and even more so in sub-Sahara Africa. In yielding to politically correct approaches, politicians and economists in particular often display selective moral disengagement and chose to ignore human capital in the strict sense and craft policies that are destined to fail even before they are initiated. Many politicians too enter the fray for the spoils and not for the national good that they purport to improve!

  3. Sadly very true to which I have personally experienced the aggression by being called everything under the sun by my own Mellinial. This is left wing fascism at its worst as there is no discussion allowed especially coming from a right wing Nazi like me. Sincere dialogue is impossible and the unspoken conversation just to keep the peace is equally bad.
    I fear the next generation is going to experience mammoth turmoil because they so adroitly ignore history and it will be repeated, to their utter surprise too.

  4. Well put Hannes. The left has a carefully laid out strategy but the right seems to be floundering in getting it’s act right without creating or earning a racist, religious or gender connotation which is quickly manipulated by the left. We need the balance and we need it now to prevent the rising tide of anarchy.

  5. Thank You! This article is the perfect portrayal of what is happening in the US! The minority gets media coverage BECAUSE of the threat of violence! However the other 99% of us just want to lead our lives! Color does not matter! Religion? ETC….when we Americans get things shoved in our face, we MUST voice our opinion! TRUMP! Not of either party! Drain the Swamp!

  6. More excellent analysis Hannes, the real terrorist threat is within the ranks of the liberal leaders who are holding open the gates of civilization for the less civilized to conquer. Cowards who are blinded by their view atop the ivory towers of convenience displaying despicable disrespect to the their forefathers who established the civilized world…

  7. This from (Guido Fawkes) sums up the nazism of the left in the British Labour party.

    Readers will remember Amina Lone, the Muslim Labour councillor who defended Sarah Champion and spoke out about abuse by some British-Pakistani men. Just days later, Cllr Lone has been barred from re-standing by the Labour Party. They are using a spurious allegation that her attendance record isn’t up to scratch, but at the Manchester Evening News points out this is a highly unusual course of action. Cllr Lone and her allies believe she is being stitched up as punishment for her outspoken campaigning. Certainly seems quite a remarkable coincidence, especially given Lone is highly-rated in sensible Labour circles. The chilling reality of what happens to a young Muslim Labour woman who speaks out…

  8. Indeed Hannes,
    And the West as a culture or civilization has ran it’s course of hunger growth past the content phase well down the permissive phase to self implosion he’ll bent on destruction in liberalism. Nothing is more fundamentalist than opiniated intolerant liberals.

  9. Spot on.Exactly spot on. White, liberal snow flakes are the true dangers, being easily manipulated by the Clintons, Soros’s and American Big Business. They are more deadly than black tyrants.

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