by August Pointneuf

Colonialist was beguiled by this beauty. A compulsion to join forever and create a mutual life of productivity and security were the drivers. There was mutual attraction, a lust for union. At marriage Colony had nothing: The prospect of riches beyond dreams, the revelations of a different personality, the attractions of a life in unison were compelling.

Colonialist came from an established family background, and had much potential, a capacity to earn, and able to offer Colony a future which could never have been imagined before. Colonialist had left kith and kin, probably forever, a great and wrenching sacrifice. Many were buried because of the dangers of the tropics. It was to be, for many years, a difficult, unpleasant life for Colonialist.

But commitment had been made, and this was a thing to see through. Despite hardships this marriage worked for decades. Colony enjoyed capitalist success, which Colony could never have produced independently.Parable

Then parts of the Colony’s personality got restless.

Colony had forgotten what it was like in the earlier days. Colony became greedy and tried to capitalize on on the family patrimony.

Colony had never contributed to that patrimony. Sure, Colony had slaved over the stove, brought the kids up, done the school lifts. In the early days Colony had mended to save. But did the Colony work sufficiently to make a worthwhile contribution to the patrimonial assets.

Colony had used the household infrastructure freely, until Colony came to believe that it all belonged to her.

But Colony wanted more. As is often the case Colony was persuaded by neighborhood sentiment, and forced a divorce. Like many divorcees Colony believed that vindictive sensationalism would ensure legal success.

Colony constructed fables and fantasies, with only the faintest of connection to reality. This recruited many vociferous sympathizers who appeased their guilt (and enjoyed a warm sense of absolute righteousness). Most these supporters (who paraded in Trafalgar square and other Grand places – what a sense of importance!) knew nothing of the context or circumstances. These, also, derived satisfaction from their own need for self opinionated, prejudiced, self righteousness, founded on a base of ignorance and stupidity.

There were professional manipulators readily available, who hurried to Colony’s “aid” and negotiated settlements. These professionals knew Colony was an innocent sucker, and capitalized upon that, promising much. They made great money out of it (they also offered Brothers in Arms)

Colony wrestled away the greater part of the assets. But of that much has been lost.

With time Colony said “I did not realize it would be like this”.  Without realizing it Colony had now lost her innocent appeal. Colony’s household was now crowded with children and grandchildren, an unstoppable spawn:

Few of the “Eligible” would now risk being “caught” by investing their endeavors in Colony, who was now no longer that attractive, anyway. The untouched innocence has gone.

Colony will slowly progress into poverty.

Like many divorcees the time will come when Colony says “How foolish I was to leave.”

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