Hannes Wessels,

There was a time when Britain led the world and I believe, in the main, made it a better place. WWII changed that and the Americans came to the fore as a global leader with the power to influence world events to the betterment of many. Thanks to their benevolence and foresight, Europe and Asia recovered from the devastation wrought by war and the world prospered.[1]

Maybe a harbinger of worse to come was the assassination of John F. Kennedy. He took the baton from Eisenhower. Eisenhower was an old soldier, and he knew enough about war to want to avoid it. His tenure as president was one of the most peaceful periods in American history. Kennedy too had been to war in the Pacific as a naval officer and it appears as president, he may have balked at escalating US involvement in Vietnam which was not what the warmongers were planning on, and he was eliminated. Since then there have been some great presidents; Richard Nixon, who changed the world with his outreach to China and extracted his country from a ruinous war in Vietnam, and Ronald Reagan who restored American pride after the Jimmy Carter debacle and who, with Margaret Thatcher, brought the Soviet Union to its knees, ending the Cold War.  

Today I look at the leadership of these two countries and feel a sense of despair. Both Sunak and Biden showed their innate spinelessness in their refusal to question the charlatans of the scientific and medical world that triggered the incalculable damage done to the lives of  their citizens during the Covid Pandemic. Both now seem determined to do all they can to provoke Putin into escalating the war in Ukraine which may well lead to a catastrophic global conflict.

The ruling Conservatives, once a party sensitive to the interests of the people they led, is presently transfixed with banning the import of hunting trophies from Africa. Apart from worsening the plight of the continent’s wildlife, they do this while their economy tanks, inflation soars, illegal migrants pour onto their beaches, and parts of the nation’s cities are becoming no-go areas. Now the future of this once formidable union lies in the hands of a Muslim of Pakistani descent as First Minister in Scotland, and a Hindu Prime Minister of Indian provenance in London.

In America the entire law enforcement and justice system seems dedicated to incarcerating Donald Trump; as I write he is about to be indicted by a Soros-backed District Attorney in another distressing example of the weaponisation of the country’s justice system. All this while once great cities are starting to look like war-zones, and the president’s own family, despite a multitude of allegations, appears to be above the law. Meanwhile Foreign Secretary Blinken and Defence Secretary Austin are working well together in trying to start WWIII.  In this context I look at the actions of some African governments and find some solace.

Many, maybe a majority of African countries, are refusing to buckle under pressure from Washington to condemn Moscow and align with her enemies. Unlike the leaders of the Western World they are wisely pointing out that there are two sides to this tragedy and Russia alone cannot be blamed. African leaders are pleading for peace. Some are asking why Putin is fingered as a ‘war-criminal’ but the Americans escape accountability for the hundreds of thousands of innocents who died as a result of the ill-advised interventions in Iraq, Libya and Syria to name only a few.  

Across the continent there is a profound reluctance amongst the people, which is reflected in the leaderships, to embrace the ‘new order’ sweeping the West which seems to motivate against traditional Christian values regarding sexual behaviour, gender and marriage. Africans retain a strong belief in God’s place in life and the impact this has on behaviour. They believe God decides who is male and female and reject with contempt the notion that gender is a social construct and something that appears in the eye of the beholder.

While European countries appear sanguine about the ongoing process leading to a cashless society in which every financial transaction, no matter how big or small, will be recorded and monitored, the Nigerians have done us all a favour by registering their fierce resistance to this by large protests against the new regulations while calling for the dismissal of the Central Bank Governor.

While the ‘virtue-signallers’ of Europe and America rant on about the need for a continental hunting ban it is again African leaders who are finding the gumption to confront these people with the facts and oppose this folly. They know too well that unless wildlife offers value in some form to the communities that border on game areas, those communities will see no point in allowing the game to survive and it will inevitably, be hunted and, in most cases consumed. They also know many of the existing game areas are not viable as eco-tourist destinations and are only suitable for managed, commercial hunting. And only if there is a revenue stream created by this sort of activity can the areas be managed and protected. But of course this reality does not suit those whose only motive is to appear to be righteous in the eyes of their peers, so they ignore it and pursue their destructive agenda.

While I have long believed Africans can learn from Europe and America, I am now starting to think the reverse.

[1] It is noteworthy that it was also in the USA’s economic interests to pressure Whitehall to dismantle the British Empire while simultaneously denying any of the Marshall Aid Plan billions to the United Kingdom.

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  1. Mr Cowper’s challenge to Mr Wessels was quite mischievous I thought. In the first-world countries roughly 20% of their populations decided not to subscribe to the national and supranational leaders’ draconian programmes. I suppose each had his/her own reasoning for not following those prescriptions. I guess that a number (unknown, of course) did what I did and that was to try and discover what the panic programmes rested on. To cut the story short I concluded that I was not going to become a medical/political guinea pig. The hindsight thus far is not quite 20/20 vision but it is becoming clearer that there certainly was reason to question the programmes.

  2. Hannes, why are you praising the Brits. You know they took down Rhodesia using their communism. They did the two Boer wars and forced Germany into WWI & WWII. After WWII Churchill the monster said to the effect the war was not about destroying National Socialism rather to take German markets. You ought to read up on the Eisenhower camps. Another monster. I have your book A Handful Of Hard Men.

    John Cowper. We learnt quickly that covid was a massive scam. The jab was criminal. We have not heard the last of that.
    Refer to. Robert F Kennedy Jr., Rand Paul and Reiner Fuellmich just to get started.
    The mRNA is now to go into crops and livestock. They intend modifying the whole planet.

    1. You right Brian but I still think the Empire in its entirety and looking at what sprung from it, did more good than harm. I do agree though, I think WWII was avoidable, as was the Boer War. And of course I know how they destroyed our homeland.

  3. The Russians, Chinese have been amazingly successful in their quest to destroy the substance that made the West what it once was. Military power and war were not necessary. They simply used the social media to manipulate, degrade and weaken the populace. BLM created white guilt and a lower level of social norms, PC a similar weapon. LGBTQ made abhorrent sexual behavior normal. Representivity another false logic, the reactionary Age of Outrage habit. And there’s plenty more, a clever lot well onto winning WWIII without a shot being fired?

  4. So Hannes – as Leader of a country precisely how would you have handled COVID? Bearing in mind you had no frame of reference whatsoever for such a contagious killer virus when it first arrived and no 20:20 hindsight whatsoever? I am minded by your comment at the outset that this was “the biggest hoax in history and flu was a worse killer” … it’s erroneous to use 1920 as an example because they didn’t have vaccines but eventually whole nations, especially Spain, self-imposed massive lockdowns. I have never in all my life heard of anyone I know die of flu but can count 10 in the space of two years who died from Covid including healthy middle-aged people in the families Kingleyside, Proctor and Ashburner. My whole extended family caught it, inevitably, but post-vaccinations and suffered the mildest symptoms as a result – with the exception of my one cousin who is obsessed with all these unfiltered amateur political blogs and believed, conspiracies were afoot. He caught it on his travels and got really sick to the point of needing emergency oxygen in a foreign hospital especially geared to deal with COVID. Thankfully his healthy lifestyle pulled him through while the rest of the family feared for his life. So there we are – you’re the Leader of the country how would you have handled it? In closing I put it to you that the response to the disease, heavily inconvenient and reactive-in-the/dark as it was, was the lesser of two evils and saved millions of lives. Should you respond to this please don’t say China started this because their political survival depends on an export-economy. It came from there but was not a deliberate strategy as cooked up by dumbed down American advisers to the ex-President.

    1. I think the Swedes followed the right course of action. I have no doubt the UK lockdowns have done more damage than the disease. I also think the data was rigged; for two years nobody seems to have died off anything else than Covid. And we were lied to about the efficacy of the vaccines. You obviously remain of the view Matt Hancock performed admirably.

      1. Given the conundrum on balance yes – but you skirted the question what you, medically unqualified apart from First Aid in the army, would have done?

        1. Medically unqualified indeed, but I’ve learned a lot about lying politicians supported by liars in the media. You believe CNN and the BBC, I don’t. As explained, I would have followed the Swedish model and encouraged people to exercise caution while taking steps to protect the most vulnerable. I take it you remain of the view Matt Hancock was on top of his game when not breaking his own rules to be with his mistress. And I also assume you remain confident Professor Ferguson from the Imperial College who triggered this debacle is also credible despite his behaviour?

          1. Hannes – it’s impossible, literally impossible, to have a thoughtful discussion with you … if I agree with you that’s fine, and most often I do – but, if I disagree with what you say therefore I believe in CNN, the BBC and Matt Hancock … I mean, really? You’re exactly like those Brits who don’t actually live in Africa, but think they know it and pontificate great stupidities, the cancellation of hunting trophies a case a point them … you’re the same as them just the other way round.

          2. Sorry Cowps you’ve lost me a little here. I did try to answer your question.

      2. Thats interesting, I have posted the link where the King of Sweden says country ‘Failed’ on COVID response. I can see why David Owen was so blinded to the truth about Rhodesia.. Everyone has a right to think and say as they please, its unfortunate for the COVID patients who died, and the Rhodesians who got killed in the war or lost their country.. Take care.

    2. John, great response to Haness’s OCD with disputing COVID and blaming COVID fro the mess in the world. In a former article, Hannes acknowledged that his daughter believed in COVID. Hannes was fortunate to study law, so he should be familiar with the elements of negligence., hence his disclaimers in one of his former ‘opinion’ pieces on COVID and the use of Ivermectin to treat COVID. My response to the Ivermectin post was to give a link to Australia’s stance on not using Ivermectin to treat Covid. If Hannes was the public prosecutor, he would crucify the doctors in court. In contrast, Hannes claims that a Soros-backed District Attorney is an example of weaponizing” the US justice system. Hannes has stated that he was a form public prosecutor and therefore be aware of some facts: lawyers are officers of the court, so they cannot knowingly lie in court; there is no such thing as a “Justice” system, law is adversarial the looser will always be aggrieved; lawyers make arguments on points of law, not the ‘truth’; even if a lawyers client makes admissions to the most heinous crimes to their lawyer, the lawyer can’t disclose this, and is obliged to defend their client to the best of their ability. In other words when the Rhodesian government ‘weaponized’ Hannes as the public prosecutor it was okay but in the context of Trump’s indictment, now it’s unacceptable. Double standards.
      In the context of Hannes’s “Lost Leadership in the West) 2023 opinion piece. It is not what is said that counts but was omitted in these opinion pieces. Hannes is on record that when he undertook, he studies in law in the 1970s, the law faculty was already subverted with Marxism and post-modernism. The Nationalist Party in South Africa under Vorster was unable to stop this ideology in their tertiary system. Yet Hannes points a figure at the wokeness in other Western countries. Hannes points a finger at David Owen but is silent on how Vorster & Pik Botha sold out Rhodesia. Both are now failed states. George Bush and his Neo-con masters lied about Iraq’s WMD to overthrow Saddam. It was the USA that supplied the despot with the WMDs. It is little wonder people from the Middle East are immigrating to safer countries, which has caused the refugee crisis.
      I undertook a master’s degree in 2016, but quit 18 months into the 2-year degree, because of the Marxist & post-modernism BS. Guess where all the course material came from? The USA.
      The US President is a mouthpiece for the elite 1%. In the 2008 financial crisis, who did George Bush, Cheney, and later Obama turn to? Not the US treasury, but the private equity firm called BlackRock, whose investment portfolio is approximately US10 trillion (One-third of the USA GDP). It is of note that BlackRock is one of the capitalist partners of Charles Swab’s WEF.
      You and other readers may find the link about “The Great Delusion” interesting in understanding why the world is in the mess it is. Take care. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrE_RPNogG4

  5. One good sized EMP from the sun or nuclear exploding over a few Western countries will destroy electronic banking etc in one foul swoop. North Korea has already threatened the USA with an EMP. China and Russia are capable of the same. It will take us back to the Middle Ages. Western stupidity in on the increase!

  6. An interesting view point, Hannes, not for consumption by the politically correct.
    Spinelessness is much in evidence and whilst we have problems unique to ourselves ( and most of our own making) , politicians the world over always take the line of least resistance, resulting in decisions being made by factions( not necessarily mainstream)who are the most vocal.

    It is in this simple truth that the greatest danger lurks. Electorates have little passion for politics in most instances, and until they again develop the passion for taking control, I am afraid that this status quo will continue to prevail.

    The social contract needs to be enforced by the enfranchised…a simple truth that few fail to grasp.

  7. Yeah, lately I’ve been entertaining the thought of leaving America for Africa. I don’t care if I would then be considered a minority. Id gladly stand beside my brothers there than sacrifice anything more to a bunch of degenerate transvestites.

  8. As with Dale, the commentary has insight.
    The central bank is not good, thus why warring or sanctions are pushed, as in Libya, Or Iran.
    Mr. Weasels good writing, astute.

  9. Excellent essay Hannes. In Australia, a small country in the scheme of things, but determined not to be left behind by the big boys, and with total Labour (Marxist) governments are talking about 15 minute cities of WEF’s THE GREAT RESET!

    1. Steve, I live in Brisbane and have not heard of this. I am not pro-Labor, but lets give some context to your two-point, a) Labour Marxist and b) the WEF. Most of the fact-checkers in this forum, use Rupert Murdoch’s media empire (Sky News) as the source of their “truth”. You can fact-check on Google, that Mr Murdoch used to have a bust of Stalin in his room at Oxford University. Further, Murdoch gave his blessing to Hawke & Keating. Murdoch gave his blessing to Kevin Rudd (Labor and an opponent of Mugabe being the leader of Zimbabwe), which lead to a slaughterhouse for the Federal Liberals and Howard lost his seat. Rupert Murdoch supported Malcolm Turnball (former Liberal Prime Minister). Malcolm Turnbull is on public record that he also could have been a Labor prime minister. Rupert Murdoch supported Blair (Labor) and Cameron (Conservative). Murdoch supported Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. Murdoch is a capitalist with big ambitions of increasing his media empire and will use his media to support any political party that changes the law, so he can buy up other media outlets. When the Western Australian government tried to prevent Murdoch from purchasing a mine in WA, Murdoch phoned the minister and informed him that there was a bucket of shit next to his desk, and the minister could choose to have a bucket of shit on the front page or a headline. Murdoch won. Link: https://www.populismstudies.org/rupert-murdoch-a-populist-emperor-of-the-fourth-estate/
      I assume you subscribe to the capitalist ideology. I have placed a link below to the WEF strategic partners list. You will Anglo American, Rio Tinto and BHP. These were the big capitalist stakeholders in Rhodesia and South Africa. You will also see the Commonwealth Bank of Australia in the list to name a few. You will also find BlackRock, which has shares in every major bank in the world. It is little wonder that the Republicans under George Bush and Obama (Democrats) turned to BlackRock to find a resolution, which it did. BlackRock has US10 trillion (one-third of USA GDP) in investments.
      Further research into BlackRock will show that they are buying up houses in the USA. Is there a connection between this and “You will own nothing and be happy”?
      Anglo-American, Rio Tinto, and BHP operated their mines under Ian Smith & Vorster and Robert Mugabe and Mandela. The ideology comes secondary to financial growth and power. Governments will come and go, but the military-financial complex will survive under any ideology.
      The USA spends more than US800 billion a year on defense, the socialist Democrats and the Capitalist Republicans will both ensure this continues. If the world was really ‘free’ as many believe the US would have more than 75 bases on foreign soil.
      You may like to reflect it was US Republicans, UK Conservatives and Australian Liberals that wanted Mugabe as the leader of Rhodesia.
      I wish you well on your quest for the truth. Take care.

  10. Thank you for your erudite, discourse. My entire life’s venture has been a very disturbing separation from GOD the FATHER observed his continued pain with the lawless, irresponsible representatives for political power and control. Twenty five yrs trying to assist Zimbabwe/Rhodesia return to self determination and whilst suceeding in a competitive career field, deeply saddened by the country I leave my children addressing…God’s Bessings…FAITH HOPE LOVE…Capt. Dale

    1. Thank you Dale. I too fear for my two girls. They join a persecuted minority bereft of any leadership that may offer relief or hope.

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