by Hannes Wessels


Voltaire, the great French philosopher is reputed to have said, ‘I may disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.’ He was liberal in the purest sense, speaking out loudly and frequently in support of secularism, freedom of speech and the separation of powers. He knew then as we know now, that societies can only prosper and grow when problems are discussed in an open and unfettered discourse. Much of what he stood for helped build the pillars of the ‘Christian West’ and some of the greatest civilisations in history.

Voltaire would have been horrified had he been witness to the events that unfolded at Berkley University in California recently. One of the great universities of the world and a citadel of academic emancipation which has prided itself on freedom of thought and expression in the once great liberal, laissez-faire tradition, it showed the world that when it comes to the democratically elected president of the United States, none of those conventions now apply.

When Milo Yiannopoulos, a libertarian homosexual, a Jew, who speaks frankly and openly about his preference for black lovers, came to the campus to address students in a (ultimately failed) bid to explain his reasons for being a Trump supporter, the students went wild in a violent and riotous display of intolerance that would have cheered Stalin, Mao and Mugabe. Fearing for his safety Yiannopoulus was eventually escorted to safety by police and his message went unheard. The liberal fascists of Berkley won the day and the response from the authorities to this outrage has been pathetic. Despite massive damage to property, brutal assaults on alleged Trump supporters and incidents of arson, one arrest has been made. The anarchists have won the day and while they celebrate their triumph the First Amendment to the US Constitution guaranteeing free speech is looking a little ridiculous.

Across the ocean, events in the UK are similarly troubling, with the call by Speaker John Bercow for the House of Commons to prohibit the President of the United States from addressing its members. So much for another supposed bastion of free-speech and for an office that should be politically impartial. This is the same man who genuflects when Islamic militants like Avrem Choudary, call for violence to be visited upon his British countrymen, celebrates the enslavement of women and insists ‘infidels’, the same people who give him comfort and safety, should be eliminated. In a nutshell Choudary and his cohorts openly call for the destruction of Britain in its present form. Trump on the other hand is an Anglophile, an admirer of British traditions and history who took immediate steps to reinstall a bust of Winston Churchill that had been removed by Barack Obama from the Oval Office. Trump is exercised in finding ways to boost trade and create jobs in the UK to the benefit of many. He wants to build not destroy but in the twisted, left-lunatic mind of people like Bercow it seems preferable to give voice to committed terrorists while scorning an ally who proffers a powerful hand of genuine friendship.

On the streets of America, Hollywood celebrities, leading lights of the ‘left’ are brazenly criminal in their hysterical opposition to the democratic process. Madonna has publicly regretted not blowing up the White House and others are calling for the overthrow of the executive in shrill tones that remind one of the angry mobs we know so well in Africa.

There have been over 12,000 ‘tweets’ calling for Trump to be murdered and a columnist in the Times of London has published a call for the president to be assassinated. The once feared and respected Secret Service has been supine and no arrests have been made. One can only imagine what the response would have been had this behaviour been aimed at Barack Obama. ‘White Supremacists’, ‘Nazi’s’, ‘Klansmen’, ‘racists’ and ‘alt-rightists’, real or imagined, would have been rounded up in their droves and American jails would have been heaving with new arrivals.

Virtually all the television networks in the US and UK have dropped the tatty façade and no longer masquerade as news reporters. They have morphed into a ‘third force’, a fully fledged political opposition movement and are totally committed to vilifying and destroying Trump as he tries to fulfil the mandate given to him by a majority of the voters in a democratic process. In the best fascist tradition the will of the majority is summarily scorned and any form of dissenting view is forbidden. CNN, BBC and SKY are acting no differently from the state-sponsored media that peddled a defined political line in the Soviet Union and does today in places like Cuba, North Korea and China.

None of these maistream networks will provide a platform for views that conflict with their politically correct narrative calling for open-borders, mass migration, Islamification of the West, conflict with Russia and demonization of Christian Caucasians. This is why Trump is the enemy and must be thwarted. And to hell with freedom of speech!


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