Will Keys,

USA law prohibits a convicted felon from standing as a candidate for the Office of President. Donald J. Trump is facing numerous felony charges in four separate state jurisdictions. Conviction on any one of the charges will probably mean a custodial sentence and certain exclusion from the 2024 Presidential run. I will not toy with your intelligence; the charges against Trump are politically motivated and almost entirely without merit. The corrupted Democrat Party and a percentage of GOP leaders face an existential threat if Trump is re-elected President of the United States (“POTUS”).

Evidence recently released by Speaker Michael Johnson conclusively establishes that the Democrat Party withheld vital video evidence and manipulated documentation using the Department of Justice (“DoJ”) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”). The hoax was called “the January 6, 2021, Insurrection” and what was fed to the media was mostly fabricated. This is nothing new; remember the ‘Russia Hoax’ that hamstrung the Trump presidency that turned out to be a big fat lie; the only people who had been colluded with the Russians were the Democrats. Then we were told the Hunter Biden laptop was all Russian disinformation; now we are being fed a lot of nonsense about how Ukraine is winning the war which is another big fat lie. And two attempted impeachments of POTUS Donald J. Trump based on fabricated evidence.

Now the Democrat Party, as happens in most Third World dictatorships, is utilising the law enforcement agencies to manipulate and convict an innocent man for political and criminal reasons.

The above reminder is necessary to set the table for the thought experiment that follows.

Thought experiment and postulates:

Donald J. Trump is convicted of a felony and sentenced to a substantial period of imprisonment. All lower court appeals are exhausted, and the United States Supreme Court refuses ‘certiorari’ to hear an appeal. Trump is imprisoned, and his Presidential candidacy effectively ends.

The leadership of the Grand Old Party (“GOP”), otherwise known as the Republican Party (“RP”), for whatever reasons, supports and abides by the judicial rulings. Trump is effectively abandoned. The GOP, in an extraordinary act, nominates and supports another candidate for POTUS, let’s say, Nikki Haley.

I postulate that the Make America Great Again Movement (“MAGA”) initially protests peacefully, but draconian measures are employed to bring them under control. This results in a true insurrection, and the Democrat Party government faces almost certain overthrow. The Democrat Government POTUS, Joe Biden, in desperation calls upon Trump to save the country from further catastrophe. Trump broadcasts to his MAGA supporters and urges them to suspend acts of violence. Trump advises all Americans to vote in the upcoming elections and instructs them to unilaterally ‘write-in’ his name on the ballot paper. The Democrat Party government remains mute.

On election night, the result was overwhelmingly for Trump. The Trump ballots are religiously counted because MAGA scrutineers are on hand. The Democrat Party is almost obliterated from Congress. The people have spoken, and Donald J Trump is returned to the US Presidency, this time as a true Independent.

End of thought experiment.

In conclusion, I suggest that the above scenario is an imagined but acceptable outcome. My fear is that if there is no Donald J. Trump to bring peace, the Democrat Party is forced to face the unrestrained backlash of a determined, motivated, and, above all, RIGHTEOUS MAGA Movement, which is also supported by the vast majority of the citizens.

By Will Keys

7 thoughts on “The First Independent US President, Donald J. Trump.”
  1. So Trump is being sidelined by this Demonrat adversary,
    And it all depends on a certain Certiorari,
    What they will find,
    Without being too kind,
    Will be a handsome and massive Demonrat raspberry.

  2. A concise and thorough observation.

    There are some web pages/sites I suggest:
    http://www.vernoncoleman.com/org?, [the left column and click videos; I then click onevsp]

    http://www.brighteon.com: search for Dr. Judy Mikovits, Mrs. Celeste Solum, and Brother Nathansiel Kapner.

    Lastly, books: “Dawn of light” by Rabbi Zolli, “The concersion of Alphonse Ratisbonne”, and “Pillar of Fire” by Dr. Karl Stern.

    Thank you.

  3. An intriguing scenario. I do however fear a big false flag event in the not too distant future which will effectively railroad everyone. 🙁

    1. Hilarious. Actually, the charges against Trump are well founded. He’s in a heap of trouble of his own making.

      And the reason Trump lost the last election by 8m votes, and would lose again, is that while 70% of the GOP base are fanatic supporters, the vast majority of Americans despise Trump and the damage he has done to America; they ain’t pro-Biden as much as anti-Trump.

      1. Don’t be an IGNORAMUS, but if you are like +/- 30% of the US electorate with an IQ 80 or below then you can’t help being an IGNORAMUS. ACTUALLY, the charges against DJT are NOT well founded, they are not legally FOUNDED at all. There is some truth in what you say about Democrats and RINOs, I quote you, “they ain’t pro-Biden as much as anti-Trump.”

    2. Hi royd15, do you mean something akin to an October surprise? Oh yes, it is probably being planned as we speak. I can’t imagine Hillary Clinton not orchestrating such a dastardly surprise. As the Zen Master said, “we’ll see”.

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