Hannes Wessels

I am no fan of Joe Biden’s. Throughout his political career he has used his influence to make life as difficult as possible for Europeans in Africa. As one of America’s leading lights in the so-called struggle for ‘freedom’, he offered unconditional support to all the continent’s ‘liberators’ including the totalitarian Robert Mugabe. The fruits of his labours are there for all to see. But to be witness to the disrepute he has visited upon his great office and the USA nation in triggering the debacle that he and his administration has wrought in Afghanistan has been deeply distressing.

Unlike most people outside the United States, I am a lifelong American fan. I am well aware of how much America has done for the free world since the end of World War II. There is little doubt the prosperity experienced in the United Kingdom and Europe since that war ended, that drove peace and prosperity around the world, would not have been possible without the generosity and foresight of the Americans. Against this backdrop, to see this once proud and powerful nation rushing for the exits in an unedifying departure is a sad sight that bodes ill for the future for all those who wish for a world at peace.

Looking back, America lost its way when it decided it would use its power to remodel the world in its own image. Basing its foreign policy on the fundamental premise that the entire world will benefit from the blessings of a Western-style constitutional democracy has been the fatal flaw underpinning the disastrous military interventions that have unfolded since the decision by President George Bush, enthusiastically supported by UK’s Tony Blair, to oust Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq. Since then their blunderings in Tunisia, Egypt, Iraq, Libya and Syria have cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and there is little doubt now the region was better off under the control of the autocrats removed following US intervention. Out of the chaos caused, fertile ground appeared for Islamic Fundamentalists to flourish.

But the worst was yet to come and that has suddenly transpired in Afghanistan thanks to the gross ineptitude of the Democratic administration led by President Biden. Assisting him in confecting this catastrophe, he and the world can thank Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley. It appears over the recent months, while the Taliban were plotting their victory, Austin and Milley were more focused on ensuring the country’s military was conversant with the lessons to be learned from understanding ‘Critical Race Theory’, sensitized to the dangers of ‘White Rage’ and speeding up the integration of transgender ‘servicepeople’ into the military mainstream. One can only wonder what the reaction from the media, the political establishment and the world would have been, had this happened on Donald Trump’s watch but I have no doubt it would have been vicious. Astonishingly Biden and his lieutenants are claiming a job well done and no one has resigned, despite having overseen, arguably, the country’s most devastating defeat. Unfortunately, there is every reason to believe, there is much more bad news on the way as a result of this American eclipse.

The Taliban, a ragtag band of 70,000 self-taught militiamen can quite correctly claim they have defeated the most powerful army in the world. They can bask in the glory of being the heroic few who have defeated the infidel multitude and along with that, they boast a bonanza of weapons, and equipment that have overnight made them the most powerful Islamic movement in the world. According to one report the haul includes around 350 state-of-the-art military helicopters, so making it the owner of the world’s fourth-largest military helicopter fleet, ahead of any NATO country aside from the USA, and behind only Russia and China. Indeed, the Taliban now has three times as many attack helicopters as the UK. Biden also threw in a few dozen light attack aircraft, thousands of armoured personnel carriers, fifty-five battle tanks, a thousand mortars and 110,000 automatic rifles, plus four Hercules transports With this arsenal in hostile hands, the threat to what is left of the ‘Christian West’ has never been greater and for us in Africa, we who yearn to live in secular world, free to worship who we choose, we are in deep trouble.

Already, the barely contained Islamic militants striking terror in the Sahel are moving south. With an emboldened and opium-enriched Taliban weighing in with their newly acquired power, this movement seems set to accelerate and to counter the threat there is precious little on offer. A once potent South Africa has neutered itself and the neighbouring countries have questionable capability. Mozambique has recently shown it is unable to defend itself against Islamic insurrectionists and regional allies have proved useless. Just what forces might have the capability to withstand a determined campaign led by ISIS with Taliban backing begs for answers. America has to all and intents and purposes, left the battlefield.

For Western Europe, problems look likely to mount. With well-established Muslim populations well entrenched within the countries that were recently Christian citadels there is an abundance of opportunity for those who seek to control that continent. Ignored by the media and political establishments, the majority of the Islamic citizenry in the UK and Europe owe their primary allegiance, not to the State or the government of the day where they enjoy the freedom unavailable in Islamic countries; they owe it to Allah and their religious leaders. Having seen American defeated, they will be in no doubt, the same can be achieved closer to home.

It is difficuly not to believe we have just witnessed the end of America as a great power and the last hope for a strong defence of Western Christian civilisation is now denied us. God help my children.

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  1. Walter Waldec
    “Good article, but not quite true about the weapons left in Afghanistan.
    I’m led to believe that not one of those attack helicopters has been left in serviceable condition.”

    If the Rhodesian Airforce been given those “wrecked” helicopters they would have had them flying again in a heartbeat, in spite of world sanctions. The Taliban might be savages but I believe they could be switched on enough to hire mercenary engineers and techs to get them operational again and even if they do not use them themselves they could sell them for a fortune and use the money in a way which would greatly enhance their ability to fight the infidel. They are like hyaenas and lily-livered westerners are no match for their cunning, dedication to their cause via opium-induced bravery, fanatical obedience to Allah and great love for their “Holy Land.”

  2. Reziac.
    “The Taliban did not defeat America. America just upped and left without turning out the lights, no doubt because that was what China instructed Gropin’ Joe to do.”

    Quite Correct! This is how I see it.

  3. Hi Hannes,

    I follow your articles with great interest. Your views on the USA and Biden in particular, are apt and thought provoking; as all such writings should be. So I pass comment to add, rather than detract from, your view.

    The inherent strength of any nation is dependent on many things. Some of these we have touched on, in the few hours we have been together. The sheer military strength in weapons, machines and men count high on the list. Then the will to resist and defend your country against threats, These things form the very foundation of the morale of the nation. But inherent in saying that, these qualities cannot possibly thrive without sound countrywide, solid, infrastructure. And infrastructure and its value and maintenance, is a concept not readily understood in Africa, or Afghanistan. It takes centuries to build roads, railways and airways. Huge effort to build and supply power, water, housing and productive food sources. Hospitals and schools that care for the sick and prepare the youth for meaningful lives. All the while supplying a constant demand for skills at all levels thereby creating worthwhile employment.

    Infrastructure is at the very heart of America’s greatness. As it was in South Africa. While it takes both intelligence and the will to work, to build a country’s infrastructure, it can be irreparably damaged in a fraction of the time it took to build. Nevertheless it still takes some years to achieve the complete destruction of solid infrastructure. Politicians come and go, but it seems to me that politicians must be nihilistic to want to drive such a mindless programme. The stronger the infrastructure, the longer it will withstand the destructive efforts of the politicians. History shows us that even powerful nations like Russia have virtually destroyed themselves before rebuilding. Maybe Biden really does not want the USA to be a Superpower anymore. Whatever his, unclear, motives are, he will cause his people much suffering in the years ahead. But fortunately their infrastructure and the spirit of the Americans is such that their is still a glimmer of hope. At the moment we seem to be facing the weakness of democracy; “The collective wisdom of individual fools”.


  4. Good article, but not quite true about the weapons left in Afghanistan.
    I’m led to believe that not one of those attack helicopters has been left in serviceable condition. Not a single aircraft abandoned to the Taliban will ever fly again. (Not that they have the pilot’s anyway!)
    And most likely the same applies for most of the ground vehicles and weaponry as well.
    As for Biden. His administration will likely be remembered as the biggest political disaster in world history.


  6. The worst of it is that we could have maintained and prevented this from happening by continuing supplying airpower. God knows we have enough. All they needed was contractor support and force protection as the airforce came into it’s own. We make a nation dependent on us, flush them with cash which creates corruption everywhere. Afghani commandos lost our support which WE relied on to wipe the taliban out to begin with. The more of them removed, the better it would be. Now who knows what will happen with a Pakastani Taliban alliance.

  7. The Taliban did not defeat America. America just upped and left without turning out the lights, no doubt because that was what China instructed Gropin’ Joe to do. The effect is the same, but the principle is not. And China Joe Biden is not forever. Americans are angry in a way we have not been since 1776.

  8. Alas Hannes, the tide has turned. I do believe a new chapter has been started in our world’s history of war and religious persecutions. The demise of this once great nation and my adoptive homeland is both painful and infuriating to watch and live. I can only say that I hope this twilight of my life does not linger and I am spared the brunt of what is to come. As you have said, no matter how misguided, the USA was the last bastion of Western Christian civilization and its greatest protector, and it is crumbling from within due to various nefarious forces disguised as benevolent protectors of minorities and apologists of Critical Race Theory. I echo your sentiment and thank you for your insights, but it has always struck me as ironic that, on both sides of the battlefield, both armies call on their ‘God’ for a ‘righteous’ victory. Be safe, happy and healthy, and may we all see better times ahead.

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