Will Keys,

“Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall”.  These famous words were spoken in 1987 by President Ronald Reagan, and down came the Iron Curtain.  Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev was the last leader of the Soviet Union.  The turmoil, economic quagmire and social dislocation of the citizens of the old Soviet Union, was unimaginably depressing and hard.  They endured and adapted to create a hybrid Russian economy that best suited their circumstances and culture.  It goes without saying that it isn’t Utopia, but neither is the USA. Since the death of “Saint George Floyd”: Wokeism is the new religion and white people are the devils of the day.

After the collapse and break-up of the Soviet Union and the consignment of Russian communism to history, the Russians had an expectation that they would be accepted into the western world on equal terms. Early signs were promising; MacDonalds, KFC, Coca-Cola and other iconic American brands quickly appeared. Outside of the cities, the old Soviet systems and culture were more resistant to change.

An unlikely person for the Russian Presidency was Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.  He was shoe-horned into the temporary position because he was assessed to be a kindly, clever cornerman.  In 2012 the local power-brokers gave Putin, the keys to the family car to turn the battery over.  He drove off and when he returned, he occupied the house. He became the accidental president   He was de facto and de jure the leader of the country and he also had the capacity to pull the trigger when required. Many misread the tea leaves.   A lot of nonsense has been spoken about him, the truth is, he is no less ruthless or corrupt than any of the other top-tanking world leaders.  However, he is a good deal smarter and much better informed.  True leaders have enough of a killer instinct to be able to pull the trigger when required.  It is not a small thing, and not everyone can do it.  He also loves his country and takes pride in its history and culture.

Since his accession to power the western world has been increasingly in the thrall of wokisim which also calls for the ditching of traditional Christian values. Putin has been watching this and he does not like what he sees. This agenda is being driven by the DAVOS owned media and the media will not be challenged; Putin’s criticism has incurred their wrath and they have demonised him.

What few of his many critics understand is Russia has a long historical association with Ukraine which is keenly felt in Russia. Putin has been trying to get the USA to appreciate this vexed issue for a number of years but he has been ignored. Meanwhile NATO encroachment towards Russia has forced him into a corner.  When the Russians tried to place nuclear missiles in Cuba, the USA stipulated that it could result in a first-strike nuclear response.  The USA provocations hiding behind the NATO alliance provoked the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The same general principles are at play.

Why has this festering sore not been dealt with?  The Ukraine is run by criminals with whom the Biden family, led by the president’s son Hunter, have had a long and mutually prosperous relationship.  

Little mention today of the fact the then Vice-President Biden threatened Ukraine with stopping a billion-dollar deal if the Ukraine Attorney General was not fired.  The AG had threatened to investigate Hunter over massive corruption involving the Ukraine Burisma Corporation. The AG, was fired. When President Trump made a phone call to Kyiv asking questions about this, he was impeached.

The then US Vice President, Joe Biden, was appointed by Obama to be the point man in Ukraine.  What a terrible mistake.  The CIA went berserk.  They financed bioweapons manufacturing in countries that have a border with Russia. If that was not enough of a provocation, they encouraged the Ukrainians to establish a nuclear deterrent.  Ukraine has since admitted that they have highly enriched uranium processing in play.  For confirmation of the above allegations look at the internet and be aware that Ukraine has already admitted it.  The CIA has tried to destroy all the evidence, but the Russians have it secured and it will be produced in evidence at an appropriate forum.

The US intelligence services, totally controlled by left-wing Democrats interfered illegally in local political affairs, became the destroyers of the truth and the enemy of decent American patriots. We can only hope that these Democrat politicians and their deep state operatives will one day be held accountable. They will do anything to avoid that outcome. This sorry saga is clear proof America has become a very corrupt country.   

This war would not have happened had Trump won a second term but the US Supreme Court, by refusing to grant ‘certiorari’ to hear the evidence of the 2020 stolen election, deliberately encouraged the USA to believe that there was no evidence.  There was ample evidence, and it is available today.  That dereliction of judicial duty is a scandal and will have far-reaching consequences.  At a minimum, a full apology is owed from the court. At best they should resign or be impeached.  Clarence Thomas and Samuel A. Alito, Associate Justices, excluded.  The USA intel services have been instrumental in the attempted Coup d’etat by the impeachment of Trump. This crime cannot be overlooked, and consequences must follow. 

Russian military tactics are based upon the cauldron strategy. It has been the modus operandi for hundreds of years.  The strategy is to always keep engaged in dialogue with the enemy while at the same time making war.  The tactic is to surround the enemy thus blocking off any resupply possibilities.  The cauldron is then continually heated to make life impossible.  Through continued open dialogue the enemy is offered humanitarian relief.  A humanitarian corridor is negotiated.  Injured civilians plus women and children are encouraged to escape through the corridor.  The cauldron eventually gets so hot and miserable that they give up.  The advantage of the cauldron tactic is that infrastructure and buildings are not destroyed.  After the surrender, the civil authority is allowed to continue as before subject to Russian authority. The Russian cauldron strategy has worked as planned.  However, the mainstream media in the west has reverted to the usual fantasy reporting.

The overreaction of the USA and EU in imposing sanctions on Russia has the effect of cutting off its nose to spite its face.  The consequences of the Biden Administration Executive Orders have been somewhat ameliorated by the noncompliance.  The US military set up a direct ‘hotline’ to avoid any nuclear holocaust.

China has openly sided with Russia and when India refused to sanction Russia, Biden threatened India with sanctions.  Who the hell does Biden think he is?  Now many other countries are re-evaluating their interests. 

The price of oil and precious metals and all down chain contracts are up in the air.  The USA is now in talks with its old enemies, Venezuela and Iran in a bid to save itself.  The USA has lost all notions of saving face.

The USA and European sanctions of uncoupling Russia from the SWIFT system are resulting in unintended consequences.  However, the most disastrous and ill-considered action was the US and European attack on the Russian Central Bank.  It is a step too far.  The world is fast turning its back on the USA.

The US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, toyed with nuclear war by suggesting that Poland becomes involved in a ‘no-fly-zone’ strategy in Ukraine. He has stepped back from this position. Blinken has since lost whatever little credibility he had.

Some heads of government in the more important countries have refused to take Biden’s calls but they have taken Putin’s calls.  What a reversal of fortune.

I ask the reader, what is the USA end-game re Russia?  The CIA and NSA were left twiddling their thumbs. The military-industrial complex hates peace. They would sincerely miss the Russian ‘boogie man’ and just couldn’t imagine the wary old KGB officer retiring to his Moscow stoop.

In conclusion, the Russian cauldrons, of which there are at least three, are in effect or virtually in effect.  Ukraine will negotiate a type of rapprochement settlement on Russian terms.  The international financial arrangements will be reestablished, and the USA will be weakened.  A world recession will probably be induced. World travel will be made less convenient and more expensive.

The only silver lining is that the US Democrat Party may get toasted in the midterms elections and if the toasting is sufficiently severe, the retributions in the USA will happen.  If the midterm results are not a severe punishment to the Democrats and the RINO’s retain their seats then nothing will change and the USA will decline.

Lastly, but by no means least, let it be known that this author is pro-USA and a supporter of the MAGA movement.  Nothing expressed in this article should be interpreted otherwise.

By Will Keys   

By AAdmin

43 thoughts on “Stop Poking The Bear”
  1. Will – “Who is Jack Rusell? Otherwise, I generally agree with you.”

    See Jack Russell’s post on these comments on 12th March. This is my response to him.

  2. Once again we have Will purring like a cat at the feet of Putin and Trump. Same, old same from Will .St George Floyd, Wokism,stolen election. We have the obligatory legal term inserted to give him some cred, ‘ certioran’. Was our treat this week. Will alas, like a lot of keyboard warriors , needs to stop stressing out over conspiracy and anti conspiracy theories. His hatred for Biden, voted for by over 81 million Americans, is blinding him to the real world. MAGA? nothing wrong with that. But Donald Duck as the next POTUS, never. He had his chance, and blew it. We have the cauldron strategy explained to us. Great military concept. But ever time we see a dead civilian in Ukraine, Vlad the Conqueror loses more public support. Marina Oysyannikova sums up Russian sentiment. Maybe Will should do a Marina? Barge on the the set of a TV news channel in Australia. Brandishing a placard, announcing his support for Vlad. But no, he will sit in the comfort of his Australian home. Scrolling through all the internet, cherry picking items that suit him. Victoria Nuland, cherry picked. But she is no saint. Involved in the regime change in Ukraine in 2014, hates the EU. According to Chinese intel the USA has 336 labs in 30 countries. Maybe Russia should invade them all. Probably one in Australia. Perthograd has a nice ring to it, premier de facto Will. The world is fast turning it’s back on the USA, world leaders refusing to talk to sleepy Joe. But is was fun reading Will’s blog. It is what it is. Then he lauds Victoria Nualnd in his counter comments. Isn’t she married to the one and only Robert Kagan. Rob is a very intelligent chap. Now he was a diehard Republican, but jumped ships over the nomination of Trump. Finally a creditable Republican, saw the light.
    But give Will his due he believes strongly in the demise of the USA. Keep the faith. Maybe he is right.

    1. Not only Will who belives this I’ll have you know. Get real and off that liberal bench sitting with incompetent gigglers like Harris, babblers like Binden and hang ons like Polosi. The Hunter Binden and dad truth will emerge soon. Every civilian death in the Ukraine is that comedian Zelenski’s doing, using them as human shileds whilst russia crates cease fires before every onslaught to allow civilians to leave the war zone. He pushes for NATO intervention all the time, Immediate membership of the EU and failure to recognise when enoughs enough. Seems you are headbent on WW3, well I think the West will be surprised when China, India, NK and the likes the get invlolved. Be carefull this is not 1945, they all learned and readied themselves just as I guess the West have. But it will be armagedan.

      1. I see defense industry stocks in the US are rocketing; the real villains are getting richer.

    2. Once again we have Annette talking absolute tripe and with a huge chip on her shoulder. I encourage her to write her own article in praise of Saint George Floyd, and Barrack Obama. We support the Ukrainians and we don’t want then sacrificed on the alter of NATO expediency. Annette has no idea that whether we like it or not Russia will have its way in the Ukraine.
      She blabbers on in ignorance and is unable to read through the MSM lies. She doesn’t know that Russia has effectively won. We don’t like the outcome, but there it is. At least were not fooled, but the poor Ukrainians were.

    3. Annette, all conflicts/political situations have two sides it is never 100 vs 0. All the article is trying to do is present the other side, which we in the West are denied.. Instead of petty insults why not, as an adult, clearly present your side. Brent

  3. Jack Russell have you forgotten who the people were who formed an informal alliance with Russia and China during the Rhodesian war to destroy us? They were our very own kith and kin, countries Rhodesia was loyal to. Western countries are the ones who are directly responsible for the demise of Rhodesia and remember there have been changes in Russia since those days so you can hardly blame today’s Russia for what went on in Rhodesia in the 1970’s. That’s like the WOKE mob trying to blame today’s white Americans for the slave trade. Right now I am on Putin’s side. He is far more honest than those degenerate, WOKE, LGBTQ criminals squatting in the White House and the equivalent degenerates on Mud Island.

  4. Cant you see that Zelenski is just a USA puppet. Dead or Alive the USA dont care. The sooner he, Nato and the USA concede to Putins justified requests (As they were given ample chance to do since 2008) the better for Human Kind. I too feel sorry for persons on both sides being killed, but war is war and all Rhodies Know just how badly things can go. Dont forget the world sanctions on us and fighting Russian and Chinese communism at the same side and we lasted 14 years. If the enemy mounted on our doorstep, we took them out as did South Africa in Angola. It was the West (Our so called friends for whom we fought in both world wars) that dropped us in our time of need, so now look at Zimbabwe and whats happened in South Africa). The sooner evidence is found that exposes Hunter Biden and his Dads affairs in the Ukraine the quicker the democrates will fall. Putin hasnt played his “TRUMP” card yet on this lot(Pardon the Pun).

  5. I should have asked too whether you’ve forgotten the trouble the Russian caused us? The billions of dollars that went into inserting Cuban and East German personnel and armaments into Angola? How many SA young men died? Rhodesia?

    That in every African trouble spot you’ll find AK47s, RPGs, BTRs, T Series tanks ?

    1. Hi Jack, what is your point? Our sympathy is with the Ukrainians. However, they were led to the slaughter by NATO and the USA CIA who were prepared to put bio-research labs and dangerous pathogens in the Ukraine but not boots on the ground.
      The innocent Ukrainians will die. The Russians have already won. Sad but true. The MSM is rotten.

  6. Thinking quietly through “This Bear’s behaviour” after watching the footage of Ukraine – do we somehow sincerely believe This Bear have some God given divine right to emulate Hitler or Stalin? Or do we suffer from memory loss of what happened in the world between 1939 and 1945?

    1. Hi Ntabenende, did you actually read the entire article. If he had you would know that yesterday the USA State Department admitted that the USA had financed bio-labs in the Ukraine. See Victoria Nuland USA Asst. Sec of State. Twenty six bio-labs. They have been captured and the evidence will be presented to the world. Bio-labs to be used to create bio-weapons against the Russians. If not the Russians then who? Do you mean to say that the Russians had no God given right to prevent a biological holocaust against them. Surely note. The Russians were the principle fighters against Hitler, so what is your poiint?

  7. Brilliantly written Will. NATO and the west are certainly too afraid to confront the issue with any true meaning. Sanctions will have little effect in so much as Putin and his oligarchs are concerned. Truth of the matter is the western politicians are equally bad if not worse when it comes to corrupt money. This war indeed as you say would not have happened under DJT watch.

    1. Hi Warwick, thank you for the comment and I agree with you entirely. The US Assist Sec. of State, Victoria Nuland, has admitted in open session and on camera that the USA has financed bio-labs in the Ukraine. Bio-Labs weapons, what is disgusting thing to do.

  8. A well written article Will. I sincerely hope you are right with you comment about the Democrat party getting toasted in the midterms but I have my doubts as they have got lying and deception via the media down to a fine art and until the public at large wake up fast I see little hope. I encourage readers to watch this 19 minute clip entitled Empire of Lies to get an idea of the deceit an deception going on with the Russian/Ukraine war. We live in a world of 24/7 smoke and mirrors.

    1. Hi Alistair, there is fighting in the Ukraine and at least three Russian cauldron’s have Uktrainian army surrounded.
      The Ukrainians had put up a great fight, but unfortunately, they will be defeated. The MSM are indeed liars.

  9. I find it hard to believe that anyone can write a whole article on this conflict without once mentioning Stalin’s Holodomor in the 30s. Nations have long memories. Equally, historically the existence of the Ukraine as an independent nation pre-dates Russia by quite a long way. No mention has been made of how Putin has “rewritten” the history of the Ukraine.
    The article also appears to tacitly approve targeting civilians in warfare, but perhaps I have misunderstood. There is another factor, while it is hard to predict the ultimate outcome at the moment, the Ukrainians know what they are fighting for but the Russians, especially the troops, don’t. That can make a difference.
    There is no doubt that the Ukraine is corrupt – along with every single other ex-USSR satellite country and including Russia itself. Furthermore, the Biden family corrupt involvement there predates the current PM and government.
    I found this article more than a little one-eyed.

    1. One eyed? Did you hear Victoria Nuland (US Under Sec of State) admit to the bio-chem labs in the Ukraine. Twenty-six bio-labs. Make no error my sympathy is with the ordinary Ukrainian people.
      NATO and the USA made promises that they walked away from. Enough said.

  10. This article about The Cauldron Tactic explains what Mugabe did to the Matabele in the Gukuruhundi where 20 000 civilians were butchered by the North Korean trained Fifth Brigade, between 1982 and 1987. Eventually Joshua Nkomo was forced to the negotiating table and in that due Cauldron Process some 100 commercial farmers and their families including women and children like the Stratford’s and their (Tavener) grand daughters were murdered on Secret Valley Farm on the Victoria falls Road. Part of this Cauldron Tactic included that Australian born Armoured Car Gunner destroying three Russian Armoured Cars with ZIPRA personnel in them, instructed by an ex Rhodesian RAR Officer now loyal to the Mugabe, Zanu Government in the newly independent Zimbabwe – all brilliantly engineered by Malcolm Fraser, Henry Kissinger, Lord Carrington and Margaret Thatcher. Never mind Putin applying the Cauldron Effect, or Mugabe in Matabeleland – I wonder what really happened to John Giles, the Rhodesian Legal advisor at Lancaster House – was he poisoned with an umbrella or simply kidnapped and knocked off? Studying the Cauldron Effect is one thing – but in the fullness of time, it we live long enough we can very easily end up in that very Cauldron by accident not desire? Mugabe repeated the Cauldron Effect some twenty years later when he applied the Good Cop – Bad Cop approach to the commercial farmers and their 300 000 staff and
    1,8 million dependents commencing 2000. The similarities between Hitler and Putin seem to be starting to show – after an 80 year interlude – but Stalin was probably not exactly an angel either was he? Unity of purpose to solve the problem may be better than throwing stones from a safe distance?

    1. Accurate article. Zelinskyy is determined to falsely gain sympathy as a new Kosovo, he is an experienced showman and is supported by every organisation that suffered Trump Derangement Syndrome. He needs civilian casualties and is already spewing the false narrative. Europe and US must step back because they are leading Ukraine in to total destruction and inviting China to invade Taiwan, because sanctions won’t affect that country.

      1. Hi Ken, we entirely agree with you. Did you hear Victoria Nuland (US Under Sec of State) admit to the bio-chem labs in the Ukraine. Twenty-six bio-labs for bio-weapons. What a terrible thing to do? Make no error my sympathy is with the ordinary Ukrainian people.

    2. Hi Gene, the article did not surprise me. Earlier yesterday, Victoria Nuland (US Under Sec.State) admitted before a congressional inquiry that the USA had bio-labs in Ukraine. Twenty-six. These have now been captured by the Russians.
      The ultimate provocation was the bio-labs. Enough said. We support the MAGA Movement but the US Democrats; Clintons; Bodens and ‘Deep State’ are out of control.

  11. Some or all your opinion may be true. Except, for your mentor Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin who has totally miscalculated the Ukrainian people and may not be as a clever as you suggest. I fail to see what he has achieved for the Russian people except for his Oligarchs and why you think this heinous monster is so special, given recent events.

    I am quite sure that the Ukrainian people will win the battles and the war and become a prosperous Nation. Hopefully, the Russian people will also recover, when your so-called clever Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is eradicated one way or the other.

    1. Hi Pat, Putin is certainly not my mentor. Just because I have an opinion and perspective that disturbs me as much as it disturbs you does not mean that I support the outcome. The facts must be faced otherwise we will be truly lost. Whether you support the Russians or not, they invaded because of USA bio-lab shananigans in Ukraine.

  12. Pro Trump bullshit article. Tell that if you dare to the 2 Million plus displaced people being terrorised by your Big Bear. You should be ashamed and called out for your ignorance.

    1. I am pro Trump and a MAGA Movement supporter. Your ignorance will get you in a lot of trouble. The Bear has nuclear weapons and the USA placing bio-labs in Ukraine. What do you think would happen. I certainly don’t support Putin.

    2. If anyone should be called out for being an ignoramus it is you. We support the Ukrainians but sadly they are being led to the slaughter by ignoramuses like you.

  13. I don’t subscribe for half a second to conspiracy theories of ‘deep state’ and the idea that nobodies like the Clintons and George Soros are taking over the world – nor do I believe Trump was sent by God to save us all – and this otherwise excellent, informative article is spoilt by such distractions.

    Where I am in agreement with Will is that NATO has caused this war, in collusion with the villain of the piece, Zelensky – what we know and have always known is that Vladimir Putin is tough, smart and delivers on his threats. He’s made it clear that at the first NATO endeavour to enforce a no-fly zone over Ukraine he’s escalating this Sarajevo-like situation to nuclear – and yet there is Zelensky in a video conference in the virtue signalling House of Commons clamouring for a no-fly zone.

    The bulk of the fighting in the Eastern Front 1941-44 was in Ukraine where millions of Russians died liberating the country from the Nazis. By what logic in a parallel universe are they now supposed to offload it gratis to the West without a bullet being fired – the promise made to Gorbachev when he pulled down the Wall was that NATO wouldn’t expand. Really? As all Rhodesians remember the word of the American government, be it Democrat or Republican, is worthless. And so it has proved in this situation and this both unavoidable and avoidable war.

    Putin’s first remit is the defence of his country. The precedent they offered Zelensky was that made to Austria in May, 1955 … not to be incorporated in the Iron Curtain bloc so long as they didn’t join NATO – look at peaceful, prosperous Austria now – it’s a no-brainer … and that’s what Ukraine left on the table – they could have had it all – mining, agriculture, the arts, tourism, cafe society and a gold mine of a banking hub for all the oligarch and Russian mafia money … yet their leader, heralded everywhere by a biased and hysterical media, declined – knowing exactly what would happen next. He left Putin no choice but to solve this genuine threat to his country by making several clear and unambiguous warnings and then, when they remained unheeded, by attacking now before Ukraine inevitably joined NATO – as that would have bought Article 5 into play.

    1. Hi John, excellent reply. Did you see the Victoria Nuland (Ass Sec. State) statement in answer to Senator Mark Rubio. She admitted that the USA had financed bio-labs in Uktraine. If that wasn’t a provocation what is? I support the USA and MAGA Movement and hopefully Donald J. Trump (or Ron De Santis or whoever) will be returned in 2024. My comments re SCOTUS is 100% correct.

  14. I didn’t read beyond the fourth paragraph of this article because it is not only historically inaccurate but makes ridiculous comments that display an ignorance of reality. This is not what I expect from this website. If you wish to understand the situation I recommend you read “Germany’s Russia Problem” by John Lough and follow it up with Bill Browder’s “Red Notice”.

    1. Hi Peter, I think you are overestimating yourself and under-estimating me. Read the whole article.

  15. It is truly pathetic and indeed disturbing that you use your hatred of the US Democratic party and the Biden family to in any way justify or explain what is happening in Ukraine. Are you totally bind to the barbaric actions of Putin? I am not a Biden supporter before you or someone else accuses me of being a left wing extremist but this is not a time to conflate the issues as you have done. Putin is a total monster and the sooner he takes his last breath the better it will be for all of humanity.

    1. Hi Shumbaman, today the USA admitted to financing bio-labs in the Ukraine. The admission was made on camera in a congressional setting. There are twenty-six. The Russians invaded because of that provocation. You obviously know more about Putin than I do. The Ukrainian people have been used as porns. Now NATO and the USA, who led them into this fight will not help them. I am a USA MAGA supporter. If you don’t know that the Clintons; US Democrat Party; Bidens are totally corrupt then you are horribly uninformed and you are part of the problem.

      1. William Keys it is people like you who are a major part of the problem. You are so consumed with your pathetic conflated conspiracy theories and Trump agenda that you cannot see the truth. Trump is a major constituent of the problem in todays situation. He divided America, weakened NATO and emboldened Putin. The Republicans will never get back into power if they field Trump or someone as grotesque as him. if you want to get rid of the Dems then you have to field a suitable candidate so as to get back the votes lost as a result of Trump. Why you fools cannot see this logic speaks volumes as to your ability to logically analyse a situation.

      2. What utter nonsense, simply a brutal invasion of a sovereign state. That Biden is a creep, his son worse, Wokes, bits of Russian history, are not germane to this debate any more than what Rasputin liked for breakfast is.

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