by Hannes Wessels

I know I’m no scientist or doctor, and I’m starting to doubt myself, because I can find few people who share my scepticism about the ‘Corona pandemic’, the World Health Organisation (WHO), politicians in general, and the MSM (mainstream media), but here are some of the facts and figures that have been getting my attention.

Worldwide, from 1st January to 21st March 2020, 17,000,000 people died in total. Of those 11,177 deaths were attributed to Covid-19. In China, during the same period, 2,500,000 people died and 3,300 from the virus. Also bear in mind, we may never know if this tiny percentage of global deaths, was actually due to the virus; ‘of the virus’, or if people, who were dying anyway, simply died ‘with the virus’. What we do know for certain however, although the press don’t tell us this, is most of those who have died have been old, infirm and ailing, and, or, suffering from debilitating, chronic, immunodeficiency ailments. This is regrettable nonetheless, but the fact is, healthy people appear to have little to fear from infection.

Writing for The Spectator, Dr. John Lee, a retired pathologist, writes, “..we have yet to see any statistical evidence for excess deaths in any part of the world”. In the UK, it appears, that in the first week of March this year, almost exactly the same number of people died as in the same period last year. Dr. Lee then quotes figures from the US CDC, (Centre for Disease Control) which, “… show that since September, flu has infected 38,000,000 Americans, hospitalised 390,000 and killed 23,000. This does not cause public alarm because flu is familiar.” These figures get no ‘BREAKING NEWS’ alerts, they are not even reported.

The catastrophic danger peddled by much of the media is increasingly being exposed as statistical manipulation but regrettably, too slowly. In some countries with high mortality rates, we are now told they only count those who are hospitalised as Corona cases. This conveniently ignores many who have the virus but much less severe (or even zero) symptoms. This generates headline mortality rates that have little statistical validity but terrify people.

With a rampant and reckless media misleading the world, it would be gratifying if we could look to the World Health Organisation for reassurance and guidance based on the facts, but alas, that is not the case.

It is now clear that the WHO-Director General Tedros Ghebreyesus, who appears to have limited medical training, colluded with the Chinese health authorities early on in the crisis, in peddling the original falsehood that there was “no clear” evidence of human-to-human transmission of the coronavirus. The story then was that it was only being transmitted between animals and this delayed the raising of the alarm. This was a blatant lie and he knew it, but he owes China his job and was happy to do the bidding of his benefactor. Tedros, by the way, is the same guy who picked Robert Mugabe, the late president of Zimbabwe, who devoted his life to looting and ruining the lives of millions, to be the WHO’s roaming ‘Goodwill Ambassador’ to the United Nations. At this moment in time, half the population of Zimbabwe is reliant on outside assistance for food thanks to the late president’s land-seizures. Just what Mr. Ghebreyesus knew about Mugabe and saving peoples’ lives that we don’t, I’m unsure, but to have this man serving as, effectively, the world’s Surgeon General, tells me we’re listening to someone who cannot be trusted to tell the time of day. Thanks, in no small part to him, we are faced with a situation which I suspect is unprecedented in history, in war or peace, where governments have stopped their people going to work by executive decree.

Closer to home, the country has come to a standstill, there is widespread panic and fear of dying stalks the land. In South Africa, I note, roughly 500,000 people die every year of various causes. If one assumes the virus has been in the country since the beginning of the year, (it has probably been around much longer), then approximately 125,000 people have died this year of other causes. Out of this total we are now told, 5 have died from the virus.

Meanwhile, R.W. Johnson, in a recent article in ‘Politicsweb’, points out that while most South Africans with televisions were riveted to their screens, watching the safe return of their countrymen and women from China, “.. the media missed one of the biggest stories of the year..”, when the country effectively defaulted on its debt, leading to Moody’s rating agency, finally downgrading the country’s paper to ‘junk’. What this signals, is the world has given up on our government, making any of the structural reforms required to prove fiscal responsibility. We are now forced to approach the IMF for assistance, but Johnson believes they will get short shrift. The response will be along the lines of; ‘we told you so for 10 years and you wouldn’t listen so you’re on your own.’

With the economy now tanking and not much chance of help, it appears there is very little hope of a better life for the vast majority of the citizenry and we are all destined to be poorer. Because this is Africa and not Europe or the US, the knock-on effects of a real depression are certain to be more severe. While richer countries have greater resources to cushion the fall as people lose their incomes, this is not the case on most of our continent and with our government effectively ‘broke’, we can’t expect much different here in SA. It is troubling to note that while some 14,000,000 people will be permitted to leave their homes to collect their government-grants, the people who generate this revenue are locked in their homes and denied the opportunity to work.

We are warned by our posturing political masters that ‘this is not about money but human lives’; but with millions of people on the breadline, cooped up in shacks, in squalid conditions, with no income, they may well soon be starving and desperate. This will likely lead to unrest, violence and possibly death.

I fully understand this virus is alarming and a danger to humanity, but so are many other things, and I struggle to accept that the Corona contagion is more lethal than the response to it. And I believe much of the blame for the misery ahead lies with the press.



By Managing Editor

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  1. Thoroughly enjoy your writings and logical and sane thought process.. It is evident for all to see that there is a lot more to the current status quo. This is not about some “new” virus but something a lot more disturbing for humanity as a whole. The continuation and systematic stripping of our freedom by taking away our rights to productivity and creativity. This article correlates perfectly with some of what is being said by medical doctors and others everywhere. (i.e. the total death rate compared to previous flu seasons in the worst “affected” countries has not risen). There is another study that shows that of all the Covid19 “deaths” in Italy, only 12% of those can be directly attributed to Covid19. The truth will eventually prevail.

    But of course, fearful sheep will remain being sheep and are eventually slaughtered by the same person that they believe is there to protect them …their Shepherd

    Look forward to your future newsletters.

    1. Thanks Henri. Precisely my point’ the press has been very selective in what they report and how they report it and this is what lies at the root of the hysteria. I think we are watching a tragedy unfold that was easily avoidable.

  2. Lord Sumption (retired UK Supreme Court judge) had a really good leader in The Times (of London) yesterday:

    Realising it’s behind a paywall, I’ve taken the liberty of posting the text below so you can read it.

    Coronavirus lockdown: we are so afraid of death, no one even asks whether this ‘cure’ is actually worse
    Jonathan Sumption
    Sunday April 05 2020, 12.01am BST, The Sunday Times

    “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself — nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyses needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.” The words are Franklin D Roosevelt’s. His challenge was recession, not disease, but his words have a wider resonance.

    Fear is dangerous. It is the enemy of reason. It suppresses balance and judgment. And it is infectious. Roosevelt thought government was doing too little. But today fear is more likely to push governments into doing too much, as democratic politicians run for cover in the face of public panic. Is the coronavirus the latest and most damaging example?

    Epidemics are not new. Bubonic plague, smallpox, cholera, typhoid, meningitis, Spanish flu all took a heavy toll in their time. An earlier generation would not have understood the current hysteria over Covid-19, whose symptoms are milder and whose case mortality is lower than any of these.

    What has changed? For one thing, we have become much more risk-averse. We no longer accept the wheel of fortune. We take security for granted. We do not tolerate avoidable tragedies. Fear stops us thinking about the more remote costs of the measures necessary to avoid them, measures that may pitch us into even greater misfortunes of a different kind.

    We have also acquired an irrational horror of death. Today death is the great obscenity, inevitable but somehow unnatural. In the midst of life, our ancestors lived with death, an ever-present fact that they understood and accommodated. They experienced the death of friends and family, young and old, generally at home. Today it is hidden away in hospitals and care homes: out of sight and out of mind, unmentionable until it strikes.

    We know too little about Covid-19. We do not know its true case mortality because of the uncertainties about the total number infected. We do not know how many of those who have died would have died anyway — possibly a bit later — from other underlying conditions (“comorbidities”, in doctor-speak).

    What is clear is that Covid-19 is not the Black Death. It is dangerous for those with serious existing medical conditions, especially if they are old. For others, the symptoms are mild in the overwhelming majority of cases.

    The prime minister, the health secretary and the Prince of Wales — all of whom have caught it and are fine — represent the normal pattern. The much publicised but extremely rare deaths of fit young people are tragic but they are outliers.

    Yet governments have adopted, with public support, the most extreme and indiscriminate measures.

    We have subjected most of the population, young or old, vulnerable or fit, to house imprisonment for an indefinite period.

    We have set about abolishing human sociability in ways that lead to unimaginable distress.

    We have given the police powers that, even if they respect the limits, will create an authoritarian pattern of life utterly inconsistent with our traditions.

    We have resorted to law, which requires exact definition, and banished common sense, which requires judgment.

    These things represent an interference with our lives and our personal autonomy that is intolerable in a free society. To say that they are necessary for larger social ends, however valuable those ends may be, is to treat human beings as objects, mere instruments of policy.

    And that is before we even get to the economic impact. We have put hundreds of thousands out of a job and into universal credit.

    Recent research suggests that we are already pushing a fifth of small businesses into bankruptcy, many of which will have taken a lifetime of honest toil to build. The proportion is forecast to rise to a third after three months of lockdown.

    Generations to come are being saddled with high levels of public and private debt. These things kill, too. If all this is the price of saving human life, we have to ask whether it is worth paying.

    The truth is that in public policy there are no absolute values, not even the preservation of life. There are only pros and cons. Do we not allow cars, among the most lethal weapons ever devised, although we know for certain that every year thousands will be killed or maimed by them? We do this because we judge that it is a price worth paying to get about in speed and comfort. Every one of us who drives is a tacit party to that Faustian bargain.

    A similar calculation about the coronavirus might justify a very short period of lockdown and business closures, if it helped the critical care capacity of the NHS to catch up. It may even be that tough social distancing measures would be acceptable as applied only to vulnerable categories.

    But as soon as the scientists start talking about a month or even three or six months, we are entering a realm of sinister fantasy in which the cure has taken over as the biggest threat to our society. Lockdowns are at best only a way of buying time anyway. Viruses don’t just go away. Ultimately, we will emerge from this crisis when we acquire some collective (or “herd”) immunity. That is how epidemics burn themselves out.

    In the absence of a vaccine, it will happen, but only when a sufficient proportion of the population is exposed to the disease.

    I am not a scientist. Most of you are not scientists. But we can all read the scientific literature, which is immaculately clear but has obvious limitations. Scientists can help us assess the clinical consequences of different ways to contain the coronavirus. But they are no more qualified than the rest of us to say whether they are worth turning our world upside down and inflicting serious long-term damage. All of us have a responsibility to maintain a sense of proportion, especially when so many are losing theirs.

  3. ‘Sweden’ does n’t think that they have ‘got it right’

  4. Katie Hopkins is the biggest Palooka and she has the smallest brain size of any ‘journalist’We banned her here.

  5. Hi Hannes,

    I write from Brisbane, Australia. Tonight, on a Sunday night show called the ‘The Outsiders’, the host Rowan Dean and panel discussed the Australian Federal Government handling of the covid19 crisis. They acknowledged the potential for an economic calamity of historical consequence and benchmarked it against the overall good’marks’ given to the politicians. I began to feel bilious with disgust. There is no comparison. Covid19 is a pandemic that is severe and dangerous to the elderly and those with compromised health conditions. The Australian Federal Government directives, to the other State Governments, is draconian. The tv channels show policeman patrolling the beachfront policing citizens as they sit quietly on their own, well outside the two-metre social-distancing rule. This is Australia, but reminiscent of the Third Reich.

    Rowan invited Katie Hopkins, English media personality, columnist onto the show via SKYPE. She blasted Rowan Dean for his timidity and proceeded to convince me that she has bigger balls than all the Australian politicians put together. Rowan began to bleat about covid19 deaths in the UK. Katie Hopkins pulled him up and stipulated that there has been no increased death rate in the UK over the same period last year. If Katie Hopkins is right, or in the ballpark, then what the hell is this INSANITY all about?

    Kind regards,

    Will KEYS

  6. Hi Hannes

    Thanks for that. Pleas keep us informed.

    Best wishes


  7. Good perspective Hannes
    To quote Ian Brown above “The figures just don’t justify the reaction. Never let facts get in the way of popular hysteria!”
    Two bits of advice 1) the public must get their heads out of the sand and realise there is a New World Order with an agenda (then do their own research as to what the NWO is and agendas are) and 2) World leaders esp Donald and Boris must pull their heads out of the NWO ar..s, and get on with what they were elected to do viz economic growth border security immigration control, retain the nation state . This COVID-19 smarts of another ‘false flag” to me, like 9/11 and Gulf of Tonkin that spring to mind.
    Such a con on such a vast scale requires the helping hand of mainstream media, who are chiefly responsible for rolling out the strategy of the NWO and achieving its objectives/agenda.
    For these reasons and more we salute you for you perspectives and hard work.
    Cheers Tony

    1. Thanks Tony. I’ll keep trying to plug some of the gaps but there are a lot of them!

  8. Hannes, I love your letters and look forward to receiving them. Please can I ask as this is of crucial importance, if you would be kind enough to update this letter as I think it was about 10 days out of date? Just wondering whether your figures are stacking up with all the latest stats coming in?
    Many thanks

    1. I don’t know Peter and the stats are misleading. In SA I think we’re up to 11 deaths but from what I can see the deceased were aging (over 80) and suffering from other life-threatening, chronic ailments so has anyone in this country actually died ‘of’ the virus? Meantime irreparable damage is being done to the economy and not talk of an extension. I am watching Sweden, with much interest. It looks like they have got it right?

  9. Hi Hannes,
    Earlier today, Prof. Niall Ferguson was interviewed on Uncommon Knowledge by Peter Robinson.  Ferguson claims that up to +/- 80% of all people who are infected with covid19 don’t know that they were infected.  They can be carriers during the infestation period but they have no symptoms themselves.  Niall Ferguson pointed out that covid19 is more infectious but far less dangerous vis-a-vis SARS or the others.  We cannot rely on the Chinese Government, to be honest about their statistics re covid19.   California with a population of over 40 million, the ‘social distancing – two meters’ directive was given two days before New York State.  California was probably ‘herd immunized’ several months ago. This is based upon the volume of Chinese visitors that visited that state.  It probably went unnoticed.  The small number of current covid19 cases in California confirms this postulation.   The Chinese invested heavily in the Italian textile industry in Milan, Italy.  The big-hearted Italians initially declined the social distancing directives.  Italian statistics have been massaged by the ‘leftie’ mainstream media (“MSM”) to fit an agenda.  Reported deaths, by-and-large, of infirm and compromised elderly, were dishonestly commingled and promulgated with natural causes.  What is abundantly clear, and the exception proves the rule, those that succumb are in the vast majority from the elderly or infirm demographic.  In NYC and NYS, overcrowded hospital photographs published by the MSM were actually Italian hospitals.  Why?  Because there is an agenda.    Statistically speaking, there can be little doubt that mutating viruses are not going to be defeated in the short term.  Human beings will combat the viruses with vaccines, but every so often a severe cold virus will mutate, and get past the disease control detection systems.  The vast majority of mankind has always been ‘herd immunized’ and the concomitant fall-out has been part of our existence. In my humble opinion, what is not wise is to engage in an economic scorched Earth policy.  A policy that endangers the world economy in order to avoid the apparent tragic downside of herd immunization.  Covid19 death statistics are minuscule compared to deaths from the flu; malaria; heart disease; cancer; multiple health issues.  Why this insanity?  The sanctity of human life is, as it should be, a faith/religiosity/moral question.  I am a spiritual person but I leave the sanctity of human life to be answered as a question of Law.   It is dangerously irresponsible for world Governments to arbitrarily suspend human/property and other rights, based upon what?  A severe and newly mutated cold virus?  Governments have turned a bad situation into a CATASTROPHE.   If the situation is not arrested and reversed and done quickly, it may become irreversible.  The tens of millions of people will almost instantly be put out of work. It could become a tragedy of historic proportion.   Trump will be re-elected primarily because he is well aware of what we speak.   Kind regards, Will Keys

    1. Hello Will – in your article you mention the interview with Niall Ferguson…… I was confusing the name with Neil Ferguson (the Oxford professor largely responsible for the initial massive prediction of deaths in the UK). It would be great if the interview was with Neil Ferguson of Imperial college Oxford as this would indicate a massive “step down” from him.Who is Niall Ferguson and what are his credentials in the medical world? I like your article and believe the stats are true…… ie California probably has already reached herd immunisation, but need to get to the bottom of who is Niall Ferguson ?


      1. Hi Hannes,

        Niall Campbell Ferguson is a Scottish historian who works as a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution. Previously, he was a professor at Harvard University and New York University, was also a senior research fellow at Jesus College, Oxford, and a visiting professor at the New College of the Humanities. .

        Kind regards, Will KEYS

  10. I get you, totally. The banks are here and abroad are pushing loans like crazy without “initation fees”.

    Read Peter Hitchens for more

  11. My sentiments exactly!
    They softened us up with the ozone layer, global warming, climate change, SARS, MIRS, coral reefs and the Amazon burning.
    Now they are convinced the sheeple can be terrified with lies, they have hit us with this as an excuse for a “new world order” The statements of our own ministers to the effect that the laws will not return to normal once this is over are genuinely frightening indications of which way we, in South Africa (and many other parts of the world) are headed.

  12. You are all missing the point. The world has been shut down, the world economy will never be recognisable again, and we have allowed the authoritarians to take total control. We have made it so easy for them. They have deployed
    their police and armies to keep us indoors, for those of us that have dwellings, and they own the streets and evacuated cities.

  13. Nailed it…as usual! My dear wise ole’ white hunter. I always enjoy a good read from you.

  14. Good piece.
    I agree entirely. The figures just dont justify the reaction. Never let facts get in the way of popular hysteria!
    I’m absolutely “gobsmacked ” how people (mainly a bit younger than myself) are quite happy to surrender their liberty & rights to a (supposedly, in spite of all evidence to the contrary) omniscient government in the face of a hyped up threat!
    George Orwell certainly read it right.

    1. Ian I’m amazed at how many intelligent people I know are utterly terrified by this virus. I find it all damn disappointing but it is good to know there are some people out there who agree. I saw on News 24 that so far in SA, 5 have died from the virus and 8 have been killed in riots?

  15. Well written Hannes and good debate. The WHO guy kept saying on TV, “Test, Test, Test.” The MSM have attacked Trump and Boris about not doing enough testing. And the Chinese have it under control? Yeah right! They couldn’t possibly have tested over 1 billion people in such a short time. I like you am beginning to wonder? Regards.

    1. 100% Tug. The entire endemic is a sham and for sure China has led the world astray in the numbers they’ve released. Today’s news reports that studies by US intelligence has determined that China has had 40,000 Covid deaths ! MSM on the other hand distort things in the west and spread fear throughout. No doubting the virus itself but accuracy of numbers along with severity of symptoms seems to be very very badly manipulated

  16. Good article as always Hannes, the statistics speak for themselves. I think you do a great job, keep it up.

  17. As usual an excellent article Hannes and I agree entirely with your sentiments. I cannot understand how the leaders of the western world, are allowing themselves to be persuaded by the media, to implement policies that will destroy their economies. Sweden seems to be the only country with a realistic Covid-19 policy.

  18. Hannes – in reply to your reply … that’s what everyone thought including me … which is why it wasn’t nipped in the bud at the outset …. hospitals all over the world, operating on capacity at any given moment, are now being pushed over the brink with surgeons performing as nurses throughout the West for essentially critical treatments -. it’s not just that Italy, for an obvious example, has 61 doctors killed by this but that … to use the Donald’s math, the figure could be 10-20x this number if these remedies were not applied – catastrophic as they are, ‘exaggerated’ to use your word, these draconian policies are the greatly lesser of two evils once you extrapolate and compare the arithmetic.

  19. Hi Hannes, WHO is a money making organisation and are dictated to by China – there is many cases to show this. The UN and WHO should be totally disbanded and ignored by the western countries as soon as possible – they are only there for the money and has no concerns of the population or people they are supposed to be watching out for. You article hits the nail on the head and I for one still trying to ascertain the hidden agenda to this so called crisis – are we actually under threat? Only time will tell when the whole world is controlled financially by China.

  20. I want to share this on Twitter but not Share Twitter option? Do you have a Twitter account?

    Nell Pursey
    Bristol UK

    1. Sorry Nell, I dont think I do? Maybe I should get one. Thanks for the interest.

  21. Your buddy Trump is on board now and explained why the USA is not “riding this one out” in terms a 4-year-old could understand and yet it’s still gone over your head. I guess he’s also part of the worldwide con-cum-cospiracy.

    1. I’m sorry John, I need to listen more carefully to you. I’m not saying this is a conspiracy. I’m saying I think the threat has been exaggerated. Just my opinion.

  22. I couldn’t agree more with your sentiments, Hannes. As I posted on Twitter recently:

    “At the risk of a storm of opprobrium I have to wonder whether the whole #Coronavirus thing is being blown out of all proportion.

    “After all, we have up to 600 000 deaths a year from flu, and don’t find the world in isolation, with the global economy in dire trouble…

    “Looking at US Flu Figures (yes, Covid-19 is NOT flu, but seems to have similarities in transmission & symptoms): in 2017-18: some 900 000 hospital visits and 80 000 people died (a very bad year). But nothing was shut down…

    “The number of people catching flu that yr is unknown.

    “But this goes for Covid-19, too. A friend of mine and his family in the UK have had all the symptoms and been very unwell for 2 weeks (not enough to go to hospital, though), so are not counted in the stats of those with the virus…

    “So, back to global flu stats:

    “Up to 1 Billion cases per year, 0.5% (up to 5 million) severe cases (read: hospital), approx. 10% of these die.

    “The ratio – and demographics – of morbidity to hospitalisation for Covid-19 are very similar to this as most reported cases are from hospitals.

    “So, are governments not over-reacting to this?

    “I’ve not seen anything to show outcomes will significantly outstrip a bad flu season (if you have real data, please share!). However, there’s little doubt we’re looking at an economic meltdown that will eclipse 2008.
    “And this will affect everyone.

    “Lost jobs, lost savings, lost houses, broken families… the death rate from the economic consequences could outstrip that of the virus.

    “And how long before we recover from all this?”

      1. The BBC has been altering news articles to keep the agenda of a pandemic going. Believe it or not.

        The Italian website that published the deaths of the doctors?

        They too backtracked and took the age born and age died of the RETIRED (in many cases) doctors of their website. Some of the doctors were never on site for cv19 but there deaths were recorded as such. I know this might be difficult to believe, you are going to shout BS, and so will many others.

        This chap Andrew Mather in the linked video who I have been following daily for 2 weeks, has now shown conclusively that this virus is nothing but a sham.

        The vid starts with the normally boring stats, give it 5 mins please. You will be shocked at how the public bought into the lie. Not me, not this author and (not enough ) others.

        This vid was realesed at 1pm april 3rd

  23. Hello Hannes

    Your article is spot on…… 100% accurate, the resultant economic chaos will dwarf this virus pantomime. Like you, I to am concerned at the amount of people who have swallowed the charade hook, line and sinker. I have chosen to be notified of follow up comments……… HOWEVER, I will not be responding to the halfwits who cuss me as I am physically tired of sparring with “the intellectually limited”. I will be reading the negative responses with mild amusement.

    1. I wish you were here Trevor! I’m surrounded by people who are terrified and I’m afraid I just can’t relate to them or their thinking so life gets ever lonelier!!

  24. Nice write up and I agree with a lot of your sentiments. I am waiting for concrete proof that this has mutated from a bat. Until then I am of the opinion that this bugger escaped from a laborotory. What they were doing with it one can only wonder. As far as the press is concerned, try and find a TV/Radio station that has taken the emotion out of everything and is reporting facts instead of trying to garner a following that will justify a Company placing its future advertising stream with it. Me, in this shitty cold weather, I have the joy of my badges and dvd’s and staying below the radar. Stay safe and well Hannes including your family.

  25. I fully concur with your words Hannes.

    We are being spun worldwide the biggest con of our lives. What the New World Order say about Covid 19 just does not add up.

    You and your readers I ma sure will find the attached piece from a learned Englishman of interest.

  26. There appears to be some connection between the coronavirus, the alarm over vaccinations possibly containing toxins, and all the hype surrounding the effects of 5G?
    What are your thoughts, Hannes?

    1. I have seen that MaryAnn and I just don’t know what to make of it all but I am wary of vaccines. In fact anything the WHO tells me to do, I’ll probably try and avoid doing.

  27. I am just going to comment the same as I have done on my SIL s friends comment this moment, because I cannot stand scepticism and cynicism.Linda has just had many offerings to counter the same old theories that you have put forward.In the end,when I reached the end of my tether I just commented on Facebook,;’you re nuts’ and we all dumped her,as I am dumping you after saying this;
    What is most disappointing about your piece today is that not ONCE did you mention our very competent and affable President, for his speed,agility,and calmness.His decisive actions are the difference between life and death.His morals ensure that we have a right to life which supersedes economic growth. So Adieu

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