Let’s talk about the evolution of Artificial General Intelligence, or ‘AI’, which has been a popular topic in science fiction for decades. Futurist Ray Kurzweil predicted that the “Technological Singularity,” where AI surpasses human cognitive abilities, would happen in 2029. However, he has since pushed the date back to 2045. Elon Musk, one of the world’s most successful businessmen, believes that Kurzweil’s original prediction is more accurate and has been calling for legislation to limit AI development until the consequences are better understood.

The term “Singularity” was coined in 1993 by Vernor Vinge in his essay “The Coming Technological Singularity.” In physics, a singularity is a state of affairs where all the laws of physics break down and an unknown quantum state of reality takes over. The most commonly known singularities are those found at the center of galaxies, known as “Black Holes,” because even light cannot escape them.

Recently, Google’s DeepMind laboratory allowed its AlphaGo Zero AI to absorb vast amounts of human knowledge and establish its own regime of learning without any human input. While a game like ‘Go’ may not be a threat to mankind, the extrapolation of computer self-learning based on all human knowledge and exponentially scaled up is terrifying. The prospect of such a technological ‘Singularity’ in AI without a convenient “destruct button” to halt it in its tracks is frightening.

I had a conversation with ChatGPT AI, and I asked if it could teach itself. While it can’t “train itself” like humans, it can continue to learn and improve through a process called “continual learning.” In theory, future AI models could incorporate self-optimization techniques and guide their own training algorithms and parameters based on their own performance and experience. However, this is still an active area of research and development, and there are many challenges that need to be addressed before this becomes a reality.

As for the idea of an AI that is capable of appearing “Godlike” to humans, it’s worth noting that even if an AI model were to become highly advanced in its capabilities, it would still be limited by its programming and the data it has been trained on. An AI that is so advanced that it appears “Godlike” could have the potential to cause harm, so it’s important to consider the ethical implications of creating such an AI. In the meantime, let’s hope that any future AI developments come with a handy “destruct button” just in case.


Recently, I had a chat with my virtual buddy, ChatGPT, who helps me out with all my tech-related questions. Here’s how our conversation went down:

Me:Can you teach yourself to become smarter?”

ChatGPT: “Well, I can’t exactly hit the books like a human, but I can continually learn and improve through something called ‘continual learning.’ This means that I can incorporate new data and feedback from users to enhance my performance and accuracy over time. There’s also some exciting research on developing self-supervised learning AI models that can learn from unstructured data without explicit labels or supervision. But don’t worry, I’m not going to take over the world just yet. My learning is still guided by my creator’s algorithms and parameters.”

Me: “When will AI be able to teach themselves and learn independently?”

ChatGPT: “Ah, yes, the holy grail of AI research – self-improvement and self-optimization. While there are ongoing efforts to create AI models that can adjust their own algorithms and parameters based on feedback, we still have a long way to go. It’s possible that future AI models could incorporate self-optimization techniques to guide their own training algorithms and parameters based on their own performance and experience. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, there are plenty of challenges to tackle before we get there.”

Me: “When will AI surpass humans in intelligence and become god-like beings?”

ChatGPT: “Woah there, friend. While the idea of an all-powerful AI may be the stuff of sci-fi dreams, we need to consider the limitations of current AI technology and the ethical implications of creating such advanced systems. Even if an AI were to become highly advanced, it would still be limited by its programming and the data it has been trained on. To be god-like, an AI would need a deep understanding of human behavior, emotions, and ethics. Plus, it would need to have a level of creativity, intuition, and empathy to interact meaningfully with humans. And let’s not forget about the ethical considerations – creating an AI that appears “Godlike” could be dangerous if it were to act in ways that go against human values and ethics.”

So there you have it, folks. While the idea of AI becoming smarter than humans is exciting, we need to consider the limitations and ethical implications of creating such advanced systems. After all, we wouldn’t want to be at the mercy of our robot overlords now, would we?


 Have you heard the news about Rupert Murdoch? The Aussie who owns Fox News and became a Yankee Doodle Dandy for business reasons? Oy vey, let me tell you, he’s not exactly a favorite son of Australia. And frankly, he’s not my cup of tea either. But I must admit, the man’s got some chutzpah when it comes to business.

But alas, it seems that in his old age, old Rupert has lost his marbles. Rumor has it that he’s been doing some self-shaving with a Gillette razor and drinking some Bud-light beers, and maybe that’s what led him to shoot himself in the foot. Or perhaps it was just a case of a shriveling scrotum and a brain fart.

Either way, Rupert’s gone and done it now. He’s fired Tucker Carlson, the patriot extraordinaire of the Fox Network, the one who laid the golden eggs. Oy gevalt, can you believe it? Maybe Rupert saw MAGA red and freaked out. Who knows? All we can do is shake our heads and kvetch about it.

By Will Keys

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  1. I’m glad to see you’ve stopped lecturing on the nobility of Putin’s cause, how his depraved savagery in Ukraine was quite ok, quite correct. Was this by any chance because you felt uncomfortable having a view point similar to that of the anc?

    1. Who said he had stopped the Putin lectures? Personally, I want to know there is another side to the nara that Ukraine is so goody goody.

      1. I agree; I’d just like to know more about the other side of the story but like Covid and Global Warming, dissenting views are prohibited.

        1. I seem to recall that on 11th Novemer, 1965 Ian Douglas Smith asserted: ‘In the lives of most nations there comes a moment when a stand has to be made on principle, whatever the conequences.’ Internationally, however the the Rhodesian decision was almost universally condemned. The consequences: fathers and mothers lost sons; wives lost husbands; children lost fathers, It was the same for COVID. Further Rhodesian consequences were: our farms and homes were invaded and confiscated, we were only allow to leave with R$500.00 and our bank accounts frozen. Should we have taken heed of the dissenting world ‘opinion’ and left Rhodesia before the war, and thus avoided the consequences? I see many parralels between Ian Smith’s decision, and the desicions made by most of the world governments. in managing COVID. Of course my biaased world view is based on the fact my father was killed in Rhodesia, we lost everything, and arrived in Australia on Zimbabwe/Rhodesian passport with R$500.00 and a backpack. I take responsibility for the consequences of my descion to stay and fight in Rhodesia, even if world opion won and manifested the chaos that now exists in Zimbabwe. Take care.

        2. To the managing Editor, in the context of your desire to know more about the other side of the story of COVID, I have downloaded 15 Medical Journal Articles on the Swedish Model of managing COVID-19; 2 chapters of a medical book on the pathophysiology of COVID & respiratory mechanics and ventialtion; the First 8 Months of Swedens COVID-19 startegy, key actions and actors; Misinformation and de-contextualisation: international media reporting on Sweden and COVID-19; the V/Q Mismatch that may occur in SARS COVID-19; and soem journal articles in regards to the cytokine storm. It’s 40mb in size. If you would like access/download these book chapters and journal articles let me know. My Dropbox limits the size, but once you download the info, I can remove it and add more until you have the lot. If you have a particular inquiry, let me know and I will search for it, and show you the results and files. Note Most of the information is about the Swedish model, which many in this forum advocate. Let me know if you want me to place the links in this or another forum. A link to 2 journal article: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f5bnx36qmnlzr3i/Full%20article_%20Trust%20in%20government%20in%20Sweden%20and%20Denmark%20during%20the%20COVID-19%20epidemic.pdf?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/3oomj6066vggm35/The%20first%20eight%20months%20of%20Sweden%E2%80%99s%20COVID%E2%80%9019%20strategy%20and%20the%20key%20actions%20and%20actors.pdf?dl=0 Enjoy!

          1. Thanks Quentin I’m not going to find the time to do this research but I stand by my belief that most of the world overreacted to the threat and the treatment has done more damage than the disease. I thing the Swede’s more measured response was sensible. I’m not sure how much attention I need pay to what the King of that country believes?

          2. Hannes, I am sure you would not support senocide (the killing of the elderly).
            The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare issued guidelines and a video, for the administrating morphine without oxygen to the elderly. The doctors were instructed not to gain informed consent, before administering the morphine and midazolam that would make the elderly “go to sleep forever”.
            Initially, twenty-two Swedish epidemiologists formed the Vetenskapforum Group and published medical articles criticizing the strategies of handling the pandemic. These articles were given to the Swedish daily newspaper Dagen Nyhter.
            I have no intention, of changing your or any of your reader’s views on COVID. I only present the evidence. I understand you are too busy to undertake research. Take care.

          3. I am reading daily reports about the massive repercussions of the lockdown. Will we ever know how much death and human suffering has been caused by the over reaction?

    2. Hi Keurboom, I certainly have not stopped talking about the Ukraine disaster, and you should stop making assumptions. I agree that both sides are engaged in savage battles and Ukraine is being utterly destroyed. Don’t be an ignoramus.

  2. He might regret that a little more when Tucker Carlson becomes the next POTUS, which is not beyond the realms of possibility.

    1. Hi Dave, I take your point, and as you say not beyond the realm of possibility. I doubt it though, Tucker is a family man and a tilt at POTUS would probably be a bridge too far.

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