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When Quinton De Kock stood fast and refused to obey the order from CSA (Cricket South Africa) to get down on his knees and pay due homage to a racist crusade, my admiration for him soared. Having watched him display cool courage under fire on the cricket field, here he was showing the same steely resolve on a political field it was his misfortune to have found himself upon. Finally someone had found the guts to take a stand in the face of the post-modernist fascists who have taken control of every facet of modern life. But it looks like he’s capitulated to the working-class bullies and I’m gutted. During his brief stand against the madness of the cancel culture much crossed my mind.

When he was pilloried, the first question I asked myself was what has become of that most fundamental of human rights; the right to express an opinion. Clearly it no longer applies if one’s opinion does not confirm to the neo-orthodoxies, and this should send a very frightening signal to anyone who believes in freedom.

The gross hypocrisy of it all: here was CSA, a cricket governing body, with impeccable racist credentials in that it insists teams be picked, not on merit but on skin-colour, ordering a man to get on his knee to display his anti-racism credentials. An organisation that issues a statement calling for inclusivity, diversity and equality, that routinely and officially excludes players because they are white.

All this against a backdrop of a country collapsing, where all organs of state and all SOE’s (State Owned Enterprises) are in varying stages of ruination, largely because skilled white people have been excluded.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the BLM (Black Live Matter) movement there is no debate allowed.  The conclusion drawn by the protagonists, that white people alone are responsible for all the human rights abuses of the past five hundred years, is incontestable; and just as in earlier times when people argued the earth was not flat, the penalties for dissent are severe.

If that were not the case Mr. De Kock, as an Afrikaner, might have been allowed to explain to his critics, that while the history of his people includes many wrongs; the apartheid legacy casts a dark shadow across his past, but it was none of his fault, and let nobody forget South Africa was not alone in segregating races; there was a time when it was acceptable in many countries, not least the United States. Having said that, there were many rights.

The first war of ‘liberation’ against imperial rule in Africa was fought by the Boers between 1899 and 1902. Thousands of Afrikaners were killed in two world wars fighting against fascism and the evils of Nazi genocide.  If Hitler had won the second one, his hold on Africa would have tightened and the plight of black people here and around the world would have been dire. In these tumultuous times that shaped the world we live in, two Afrikaners, Generals Jan Smuts and Louis Botha were towering figures of influence who commanded the respect of friend and foe alike. South Africa then was a pivotal power in the world of international relations alongside the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Japan and the Soviet Union.

Following the establishment of the South African Union in 1910, until the accession to power of the ANC in 1994, South Africa has been led, primarily, by Afrikaners. Under their rule, the country’s infrastructure became the most developed on the continent with the construction of roads, railways, bridges, power stations and dams. Modern cities were built, well serviced with cheap electricity and water and managed professionally by skilled people who were rarely corrupt. Education was made available to all races and the best universities in Africa were built. Fort Hare was the academic hub for the future black nationalists that would come to dominate African events in the post-colonial era. A sophisticated legal system was introduced and refined to provide effective law and order and a criminal justice system with an independent judiciary that kept crime at levels barely imaginable today. The 1970’s saw South Africa register the fastest economic growth in the world, leading to better quality of life for all races. So successful were the Afrikaners they had to build a sturdy fence around the borders to control the influx of blacks seeking a better life from the recently ‘liberated’ lands to the north.

And despite this, here is a talented Afrikaner sportsman, a hero to millions, who by all accounts, is an exceptionally kind and decent man; who has reached out to black people but was forced to his knees to grovel and ask for forgiveness. Forgiveness from a political class that has more racial legislation on the statute books than ever existed under apartheid, where the leadership including a former president routinely exhort their followers to do no less than ‘kill the Boer’.

The people who rule today may well have their sorry way and the end of the Afrikaner maybe nigh, but the brave Boers of the past would have insisted on fighting on their feet.

7 thoughts on “Quinton Capitulates”
  1. BLM, ANTIFA, the lie of man-made global warming, the covid debacle, and now there is a global water shortage we are told, are all lies which originate from the ops room of the globalist cabal for the purpose of completely wrecking anything which remotely resembles civilization, prosperity, progress or happiness so that they can re-build everything in line with their twisted globalist agenda and they use useful idiots of low IQ to achieve chaos on the streets as one way to achieve this. More and more people are waking up to the covid con now and dozens of court cases against these megalomaniacs are in progress all over the world so at all costs another lie to keep up the fear must be conjured up, thus the renewed effort to terrify everyone with global warming again and now a water shortage. We are all gonna die people, UNLESS of course we give them the mandate to take control of our lives so they make this terror disappear and we can all live happily ever after!

    Quote by H.L. Mencken:-

    “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.”

  2. It’s a sad story. CSA is a dictatorial establishment and has flexed some muscle. QDK was never going to prevail, but in essence, it’s a lose-lose scenario. Lest we forget Henry Olonga and Andy Flower’s black armband moment – didn’t work out too well for Henry in cricketing terms and he was forced to flee his own land. Perhaps the same fate awaits white South African cricketers in the future, especially in light of those disturbing EFF images from your article above.

  3. Amazing isn’t it? BLM only operates in so-called white countries and leaves any black ones alone. Look at these figures! Over 500,000 people(mostly black) were murdered in South Africa between 1994 and 2019 (about 20,000 a year- yes 20,000) – BLM reaction -NIL! There were over 11,000 murders (known) in Nigeria in 2019 -almost all black on black -BLM reaction -NIL!. In Jamaica (with a population one twentieth of the UK) there were 1301 murders (almost all black on black) in 2020. This a is almost double the total murders in the UK and … guess what? BLM reaction -NIL! It’s as if black lives are less important if killed by blacks in their own countries than if killed in European- Western places -but what about those grieving families I ask you?

  4. If he was under the impression that taking the knee was ‘grovelling and asking for forgiveness’ he’s seriously mistaken. It signifies that racial injustice should not be tolerated, that’s all. Having said that, the fact that this issue manifested on the day of the game rather than having been sorted out before speaks of poor management.

  5. Each of us is entitled to make our choices… Quinton has chosen to flip-flop, so be it. The country has lost a potential beacon in the battle against growing Marxisim. Cricket supporters will need to consider their choices too…

  6. I feel great sympathy for him, no back up by others.! He would have had a world wide ban by the wakkers, , and lost his present and future earnings. Everyone knows the Racism that goes on with SA sport and farmers BEE etc , but no one says anything. !

    1. I can read and feel the anger Hannes, and rightfully so. I called that Quinnie would stay his ground, get fired and go to the IPL for a big paycheck. I would have and given CSA the finger.
      But we were caught out on that one. Both cricket and politics are funny games. They give us plenty to talk about.

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