By Hannes Wessels

Virtually all my life, well since I could read, write, listen, and understand, I have looked respectfully to the Western democracies of the world as examples of how successful countries should be structured, governed, and led. As an African of European descent I have long longed for the day our leaders would take their cue from Western role-models and improve the quality of governance visited upon populations struggling under mostly corrupt, incompetent, authoritarian, misrule. As old age beckons, in a country where social safety-nets are unavailable and the future looks so bleak, I have been compelled to look abroad and naturally to the countries of the West I have always imagined offer relative safety and security.

Now I am left wondering. Thanks, at least in part, to the Covid outbreak, and the hysterical over-reaction it triggered, I have watched with growing dismay how democratically elected leaders have behaved, how easily their systems are manipulated, and how quickly they have seized the opportunity to break all the rules and seize unbridled power.

Over the last year we have been witness to the rambling, often unintelligible machinations of the president of the United States, who came to office on a promise to do what his predecessor allegedly failed to do and bring an end to the health crisis. Anyone who believed this in the first place is a fool, but needless to say he has failed miserably. He has also supervised one of his great country’s most ignominious military defeats in Afghanistan, opened his southern border wide to illegal, often criminal migrants, and leads the party that is facilitating the rampant lawlessness destroying large American cities.

The unravelling of the rule of law on his watch should not surprise because it is now abundantly clear that the Biden family, particularly the president’s son Hunter, have been brazenly peddling political influence for massive financial gain, for many years. Just as in Africa, the ruling family, appears to be completely above the law, as does the ruling Democratic Party, wherein the Clintons constitute a powerful presence. And as happens so often in Africa, the law enforcement agencies have been comprehensively corrupted to fit the agenda that suits the best interests of the Party and not the people. This is a sure signal the country is indeed on the slippery slope that involves selective use of the law, endemic abuse of positions of power and the end of true democracy.

In the UK, hopes that Boris Johnson, would use his undoubted intellect and his large parliamentary majority, to reject populism and lead his country boldly, in a way that would remind Britons they have much to be proud of, have been all but dashed. When mobs took to the streets in Taliban-like fashion and illegally tore down historic monuments, he, along with the police, simply, looked the other way. In the face of the woke wave sweeping the country trumpeting while guilt for all the country’s ills he is mute. Johnson himself has become a Woke Warrior! When, charlatans of the scientific world, like Professor Neil Ferguson of the Imperial College, proclaimed the country was about to have the population decimated in the new plague, he, like many others, panicked, quickly ditched his earlier scepticism, and joined the herd of hysterical doomsayers to lock the country down doing catastrophic damage to the economy and the quality of life of millions of people. And in the great African tradition, he, and those with whom he wields power, never for a moment let the draconian legislation they had foisted on the electorate, interfere with their lifestyles. Clearly, they knew it was all rubbish because now we know, partying at 10 Downing Street and other places occupied by the ruling elite, continued unabated and in contravention of the law.

While Boris Johnson hastily changes tack in a bid to salvage support for his beleaguered premiership and abandons the ridiculous rules he imposed, the French president nearby, intoxicated with his emergency powers, is offering no relief to his terrified people. France is being firmly locked down again. The juxtaposition between these two countries provides startling proof of the politicisation of the pandemic with two governments, both claiming to be ‘following the science’ heading off on completely different trajectories. Furious with those who have not obeyed his Stalinesque decrees regarding ‘vaccinations’ (we now know the shots provide little or no immunity), he is threatening them with withdrawal of citizenship and permanent loss of fundamental human rights such as freedom of movement and the repeal of the right to decide what chemicals are introduced into your bloodstream. He Macron, and he alone, in similar style to the late Robert Mugabe, knows what is good for the people and any form of dissent will be met with brutal force.

The Antipodes follow a familiar path. New Zealand, under the far-left rule of Jacinda Ardern (former policy advisor on women’s issues to Tony Blair) has been transformed into a fortress state along the lines of North Korea, which might be appropriate as she leads her country into the Chinese orbit of influence while spurning traditional links with Washington. She follows the well-worn path of African leaders who have trapped their countries in an Oriental embrace that enriched tiny ruling elites and further impoverished their peoples. The fact that she chooses not to disguise her admiration of the totalitarians who run China suggests she has similar plans for what was once of the world’s outstanding democracies.

In Australia, a country I so recently believed was made up of people imbued with a form of rugged individualism, it appears the ‘nanny state’ has prevailed and produced a nation filled with hysterical hypochondriacs, scared witless by the blandishments of bureaucrats and politicians intoxicated by the acquisition of excessive power readily discarded by the frightened citizenry who obey rules to the Nth degree. And out of this confected climate of fear a police state has revealed itself for all to see. Any country that proclaims Novak Djokovic, one of the world’s greatest ever tennis players, and a role model to the world, ‘a threat to public order,’ has surely lost its way.

I look at this all and tumble to the fact I live in a country in the grip of awful misrule, but I also now know, the better options I once thought were there, no longer exist.

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  1. Brilliant writing Hannes, as always. I accepted as fact quite a few years ago that there IS a demonic conspiracy to destroy humanity and that it has conscripted (by lies) a worldwide network of humans to help. A bewildered world is increasingly forced to consider the ultimate red pill … that this is bigger than us. Only God can save us… one individual at a time.

  2. Hannes – good read again. Very on the nose; and correctly so. The west has become so obsessed with political-correctness that they cannot be politically correct again.

    It really is ‘up to us’. I continue to live in Zimbabwe strong in the belief of my decision in mid-2000 not to leave for many of the reasons that appeared to me to already be lurking in the shadows in the West, some 21 years ago! If you cannot move at least side-ways (at no time backwards please) then stay right where you understand the ‘system’ and where you are!

  3. Two things Hannes, You are so right about our ruling class of pols. They are simply robber barrons who have been ‘elected’ to office and also conversely are owned by special interests. It’s the people of this country that made the West look like a beacon of hope, not the politicians. We once were a clear thinking moral people, even when divided on issues. Now there is absent of logic, incredible power invested in a single digit percent of people who drive the national narrative.

    I totally disagree with your broad statement that vaccines have little or no immunity. Our hospital wards are filled in over 90 pecent of unvaccinated people. Yes there are breathrough casess just like with the flu shots that kill a few people a year and sometimes don’t prevent the flu. I’ve received full immunization and a booster. Those who do have these are not the ones in ICU unless they have other health problems that leave them vulnerable. Neither you nor I have enough science background to fully understand the intricacies of vaccination and no one has a handle on this virus. It’s too new. Only after it has run its course and studies have been done will we know the truth about who and what and how. Ancedotally, which is really almost everything we have to go on of people I know with a member of the family who has not received the shot getting ill with Covid and the vaccinated living in literal beds together are not getting it. There’s always a contrarian narrative and breakthru cases but your statement is incorrect.

    1. Good evening Hannes! As usual you have described exactly what has been going through a lot of peoples minds in that we have always looked to the ‘West’ and thought the ‘grass must be greener’, ‘secure’, etc but in reality it appears not to be as this Covid narrative has frozen forward normal life momentum for the past nearly two years.

      What I would like to know from D.R. Tharp is what facts do you have that the Covid-19 vaccine as it’s known has blocked the spread of the virus considering that the medical and pharmaceutical scientist are encouraging boosters and can you explain how a virus actually functions?

  4. Bravo Hannes on an excellent piece that I endorse 100%. Everyone has their own opinion and that is their right and prerogative to express as they wish. Australia, a place I have called home for past 20 years, is a shadow of what it was when my family settled here in 2002. This COVID pandemic has been used as a convenient ‘New World Order’ tool to control everyone, Today, very sadly, it is no longer the die-hard state of the true blue Aussies of old and what their Diggers fought for since its inception as a nation state. I agree unequivocally where you state “.. it appears the ‘nanny state’ has prevailed and produced a nation filled with hysterical hypochondriacs, scared witless by the blandishments of bureaucrats and politicians intoxicated by the acquisition of excessive power readily discarded by the frightened citizenry who obey rules to the Nth degree.” That somes it up very accurately for this wonderful land, and her people, ‘Down Under’. The politicians are, as I have always viewed them, no more than parasites feeding off the public purse and the ‘power’ they pretend to wield.
    One day, all of that will change as we see through this ‘plague’ for what it has truly manifested itself to be! It’s all about money, power, authoriterian rule and, dare I say it, corruption.

    1. Such a shame Russ. How I wish this was not so but it seems people like us have become a very small minority and we are not allowed much of a voice.

  5. Quite soon after we emigrated to Australia we met a Kenyan immigrant the late Jeremy Lee whose parents migrated to Australia after the Mau Mau issues in Kenya. Jeremy’s immense understanding of the political systems of the world was a revelation and he could see way beyond the here and now. His frustration with the global system had a similar tone to your article but he did make a few interesting comments about the people of his adopted land, Australia. One, when things get really tough – then you will see the real grit come out of the people. Two, they are very good at voting out a government in dissatisfaction but do not pay enough attention to what they might be voting in – a bit like Africa! Finally, just like the issues being faced in South Africa and Zimbabwe today – the only way forward is to plan and work at a community level and not think that politicians will solve any problems. Brian Oldrieve started Foundations for Zimbabwe twenty years ago with only one chief ingredient – faith. Today it is a global educational body that even Zanu PF have had to accept as the way forward for the community. Jeremy’s understanding was correct – politicians create problems they do not solve them – and these problems can only be solved at a community level. Jeremy’s simple little book “What will we tell our children?” sums it up, and is a good read.

    1. I think a big part of the unfolding problem is what the children have been taught in schools; that being white is something to be ashamed of?

  6. As always, well expressed Hannes. Over the decades I have often thought that Israel was a considered option for emigration as our militaries and Leaders had much in common when protection of the people and country was necessary. Not so sure that thought of mine is as valid today as it was some years back. One drawback: it’s a lot colder than Africa!:)

  7. While what you write is sadly true, Hannes,as i have tried to comment in past episodes,the problem has occurred through the PARTY SYSTEM. In his excellent booklet” The British Constitution and the corrupotion of Parliament” by the late Ben Greene, available from, an organisation once called “The League of Empire Loyalists” he explains how the modern political party system has trashed the English/British Constitution, in that the separation of powers are pretty well destroyed, first by the amalgamation of the House of Commons, “the traditional protector of liberty” (Hailsham) with the government, so that the Commons is merely an agency of government dispensing, via the MPs the manifesto of the winning party.
    The Manifesto is the first “trap” in that being a “collective package” the voter is FORCED to accept the total package, for whatever period between elections. Consent being an essential word of the constitution, consent is obtained as the “only game allowed” by the party system.
    Heavily disguised as “democracy” it was quite obvious that what the so-called Conservative government of Margaret Thatcher (via that bastard Carrington) imposed upon Rhodesia was “Universal suffrage” or “elective dictatorship” (Hailsham) where the use of the AK47 was par for the course. Democracy it was obviously not, as democracy has checks and balances.
    The Party System having destroyed the House of Commons independence,the residue of the Constitution was also trashed by the philosophy of Dicey that, because the politicians were elected by the trick system already explained, no other power Legal (e.g ancient constitutional Law) or Regal, the Coronation Oath from the Monarch, is deemed suprior to the “Parliamentary Sovereignty” of the “elective dictatorship”. I have simplified what the problem is in UK and other parts of the Empire. “It is the Parliamentary majority which has the potential for tyranny” warned hailsham In 1970 just before Heath exercised that tyanny and forced us into the Ec/EU for the next 48 years! He gained power because the traditional parts of the manifesto “package” persuaded the Tory voters to accept and the EC bit was “tacked” on the back. Vote for any part and you have consented to the lot.
    This trick is very likely to be repeated in reverse. Labour, riding high in the polls as a result of Tory policies, will probably be re-elected on their social policies, and “tacked” onto it is re-entry to the EU!!!!! Of course, one must not forget that not only is the SYSTEM common to all parties, but there is an external organisation called the New World Order, which destroyed Rhodesia, or IRBO, which sets the rules.

    This trick can be played upon voters wherever the party system exists. True freedom can be said to be “the ability to accept or reject ONE policy at a time”. True democracy, with a NON-PARTY free parliament to protect it, can only exist where the sum of those free choices manifests the true “will of the people”.. A vote for anyone other than a known and trusted INDEPENDENT (who keeps your liberty in his safe custody) is the consent to tyranny.
    Free leaflets available from (in UK)

  8. On the button , Hannes . The day of politicians there to serve the people are long gone and they are all self serving gits ! What a mess the world is from north to south , east to west where if you question something you are labelled a “;tin foil hat “ conspiracy theorist!

  9. The difference between the United States and all these other democracies that are failing under stress, as democracies must inevitably do once those with no stake in the future dominate the vote, is that the US was settled by people whose first reaction to tyranny was “Oh yeah? try and make me” and who preferred fleeing to the frontier over bending the knee.

    Away from the metro-dominated Left Coasts, that mindset still dominates in the US. Unfortunately Flyover Country is numerically a minority, so the US leadership has been co-opted by those Left Coasts. But unlike every other embattled bastion of freedom, Flyover Country is defensible and self-sustainable and made up of legally-distinct entities, and having determined that the Left Coasts were wrong, insofar as we can we have resumed our interrupted lives.

    Whether that will lead to a violent breakup is now up to those Left Coasts. But come to it, Flyover Country can feed and fuel ourselves, and block access to our territory, while they cannot. And we who will not meekly surrender are still the majority out here where our ancestors tamed a frontier, some of them within living memory.

  10. Superb article and you are right, there is no longer anywhere to run to, most (ex)democracies are all marching to the same drumbeat. Only one thing for it then, stay where you are, stand and fight.

  11. It is shameful that factual articles such as this are not featured in the international mainstream media.
    Perhaps this has something to do with ‘Mr. Global’s’ control agenda?
    With regards to balanced coverage on Covid, I inadvertently discovered a strange irony.
    Your readers may be interested to tune in to the international Russian television (RT) channel and consider their views on Global political management of the Covid pandemic.
    Unlike any other station I’ve visited I thought RT’s analysis to be realistic and balanced (perhaps because that narrative suits their overall political agenda)
    I confess I didn’t concur with the principal focus of most of their other news items.

    1. Hi Allan, I do watch RT and agree with you; some interesting perspectives but I do wish they would tone down some of the anti-US stuff.

  12. Hi Hanes I thoroughly enjoyed your recent article,,How ever I take issue with your disillusionment of Boris JohnsonThe United Kingdom from which I returned two days ago can thank Boris for refusing to be part of the EU ‘coordinated response to the Pandemic Johnson at considerable political risk ordered the go ahead to fund Oxford University and the offshoot of that was Astro Zeneca with the UK the ONLY European Country to have formulated its own vaccine The kudos for the success of the UK response reside primarily with Boris. Faced with a belligerent TV onslaught from SKY BBC and ITV and other Fox TV to help and only the fledgling GBNews and bitter Remainers likeTobias Elwood within his own party he has had to hold his nerve and see off Starmer Ferguson-and all the other Woke disciples. I agree with your other country assessments Inthe case of the US you might well look to Virginia for a contrarian view on the current US political landscape. Build Back Better is dead etc etc Lastly Hannes I had the privilege of accompanying Roy Bennett on many of his trips to lobby Governments What you know only too well is that great supporters of a genuinely democratic Zimbabwe such as the heroic Baronnes Kate Hoey were more likely to support Boris just look at Vauxhall today than the Tugendafts of the party creatures of the Westminster Swamp where Boris has never sought patronage

    1. Thanks John. I had such high hopes for Boris because he’s so bright and so well informed but he appears to have gone the populist route and I think his main reason for the about turn on Covid is he’s trying to win back all the support he has lost. I think his wife might be having too much say and she looks like an idiot to me? Poor Roy, unfortunately not enough people as brave as he was. Bless him and Heather!

    2. We recall that Enoch Powell – an absolute believer in liberty as long as it did not infringe on others’ liberties – was branded a sort of ginger radical at the time. However, he did warn his establishment in about 1937 or so on his way to take up a Professorship of Classics in Sydney – “that there os going to be war with Germany.” Similarly Enoch warned his establishment that their inclusion into what was then the EEC – to become the EU – “that the marriage will be sweet, but the divorce will be bitter.” In South Africa Arthur Keppel Jones wrote “When Smuts goes” in about 1946. Jones’ satirical projected sociopolitical safari into South Africa in 1995 was that “President Funamali was replaced by President Blalazonke.” The moral and infrastructural decay was very accurately predicted 50 years in advance by Jones. And now in Zimbabwe, the war veterans are actively seeking and supporting foreign investment – seriously – after they personally destroyed and looted a regional agro-indusrial power house in 2000! One wonders what the Zanu chief economists Joseph Chintotimba, Chris Mutsvangwa, George Charamba and Eddie Cross will come up with next!

  13. Brilliant article – my sentiments exactly regarding the West. The hysteria created over this Covid pantomime have made me realise 99.9% of the worlds population are halfwits for believing and allowing this tripe to take place. Pandemic my arse !

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