by Hannes Wessels

I suppose it has a lot to do with having lived in Africa all my life that I am so fearful of ‘big government’. This is where the State has a monopoly on knowing what is best for the individual and a massive bureaucracy and security apparatus rolls out emboldened with enormous powers. If the people in power were not so stupid and selfish this might have had a small chance of working but alas that is not the case. When the rulers believe they are the sole purveyors of the knowledge needed to live life it is really the end of freedom as I understand it.  True freedom is all about the rights of the individual to make the big choices in life; real oppression is having big government making those choices for the individual.

Right now it looks to me, that America is following the same path, so disastrously followed in most of Africa. The Corona pandemic has already provided one pretext for grabbing excessive power but as I write 10,000 soldiers (down from 25,000) are patrolling the streets of Washington DC in reaction to a perceived threat from ‘right-wing extremists’.

The focus is on a protest march that turned into an ugly assault by of a handful of idiots in silly hats who broke through a security codon and entered the congressional offices of the Capitol, including that of Speaker Nancy Pelosi. This reaction involving the deployment of thousands of soldiers smacks of extreme double-standards, bearing in mind the capital’s city council recently endorsed the BLM (Black Lives Matter) protests. Those riots claimed the lives of eight people, caused injuries to hundreds of policemen and billions of dollars in damage to property. History has taught us, politicians, seeking to hold absolute power, invariably do so by exploiting a perceived crisis; Hitler used the Reichstag fire to bludgeon his political opposition into submission. The Biden administration and its supporters are using a few ‘Rednecks’ for the same reason.

During the election, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi referred to Trump supporters, roughly 75 million of them, as ‘enemies of the State’. Presumably, the soldiers are there to let it be known that their existence is reason to believe a civil war beckons unless they recant. This sort of rhetoric is not unusual in dictatorship but shocking coming from one of the most powerful people in what most of us have long considered, the world’s greatest democracy.

A wave of censorship is sweeping the country with Facebook and Twitter having banned Donald Trump because he used the word ‘fight’ in a tweet to supporters and this is interpreted as an ‘incitement to violence’ triggering the second round of impeachment hearings. Trump is quickly silenced but not so someone like Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, a dyed in the wool racist who refers to whites as ‘devils’ and routinely incites his followers into taking an aggressive stance towards all those who don’t subscribe to his view of the world.

With the taking down of Parler by Jeff Bezos which was offered as an alternative platform all avenues of venturing alternative opinions are being blocked. The Bezos-owned, ‘Washington Post’ is calling for the expulsion of some Republican legislators, in order to prevent them passing ‘new criminal laws’. Jeff Zucker at CNN, who led the media campaign to destroy the Trump presidency, is leading a push to ban all cable networks that do not follow the received political wisdom regarding who should rule and how.

There is growing talk of the FBI being transformed from a law enforcement agency to a “domestic spy agency” monitoring Americans. This appears to be happening quicker than expected. Tucker Carlson has just reported on Fox News, the beginning of an era when the ruling party will be throwing its political opponents in jail while announcing the arrest of Doug Mackey a young journalist of conservative views who is facing 10 years in prison for making fun of Democratic politicians on social media. The criminal complaint reads, “Mackey made coordinated use of social media to spread disinformation …The disinformation spread by these individuals often took the form of memes.”

Under the new administration the fundamentals of political discourse are now under siege.  Simply questioning the validity of the last election results is being criminalised with an amendment being pushed to expel Republican Senators for asking too many questions about what might have happened during the process.

The people orchestrating this move to authoritarianism are the same people who routinely lecture the rest of the world on the importance of respecting basic human rights. Their favourite target over the Trump years was Vladimir Putin who was excoriated by the Democrats for allegedly behaving exactly as they are today. While Putin may be no angel, I suspect he has more popular support in his country today than Joe Biden has but this will not be made known.

Looking at what is happening in America today, I feel I have seen it all before so no surprises as to where this is headed. To his credit I suppose, Robert Mugabe was just a little ahead of the game.



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  1. Matthew Lesh, wrote a book called ‘Democracy In A Divided Australia’.
    I would like to share some of Lesh’s findings, as it delineates how and why Australians vote the way they do.
    Here is a summary of Lesh’s research:
    Lesh, cites studies showing that less than 10% of US academics view themselves as conservative; and he believes the situation among Australian academics to be the same.
    Lesh, proposes that Australian are now divided in their politics in the context of culture, lifestyle and identity.
    The Inners tend to be the younger highly educated individuals who have attained professional achievements (CEOS, lawyers, doctors and academics). The Inners use their academic powers to dominate Australian politics bureaucracy, media, universities, trade unions, not-for-profit and the corporations.
    Lesh states; “Not every individual Inner pulls the lever of power. But almost every lever of power is pulled by an Inner.” In this context, Lesh believes there is a disproportionate representation on Inners at the top of Australia life.
    They tend to be the more affluent, who can afford domestic help and take regular holidays to Europe; and eat in the trendy up-market restaurants. The Inners tend to enjoy the ‘intellectual’ discussions on the ABC. They align with the cultural progressive ideologies such as diversity, tolerance, same-sex-marriage. Inners are concerned about the environment and the treatment of asylum seekers. The ‘Inners represent 32% of Australian who would like to remove historical icons representing oppression.
    Lesh, proposes that the Inners represent 30% of the Australian voters.
    The Outer’ are traditionalist and seek their identity through family, community, sport. Outers are less driven to attain tertiary qualifications; and gain their low to middle income by means of being tradespersons or other blue-collar work. Patriotism, is and important part of the Outer identity; and the Outers hold negative views of changing the date of Australia Day or denigrating ANZAC Day. The Outers represent the 53% of Australians who do not want change of historical statues in Australia. According to Lesh, the Outers are the reasons 38 of Australia’s 44 referendums failed to receive public support.
    Lesh, proposes that the Outers represent 50% of the Australian voters.
    Historically, the Australian working class voted for Labor and the middle and upper class voted for the Liberals. According to Lesh, the Australian working class have become disillusioned with power of the Inner focused Labor Party and now tend to vote for the Liberals; and despite many Inners still voting for the Liberals, the middle-class Inners are rejecting the conservative political right and now voting for the Greens and Labor Parties.
    What does this mean? The confusion that left becomes right, and right becomes left or even the madness of the Greens.
    To see how successful this process is please watch the video: ‘How the Marxists took over the Netherlands : Yuri Bezmenov & Ideological subversion’. Link:

    1. 3/2/2021 – The progressive ‘Inners’ now applying ‘gatekeeping’ to Australia’s HSC student’s English assessments. If students don’t conform to the ‘Inners’ ideology, they get marked down, thus decreasing their chances of entry into university. A fine example of Liberty Lost.

  2. This is all about TREASON Hannes. America has had a double Coup d’etat by the international banker controlled communists of the 4th ComIntern (promoting a One World Communist Dictatorship in which everythingg will be owned controlled by the BIS bankers). There is the worldwide Covid Coup D’etat against Humanity enabled through treason by every nation’s leaders. There is the U.S. Election Coup D’etat in which the win by Trump was turned into the win by Biden by the Kleptocracy.
    The take down of America through treason, if it continues to succeeds, is the death knell to every nation’s freedom and even its national sovereignty itself.
    I’ve just a few minutes ago listened to an excellent audio-only interview in which Dr Peter Hammond explains “The Real Reason Behind How Treason Prospers” which you and your readers may find v interesting:
    Thank you for your always thought-provoking articles which are always to the point, and well expressed in just a few words – the sign of a gifted writer.

  3. Yes indeed Hannes. The scales have grown thick over their eyes and their view of the world has become dicated to them by their devotion and dependence on media sources that paint whatever current popular picture they want believed. Mindless belief in moving picture fantasy obscuring the truth.

  4. The TRUE story of what happened at the Capitol on 6th January, 2021 not the extreme left, commie, fascist Fake News version👹👹👹👹👹

    Jan Markell talks to Michele Bachmann for the hour. What does one party rule in Washington mean for the country and for believers? What will the coming persecution look like? Bachmann was at the Capitol on January 6. Were those participating patriots or terrorists? They conclude that global government is coming.

  5. The real puppeteers do not live in the land of the marionettes. The imposition of the new world order and one world government requires a redefinition of working democracies, especially in ‘redneck’ America, so that the enemies of freedom truly lie within. How else to ensure this nation, in obeisance, is ready to receive the fiats of the WEF and its ‘Greening of Financial Systems’, the Migration Compact, Paris Accord and other Sustainable Development Goals under Agenda 2030 and the Great Reset. Yes, the lexicon is rapidly becoming part of the public language of administrations around the world and will soon find its way into every household conversation. Grudgingly I admit the UN work to usher in globalism has been par excellence after first eradicating colonialism, post WWII, which is still seen as a blight on the management of human affairs.

  6. Unlike your previous articles, Hannes, this one does not, in my opinion, convey the underlying dread and serious of the situation the world is facing with the demise of the American democracy, that we turned to in the past. You mentioned Hitler and Putin/Russia, but alas the younger generations of today have little or no knowledge of history and the spectre of Socialism/Communism that ravaged our world just a few decades ago. We have today, in America, career politicians that bandy about popular rhetoric to their, sadly ignorant and blinded by empty promises of freedom from their responsibilities, adoring followers. This is, as you say, very reminiscent of Africa. However, if one has not lived in Africa, this concept is both foreign and not truly comprehended. I am really just paraphrasing now what your article stated more succinctly, but would just like to end with the observation that this demise is viewed almost frivolously when it really carries a portent of great significance to life as we know it. Thank you as always for your thought-provoking words. All the best

    1. Simon I am astounded and deeply disappointed at how few people can actually see what is happening to them and this includes many of a higher intelligence than mine. This ignorance combined with willful obduracy is the reason these new ‘masters of the universe’ have an open goal.

  7. I am glad that a new world-wide web is being developed as we speak. In this new one, NO company will hold our details or comments. Only you. Trump must use it to form his own version of Facebook and Twitter and then sort out voting irregularities. The former bit of info will destroy FB and other platforms and give license to free speech. No longer will the CIA-fronted Facebook take our information and use it to block us from expressing ourselves or sell our info to others to distort voting ads etc.

    1. I very much hope you are right Tony because the space on freedom of speech is closing down fast.

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