by Hannes Wessels 

With WHO Director General Tedros Ghebreyesus in full flight attacking the ‘rich nations’ for ‘hoarding’ the Corona vaccine for selfish reasons I’m left suspecting this is an opening salvo aimed at the incoming Biden administration to browbeat them into bringing America back into the fold. It seems to have worked because President Biden has announced, as one of his first executive decisions, that the US is going back into the organisation so all those life-saving bureaucrats can give themselves a well earned salary increase. As usual, nothing nasty to be said about the Chinese who have much to answer for, but also not much about ‘Ivermectin’ which, by all accounts, brings hope to the world in a very affordable form but this may not suit certain individuals and corporates like the Gates Foundation who have a different agenda. The WHO lists Ivermectin as an ‘essential medicine’ but not for the treatment of viral diseases, so deemed unsuitable for dealing with Corona.  We saw how Chloroquine was furiously denigrated and one wonders if this drug will suffer the same fate?

I reached out to an old friend and a doctor for whom I have the highest regard for his opinion:

The worth of this drug cannot be underestimated. I am literally in awe of this stuff. Dr Pierre Kory (watch the video of his heartfelt appeal on the net) has called it a ‘miracle drug’. In my opinion, it is even better than that! As Dr Kory says, if you use Ivermectin early, you will never get severe or fatal Coronavirus disease. SERIOUSLY, HE CAN SAY THAT??? It turns out that he is spot on.

That it is not already in wide use, the first line go-to treatment for Coronavirus infection, completely confuses, saddens and angers me. In this matter, the medical profession has failed us all miserably. One could only guess at the lives that could have been and could still be saved by using Vitamin C and Ivermectin.

Ivermectin is cheap as chips, it is 100% effective if given early enough (both as a prophylactic, and a treatment of all phases of Covid-19 disease), and it has very few mild side effects. So there really can be no cogent reason why it is not made immediately available to everyone. 

Safe in humans? I believe so, because since 1975 when it was first discovered by the two Nobel Laureates that were honoured finally in 2015 for developing it, 3.7 billion doses have been given safely and very effectively to mankind! Yes, I wrote 3.7 BILLION. SAFELY. EFFECTIVELY. Its main use in this time has been in the treatment of Filiariasis and River Blindness, and so far its beneficial effect in improving the medical lot of mankind is incalculable. It should have been given ten Nobel prizes for physiology and medicine, in my humble opinion.

About ten years ago the users of this very effective killer of roundworms and blood sucking insects first noticed its profound worth as a broad-spectrum antiviral, and the work required to repurpose this phenomenal drug, and prove its efficacy, started. The effectiveness of Ivermectin against all RNA viruses is now proven by dozens of trials. As I write, there are many (over 60) ongoing trials measuring Ivermectin’s efficacy against SARS, CoV 2 and preliminary data shows, overwhelmingly, how amazingly effective it is. In ALL of the trials!!! The writer fully intends to use Ivermectin from now on as his first line treatment of viral infections against ALL OF the viruses it has been shown to kill. HIV, Zika, Ebola, Dengue, West Nile, Avian Influenza, Chikungunya, Yellow Fever, Equine and Bovine Herpes, Newcastle, Hendra, Semliki, Sindbis, Venezuelan equine Encepahalitis,  Pseudorabies, and the list goes on, and on. Mind blowing stuff.

Ivermectin does TWO things; both actions are as important as the other. Firstly, it stops the virus from replicating. Viruses are simple structures that must commandeer our cells to multiply. They need to dock onto / attach to a receptor site (in the case of CV19, the ACE-2 receptor) and then they must inject their nuclear material (DNA or in the case of CV19, RNA) into the cell. Then this nucleotide chain literally hijacks the working engine of our cells and repurposes it to produce zillions of killer babies. The cell then breaks, releasing a vast number of new viruses and the exponential explosion cycle of viral rplication continues. Ivermectin stops CV19’s entry into the cell.

Secondly, and perhaps even more importantly, is Ivermectin’s anti-inflammatory action. Most people do not get it that it is not the virus that kills you, it is your IMMUNE REACTION to the virus that actually pulls that fatal trigger. The much touted ‘cytokine storm’. This immune hyperactivity leads to the clotting, the inflammation, and the organ failure that is finally incompatible with continued life. So Ivermectin’s other genius strategy is to mitigate this inevitable reaction (thought to be made worse by previous vaccinations by the way), and it is these two COMBINED actions that means that it deals with this infection in ways unparalleled by other interventions, and all other drugs. Incidentally, the jury is out on pretty much all of the other drugs we have been reading about – their actions, if any, are minimal, and probably ineffective in any real sense.

While Ivermectin is an excellent start, there are other cunning plans that can be invoked to seriously diminish the deadly effects of CV19…

High-dose Vitamin C’s worth as an antiviral is astonishing. The ‘discoverer’ of high dose C in the 1940’s, an intrepid and totally ignored genius called Dr Fred Klenner, cured SIXTY CONSECUTIVE CASES OF POLIO. His work has been totally ignored by all but a few people. Another massive medical tragedy. Think of all of the polio injured people you have met in your life…all would have been treated successfully, and their terrible disability avoided by using high dose Vitamin C. That the use of vitamin C continues to be ignored by the medical profession is, in my view, reprehensible.

In my experience, if C does not work (and I mean as a standalone management of ANY viral infection here) then this is because the dosage taken is too low, not taken frequently enough and for too short a time.  I recommend taking Ascorbic Acid (and the liposomal variety is five times more potent than the common or garden variety) in a dose of 2-4 GRAMS an hour, and I believe this will successfully demolish any viraemia. This dose (which can be up to 200,000 mg daily) should be coninued at least 2 days after complete recovery, as a common mistake is to cease therapy too soon, which leads to the inevitable recurrence of symptoms. My favourite way of using C is to take as much as you must to produce diarrhoea (Vitamin C’s only real side effect, apart from indigestion) – this is called a ‘C flush’, or ‘taking vitamin C to bowel tolerance’ – then continue at a lesser dose that will not have you sitting perpetually upon the throne. Vitamin C will also diminish the few side effects that Ivermectin may cause, usually a headache, tummy gripes or a rash.

My last little gem for you to use in the management of your CV19 disease, is to inhale nebulized hydrogen peroxide. The other name for singlet oxygen therapy (using H2O2 or O3 / ozone) is BIO-OXIDATION therapy. Take 3% food-grade Hydrogen Peroxide, available at any chemist, and dilute it 1:1 with water and nebulise yourself by inhaling the fine spray for 10 minutes every hour. Also cheap as the proverbial… On Monday night I saved two people from certain death using these three treatments.

So there you have it. A combination therapy that works every time against the terrifying Coronavirus (and all of the others mentioned above). Fear no more. You are safe, and you will be saved by Ivermectin. Cheap as chips. Minimal side effects. 100% effective when used early in the infection course, or when given as a prevention.

So WHY THEN would any conscientious and well meaning health authority actively prevent the use of something so affordable, so safe and so effective?

Currently, the preferred strategy by authorities around the world,  for managing this deadly pandemic is to mandate the use of a dodgy, expensive and very contentious vaccine, that has yet to be properly trialled and shown not to be harmful. Actually, recent figures already show TWENTY ONE PER CENT of recipients are reacting badly to it. And that is the short term figure. Because of its unusual and hitherto unique make up, its very nature, most experts fear it will seriously affect our immune systems in the medium and long term.

Ivermectin’s miraculous actions effectively negate the need for ANY vaccine. Can anyone reading this get their head around the practical impact of this NOW PROVEN assertion? And I’m left asking, what was all the fuss about?

Not everyone agrees however. Tanya Farber, Senior Science Reporter for TimesLive recently published an article critical of the media hype regarding Ivermectin labelling it ‘irresponsible’ while claiming, “Effective doses of the drug would have to be 100 times those in the studies and would be highly toxic for Covid-19 patients.” She goes on to report that experts at a recently held seminar (details unknown) had given an assurance that the drug would not be authorised in the country until proven to be safe. They warned of side-effects including blindness.

Disclaimer: The publisher does not accept liability, and does not warrant or vouch for, for any of the opinions proffered in this article.  The publisher suggests prudence until clinical trials are completed and professional advice is sought. The article is published in the hope that the views expressed will be of interest to readers.


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13 thoughts on “Ivermectin; A Doctor’s Opinion.”
  1. Hi Alistair, Thanks for taking the time to read the information and reply. Medicine is not perfect, and in some people, it causes iatrogenesis.
    I grant you all your opinions and concur on many of them.
    The Queensland Liberals went to the polls in 2020 wanting to abolish lock-downs etc. They got slaughtered at the polls and remain in opposition. The previous Liberal Premier of Queensland decided to sack some 20,00 nurses he claimed were not needed, he lost his seat in an affluent area and his government were thrown out by a large majority. Former Liberal Prime Minister John Howard, publicly stated that Trump committed political suicide with his views on Covid-19.
    Have a look at the video with Riccardo Bossi (ex- Lt Col. SAS Australia), telling Australians a few home truths. He has the courage. I know he has previously expressed anti-Covid-19 rhetoric, now that he is forming his own political party, this topic appears dead. You will have a good laugh. Link: More on him later.
    This is the political lesson.
    Is COVID-19 a hoax for the great reset?
    The great ‘reset’ has used Covid-19 as a platform for Marxist and socialists overturn our current system. But it is not the first to use this tactic.
    As Hannes mentioned in his video on ‘land’ it was the Australian, British, US and New Zealand (Liberal, Conservative and Republican) governments who supported Mugabe’s confiscation of the land that the whites paid for, that was then given to Mugabe’s Marxist ‘elite’. This was in the 1980’s long before Covid-19.
    In the context of Australia, there is a body of opinion that claims that the people who colonised Australia deliberately spread diseases such as smallpox amongst the Australian Indigenous population to deliberately wipe out whole tribes and take their land. This may be true, but note the EMPHASIS is on the COLONISATION perpetrated by ‘white males’ not the disease. On Australia Day (26/1/2021), the protestors claimed it should be renamed ‘invasion’ day; and that each Indigenous person be given one million dollars in compensation. This is wealth re-distribution, based on the brimstone of guilt for something that happened 200 years ago, not Covid-19.
    Mate, the words racism and discrimination are far more powerful in a court of law in order to redistribute wealth and jobs, than Covid-19. A white person says something at university, the Marxist, socialist wokes scream out that is ‘racism’, ‘discrimination’ and ‘violence’ against us’. There goes your ability to stay employed as a lecturer and/or to gain a qualification in order to get a job. If you get your degree e.g. nursing, you need to go fetch that brimstone from the depths and hang it around your neck. View Nurses have announce their white privilege. SkyNews:
    I concur with you about these billionaire ‘elites’ (Marxist socialists). But have a look at how the US defense and security organisations rely on these social media platforms for intel. Our governments have pandered to them, now they have become more powerful than the government. How do we get out of this swamp?
    Where is the moral outcry about China re-colonising Africa with their ‘road & belt’ loans? Please look up how much of Australia China already owns. China is the only foreign country that has been permitted to build its own private commercial airstrip in Australia. Have a look at how many Australian academics are receiving funds from the CCP.
    Covid-19 will be dealt with, but this insidious Marxist socialist mob are gaining power by the day. Hannes and several other have written about the indoctrination in our education system. Have a look at Yuri Bezmenov video on ‘idealogical subversion’;
    Alistair, please watch this SkyNews video. It is hard to believe.
    Alistair, I have enjoyed having this discussion with you.
    Hannes, thanks for permitting Alistair and myself to have this exchange on your blog.

    1. Thank you chaps! I feel a little out of my depth here but am trying to learn and catch up!

  2. What’s the recommended dosage of ivermectin? I keep it on hand for my livestock with the following variations: sheep drench, horse paste and cattle pour on. How is it used in humans for treating covid?

  3. Quentin, thank you for taking the trouble to reply to me in detail. I appreciate it and respect your qualifications and your standing in your profession, and I have checked out the links you supplied but they don’t help much in regard to this debate, where I am coming from, or my concerns. You seem to place a lot of trust in the world of medical bureaucracy. Let’s keep this simple. This covid scam stinks, together with everything associated with it, masks, the vaccine, the lock down, social distancing – the lot. For the most part we are seeing idiots with insane amounts of power and wealth controlling our destinies. You can hardly disagree with this. Anthony Fauchi (multi-millionaire and medical terrorist) now says we must wear two masks, and not long after this the WHO says we must wear three masks and now some other lunatic ‘doctor’ on NBC news says we must wear four masks!! This makes The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party seem sane in comparison!! Most discerning people with a bit of common sense now know this whole thing is a complete scam to control us all and with a very nefarious agenda driving it. It’s obvious this is the case from the draconian rules and laws that are being brought in to ‘curb’ it. From what I have gleaned, these vaccines have poisonous properties, with RNA/DNA changing ability and will without doubt (and do) have a detrimental affect on people either straight away, or possiblyin months or years later. Is this a yes or no, or don’t know? It has killed people. Yes or, no? People are after simple answers to straight forward questions. Would you take a Pfizer vaccination and have your RNA/DNA changed? Yes or no? Unless the video was doctored, I watched Bill Gates himself saying the vaccine changed your RNA/DNA. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? You make mention of a ‘court of law.’ All irrelevant, as everything is corrupt inside out, top to bottom these days Surely you can see this and understand where I am coming from?

    Thanks again Quentin. All the best to you.

  4. Greetings Quentin. Thank you for your reply and herewith mine.

    I believe you have misunderstood what I am trying to get across here. If you have been running with the mainstream media narrative about this ‘vaccination’ then I understand your rebuttal, however, just a casual glimpse into the world of reality (no sarcasm or disrespect intended) of credible news sources rather than MSM fiction, you will find out what this ‘vaccination’ is all about. Here is just one of many, many warnings – – about this ‘vaccine’ which has already killed and maimed more people than they like to admit. It changes your DNA and plays havoc with your system in a number of different ways. Don’t believe me – check it out for yourself. Your mention of ‘rights’ with this tyranny will be irrelevant once they start forcing people to take this ‘vaccine’ which they are already indirectly trying to do all over the world. Germany have announced the construction of detention camps for those who refuse to take the vaccination and ‘vaccination passports’ are now being introduced in a number of countries around the world, and Australia is included the last time I checked, so yes Quentin, you have ‘rights’ but the way this is going you will eventually be virtually forced to take it if you want to travel or get back to a reasonably normal life and weather you retain the right to ‘refuse’ or not, the point I am making is this ‘vaccination’ is toxic and if the effects are not felt immediately they will be manifest months or even years later. So all I am trying to do in regard to my reference to the covid ‘vaccination’ is to put across that, particularly the Pfizer one is toxic and it has killed quite a number of people and California (of all places) has stopped using the other one. Please check for yourself as I doubt you will hear any mention of this on MSM.

    You – “The Marxist, socialist left hates white heterosexual males.” Irrelevant in respect of what I am trying to get across here.
    You – “73% of Europeans and Oceania are willing to get the vaccine in the next three months in order to go on Safari.” They have been duped by the mainstream media, politicians, partisan ‘medical experts’ and ‘scientists.’
    Me – In respect of this toxic ‘vaccination’ – I DO NOT CONSENT AND I WILL NOT COMPLY. Why should I when ivermectin is available at very little cost and is proven – yes proven to be effective as a cure?

    Quentin, please check out RELIABLE alternative news sources for information on the vaccine (and everything else) and forget about CNN, BBC, SKY, partisan medical people and ‘scientists’ who have been bought by corrupt politicians.

    You might find the above link I supplied will have been taken down by the time you read this. No surprise as they consider anyone speaking out against their narrative a threat to their agenda. Simply follow the money.

    1. Hi Alistair, Thanks for your response. Mate, I do not rely on MSN for anything. I am a retired Intensive Care Nurse. Please visit the AHPRA site and type in my name to confirm what I am saying is true. APHRA re-registered me and 20,000 other retired nurses and doctors in case the Australia health system was overwhelmed with COVID-19. Thankfully, this did not occur. I have looked after many patients with SARS, Swine Flu, Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (SIRS) and sepsis, so I have a good understanding and working knowledge of the cytokine storm, and physiological effect these have on different body systems.
      If you read my below post and the information on the provided link, you will have noted that Australia has not approved the use of Ivermectin for COVID-19 treatment. I believe you will find the same medical opinion on the CDC (USA) site.
      My knowledge base comes from post-grad (ICU) qualifications and working in an intensive care unit, that participates in multi-site and international research.
      Clinical trials on humans require ethics approval (a long process), requires enrolment criteria (who can be enrolled, e.g illness, current medications (that may interact with research meds); as well as full disclosure to the patient/and or family of any risks, and that this is a clinical trial. This is the ‘Gold Standard’ for research in western countries. They have the right to participate in the research or refuse.
      A good example of the right to refuse, is that Jehovah’s witnesses do not believe in blood transfusions. I have witnessed families refusing this life-saving treatment for their family member, because of their beliefs. Need I say anymore.
      After having provided ICU nursing services (see previous posts for context) to soldiers I became aware of how many of them suffered from PTSD. I naively undertook a Master of Social Work, thinking I may be able to work with them to overcome some of their social (separations/divorce), family & finance issues and psychological issues. This is how social workers support patients and their family in ICU.
      What I read, learnt, and was forced to weekly reflect on my white privilege, being born in a colonised country (Rhodesia), the wonders of Marxism; socialism; Indigenous ‘rights’; LGTB ‘rights’; and the tyranny of any knowledge (science, biology, anatomy, physiology law etc.) that was developed by a white heterosexual male. In order to beat the tertiary ’gatekeeping’ I wrote and said whatever would get me a pass. I quit 18 months into the 2-year degree course. The loony Marxist left believes that everything is a social construction and that everybody is an expert in their own lives. Need I say more.
      What amazes me in Australia, is the protestors always arrange for the protest to take place at a memorial shrine, or some statue representing our countries history. I don’t see the right wingers helping the police protect these shrines, because they are more interested in their grandiose expression of their ‘rights’
      I hope this gives context to my post. I agree with the majority of the content on Hannes’s blog. Debate is healthy and gives someone another’s perspective. We do not need to agree on everything.
      Alistair, I genuinely wish you and your family all the good health, so that you do not have to have the vaccine. Take care, keep will; and have ab awesome day.

    2. Alistair,
      Have located the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration information on the Pfizer vaccine located at:
      Scroll down to ‘Product Information’ (PI) (pdf,992kb)’; or view this link:
      Scroll down to ‘Adverse effects’
      Have a read of the ‘Consumer Medicine Information’ (CMI) (pdf,206kb). Or view this link:
      This provides the clinical information rather than MSM or the ‘wannabe’ experts.
      Pharmaceutical companies have legal obligations to monitor, collect, manage and report on safety data, known collectively as their ‘pharmacovigilance responsibilities’ The link:
      You MUST meet your pharmacovigilance reporting responsibilities for all the medicines you have registered or listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG). This is regardless of their Australian marketing status – that is, whether they are currently available for purchase, withdrawn from sale or otherwise supplied e.g. in a company-sponsored post-registration study.
      Unapproved medicines used in Clinical trials or supplied under the Special Access Scheme (SAS) or Authorised Prescriber are subject to separate reporting requirements and are not covered by these guidelines.
      If Pfizer has provided incorrect data and misleading information to the Australian government, there will be a class action for negligence against Pfizer and the Australian Government
      Now compare this information to the other sources you mentioned. Which would you prefer to defend in a court of law?
      I am not trying to convince you to have the vaccine, just providing ‘clinical evidence’ rather than hearsay from the internet/youtube ‘experts, for you to form your own opinion.
      Stay healthy and live a long and fruitful life.

  5. Alistair, no offence intended, but I think some of your comments require a rebuttal.
    Alistair you may be surprised to know that the Marxist, socialist and democratic left will agree with your comment; “This medical tyranny of the promotion of toxic vaccines”. Why? The biomedical discourse was developed by ‘white’ patriarchy who are seen as the knowledgeable and/or expert of this discourse. The Marxist, socialist left hates white heterosexual males.
    The word ‘proven’ raises legal concerns of the doctrine of precedence, duty of care, and the elements required to make a case of negligence, should someone be harmed by the administration of a ‘toxic vaccine’. Hence the ‘disclaimer’ at the end of Hannes’s article
    One of the great things about Australia is that people have ‘rights’ (another term the Marxist, socialist left love). This means Australians have the right to ‘refuse’ any medicine and treatment for diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, respiratory illness, and the vaccine you refer to as toxic. There are many Australians who have refused to vaccinate their children for chickenpox (Varicella), diphtheria, measles, meningococcal, mumps, and Hep B. They are walking around as ‘free’ individuals.
    I understand that countries like South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Botswana are dependent on tourism to keep people employed. You may be interested to have a look at Pangolin Safari’s ‘2021 Covid019 Safari Survey’ and note that 78% of respondents from North America; 73% of Europeans and Oceania are willing to get the vaccine in the next three months in order to go on Safari. Survey located at
    We participated in this survey because we would like to visit Zimbabwe and Botswana.

  6. Good and timely posting Hannes which I am sure will save many lives lives. Good friends of mine have just been cured of this virus by the use of ivermectin. The whole family went down with it and have all now 100% recovered. We now need to see mass protests all over the world with good leadership against this medical tyranny of the promotion of toxic vaccines and the suppression of proven cheap medication like ivermectin. Sadly, with the demise of Trump we have seen the awesome strength of Big Tech, Big Pharm, etc who now seem to be in control of this world and this is going to make any initiative against this tyranny that much more difficult as clearly, the above-mentioned organisations are the handlers of governments everywhere. Americans are going to rue the day they allowed these Democrat psychopaths to take control of their country. Not content to just ‘win’, (ie, steal) some of them are now saying they are going to go after all conservatives and Christians, the stormers of Capitol building and those who voted against them. This sounds chillingly familiar of what happened in a certain landlocked country in the middle of Africa when their Marxist leader said and did something similar. It all adds up as the current POTUS is known to have engaged with Marxist leaders in Africa in the 1970’s. In the meantime, I hope and pray we see a groundswell of resistance against this toxic ‘vaccine’ and against the suppression of the use of ivermectin for covid treatment. Thanks again Hannes.

    1. Thanks Alistair. I too fear for the future in a world run from behind the scenes by the big corporates. For the Christian community of the world I fear there is now no leadership of any consequence to protect us and we are a persecuted minority with little hope.

    1. Actually the work on repurposing ivermectin sort of started in Oz! But quite extensive ongoing trials that are currently running all over the world all seem to support (interim data from every trial seems to support it!) the use of ivermectin both for prevention and cure. This sort of overwhelmingly positive response is quite rare. So far, there seems to be no doubt that this is a very good antiviral. There also appears to be NO negative chatter from researchers regards things like significant side effects, and there is also the overwhelming (but, granted, anecdotal) support for its use by people I know who have used it.

  7. Great content as always. I would suggest this to be the most contentious of them all so well done for that. Small and quick story, my son who is a 24 yr old Royal Marine fell very ill with Influenza type symptoms. A course of ivermectin and 24 hrs later no further symptoms.

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