by Hannes Wessels

I have never said I’m terribly bright. I’ve read a lot and seen a lot I suppose (I’m nearly 60 and that’s quite a stint in Africa) and made a few deductions along the way but clever I most certainly am not. I’m also bewildered, angry and despairing. So maybe those emotions blended with only average intelligence lead to some sort of myopic mental instability and I’m the sort of nutter who should be ignored in which case the following observations can also be ignored with a knowing chuckle and maybe someone out there will take pity on me and help me accept the fact I need to move fast and get to the bin for loonies. The reason I doubt my sanity is I have to ask why I am I so out of step with the majority amongst which I know there are plenty of clever people who must know better than I and yet they seem to miss what I find so blindingly obvious.

Regrettably, as a white, heterosexual, male and a subscriber to the Christian ethos I belong to the most loathed ethnic and gender specific group on the planet. Unfortunately I have not been run over by a bus full of lesbians either so I have nothing to say in mitigation of my status. To make matters worse I’m also ‘Euro-African’. This slots me into the archetype perfectly; a racist, colonialist, capitalist, homophobic, white man. To the world, I come from a race of people who have done little else other than enslave, colonise, crusade against Muslims, commit genocide against Jews and plunder the poor of the world through the ruthless mechanics of capitalist exploitation.  Following the same vein, this is why a wealthy white American dentist who went after a lion with a bow and a white Ferguson policeman who shot a black thug in self defence have become two of the most hated people on the planet. Black people killing black people throughout sub-Saharan Africa and Mulims publicly beheading Christians in the Middle-East are to be ignored because it might stop people hating white people.

That is how I see it and I’m terrified for what the future holds for my children, but I’m ‘mentally challenged’ so maybe ignore the polemic above and let’s accept that we whites are indeed incorrigibly beastly bastards and we have to live with that. Well that’s fine but then I dare to ask, why do all the Muslims and all the Africans want to live as close as they possibly can to us beastly bastards?

North America and Western Europe are rapidly losing their identity but they remain constituted of countries based on Judeo-Christian principles and imbued with a culture that is broadly speaking an Anglo-Saxon one of tolerance, equality and a rule of law that is fairly applied. This should be anathema to the millions of non-Europeans who are presently cutting fences, busting barriers and risking death at sea to enter our miserable domain. Why on earth are they doing this then?

Is it idiotic to think the millions in Africa who want to go to places like England and Italy will soon be billions of people who want to go to England and Italy? Africans, bless them, are the most prolific breeders and they are also the least adept at self-sufficiency. Because they are not good at sustaining themselves it is those same selfish swines with white skins who send food and pump billions of dollars in aid to the Africans. The Europeans do this so Africans can expand their breeding programme and grow the number of impoverished people seeking sanctuary in England and Italy.

So now what? I’m unbalanced so ignore me. I won’t be offended but I wish to pose a tremulous question. Why don’t the selfish swines in Europe help the Africans, help themselves, in Africa which is the most resource-rich continent on the planet. Well apparently that’s not allowed. Africans cannot be refused entry to Europe because that is their human right we are told but Europeans certainly can be refused entry to Africa. I assume this is because they don’t have the same ‘human rights’ which then makes me wonder if we are not really ‘human’ in the same sense as Africans after all.

I also think I am right when I say Africans go to Europe to leach off the welfare systems so they are there to receive succour at the expense of the ‘wicked whities’. But Europeans don’t go to Africa to receive welfare because, bar South Africa, there are no systems of that nature. They go there with entrepreneurship running in their veins, skills, capital and a wish to contribute but this is of no consequence. They are generally not allowed there and when granted entrance, it is under strict and often adversarial conditions with strict time-limits.

So let me try and sum this up; the ‘most hated’ must stay where they are in their relatively small, overcrowded, resource-poor countries and they must feed and house the millions of Africans and Arabs who come from the most resource-rich countries who want to live amongst them, many of whom are only there and alive because the ‘most hated’ fed them and nurtured them in Africa. Then the ‘most hated’ must hang their collective heads in shame because they are famous for slavery and exploitation, and they must provide protection for their wards so they can grow their numbers and celebrate the religions and cultures that wrecked their forsaken homelands and make the lands of the ‘most hated’ like the ones they have just fled. Now when they need those flashy knives to remove Christian heads from their shoulders will those also be supplied courtesy of the ‘most hated’ because killing infidels is a cultural ritual and therefore a fundamental human right that must be guaranteed by the state?

This is where I have to go to the boozer and get help!