Will Keys,

Prescience: “The fact of knowing something in advance; foreknowledge”.

I contrast and compare the 45th POTUS, Donald Trump, previously a NYC property developer with the South African born inventor-extraordinaire, Elon Musk.  Both individuals are altruistic and fabulously wealthy.

The fact that Donald Trump won the US 45th Presidency despite never having been in any political office, is remarkable.   The multi-billionaire Elon Musk is a self-made entrepreneur with a cyclopedic memory and extraordinary intelligence.  Musk is also reported to be the world’s richest man.  The Rothschild family fortune is probably bigger, but the Musk fortune is growing exponentially.

Although Trump and Musk are very different characters, I suspect they have enough in common to respect one another.  They are both hard men of sober habits. The saying that billionaires will have their way is true of both men.

They are driven by enormous conviction, backed up by equally strong self-confidence.  Each is a brilliant businessman and gifted with the ability to crystallize objectives in a way that elicits best practice outcomes from others.

They attract loyalty and they are loyal.   

Donald Trump is a ‘people person’ with a mastery of media timing.  Musk has an exquisite scientific focus, and while he isn’t entirely ‘risk daring’, his brain calculates ‘risk’ better than anyone else on Earth.  Both have the capacity to learn from mistakes and to parry failure into success. 

It is my opinion that they are destined to work together.  I predict that Trump will lead a political renaissance in the western world in 2024, and Musk will save the American economy from bankruptcy.  Trump will work with Musk to set political policy agendas that will save the USA from economic collapse.  Trump will work with Musk to achieve his goal to colonize and terraform Mars.


Assuming the United States of America (“USA”) is at the center of Western Civilization, I believe a civil war fueled by a reckless media industrial complex, is on the verge of erupting.  The US Democrat Party is the fundamental protagonist.  Driving the Democrat Party self-interest is the globalist elitists; the Military Industrial Complex; the Cancel Culture Industrial Complex; the Media Industrial Complex; the ‘Deep State’ and rogue elements in the US Federal Government including in the Army and Intelligence Services. 

These above Democrat ‘Deep State’ instrumentalities support what is called ‘a rules based international order’.  Antony Blinken, US Secretary of State, speaking to the Chinese Communist Party (“CCP”) leadership said:

 “International Law, Human Rights Law, is a part of International Law. It is the law that has precedence over any other part of International Law, which must be interpreted in accordance with Human Rights Law, and (of course) the people who interpret Human Rights Law are the self-proclaimed champions and defenders of Human Rights Law, namely the United States Government and its friends.”  The weakness in this self-serving agenda is obvious and is rejected by China, Russia, India……….

In direct opposition to the above is the MAGA Movement in America, and all the citizens that are sympathetic to the MAGA Movement.  Fence-sitters can do as they please.

Predictability regarding the size, ferocity, or length of the second USA civil war is beyond my imagination.  I hope it will be a short civil war, but I suspect it may be intense and vicious.  The chivalry witnessed in the US civil war is unlikely this time around.  Parts of the USA will be placed under ‘martial law’.


The notorious ‘Russia Hoax’ eventually fell apart; it was a piecemeal implosion, which began when the despicable Christopher Steele, ex-MI6, revealed under oath in a UK court that he was the author of the infantile and fake Steele dossier (“dossier”).  Later, it was disclosed that lawyers Perkins Cole had instructed FusionGPS in Washington DC, on behalf of the Democrat Party and Hillary Clinton, to fake the dossier. 

The dossier was entirely fabricated.  Donald Trump lost the 2020 general election due partly to the fake Russia hoax and the FBI’s deliberate concealment of evidence found on Hunter Biden’s laptop.  Had the hoax and laptop been brought to public attention, POTUS Biden may not have been elected.  If the Bidens or other important Democrats are the defendants, the Justice Department  denies, obfuscates, prevaricates, and prevents any indictment from being brought before a Grand Jury.  The injustice has been going on for far too long, and has gotten worse.  There is now a two-tiered justice system.  It is a bitter pill to swallow and enormously consequential.

As a result of the GOP’s election loss in 2020, the USA suffered severe setbacks.  Hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants began flooding the country and can potentially alter the fabric of American society.   In ‘blue states’, criminal statistics increased to unprecedented levels, as huge quantities of illicit drugs were smuggled into the country primarily through the southern corridor.

There was an international cover-up of the leak of the Covid-19 Virus from the Chinese lab in Wuhan.  The virus was genetically engineered through ‘gain of function’ experiments.  In the case of Covid-19, no intermediary animal has been found, concluding that line of inquiry.  There is new evidence of massive deception found in emails and other data exchanged between Dr Fauci, Dr Collins, and others.  A cover-up of unimaginable proportions.  

Prosecutions and the assignment of culpability to some individuals will be part of the coming reckoning.  On the facts, the CCP Wuhan Lab negligence is established.   Beyond Wuhan negligence, it is widely recognised that western governments exhibited intolerable incompetence.  

Unceremoniously ‘kicked out’ of Afghanistan, the USA launched another war in Ukraine almost immediately.  This time, and tragically, the US picked a fight with a first-tier enemy, Russia.  Using Ukrainian soldiers as cannon fodder, NATO and the US decided to fight a proxy war.  As I write, Bakhmut in the Dombas is barely hanging on, and is likely to be defeated.   

The US economy remains dynamic despite all the monumental reversals.  However, citizen hip-pocket economics is of grave concern.  Pay packets are shrinking due to inflation and rising food prices, and Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.  It is clear that inflation is having serious consequences, and the prospects for the US under the Democrats are bleak. We may be heading towards a devastating recession or even a depression.

Silicon Valley Bank (“SVB”) went bankrupt on the 10th March 2023, causing concerns for Wells Fargo.  According to reports, Wells Fargo had difficulty meeting its payroll obligations.  A total of fifty to sixty billion dollars have been lost by five of the country’s biggest banks over the last two weeks.

As far as prescience is concerned, President Trump has always vowed to make America Great Again.   In his first term as president, Donald Trump fulfilled all his election promises while being attacked, betrayed, and ambushed by Republican RINOs.  In my opinion, Donald J. Trump is the world’s best leader, and Elon Musk is the world’s greatest entrepreneur.

By Will Keys

27 thoughts on “Good Prescience – Bad Prescience”
  1. Hi Will. I am no intellectual but I think I am fairly street wise and my simple logic and common sense tells me that nothing adds up with Trump any more. Like most conservatively minded people I was delighted with Trump during his first three years in office as he did so many good things and all the while infuriating the Democrats which I loved. On the 14th May, 2018, under Trump, the US officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel as a new US Embassy opened there, an unprecedented, bold, and highly controversial move. Good. Then we go to the other end of the spectrum with his “operation warp speed” ‘vaccination’ debacle and people started dropping dead all over the place, many of them athletes in peak condition and I still cannot wrap my head around how that deeply evil criminal George Soros was left alone to wreak havoc via ANTIFA and BLM in the US, burning, looting and killing during Trump’s four years in the White House and then I read today:-
    “Army Sgt. Daniel Perry was found guilty of murder on Friday after being indicted by Soros-funded Travis County District Attorney Jose Garza for fatally shooting AK-47- toting Black Lives Matter “protestor” Garrett Foster during the George Floyd riots of 2020.”
    I don’t claim to have the answers but I know the US constitution has been shredded and there is no longer law and order over there. For too long ordinary citizens have allowed these globalist swamp creatures to have their way and now I fear it is too late for anyone to change the status quo. This thing will have to run its course and the end of it could well be a Russian nuclear bomb dropped in the US somewhere as they are not letting up with their hatred of Russia and have no interest in a ceasefire or any talks. This says it all.

    1. Hi Alistair, you sound pretty intellectual to me. In my humble opinion your perspectives are well founded. I remind you that George Soros is protected by the Democrat Party, and they still have a Senate majority. POTUS is not supposed to be a dictatorship and POTUS Trump stayed within constitutional limits. I grant you that the Democrats act as if POTUS Biden is a dictator. Subject to a SCOTUS decision that would over-ride the Texas pardon, Sgt Daniel Perry, has been pardoned. I also remind you that the power of the MIC and swamp is enormous. I reckon it will take a second civil war to rescue the US Constitution from the Demorats.

  2. Dear Quentin Fourie, thank you for the good wishes. There is such thing as justice, unfortunately, the administration of law doesn’t always coincide with justice. Imperfect human beings try to get the two to coincide, and I agree with you, we all to often fail. You are absolutely wrong about legal ethics. Lawyers are primarily ‘officers of the court’, they have a first duty to the court not the client. They are prohibited, under sanction of disbarment, if they lie to a court. I also agree with you that big money can provide a measure of protection but believe me, only up to a point. I have see many very wealthy people get convicted and get seriously punished. I have met Campbell Newman and I agree with you that the Queensland public are fickle, they should not have voted him out.

  3. Sinclair1960, I agree with you 100%. We live in a strange world. When Trump came to power I was so chuffed thinking the US was going to get a new lease of life, but this was not to be. Amongst many other things he failed to do I wonder why he did absolutely NOTHING whatsoever to reign the criminal George Soros in or have him arrested? It is common knowledge he funded the BLM and ANTIFA anarchists in spite of what the thoroughly corrupted “fact checkers” say to the contrary. I don’t recall hearing him ever saying one single word about Soros during his four years in the White House. It seems Trump is the only one who hasn’t seen the incalculable damage Soros has done and continues to do to the US and in turn the world, and dare I raise the subject of the so-called COVID ‘vaccinations’ which are not vaccinations at all. Thinking back to his “operation warp speed” ‘vaccination’ rollout and the horrendous injuries and deaths it has caused going by government supplied data, he still refuses to admit he did anything wrong. I know how many will respond to this and will say he was given wrong information by his medical advisors. Rubbish! With a man of his IQ and ability how come he didn’t double check and get second opinions from other medical experts (and there are many thousands who have been speaking out about it, but because of draconian social and corporate media censorship we don’t hear about them) considering the scale and life and death implications of the COVID/’vaccination’ debacle? Having said this about Trump, I have have no good words for the clown who stole the election from him either. I think they are all one big happy family of globalists who are fanatically dedicated to bringing in their dystopian (utopian for them) New World Order. Trump’s ‘indictment’ is all theatre designed to further polarize and weaken American society so that the implementation of their globalist utopia will be that much quicker and easier.

    1. Hi Alistair, if what you say is true, and I’m not arguing to the contrary, we can only hope that Donald Trump will be better a second time round. I still believe that he is the one great hope.

  4. Hi Will,

    I have lived in the US for 33 years. Donald Trump has no loyalty to ANYONE except Donald Trump. He is a traitor. Thank goodness for the strong phalanx of checks and balances we have in this country or he would have installed himself as President for Life just like Robert Mugabe, Vladimir Putin, XI and others. The next 24 months are going to show the American people the extent of this man’s hubris. I am not being dramatic when I say he must have sold all of America’s secrets to every singe one of our enemies. TR45TOR. TR45SON.

    I you are getting your reference material from QANON influenced websites, I would suggest taking a break. QANON, which is the preferred go-to research source for conservatives has led them down a rabbit hole that never ends.

    I don’t take any pleasure in posting this. But Donald Trump has turned the world as we knew it upside down with his bold faced lies and promotion of white supremacist hate groups.

    As for Elon Musk, I agree with your assessment. As a greater Los Angeles area Realtor, I have met both he and fellow South African Patrick Soong-Shion, who along with Elon make up a one-two of the richest people in Los Angeles.

    * The above is my opinion only. But backed up with real and NOT alternative facts that made themselves ubiquitous during and post the Trump administration. As a work of fiction, I LOVED your piece.

    Take care.

    1. I fully agree with Sinclair. The damage he has done to the Right / Right of Centre is massive and in doing so has prolonged the life of the whining parasitic Left by ten years? Parasitic, yes, they feed off their hosts and die, disappear once the host dies and damage ensues.

      1. Hi Keurboom, I have faith in the Donald Trump political future after 2024. What is your solution?
        Are you another whining parasite. Put up or shut up.

    2. Hi Sinclair1960, you back one empty accusation after the next, without providing any evidence. Your bias and jaundiced perceptions are your opinion, but it is not evidence. I challenge you, show us the evidence. I will absolutely change my opinion, if you have the evidence. Put up or shut up.

  5. I’d guess that the drift of what you’re saying – 1984 on the way, very late and on steroids – is certainly going in the right direction…….however, when it comes to Putin and Ukraine I think you’ve kind of lost it!

    1. Hi Keurboom, I say Trump is the 2024 solution. I’d be happy to hear your solution, “put up or shut up”.

      1. Mr Keys, I agree with most of your written content. Your comment “put up or shut up” removes dialogue. It reminds me of Mr Kissinger’s comment to Mr Ian Smith, ” I am not here to ask you what you want to do, I here to tell you what you will do.” Mr Rupert Murdoch was a supporter and financial backer for Trump’s first campaign. He withdrew his support before the last US election. When Mr Murdock wanted to buy a mine in Western Australia (WA), The WA government did not support Mr Murdoch’s quest for purchasing the mine. Mr Murdoch’s response was to the phone the minister and inform him, that he had a “bucket of shit next to his desk, and could either pour this shit on the front page of his newspaper everyday, or give the minister a good headline”. Murdoch won. Reflect on how the Murdoch media turned on Trump in the last election. You would also be aware that Mr Murdoch gave Kevin Rudd his blessing to become prim minister of Australia; the result was Howard and the Liberals got slaughtered at the next election. There are approximately 100,000 lobbyist in the USA in the halls of power buying votes. These same lobbysits are the donor to the US presidential campaigns, and they want a return on their investments (donations). Presidents are a mouth piece for the money that ‘bought’ and now owns them. They do as they are told or they are removed. Have a look at the names of the WEF partners, these are the people who rule the USA and the world. Black Rock has shares in every major banks in the world (including Australia’s big 5). Interesting that BHP is also a member. I am keen to read your esponse, as I admit I do not know what the solution is. Link : https://www.weforum.org/partners/

        1. Hi Quentin Fourie, thanks again for the reply. If you are in Australia I’d like to meet you. It should go without saying that I agree with all your fears and sentiments, I obviously rely on you to be prudential with your facts. I am careful with mine and I still make mistakes. I don’t think that an expectation of “put up or shut up” removes dialogue, rather it sharpens the pencil to focus on a solution in dialogue. In rare circumstances should dialogue ever be stopped “jaw jaw not war war”. Donald J. Trump has challenged the Democrat Party/MIC/Swamp neocon, and self-serving orthodoxy. I am in awe of his courage, his character/personality/intelligence to deal with betrayals, reversals, and misguided good intentions. In my book, and knowing the fallibility of the human condition, Donald J. Trump is a great man. Rupert Murdoch, like the other MSM titans live in an an exclusive world. A world that the MAGA Movement is challenging. I am a MAGA supporter.

          1. Hi Mr Keys, I would be happy to meet you, I live in Upper Caboolture (North Brisbane). I was in 3 Commando, RLI with John van Zyl. A few years after arriving in Australia I undertook a degree in Nursing. I worked in the Royal Brisbane Intensive Care, and sub-contracted to the Australian Federal Police in the Solomon Islands,; and later to the Australian Defence Force in East Timor. In 2016 I undertook a Masters in Social Work to work with Soldiers and AFP with PTSD. I completed 18 months of the 2 year degree and then quit, as I was over the Marxist, left-wing wokeness. I am now retired. Contct me on FB messenger to catch up for a coffee. Take care.

  6. Well put Will. Add to this the Democrats’ unceasing efforts to use the much abused US justice system against Trump in their attempts to stop him from standing in the next general elections. I append a clip in which Trump affirms that he is standing up for the people, not himself, and will never give up on them. Great man indeed.
    The prosecution against Trump is funded by Soros, who once described him as “a most dangerous man”. This was shortly before the 2016 US elections, when Trump had described himself to the WEF as a nationalist and not a globalist.

    1. Interesting piece by Mr Keys, who comes from a legal background. Mr Keys would be aware there is no such thing as “Justice”‘ it is a legal system with little concern for the truth. A lawyer is obliuged to defend his client to the best of his ability even if the client makes admissions of the most heinous crimes. In other words the perpetrators lawyer is obliged to knowingly argue in such a manner as to “discredit” the so-called evidence against his client. That is why so many perpetrators walk free. Recall, Mr Elon Musk called the one the English cave divers a paedophile, which is defammatory. Mr Musk would never be found guilty in a court on the ‘balance of probabilities” , be cause he could use his billions to bankcrupt anyone who took him to court. Once again the perpetrator walks free. Mr Trump and Mr Musk will not save America, becaise their words and actions are about feedning their own naricissistic needs of grandiosity and entitlement .Mr Keys may like to reflect on Mr Campbell Newmann’s entry into Queenland politics, he got slauightered at his own alter at the next election. There are many similarities beween Mr Newmann and Mr Trump and Mr Musk. It is called arrogance and a sense of inflated self. Mr Keys, I wish you well on your quest for the truth and your belief in Musk and Trump.saving the US and the world. Take care.

      1. Once when I was a student I was outraged at a judgement that I thought totally unfair. A lawyer, a good deal older and wiser, said this to me: “The law is not about fairness; it’s a set of rules designed to order the affairs of man.” If it was about fairness Julius Malignant would be doing 50 years hard labour.

        1. Hi Quentin Fourie, ‘Legal Ethics’ is a big subject and in Common Law jurisdictions (Australia) lawyers are sworn to the Supreme Court jurisdictions in which they practice. Their first duty is to the Court. Lawyers have an absolute duty not to lie to the court. Clients have no such duty. A lawyer who lie to the court could face disbarment. At Common Law
          ‘intention’ (or negligence) is a central element and must be proved to convict in criminal law. Justice that coincides with the administration of law is good. But, you are right, it does not always happen. Our legal system is adversarial, one person wins, and the loser is often aggrieved. Legislative law does not require ‘intention’ and strict liability applies.
          Lawyers often straddle some very complicated ethical lines that cannot be breached. The human condition is seldom perfect.

          1. Mr Keys, thanks for your response. In general I agree with most of what you have said in your response. As with most professons the concept of ‘Legal ethics’ can be side-stepped in order to win. Australia’s Family Law Court is a prime example where lawyers have been known to advise their clients to make false allegations of domestic violence or abuse in order to win a more favourable outcome. I offer Mr Ezequiel Trumper (a Brisbane Lawtyer) comments on this tactic. My comments are no reflection on you. They are for the readers that seem unable to accept the reality that “the human condition is sedom perfect..” I have provided a link to Mr Ezequiel Trumper comments for those ‘fact-checkers’. The link is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpHzCNJxUvE

        2. Hi Keurbook, he sounds like a wise lawyer. I agree about Julius and countless others.

          1. Hi Quentin Fourie, thanks for this excellent reply and for the ink to the Ezequiel Trumper and Bettina Arnt < it was good value. Quentin, you will note that Ezequiel reminded Bettina that lawyers are officers of the court, and ethically and duty-wise bound not to lie to the court. As I said lawyers could face disbarment if they did. Bettina, not being a lawyer, felt free to make broad brushstroke statement that stipulated that lawyers advised their female clients to make false allegations. Ezequiel was less strident but by innuendo agreed with Bettina. All I can say is that I would not lie to a court and neither would any of my three female lawyer daughters, or any of our many lawyer friends or colleagues. But, your point is well taken.

        1. Hi Quentin Fourie, thanks for the link re Rupert Murdock, it was a good article. I have lived in Australia for the last forty years and I’ve watched the mercurial Murdock’s (and indeed the Packers) rise to international fame and fortune. At one time the two families duked it out. Rupert Murdoch, like Elon Musk, brilliantly understands the news, publication and entertainment industries. The employment and collaboration with Roger Ailes, CEO and chairman of Fox Television Stations and 20th Television was extremely smart. Rupert, his two sons and especially their ‘lefty’ wives, are not my cup of tea. But then again neither would Stalin be LOL.

    2. Hi Jimcolsa, we are on the same page, I don’t think we have much choice. If someone on the conservative/libertarian side (our side), has a better idea then let’s hear it. Trump is not perfect but he’ll do nicely.

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