Hannes Wessels,

I’m constantly admonished by my wife and family for being morose and distant; sadly they are probably correct but the reason is, I read too much, care too much, and have seen too much go wrong in places dear to me to lift myself out of the gloom that overwhelms me as I watch a world in turmoil, so poorly led, heading headlong for the precipice and nobody seems to notice.

I’m also not sure there was ever a time in human history where so very few people, all unelected and unaccountable, controlled so much of the world’s wealth, and wielded as much influence as what we witness today. But it is these people, with their enormous financial resources and their ownership of the media who provide the hidden hands on the levers of power that impact, mostly negatively, on the lives of billions of people who are becoming increasingly dependent on the crumbs that drop from the table of the global elitists.

This is not new. Post WWII, it was a small silent minority with media and political control who supported and encouraged, the accession to power of mostly opportunist and radical nationalists in the reckless rush to rid Africans of relatively sophisticated colonial rule.

Today, most of the continent is plagued by chaos, poor governance and grinding poverty which is the catalyst for millions of people seeking a better life in Europe and elsewhere.

This is of little consequence to the aforementioned elitists who continue to access the natural riches of these broken polities while providing little benefit to the people who live there.  But this development has had massive repercussions for the world, Europe in particular, because in the wake of this contrived catastrophe the same manipulators have placed elected officials in the developed world under enormous pressure to open their borders to uncontrolled migration.  Naturally, the elites are insulated from the consequences of their misrule by virtue of their enormous wealth.

Bedevilled by misplaced guilt as a result of a relentless campaign in schools, universities and the media, to convince Europeans the world over that they alone, are responsible for all the ills that trouble the world, the people of these countries have meekly acquiesced and sowed the seeds of their own destruction. It must be said though, they have succumbed because too many of them are too stupid to care or too idle to take the trouble to look behind the façade and see for themselves what is actually unfolding. How else can one explain the fact that Thedros Ghebreyesus, a political hack with a propensity for violence, who heads the World Health Organisation (and who appointed Robert Mugabe as a goodwill ambassador for the organisation), has been accepted by a quiescent majority as one of the most powerful men in the world, who is on the cusp of acquiring unprecedented, supra-national power that will give him the authority to countermand the decisions of elected governments in the interests of public health and ‘global warming’.

Given the available numbers relating to demographic change, it is highly unlikely the leading European powers including Germany, France, Britain and Italy can reverse the process that is transforming their countries. For a brief moment, Georgia Meloni in Italy threatened drastic reforms that might have saved her country but she has been quickly reined in by the globalists and reversed her previous positions on migration and a ruinous and unnecessary war in Ukraine. For the rest, so entrenched and fast growing are the alien, mostly Muslim, populations, there can be no reversal; these countries, the heart and soul of Western civilisation are doomed to lose their once strong Christian identity and cultural foundations, which provided the bedrock of their greatness, and surrender their sovereignty to alien control. They have been defeated without a shot being fired; surely one of the most extraordinary transfers of power in recorded history.

In the US, according to the esteemed academic, Victor Davis Hanson, under the Biden administration a ‘revolution’ is underway that is rapidly changing the country’s identity, social mores and culture, which will bring it more in line with Mexico and Venezuela.

Under the open-borders policy supervised by Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas, over 6,000,000 illegals, many convicted criminals, drug-smugglers, and potential terrorists, have been allowed to enter the country. Few, if any share traditional Christian American values and all are certain to be an added drain on a depleted fiscus, but this development appears to be welcomed by the majority. While these ‘illegals’ receive police protection, Catholics and Christian conservatives are under constant surveillance by the FBI and the Department of Justice led by Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Against this backdrop I look at the international opprobrium being heaped upon Vladimir Putin who is apparently the best option for the international media as they search for someone suitable to compare to Hitler.

While his invasion of Ukraine may be illegal in terms of international law, the context for this conflict is seldom if ever acknowledged let alone discussed.  Put simply, Putin has for more than two decades, expressed legitimate concerns about NATO expansion.  Presidents Bush to Biden and all in between have assured him that would not happen.  And yet the Alliance has expanded to Russia’s very borders; and subsequent overtures to Ukraine to join NATO must surely have been the last straw.  The invasion of the Crimea in 2014 (prompted by fears of NATO expansion) which Obama and Cameron allowed to happen without any effective response was an early warning ignored by incompetent leadership in the West.

President Putin, unlike President Biden, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, President Macron, Prime Minister Meloni, and Chancellor Scholz, takes protecting his borders and his country’s sovereignty seriously. Tactical nuclear weapons at his doorstep are simply unacceptable. He was compelled to respond.

While his pronouncements are difficult to follow due to the media blackout, he, unlike any Western leaders, also speaks forcefully in favour of the importance of the nuclear family and of Christian values. For this he is condemned to villainy and his countrymen and women have been outlawed.

I look at this man-made disaster with great sadness who I think of the millions of good men and women, mostly of European ancestry, who died in two World Wars thinking they were giving their lives to protect the values they cherished and keep their countries safe for their children and generations to follow. It seems they lost them for nothing.

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  1. Hi Hannes, I appreciate understand and agree with your sentiments and disappointment. ‘disgust’ is my feelings. Having agreed with you it may seem curlish to disagree about the final. “For the West The End Is Nigh” no! it isn’t, far from it. Unless the Orange Man sings and the MAGA Movement crumbles, everything is in the air. The enemy, that is to say the Democrat Party Swamp (“DPS”) have shown their hand, they have “gone to the mattresses”. In my opinion the DPS will do whatever it takes to prevent an Orange Man victory. The big question is, will the red states support the MAGA Movement, if they also go to the mattresses? If they do, then I wholeheartedly believe they will win. It will be a civil war and what the DPS has been spoiling for. The final outcome will return the USA to sanity.

  2. I do nor agree with the following comment (quote) ‘It is unthinkable that any Western country will seriously abdicate their sovereignty to the WHO!” Regrettably this WILL happen, eventually, because the globalists want it and, like Megan Markle-Windsor, “what the globalists and their lap dog the WEF want, they get!” It is just a matter of time. You might be able to slow it down but you can’t stop it. Reason? “sheeple” and apathy, plus the fact that Bible prophecy confirms it. But, good luck trying! I am with you all the way!

  3. Hannes, an excellent article. I hear what you say. Including between the lines. What makes it even harder is so few are truly awake. I know a little about Stephen Mitford Goodson, murdered?

    The same forces which pushed Germany into war are now pushing Russia into war.
    Germany forced into war. WWI was a trade war. WWII was to finish the job. The British Empire crushed Germany.
    I believe Russia could have beaten The Ukraine quite easily though may have thought Blitzkrieg to be unwise.

    in response to other comments.
    I am not an atheist though sceptical of much of the Bible.
    There is no Rapture. People have to stop believing that nonsense. Mary McDonald. Darby stuff. Not Biblical.
    Some praise Christianity and talk against homosexuality. The Bible says the end will not come before the great falling away. The Great Apostasy. The damned Christians have homosexuals in their pulpits. The Christians are carrying out their own Apostasy. Go figure that one.
    The Bible refers to the return of Christ the Messiah and also warns us first the Antichrist will be revealed 2 Thess. 2 who incidentally may also be the Jewish Messiah.

    Power problems in Sth Af.? Yes, what happens when one closes power stations and build useless wind turbines.

    PhilCurtis who was the person who took over the Friends of Rhodesia Campaign. Interesting.

    1. There are “christians” and there are CHRISTIANS!!!! Churches with homosexual priests are part of wokism and are not REAL Christians. They have been infiltrated, like everything else by the Globalists.

  4. A group of German- American scholars, The Frankfurt School, who developed highly provocative and original perspectives on contemporary society and culture, drawing on Hegel, Marx, Nietzsche, Freud, and Weber. Not that their idea of a ‘cultural revolution’ was particularly new. “Until now,” nations were killed by conquest, that is by invasion: But here an important question arises; can a nation not die on its own soil, without resettlement or invasion, by allowing the flies of decomposition to corrupt to the very core those original and constituent principles which make it what it is.
    These are their guiding principles:
    1. The creation of racism offenses
    2. Continual change to create confusion
    3. The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children
    4. The undermining of schools’ and teachers’ authority
    5. Huge immigration to destroy identity
    6. The promotion of excessive drinking
    7. Emptying of churches
    8. An unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime
    9. Dependency on the state or state benefits
    10. Control and dumbing down of media
    11. Encouraging the breakdown of the family

    1. Your list covers it all, but I would add the curse of “Political correctness” which stifles many who recognize the disaster which faces us .
      Patrick Walsh

  5. It is very sad that what you write here is all 110% true Hannes.
    A reluctant Putin was forced to declare war, and if he hadn’t, it was likely that actions within his high command would have forced him to, one way or the other. Russia’s 20-year provocation was intentional, and the intended result was the great windfall for the military industrial complex. These psychopaths have engineered every war since the 19th century. These these shadowy unelected masters of deception have been playing this game for a long, long time.
    There is copious proof that governments have been manipulated since before our grandfathers were born, and anyone finding him or herself in a powerful position who was not part of their plan was and is manipulated by the carrot or the stick, like good little donkeys, to do their masters’ bidding. Money or death. The Italian Prime Minister Meloni who did a complete turnaround after being “got at” is a prime example.
    I have only come to this disgusting and terrifying conclusion recently, my eyes opened by this contrived pandemic, which all began when the “novel” coronavirus (actually a bioweapon and not a virus) was first PATENTED in 1989. By Pfizer. Now Pfizer is gearing up to sell new technologies to fix the sick people injured by its “vaccine” in the first place. A planned win-win. FFS. That Pfizer remains free to continue to unleash its latest ghastly untried technologies upon the unsuspecting public without severe retribution is all of the proof I need to confirm that, for the very rich, being brought to book for mass murder, and worse, mass injury, will never come about. Not while the current goonpig leaders are in power at any rate. Like the ANC’s unconcealed theft and wrongdoing will not be punished if they win this next election.
    Our control by these maniacs depends entirely upon our ignorance and inertia. We need to talk, teach and do. We must become the soldier that our children need us to be – and right now! No one wants this, being a soldier takes me waaaaay out of my comfort zone, but failure to oppose will end in our demise or miserable incarceration. Ask Chinese people how they like their lives. We fight, or we succumb. You choose.
    That people like me can finally understand a centuries old plan, concocted by incredibly rich and powerful people to control the world, is entirely due to forums such as this one. Well done Hannes and your team.
    You cannot fight an enemy you never knew existed, but these bastards have finally shown their hands. Rich, unelected, self-appointed white men who want to control you entirely. Sociopaths all. We see you now.
    Digital currency is key, no cash money = complete control over us all. Fight the adoption of CBDC with everything you have.
    If like me you brought kids into this world, you have no choice but to stand up and be counted. Opposing the WHO Pandemic Treaty, soon to be put before world governments, is a very, very good place to start. Watch while most of the 194 countries on Tedros’ list of supporters contemplate signing this treaty, which in effect will allow this failed minister of health, this ex-gook, this paid lackey of insane people like Bill Gates, to dictate the way you are allowed to live your life. Squirrel will put SA’s name on that list, and sign for your enslavement. IF you allow it.
    Do not be afraid. Act. There is a growing army of people around you, that you will meet and hopefully join.
    Learn. Talk. Discuss with likeminded disillusioned people. They are everywhere and need guidance. We are many and growing fast.
    The atrocities so well hidden are becoming visible, and at last the sheeple are becoming pissed off wolves.
    Act. Enlist in the most important army of your lifetime.

    1. It never ceases to amaze me that we rightly accuse our western leaders of every crime imaginable yet we make them out to be the good guys in their campaign against Russia, accusing Russia of “provocation” as in the article above. The west has known for a long time that the eastward movement of NATO was a red flag to the Russians but wave they did. They broke the Minsk agreement with the Russians and swallowed up more and more countries into NATO. The attempt to do so with Ukraine was the final straw. Ukraine becoming a part of NATO would have pushed a foreign army into the belly of Russia, only a few hundred miles from Moscow. In fact if you study Russia’s geography, that massive territory is indefensible beyond the Ural mountains because its vastness would allow any static defence to be outflanked with ease. So Russia has to defend itself in eastern Europe. And the western leaders knew this, setting about in the 1st instance by removing the democratically elected leader of Ukraine and inserting him with a corrupt puppet. I am no lover of the Russian government but I would have copied what Putin did to the letter. Another thought, Russia is rapidly becoming the last bastion against wokism and the defence of Christianity, which in essence is the real enemy of the wicked elect; losing wokism and being subect to Christian principles.

  6. A very worthwhile and timely article Hannes but how many of those who very much need to be made aware of the no longer impending wave, but ongoing transfer of civilisation to Muslim fanaticism care to read or take note of it? Until there is a radical reversal of teaching in universities and schools from the present acquiescence that comparatively recent Western history is responsible for the inequality, lack of diversity and other leftist beliefs apparently prevalent in todays society, will the younger generations understand the values that made the West the bastion of civilisation in so many countries. Countries who having abandoned civilised standards are now the worlds beggars dependent on the elitists who happily exchange crumbs for their mineral resources.

  7. Hannes,
    My viewpoint and sentiments exactly.
    Then there be the sheeple who merely follow and do nothing but criticise.
    I don’t believe that you are morose at all.
    There are the pessimists in life.
    Then you have the REALISTS in life, of which there are a many, that are is able to “see” through all of this.
    There is a very distinctive fine line between pessimism and realism – they are not same.
    The rest are blind to reality.
    Take heart

  8. One of the most depressing features of modern existence is the number of traitors who have infiltrated ostensibly conservative organisations, and that they operate with impunity and without even trying to hide their contempt for us.
    I know it has been going on for years, but it still makes it difficult to comprehend.
    I remember back in the 70’s, when I was active in the “Friends of Rhodesia Campaign”, the organisation was taken over by a slimy, smooth talking English creep (I forget his name now) who had, as we discovered later, ties with MI5 and had obviously been planted. He destroyed the organisation in short order.
    I am afraid that I have the same suspicions of the leader of Britain’s Reform party. Tice has made his position perfectly clear with his pushing for vaccine mandates and his latest visit to donate vehicles to Ukraine. He is obviously a shill for the globalists, but the unsuspecting voters will continue to support him.
    Very depressing!

  9. Great article Hannes. Olive Tree Views have similar but based on Biblical Prophecy and an end time scenario which I concur with….

    Jan Markell hosts Tom Hughes and Brandon Holthaus. An entire post-Rapture system is being built now. The spirit of the Antichrist is active today. In 2024, expect numerous crises to get the globalist’s agenda in place which intends to control everyone. 

    “When They Control Everyone – Olive Tree Ministries” https://olivetreeviews.org/radio-archives/when-they-control-everyone/

  10. Hannes, so well expressed, apart from your views on Ukraine I totally agree with you.
    What we have seen, are living through, is the decline phase of the Rise / Mature / Decline cycle that governs the planet. The Left are the rampant cancer that facilitates the decline phase. Prepare yourself, the die is cast and there will be no turning back.

  11. Putin and Viktor Organ are probably the only leaders fighting the world woke agenda in northern hemisphere.. If ones cares to have a look at the Kalergy Plan, initiated by a gentleman of Austrian/Chinese origin of Talmudic religion. He stated in late 1890s that all the people of Europe must be displaced by Middle Eastern/Afrikan races, or bred out.. Wikipedia tells us that is false. But guess you probably know who controls world media.. Obviously the plan has been expanded especially to the States. Texas governor now trying too late to stop the surge.
    Getting back to our woes, recorded , but little known history. Going to turn of 1900s a document was discovered written In hebrew translated to Russian then in 1923 translated to English. The Protocols of the learned elders of Zion. A great study of human behavior to manipulate the masses for world denomination. Only need key positions of influence and power coupled with unrelenting visciousness and corruption. Today most positions of power are from this tribe or secret societies that they control.Manager of WEF. Schwab has had a school/college going for decades for young talented future world leaders. Half of Canada’s cabinet are from there. As is Jacinta Stern, also that horrible chancellor from Germany and countless others. Have been reading about this since a wake up call on leaving Rhodesia. I said to many of my Rhodesian friends, that they never recognised their real enemy. Yes we had to fight back on the ground. It is a shame more suit cases didn’t go to London and given the green light. Got loads of reference book titles If you need reading material. Copped lots of vilification on my stance. But do not have to remember too much when all the truth fits.


  12. Great article
    Exactly how I view the situation. Must be our shared Rhodesian heritage

  13. “When you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing-
    when you see that money is flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors-
    when you see that men get richer by graft and by pull than by work, and your laws don’t protect you against them, but protect them against you-
    when you see corruptions being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice-you may know that your society is doomed.”
    Atlas Shrugged 1957

  14. The times we live in mirror exactly what our Lord Jesus Christ said would happen in the last days. The current geopolitcal alignment fits in perfectly with Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38, the latter a military troika of Russia, Turkey and Iran. Look at who has just visited Turkey, the Ayotollah and next week Putin. This grouping attacks Israel according to Ezekiel 38, hot on the heels of the Psalm 83 war, a war between the proxies in Gaza, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria, with the west of Iran pulverized and Damascus flattened, never to be inhabited again. The Bible has never had ONE of its hundreds of prophecies fail, ever, yet people admire and avidly follow Nostradamuses confused and error-filled visions of the future. The Bible predicted Israel would be born again in a day. It happened. It predicted the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem and it happened in AD70. Hundreds like this have never failed, so I live in hope of one prophecy, which will also not fail and that is the soon return of Jesus Christ as a warrior King with eyes on fire, to put to an end all the evil described in Hannes’s post. I look forward to the near event. Do you?

    1. Well said Mr Ballinger sir!
      I am not convinced these are the end times though.
      As you say, the Bible has NEVER been wrong, not even once, which affirms that amazing Book IS God’s true message to his family here on Earth.
      Before the end times occur, the third Temple is built and as of today, there is fokol construction under way in Jerusalem, or any hint thereof.
      So, not yet methinks.
      I too am unafraid of the events as prophesied in Christ’s Revelation to John, but I cannot help but fear for those that have not yet accepted Yeshua as their Lord and Saviour …

  15. Life’s too short Hannes to share your depressing world view – but I fully concur with your comments on Putin and Ukraine (without the irrelevant ‘Christian’ bit) – it’s Russia’s centuries-old history with Ukraine – which was an integral part of Russia until recently – for example, Kiev, one of that country’s lead administrative cities, in conjunction with Moscow and St Petersburg, orchestrated the opening of ties with China 400 years ago – and have been doing business with each other ever since. Ukraine was the disastrous exit route of Napoleon’s great army that took out Moscow. It was the invasion portal for Barbarossa and all that followed on the bloodiest Eastern Front – the worst German atrocity of the Second World War occurred just outside Kiev, millions of Russians, soldiers and civilians have perished against the nations invaders … and, and, and … the feelings and history run deep for several reasons and this invasion by proxy, what NATO expansion eastwards effectively is, is a red line which utterly incompetent Western geopoliticians thought they could cross with impunity – notwithstanding that a ‘man of steel’ was leading the Kremlin. There isn’t one leader in Russia since Ivan the Terrible – includes Nicholas II, Yeltsin or Gorbachev – who wouldn’t have given the order to attack Ukraine, given the signed intentions by Zelensky and the Americans to do so in November 2021. God knows how Stalin or Khrushchev would have responded. The signatories to this document are the real criminals here. This was the moment war became inevitable. If Putin hadn’t given the order to attack his generals would have replaced him with someone who would. It raises eyebrows in the U.K. that 95% of Russians believe they are the ones who were attacked. I’m surprised this number isn’t higher. Personally I’m thankful for Putin because he’s a calm head here and kept the lid on the crazies, who are so incensed about this provocation they want to go nuclear. For your pessimistic prognosis Hannes that last catastrophe is far from impossible.

  16. Hi Hannes, I sympathise with your mood, of despair and gloominess ! However I see not only Green Shoots that herald the rise, and expressions of sheer disappointment, and deep seated anger,evident in dozens of countries!This anger from Sweden, Holland, Ireland, France, Italy, UnitedKingdom, Germany, Canada, and of course the United States, is deep seated, and in my view represents “ Ordinary Hard Working citizens feeling GATVOL, with Davos elitists , ruling political opportunists , and their Globalist agendas! All of us who broadly share your views, must hope and pray that the MAGA movement and their standard bearer Donald Trump , is returned to the Presidency, and MAGA Senate candidates , such as Kari Lake are elected!!( One only needs to look at Freshman Senator JD Vance, to get a upbeat, or a more optimistic view of the future
    The US will in my view be the catalyst to completely undermine the Soros of the establishment. It is unthinkable that any Western country will seriously abdicate their sovereignty to the WHO!! So Hannes as our good friend Roy Bennett used to say” Pamberi Onwards and Upwards Johnny”” Kind regards John Gibb

  17. I, too, have the same thoughts.

    Last week, on Fox Business channel, Maria Bartriromo had Governor Abbot, Texas, USA, speaking.

    Mention of an emigrant stating “soon you will know who I am”, to an agent, Border Patrol, State Trooper?, in a stern and menacing tone.

    Thank you.

  18. My family says the same thing about me. Funny how most people wish to preserve nature, and a good thing it is too, but don’t give a fig about the demise of Western civilization.

  19. Hannes. Great article. Whilst I am not religious, or even church going, I believe the church, bible and Christianity were offering us a message of how we should live our lives. And it is the 10 Commandments that we should be ruled by. Each one and collectively, would guide us humans to peace. What we have now is opposite of everything those 10 tell us. I will suggest that we no longer fear God, and we can steal, men sleep with men, and when they dont, they sleeping with the neighbour’s wife. Dont tell lies, or steal, but honour your parents,- All this is gone, and we have no longer have a moral compass.
    Solution – I don’t know. Perhaps let God take back control, noting the repeated massive floods, earth quakes and hurricanes. Maybe now is the time for those wayward souls to pray?

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