The Medic,

In my humble opinion, there remains no greater threat to our freedom than the HUGE snake in the grass that STILL lies waiting for a very complacent and unwitting South Africa.

It seems that soccer, what’s showing on Netflix, and other vital daily activities take preference over our conscious management of more important matters. Like this dreadful amendment, perhaps!

I hope though, that after reading this, you will all vociferously stand up and be counted, for yourselves and for our children to come. And be critically mindful of the waves of skullduggery and dirty tricks to come. Because by now it does not take a genius to realise the assault on our freedom will be relentless.

Since we last spoke about this dangerous amendment, two countries, Ukraine and Canada, have autocratically employed these dodgy points systems that will ultimately enable the Great Resetters to cast the yoke of slavery over us all, while we happily watch soccer and Netflix. Until they switch these off, that is.

Our backs are quite literally to the wall. Please understand these radical New World Order people mean business and will succeed unless we actively oppose them. I predict we will own nothing and be anything but happy. People in China TODAY are unhappy that they do not have the points to travel by air and must take the bus. Think about that for a minute. The stuff you take for granted, the everyday decisions you make, will become a sad memory. Without access to your money, controlled by the goons in the WEF, who will own the one world bank (as is the case in China) your daily options will become, well, extinct.

On 14th April, two lawyers acting for for Action 4 Freedom, Mr Naven Pillay and Advocate Sabelo Sibanda, obtained an order preventing Health Minister Joe Phaahla from “processing” these new regulations until May 3rd.

A stay of execution if you will pardon the pun.

Amongst other things, this latest draft of the health regulations, an amendment to the 2017 regulations, will allow for the draconian enforcement of the following: 

  • People may not be allowed to refuse being examined or to provide biological samples if they test positive for a communicable disease like a coronavirus infection. But that’s okay it is for your protection.
  • Action can be taken if infected patients refuse admission to a health facility or to isolate or quarantine. For your protection.
  • Steps can be taken where patients refuse “mandatory prophylaxis”, to effect treatment, isolation or quarantine to prevent transmission in case of an outbreak. For up to 10 years. For your protection.
  • Medical officials or police officers may obtain a court order to force individuals into quarantine or to remain in a hospital. For your protection.
  • Attendance at funerals and night vigils and attendance in public places including churches may be restricted. For your protection.
  • They can surveille the living daylights out of anyone. Mobile, email whatever. But, yes you guessed it, its for YOUR protection.

Given the fact that the PCR, inexplicably STILL the “Gold Standard” for Covid-19 testing (unless you understand its sole purpose was only ever to falsely inflate “pandemic” numbers), can test anyone positive for virtually anything, so no one is likely to get a fair shake of the stick if our hitherto massively over-reaching (its for your own good, we are just protecting you) authorities decide to use the RT-PCR tests.

For clarity’s sake I remind the reader that the INVENTOR of the Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction PCR test, Nobel Laureate Kary Mullis stated repeatedly that PCRs should NEVER be used to detect active infection. It just could not do this with any accuracy, even if used properly which has not happened since Wuhan in 2019.

Additionally, this test has been used (under specific instruction from our beloved WHO, the world’s most committed vaccine distributors, who are funded liberally by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) during the last 2 years were used at over 45 amplification cycles. The test is designed to be used at under 25 cycles – use at above 40 and the test becomes 97% inaccurate! Especially for goats and pawpaws! – see below.

Hey, did you know the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was originally known as Bill and Melinda Gates Population Control Foundation? Too obvious, so they shortened it a bit I guess.

The Reuters report on May 3rd 2020 made the now late President of Tanzania John Magufuli famous for showing that both his goat and an arbitrary pawpaw tested positive for Covid-19 using this ridiculous PCR. Magufuli died very suspiciously soon after his giving the finger to global Covid-19 authorities, and while we are here, did you know that no less than six African heads of state have “passed away” since this “pandemic” began. None of them were sympathetic to the narrative or measures suggested by the WHO and its cronies … eish.

This “quarantine” mechanism smacks suspiciously of indefinite detention without trial or just cause, and we thought we were past this! The ghosts of our apartheid past must be falling on the floor laughing. They could only dream of this control.

As I write this, the matter lies before the High Court and Judge Hayley Slingers has reserved judgment on this challenge by Action 4 Freedom, so hold fingers one and all. The Cape High Court will hand down its ruling next week. If we lose, these health regulations will provide health officials with the abovementioned powers to manage patients testing positive for Covid, and more.

A positive PCR, easily done and easily repeated (or fudged) if not positive the first time, and basically you are toast.

Oh, and watch out for our friends at the World health Organisation, who want us all (every country in the UN) to adopt the WHO constitution. Why on earth would these maniacs need a constitution you ask?

The answer is so we can adopt it silly, for our protection – and the resemblance it bears to the amendment we are urging you all to stop is very, very striking. Hey, you think maybe the same bunch of maniacs wrote it?

Keep your eyes wide open people, because up until now they have been eyes that were wide shut.



2 thoughts on “For Our Protection?”
  1. Now… About those comments “Zimbabwe won’t happen in South Africa…” Ah well, guess what SA has been stupid enough to keep in power, just like Zimbabwe! It was only a matter of time… Soon you’ll be in the same sorry state, but then, just like Zimbabwe, you get what you vote for!

  2. What amazes and concerns me most about these latest proposals is the fact that this Government believes they can manage all these regulations “for our protection”. So far with the clowns we have in parliament and the help of most of the ministers they have managed to make a complete cock up of everything they “manage”.

    To give this Government the influence and power they seek over our lives is an invitation to disaster. It all smacks of Russian and Chinese methodology. They are, after all who taught them.

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