The climate conference is officially underway…

Simon Lincoln Reader

AT LEAST the pedophiles at The Pedophile Project in the US will be thrilled that there’s another confected spectacle to draw attention away from their pedophilia (in less than 2 hours last Friday these idiots managed to unite both Republicans and Democrats in condemnation). #FLOP26 started yesterday in Glasgow, with Joe Biden signaling his commitment to reducing excess two days before…by driving through the streets of Rome in an 85 vehicle convoy (during his meeting with the Pope, Biden allegedly suffered a, erm, “bathroom incident” which delayed him. Before Jack Dorsey’s pedophiles sprung into action, #PoopypantsBiden trended on Twitter).

There’ll be plenty of “bathroom incidents” over the next twelve days. “This is our last chance to save the planet,” urged Boris, leader of a party whose ministers recently voted, discreetly, to shunt untreated sewage into rivers and the sea. John Kerry, a longtime connoisseur of Gulf Streams, will be there too and on Friday Greta Thunberg arrived to shit on us here in London. I recently met the man who ostensibly “found” her in the way the late Peter Beard found Imam – and it wasn’t George Soros. He’s a camp young American who once founded a Pete Buttigieg fan club where admirers, all seven of them, would gather every week on a Wednesday evening to talk about the hopeless US Secretary of Transport. “Just talk?” I hear you.

Then there are the others. Mark Carney is an undistinguished Canadian Goldman-ey former Bank of England governor and the UK’s current climate envoy (non-job) – a millionaire who gets bossed around by the billionaires at Davos (I’ve always wondered how pathologically egotistical people like Carney and George Osborne tolerate being simped like that?). Glasgow isn’t Davos, and these lower forums are the places where Mark and George get to hold court and distribute instructions. So Mark’s been asking on Twitter if we know our bank manager’s position on climate change, insinuating that perhaps you may wish to keep his or her name on some kind of a list….?

Share SLR There is a bigger problem. The Foreign Office, like much the rest of the civil service, has spent most of this year reading Ibram X Kendi (born Henry Rogers) and Afua Hirsch and Robin DiAngelo – so it might have slipped them that neither Vladimir Putin nor Xi Jinping are attending. One of Boris’ advisors told me that the Prime Minister was hopping mad when he discovered this three weeks ago – having previously been told that Xi would definitely attend. Boris’ husband Carrie is also furious: in the unlikely event Xi attended and in the even unlikelier event commitment from China was squeezed out, a photo with the chairman would ensure she’d never have to tread the potentially humiliating route of candidacy and elections and surgeries. Cyril Ramaphosa is not attending. Jair Bolsonaro is not attending. Those demented clerics in Iran have better things to do.

The eco-terrorist group, Insulate Britain, tried to block cars again last week. Enraged drivers then splattered its insurgents with ink. New Braveheart looks shit.

First the good news. The climate establishment is just like the modern Democrat establishment – that is, managerially incompetent but culturally radical. So even if the hare-brained ideas are costed properly (no doubt by the same young KPMG Western Europeans wearing ill-fitting suits who invade SA the moment a renewable energy program is announced), it’s unlikely they will be implemented properly. Then the bad news: they could try to implement the policies, but screw them up – making Mark Carney’s $100tn thumb-suck of today sound like an early Gautrain thumb-suck. Then the even worse news – and to paraphrase Mr. Meghan Markle’s wife Harry – the present condition of the world’s mental health is poor, and a jolly this size, featuring so much anger, is bound to result in conflation. First coof with climate, then coof and climate with racism. Piggybacking on the latter will be the protected class’ alphabet, which will see that identity ultimately triumphs over sense – just like the riots in the wake of George Floyd’s death, the scientists will shore up the side of identity. So stupidity, even more stupidity – then some division.

My friend James Delingpole frequently promotes the theory of the Great Reset and all its components – one of which is the climate change agenda (the only other relatively high-profile media personality who does this is Emerald Robinson, the Newsmax reporter who frequently makes that White House Karen Jen Psaki cross). I have no doubt that someone like Klaus Schwab, sitting on the end of his bed every evening in purple y-fronts rubbing Camphor Cream into his arms, has designs on the world – but grasping the full extent will take intelligent manpower – and I’m afraid there just ain’t enough clever or reliable people out there. Conspiracy? I’m not sure. Cock-up? Definitely. Take for example Joe Biden’s recent revelation that he thought it was okay to trash the deal with the French to manufacture submarines in favor of Australia – because he didn’t know that the geniuses at the State Department had “lost” a volume of the original agreement’s text. That Never-Trumper slim-tie shrieker Ned Price, one of the faces of the over-qualified, anti-charisma Biden administration, sparked an explosive diplomatic incident – because he couldn’t locate some papers, or wasn’t aware of their existence. Even by the standards to which we are becoming accustomed, this is quite something.

A few weeks ago someone sent me the now-widely circulated video of Greta Thunberg dancing at a karaoke, presumably in Sweden. It’s actually not cringe. Its sad, because for a fleeting moment you see a young woman genuinely having the fun of her age – the fun of being around people, of dancing to 80s music. It’s not unreasonable to conclude that her frustration at her own condition has been exploited and weaponized, first by her ambitious mother, then other parasites – I wouldn’t be surprised if something like impregnation-by-Somali-immigrant-named-Musa isn’t in the script somewhere.

The people shrieking in Glasgow have been shrieking since the early 70s. They’re also the same people who said that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction and that lending people money who had no prospect of repaying it was a good idea. They were wrong about the coof, lied about Julian Assange and Russians, told us that Hillary would win, lied about Syria, threatened us into trusting Fauci, then protected Fauci’s brazen dishonesty. But relax you filthy far-right January 6th racists – they’re totally going to solve climate change in the next 12 days!


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  1. One of Australia’s most eminent environmental scientists Walter Jehne – has a number of video clips on the environmental issues that we face globally on which I respectfully suggest that readers on this site have a look at. BrIan Oldrieve the founder of Foundations for Farming, an international charity based out of Harare has revolutionised the way people treat the soil. Many great scientists from Africa like John Acocks from Middleburg, Jan Smuts who created the Donga Doctors ex serviceman’s course in conservation and extension – and the likes of Keith Harvey who drove the NRB and John Lea who was professor of Crop Science at Natal University were both Wits Donga Doctor graduates who both left us a great legacy to uphold. There are tiny steps afoot to build on these peoples’ great foundations in an attempt to reverse the environmental rape of the earth by “Lord Carrington’s new British heroes in Africa” like Zuma, ED and Mugabe – but it will be a slow process. One day we will even need those whiskey drinkers at Flop 26 to understand the works of Jehne, Oldrieve, Acocks, Harvey and Parsons before we have any hopes of turning the ship. In the interim we need to get our facts, figures and plans in order to tackle the problem practically and scientifically. Regenerate Earth is a good place to start.

  2. It was Enoch Powell who reminded us that we can all struggle to get over the air that we breathed and were brought up on as children and young adults and only later in life may we make a responsible judgment on what is right and wrong. Similarly Jan Smuts did warn the world of the environmental degradation from a growing population globally. Modern South Africa can desicrate the busts of Rhodes and Smuts – but
    they both had visions of immense capacity and for great nations in the future. I caution Mr Reader to take note of the works of the esteemed botanist John Acocks in defining the environmental legacy left by “civilisation in Southern Africa commencing in 1652.” A drive through the Karoo and the Transkei will give an indication of how it is in 2021 and Acocks gave us an indication of how it may have looked in 1648. Australia and the USA have their own dust bowl stories to tell and a lot of these have come from the efforts of the ploughman and the cowman alike. The climate story is a soil story and a grass story which is inextricably linked to a cool moist soil carbon sponge which has been abused for a long time – a modern tragedy in fact. Assuming that we can simplify the debate to a Labour versus Conservative or Republican versus Democratic populist debate would appear to be a massive over simplification of a complex issue that requires professional scientists rather than journalists or politicians? Soap box thumping charismatic oratory can only last a short time when compared to the works of the Keeling dynasty of pure science – unfettered by politicians and journalists. We now need integrity in these fields not hot air.

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