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As the saying goes in the Northern Bahr el Ghazal region of the Sudan: that goat is well and truly f*****.

By the time you read this, I would have voted in the London Mayoral elections at my local library. These elections are – naturally – about Gaza, Eritrea vs Ethiopia, the Armenian genocide, Iran, Pakistan – a big theme of these Mayoral elections – and shitty art with shitty messaging sitting on the 4th Plinth in Trafalgar Square, like extravagant piles of vomit courtesy of abnormally large pre-teen.

On Tuesday, the leafy Essex village of Hainault woke up to a maniac brandishing a machete – the same kind of weapon Sadiq Khan (now we’re going full caliphate, pronounced Saa-dik Gaan) jeered recently as being exaggerated. The guy, a Spanish Brazilian national killed a Nigerian teenager then cut two cops up properly before being tasered and arrested – “diversity of outcome”, surely.

But the combination of Gaan and College of Policing via its handbook have relegated these kinds of crimes. Couple to this the entry of Mark Rowley as Metropolitan Commissioner and the scene resembles the Mbeki-led demolition of the SA police force into a “service”. Such a hopeless approach, such inept, effete execution has resulted in a city losing its “reasonably safe” status in less than a decade. London is now dangerous, and not a single bus stop or corner is immune from some menacing teen in a dirty grey tracksuit or a tweaker banging his face against the glass.

The idea that Gaan will win because “London is no longer an English or white city” is not true. He will win because those whites who haven’t fled and who still make up a considerable voting block will cast for him, alongside every other transient group be they African, Middle Eastern or Eastern European. And you can’t blame them: these groups don’t particularly like Gaan or his policies, but many are offended that the supposedly-sensible conservatives haven’t bothered to present a vaguely compelling alternative.

The kind of white people who voted for Gaan today? I’ll give you the most recent story – in the last week. Like many sensible people with no desire to get poorer, a friend of mine recently decided to pack up and ship off. He had bought a house in a Victorian row in a smart part of the city and refurbished some of interior before moving in. Throughout the refurbishment, he was persistently badgered by his neighbours which he found annoying, unreasonable, as there was never heavy drilling or banging. These neighbours had a Labour poster in one of their windows facing the road – just so you know of course: “here live Labour supporters”. The woman was a researcher and her husband used to work as an executive at a television channel. When my friend decided to sell, word got out to these neighbours and the next thing the fish-lipped cow with spiky grey hair was at his front door wagging her finger in his face. “We object to this kind of thing,” she scolded, “this was clearly a profit flip for you.” It wasn’t. His children are young, his business is being battered and the useless conservatives have instituted punitive taxation: that he would want to offer better prospects to his family is academic. Even though he warned her to back off, the following day an unsolicited proposal was slipped under the door. The neighbours claimed they had caught him bang-to-rights, and because he had been exposed – despite no crime being committed – they were offering a solution: “we will help you find a buyer”. But to do so would – obviously – require a drastic reduction in the headline ask. 40% off. They claimed in the proposal they worked with a “trust” who found houses for the “marginilised” and “underprivileged”, and concluded that they had long sought to break-up the 98% white European occupancy of the street. “There is enough space to host 3, possibly 4 families.”

Gaan’s next term will do London a harm from which it might never recover. Businesses are already fleeing, the nightlife is shot, there’s never been a better time to get stabbed and the stock exchange is a pile of shit. The only thing that’s left is the residential property market, but as the story above reveals – his useful idiots are all over it.

*My friend Harriet Sergeant has documented a series on London’s knife crime – links below:

Coming next week: “Baby Reindeer is the national animal of Adriaan Basson”.

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  1. The West has mental cancer, part of the Woke Disease spectrum. Fish-lipped Spikey Grey is typical of a terminal case.

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