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In an odd way, looking back, I think I was fortunate to have grown up in Rhodesia. Thanks to that experience I was introduced early to what is now known as ‘fake news’. This, courtesy of the BBC because I heard their reports on what was happening in the country and I knew they were lying. When not lying they were reporting a distorted and one-sided view of events because they were pursuing a clear political agenda and were never going to allow the facts to get in the way of a good story. Regrettably, because of their global reach, they were highly effective in their goal of mobilizing the world into adopting a hostile position and thereby wrought the destruction of the country. But never in my wildest dreams then did I think I would live to look to Moscow for credible reportage and that is exactly where I find myself today.

While most Western media outlets, particularly the BBC, continue to mislead their listeners with distorted facts and figures regarding the pandemic, RT (Russian Television) News is giving welcome attention to the bigger picture, and this includes the success story coming out of Sweden that we hear so little about. Sweden’s reaction to the outbreak from the outset was one of wise moderation involving virtually no lockdown restrictions while providing sensible guidelines for living with a problem their doctors, scientists and politicians recognised as a threat and one that would not end anytime soon, but not dangerous enough to warrant the confinement of the populace to their homes indefinitely and the self-destruction of the economy.

At this point in time, Sweden is reporting one of the lowest infection rates in Europe and no recent deaths. Their model appears to have been the most successful and therefore this news must be suppressed. RT also goes on to report on the massive surge in drug-related deaths in many Western countries including the UK and US and there is little doubt these deaths are directly related to the regimens in place as we ‘follow the science’

The reason why the BBC and other ‘liberal’ media ignore the Sweden story is because it does not suit the political – or the new ‘woking’ class .  I am sorry to say it, but I did see this coming, wrote about it and pissed a lot of people off, but Corona has provided a heaven-sent opportunity for politicians all over the world to grab power, remove or curtail liberties and rule by decree. None of them will be happy to surrender these powers anytime soon and so the bad news needs to keep coming.

Let’s face it, the Corona virus was the platform to power for a seemingly constantly confused Joe Biden. The media convinced Americans it was all Trump’s fault, of course, and his removal from office was the only way the country could recover. Drug companies played their part by withholding the ‘good’ news regarding the vaccine until Trump was gone so the new administration benefited from a wave of confected goodwill. Biden assured the electorate the solution was at hand once in the White House; the vaccine was 98% effective and all they had to do was get the jabs and it would be back to the good old days. Biden and Fauci also assured their listeners it worked on all variants.

Just how long the Biden people can ride this wave of disinformation is questionable. Credible reports indicate the majority of Americans being admitted to hospital with Covid are those who have been vaccinated and they are also being told it is ineffective against the variants so nothing has changed really.

A more frightening example of how the scientists and media have provided the politicians with the pretext to take a country ever closer to a form of totalitarianism comes out of New Zealand. As we know from history the rise of fascism almost always comes from the left;  and the far-left government of Jacinda Ardern is proving this once again.

Under her, the country is starting to look ever more like North Korea with borders slammed shut and ridiculously strict lockdown rules despite the fact that deaths from the disease are minimal. Sadly, the majority of people in the country believe these rules are in their interest and they seem happy to suffer accordingly. If, as seems likely, the rules will only be relaxed when people stop dying of Covid then they might be locked down for good.  

Since the pandemic broke I have been a sceptic; not because I know anything about science or medicine; I know close to nothing; but because I have looked warily at the people driving the narrative and I don’t trust any of them.

Apart from the mainstream media this starts with Ghebreyesus the Ethiopian gangster at the head of the World Health Organisation (who appointed Robert Mugabe as WHO goodwill ambassador) at the behest of his Chinese benefactors;  Tony Fauci, the chief medical advisor to the president of the US who changes his story every time he opens his mouth; and a legion of so-called ‘scientists’, all of who are from the liberal-left who seem to have got little right.

What all these people do have in common, however, is their shared belief that only they know what is good for the masses; any dissent from their mandates is utterly unacceptable and punishable by an array of restrictions and exclusions.

Stalin and Mao, Godfathers of totalitarianism, would have been proud of their successors, but surprised that their acolytes are flourishing in the ‘democratic’ West. And, most troubling of all, the majority of people in the western democracies appear to be celebrating the shackles on their freedom. This might well be the end of what was once known as ‘freedom’.

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  1. Hannes, it’s a credit that you acknowledge you, “Don’t know now anything about science or medicine”.

    I offer some doctors that work in intensive care, anaesthetics and surgery who can increase your knowledge on COVID-19 and the physiological effects it has on the human body, and its mode of infection. All of them are Rhodesians, one served in the RLI and other in Selous Scouts.
    I placed their photos in my dropbox.



    You choose?

    I do recall seeing you in John van Zyl’s video on the memorial for Andy Johnston and Dennis Croukamp. According to John van Zyl they died of Covid.

    Interesting about your view on lockdowns. When you were doing your training in the RLI did you express you opposition to CSM Erasmus or Captain Tarr about being confined to barracks (lockdown) for the first few weeks of training, or the change and shine parades that violated your rights and freedom?

    What about all the businesses in Rhodesia that were forced to pay half pay to all us who served. I know the company I worked for paid me five years in wages, and of those five I only worked 18 months, the rest was in the army. What is the dfference betwen then and now?

    Interesting that my mates who own business in South Africa and Zimbabwe have informed me that they have been busy since the Covid epedemic was announced. For some the glass is always ‘half full’, that gives them resilience to adapt.

    Have an awesome day.

  2. I am an applied scientist and I very much agree with your comments here. Dr John Ioannidis, the world’s most highly ranked life scientist ever, was recently asked by a forum of Austrian, German, Swiss and Italian epidemiologists and virologists why governments had ‘not followed the science’.

    He didn’t know the exact answer, but his response equaled ‘politics’. A malevolent ruling class has subverted the rule of law across the western world and the consequences have not even begun to register. It’s going to be a rough ride and it’ll be a miracle if we get out of this debacle in a manner that does not exceed 1939-1945 in it’s ferocity.

  3. Nice article Hannes. As we learnt early on, review your sources and separate the wheat from the chaff. Also not a medic I find the dishonesty in reporting the wu-flu abysmal. With the amount of propaganda going into the mill one wonders if they protest too much? And yes we have to search for any and all viewpoints to see where the truth lies.

  4. Agree with you Hannes. I also watch RT news and Al Jazeera as part of my daily news gathering intake:). I take out what I need and discard what I think is irrelevant to my views. I find BBC to be too focused on narrow narratives and I like a broader outlook on world affairs. Thank you once again for an interesting article…….

  5. In truth, how trustworthy is the RT news Hannes? I recall my first memory of the description of “fake news” emanated from the MH17 disaster in Jul of ’14. Russia did its level best to divert everyone from the truth, concocting frankly implausible explanations (via RT) for the downing of a civilian aircraft in which they had played a very active role. Thanks to the doggedness of the Dutch investigators aided by Beillingcat’s Eliot Higgins and his extraordinary use of social media posts with old CIA technology to grind the truth out, the Russians were caught out. MH17 was deliberately shot down with a Buk missile system supplied by Russia.

    As to Sweden’s infection rate, it is very similar to Belgium’s with a slightly larger population (11.3 mill to Sweden’s 10.2 million) but with widely differing population densities – 383 to 25/sq km. According to Covid Worldometer today, Belgium has had 1 136 726 million infections and 25 268 deaths; Sweden has had 1 084 456 and 14 620 deaths. To Sweden’s credit it has managed the deaths better. I’m not sure if there is a lot to celebrate – it’s affecting everyone and now we hear of the Lambda variety in Peru…

    Hard one all round as we in Australia face regular lockdowns on the strength of a handful of infections by comparison to the world stage. The strategy seems to be “crush” it in McGowan’s words, the WA premier. Can we indeed crush it? It seems the growing consensus is that we must live with it and use vaccines to help do so. It is perhaps to Sweden’s credit that they learned to live with it before anyone else.

    As to the BBC it is one of the most accessible news networks in the world and it has indeed not changed its spots in 50 plus years since the reports of African workers taking a rest at lunchtime in the park in Salisbury were claimed to have been shot by the BSAP. The question has to be – to which drum beat is the BBC pedalling its news?


  6. Dankie Hannes, Heeltemal te veel waarhede hier, maak ons wat kan dink, gefrustreerd, en die res happy. Go Figure!

  7. The famous former Times journalist Douglas Reed wrote a book “The Battle for Rhodesia” and an earlier one “The Siege of Southern Africa”. What happened in Southern Africa was a classic illustrationb of Oswald Spengler’s famous quote:”there is no proletarian, not even a communist movement, that has not operated in the interest of money, in the direction indicated by money and the for the time permitted by money – and that without the idealists amongst its leaders having the slightest suspicion of the fact” john.cruttwell@sfr.fr

  8. I am somewhat disappointed with your comments re Covid 19. While I agree that the restrictive policy both here and in many other countries has been taken too far, as someone who has been ill with Covid 19, I think you have to learn more about this virus before going into print.

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