by Hannes Wessels

All of us who follow the news are getting used to being lied to but this dishonesty normally relates to the distortion of facts, the twisting of half-truths and very often, the highly selective reporting of events that ignores any evidence that rebuts the chosen message. But now we are moving into exciting new territory where we, the dumb proletariat are expected to believe a work of pure science fiction is actually empirical evidence supportive of a political and racial narrative that we are increasingly compelled to believe in.

I have not been able to summon the stomach to watch this trash so forgive me for my lack of attention to detail but I think I know enough from what I have read to tell you that this is a film produced to convince any stupid cynics who may still be hiding out there, that left to their own, African-Americans, are more than capable of constructing, defending and supervising a utopian super-state that makes the nasty white pigs who put together what is loosely known as Christian civilisation, look like a retarded bunch of heartless underachievers. It is also a not so subtle slap in the face of that particularly malevolent male chauvinist with the orange hair and a restless Twitter finger who had the audacity to make an outrageously disparaging comment about ‘shit-hole’ countries and the fact that some of these are somewhere in Africa. This drove the liberal fascists who control the mass and entertainment media apoplectic with rage and so here now, they spit and scream, is a sci-fi ‘castle in the sky’ to prove the orange-haired monster is wrong yet again.

Far-left cheerleader in chief, the New York Times, carried a review of the film which was predictably effusive in its praise but went on to state, quite unabashedly that, “To the politically minded, the Wakanda (the fantasy country that provides the setting for the film) of “Black Panther” offers an almost too perfect a rebuttal to President Trump’s comments in January in which he referred to African nations with a disparaging Trump’s expletive.”

One African-American academic proclaims proudly that; “This is a society that remains perfect because it has wisely been kept secret from the greed and cruelty of the “colonizers,” as the Wakandans call the people of the West.”
Another, Mike Jones who is a member of the Missouri State Board of Education, explains; “Black Panther provides a balm in Gilead that will make you feel whole; it is inspirational and could also become transformational. It provides comprehensive, emotionally satisfying answers to those eternal existential questions all people ask: Who are we? Where did we come from? Why are we here? For the two hours of this film, we know what it feels like to be a whole human being.”

So there we have it; in very clear and direct pronouncements, based on not one single fact, the only reason Africans and African-Americans have not outperformed their Caucasian cousins in almost every sphere of human activity is because they were enslaved, oppressed, abused, colonised and corrupted by people who have the same skin colour (not necessarily hair colour thankfully) as Donald Trump.

Unfortunately, very few people are interested in the truth but if they were there are some real-life examples much closer to home that also provide lots of excitement in terms of sex, crime and violence but come to a different, somewhat, shall we say, less ethno-enhancing conclusion.

Sadly, there’s plenty to choose from but it’s worth having a politically incorrect look at what happened in Detroit, which was one of the great cities of the world. Racially charged unrest broke out in 1967 and a rabble-rouser called Rap Brown fired the mob up with a raucous warning to “Let white America know that the name of the game is tit-for-tat, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and a life for a life, ‘Motown’, if you don’t come around, we are going to burn you down!” Rap meant, what he said and they did. The most destructive riots in the history of the country followed, the National Guard was called out and the whites fled for their lives never to return.

In 1973, Coleman Young, an angry, African-American with Communist proclivities and the often violent support of the real ‘Black Panthers’, became mayor and in his 20 year tenure completed the tough task of reducing a great city to rubble and ruin. In December 2013, Detroit broke new ground when it became the first city in the US to enter bankruptcy. Greed, corruption and atrocious governance have wrecked it and today the drug-trade is a central hub of the local economy, the gang-leaders, the barons of trade and commerce.

Haiti, not far from the American mainland is a place recently in the news, again for all the wrong reasons that should provide some real answers to the ‘Black Panther’ praise-singers and how they can ignore this is astonishing but they do.

Colonised by the Spanish after Columbus landed there in 1492 it became a mercantile and maritime hub with a growing economy when a revolt sent the Europeans packing and the country became independent in 1804. The new black ruling elite immediately enslaved much of the populace and then set about pillage and plunder. By 2010 Haiti had received $38 billion in aid and is the poorest country in the world where millions live in misery. The country produces nothing other than disease and that is probably the sole export. A big slice of the local economy is trading in body-parts so cemeteries are a hive of commercial activity. It meets none of the conditions that define a ‘country’, it is not a ‘failed state’ it is a ‘collapsed former country’.

I don’t know what countries in Africa President Trump was thinking of but with strong links to the US maybe it was Liberia? Liberia, incidentally, was never a European colony, it was ‘colonised’ by freed American slaves in the early 19th century who arrived with massive financial and infrastructural support from the US government which wanted to do all possible to help the new arrivals grow a country. Just as in Haiti, the new rulers immediately set about enslaving their minions who were also denied citizenship. Slavery was only officially abolished in 1929, which is almost 100 years after The Slavery Abolition Act was passed in the British parliament.

Despite being blessed with natural riches and international goodwill a familiar path to self-destruction was followed. In 1980 a soldier by the name of Samuel Doe took power after disembowelling the incumbent, William Tolbert. He lasted 10 years before he was tortured to death in a grisly process that ushered in a civil war. In 1997 another beast called Charles Taylor declared himself president after a campaign made famous by the slogan, “He killed my Ma, he killed my Pa, but I will vote for him!”

Samuel Doe being tortured to death

What followed is surely some of the most gruesome, politically inspired violence in history when hundreds of thousands of innocents were tortured, mutilated and murdered. A favoured game played by the Taylor-led militia was betting on the sex of unborn babies before slashing open the wombs of living mothers to remove foetuses. One of Taylor’s senior commanders, General Buck-Naked, insisted on his troops drinking the warm blood of murdered children before battle. While the blood-letting swamped the homeland almost 500,000 of the best and brightest Liberians were absent. Strangely enough, they were in that bastion of racial oppression known as the USA. In 2013 The Economist rated the country the worst place in the world to live. Almost everyone lives in penury and nothing in the country works.

We live in tumultuous times and many say nothing new is happening; the world has always been fractious and violent and they might be right but never have I felt so fearful for my children. The campaign being run by the entertainment and media moguls of the present, seems almost entirely focused on the vicious vilification of people of European ancestry and there are enough psychotic or stupid people out there to believe this vindictive, racist crusade against an ethnic group that created the most successful and progressive civilisation in history is a just and necessary one.

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  1. An excellent essay.

    But what of South Africa now? The threat of land expropriation hangs over the head of every white landowner after the recent Parliamentary vote.

    Are we going to see the fulfilment of Seer van Rensburg’s visions?

    If you DON’T believe in it you are “stupid”
    If you DO believe in it you are a RACIST.

  3. Thank you another interesting one. In Oz the majority are on welfare and hands out, mainly the coloured ones, the full bloods or blacks hardly ever hear from them.

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