Hannes Wessels,

Only through listening, reading and learning from experience over many years have I become an unrepentant sceptic when it comes to the received wisdom of the time; the views of powerful politicians and their cohorts who run the establishment media have come to ring increasingly hollow.

In the build up to the second Gulf War in 2003, Western leaders, with US President George W. Bush at the fore, and the media beating the war-drums, assured us Iraq’s Saddam Hussein was about to unleash a chemical attack on Europe. Dissenters and peaceniks were silenced. A disastrous, pointless invasion followed. The story about the chemical weapons turned out to be a lie.

Former US Vice-President Al Gore shocked the world when he revealed the fact the polar icecaps were melting fast and seaboards around the globe would soon be flooded. That was also a lie.

When Donald Trump was elected president in 2016, we were assured this was only because Trump had colluded with Putin and Russian hackers had rigged the country’s electoral system. We now know this was a lie.

When the Corona virus appeared we were placed under house arrest because the virus was so contagious and virulent the world population was about to be decimated. That was a lie. When a vaccine was produced, we were assured it would provide immunity and halt the alleged ‘contagion’ and so were compelled to receive it. Another lie.

We are now told the war in Ukraine and the ensuing collateral crisis that affects us all in some shape or form, is solely the responsibility of Putin. I do not believe that either.

But at this moment the people of the western world are being loudly and routinely admonished for their recklessness with regard to energy consumption. Their unreasonable desire for comfort and warmth we are told is causing global warming and making a planetary catastrophe inevitable if not enough is done immediately to curb carbon emissions. The fact that carbon emissions in the UK are down 40% since 2008, 22% in the US and 17% in Europe has done nothing to assuage the fear mongers who are demanding nothing less than complete lifestyle changes. The threatened measure promise, not only to make life tougher for the majority, but threaten to break some of the world’s largest economies.

With all this in mind, I have spent the last two months on the road covering thousands of miles of territory in southern and eastern Africa. In a way I wish I had not done so because I’m heartbroken. Many of the places visited I remember well from my earlier years and virtually everywhere I travelled the fields were on fire, there is damage, devastation and dereliction.

Once vibrant farms and towns have been wrecked but I kept telling myself, all may not be lost, and they might be reconstructed. Far more troubling is the devastating deforestation of once fruitful, luxuriant landscapes that provided a bountiful range for myriad forms of life while protecting the underlying soils and breathing life into our atmosphere. The fact is, the trees that have long shaded the continent are disappearing at an unprecedented rate and a real live environmental catastrophe is rapidly unfolding which will soon see much of the landmass become a dustbowl.

I kept asking myself why are Al Gore, Greta Thunberg and their acolytes so silent. Where are the Global Warmists? Where is the Green Movement? Where are all the so-called environmentalist who scream so loudly about carbon emissions? Where are the ‘Tyre Extinguishers,’ presently prowling UK streets at night puncturing the tyres of SUV’s?

And all the countries I visited are riddled with supposedly well-intentioned NGO’s and associated bodies that claim to be there working to make Africa and therefore the world a better place. I know they are there because they are easy to spot on the road because they invariably drive the latest, most expensive 4×4’s, and in the towns and cities because they are among the tiny few who can dine in the swankiest restaurants. Yet nowhere have I seen any sign of any of them being involved in any effective, purposeful efforts to stop, or at least slow this dreadful process. My contempt for these overpaid frauds is exacerbated by the knowledge that in this region, some of the last people standing who are actually working hard, sometimes in great danger, to protect what is left of the wilderness are actually white Africans, many former compatriots among them, who are also hunters, and so belong to one of the most vilified groups of people on the planet.

But, taking another step back I suppose the reason no people or power will intervene to stop Africans destroying Africa is simple; it is the same reason all the world knows about George Floyd but very few know about the Rwandan genocide. The reason they know about Floyd is because a white policeman participated in his demise. When the Hutus massacred almost a million Tutsis no whites were seen hacking people to death with machetes so there was no need to report on it or intervene.

The same applies here; it is difficult to blame any Europeans for this unless one can find a link to slavery I suppose and if they cannot be blamed then there is a need to ignore. So while, Africans, the poorest people on the planet, are orchestrating a population explosion without parallel which will certainly lead to the poorest becoming even poorer, there is apparently no call to mention a possible need for family planning. And because the economies of these countries are either stagnant or in decline there is absolutely no chance these millions of people will ever be employed in any semblance of a formal sector where they might contribute to some sort of economic growth.

Virtually all are subsistence pastoralists employing primitive agricultural methods involving deforestation; a limited period of land use before soils are leached, and then a move to virgin land, more trees removed, making for an inexorable cycle of ongoing habitat destruction until there is little left. Apart from trees felled for land clearing, charcoal production has become a revenue mainstay for these people which does more damage. And where the big trees still stand in the forested areas, the Chinese are busy removing them.

This lamentable process would be harshly criticised elsewhere but because these are Africans, and this is Africa, there is nothing to see here; nobody is prepared to risk their jobs or reputation suggesting Africans might also be asked to consider the health of the environment, have families commensurate with their disposable means, and to protect their natural resources, because this will almost certainly be deemed ‘racist’ and maybe even ‘hate-speech’ leading to a criminal prosecution.

Far safer and much more popular to continue hurling abuse at the usual villains; the people of European descent who inhabit western Europe and the US. “At the heart of the climate crisis,” writes Oxfam’s Gail Smith, “is a horror story of injustice and exploitation. Leaders of rich polluting nations continue to allow fossil fuel companies to amass an average of $2.8 billion a day of profit as they watch the world burn, whilst the poorest countries least responsible for the climate crisis are hit hardest.”

It is worth noting the only southern hemisphere leader who attracts the world’s ire on environmental grounds is the one who is being the most sensible; President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil; the reason; he is a white, Christian conservative and a patriotic libertarian.

Thanks to the liberal globalists who now dominate our world and through a supplicant media, have convinced the world that whites are uniformly rich and bad, and blacks uniformly poor and good, much of this once magnificent continent is on fire, and going quickly into a gigantic bag of charcoal.

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  1. Should read…..

    We all remember the former Pom PM Fabian socialist sociopath Tony Blah Blah (Blair) waxing lyrically about Saddam’s weapons of mass hysteria back in the early 2000s…….and Lizzie II knighted him for his services!!!!! Well, she did knight genocidal maniac dictator, Comrade Bob Mugarbage as well so say no more……

  2. Good stuff H. One thing we can thank this recent pandemic for is that it has made quite a few of these grey, nasty, behind-the-scenes psychopaths show their evil hand. It is now crystal clear, indisputably so, that they own and ruthlessly manipulate the MSM, which is lying to us about literally everything.

    I am reading some of David Icke’s stuff again (Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster), and what he wrote about the world, and especially the US “leadership”, the various monarchies, the Vatican, and pretty much everyone in power. This book is an appalling eye opener. He wrote that book in 2002 and jumped into the #1 conspiracy theorist position. Like you he has a lot to say about the Bush boys, Clinton, Gore and Liz II. Much of it is now provably spot on the money.

    Reading it 20 years after it was written leads me to believe this bloke might indeed be one of the very few people not orchestrating this massive global deception, who has actually been aware of the political and financial realities of their control of the rest of us living on planet earth. We are seemingly blissfully unaware of the threat of being led a merry dance into abject slavery, and still we do nothing. The moment we allow the WHO to control our countries’ medical policies, and the banking systems to control our money it is game over.

    And old Squirrel Hideyourbucksinsofas is a WEF “graduate” and committed to this terrifying outcome, so SA is well and truly in their cross hairs. We will quite soon all be well and truly f%&*ed and completely unable to do anything about it.

    Wake up. And fight this, we have no choice – or our kids will never know or enjoy the life we have had.

    1. David Icke? This is irrational rationality. Africa has been burning for more than 50 years. Since its inception the west and east has finacially lobbied members attending the Organisation of African Unity for their own selfish interests. Some have enthusiastically pointed a finger at former British politicians, but have remained deathly silent on their Afrikanner heritage that sold Rhodesia and south Africa out. It is interesting that Rhodesians whinged about foreign governments (Britiain, Australia, New Zealand and the mighty USA) interfering in our domestic policies and telling us how we should live. It apears these same Rhodesians are now content to comment and pass judgemet on other countries affairs. If we all swept our doorstep, before telling others how to live the world may be a better place. This forum has argued that Trump and Elon Musk will save us. They are part of the elite, that is how theyr made their billions. I wish you well in placing your faith in the delusional writtings of David Icke and his alliens. Finally, what have you personally done to make the world a better place in the last 20 years. From Hannes writings we can assume he has been doing all this travelling to accomodate wealthy Americans and Europeans lust for hunting, and has been extremely well rewarded for it. Having observed the many posts on various Rhodesian forums, it appears many former Rhodesian are living in poverty, and relying on the goodwill of others. My guess is this last comment would be valid in 2022, if all Rhodesians were relocated to their country of birth today. The Rhodesian elite sent their children to foreign universities while others fought for their country for 4 to 6 years; and left with R$500.00 and their suitcase (in my case). I wish you well in placing your belief in the delusional writings of David Icke, and his belief in alliens comming to earth.. As for you “wake up” comment, you may want to read “Judas Goat” by Wynand du Toit. Wynand was in the recce in SA, and the Afrikanner politicians and SA military knowingly betrayed him and South Africans. You can look up his interview on Youtube. The fightging should have happened a long time ago. Where were you?..

      1. Hahahahaha, wow Quentin, what a load of crap: your badly conceived, confused and poorly spelled post barely makes sense. One might say it is quite irrational. Maybe you need to ignore urges to post things late at night after enjoying a few too many bevvies?
        I for one was not aware of the alleged humanitarian-qualify-to-post clause on AU, although I believe I have done as much as any reader to “make the world a better place”- this would indeed be the first time I have seen that pre-requisite in force, so maybe it is just part of your illogical ranting ….. and your banging on about the “Rhodesian elite”, what’s with that shit, when Hannes’ article did not even mention that wonderful, albeit ever dwindling, bunch of people? If you don’t like Rhodesians, or Rhodesian forums maybe give this one and the others a miss in future? Your comments are those of a hostile witness, not welcome and not worth anyone’s time.
        You were obviously too preoccupied with the voices in your head to get my points, those being (i) the fact that Icke’s long held perceptions, previously deemed to be wild and weird, are becoming provably truer by the minute, and (ii) that if we are going to survive this global agenda, the readers should wake up to the fact that we need to push back 4king hard (with everything we have, in fact) against the WEF, the WHO and all of those other psychopath infested acronymed organisations, that are trying to kill the world, and enslave any survivors. Namely us.
        And in sunny South Africa I suggest the reader starts here https://capegov.org/ where real people are committed to DOING something rather than bitching about it. Get involved. Like good little Rhodesians we should fight these bastards tooth and nail. If for nothing else, for our kids!!!
        VIVA CTA.

  3. Russia for its sins has been wronged by the same people, a total disregard for the Minsk Accords, and the many blatant provocations. One has to read “In search of Enemies” by John Stockwell, Its a closer to home read about the CIA and Angola and how the USA attempted to gain the oil fields and mineral wealth of the country. One can easily switch out the names and places and replace it with Ukraine and the protagonists in the war there and you will have a mirror image of the war but not in 1975/80 but in 2022 and in Ukraine. I read another article supported by many more, that the EU had secretly eyed the vast grain fields of Ukraine and proceeded to set up whereby these would be owned and managed by the big agricultural corporates, let alone control of the oil and mineral in the east of Ukraine. We see the attempted removal of small famers in the Netherlands and western Europe through autocratic legislation all under the guise of climate controls. One should read the Oakland Institute’s report, its on their website under “Walking on the West Side”. Climate change policies are not about climate change but control and manipulation. Its no wonder that Bill Gates has become the biggest land holder in the USA. We see the USA openly wants to weaken Russia with an eye to controlling the vast wealth in that country. Sadly the people of Ukraine are the pawns in a very big scheme by the elites , WEF and the rest to control the earth. As the article says, Africa is the source of cheap labour and materials, the EU sees itself as a “Garden Country”. according to Borrell. Obviously he wants to see roses and smell them in his utopia, forgetting everything else in the world needs smelly coal and gas. We are far from being on sustainable energy. As Ian Smith said “he wanted responsible government in Rhodesia”, all we see now are totally irresponsible governments all headed up by the USA. I haven’t forgotten China who would be not far behind the West in its use and abuse of the rest of the World. A staggering two thirds of all the countries in the world have been subject to USA and UK manipulations through World Bank/IMF loans, assassinations, regime changes, voter rigging, coups and proxy wars. There is no interest in proper management in any country, its all a big money making game at the expense of voters and tax payers. Things will need to change for times to improve.

  4. Thanks Hannes. Great article about an ongoing tragedy. Reading it out at COP 27 as petaseel suggests would be such a win.

  5. Bang on the nose, Hannes. To add to the wholesale destruction, you describe so well – much of Africa is now also drowning in litter; testament to the fact that the ‘poor Africans’ are not really that poor!

    1. Hannes, you have tapped into the nub of the bullshit surrounding the Woke Twitterati Brigade. Ignore the REAL issues, deflect and blame the mostly innocent and promote mayhem. Lenin didn’t term the Fifth Columnists Useful Tools because they were useful, just that most of them are (disappointingly limp) tools!

  6. Yeah Hannes, we all hear you, but make no mistake, these concerns are noted. We are at a turning point and that a single incident will trigger a world wide return to environmental compassion. Articles like this are edging us towards the inevitable flashpoint, “Ex Montibus”

  7. True as always, Hannes. I am most grateful that World-wide though small in number, we are still a band of sane, like-minded folks who still have to be proven wrong in the World of Lies that are ever persistent in their attack on and of the Truth.

  8. I couldn’t agree with you more Hannes, having recently moved to the UK from Zambia the mind boggles at the wokery over here!!!

  9. Another brilliant piece thanks Hannes!
    I fly every 6 weeks to and fro from North West Zambia and Harare, the deforestation and charcoal production is as shocking as the western worlds/media silence of the rapid and wholesale destruction of her natural resources.
    The Rape of Africa’s resources by its own people who by the way show little empathy for her dying natural beauty is sickening to say the least.

  10. Excellent article. What a shame it cannot be much more widely distributed. I’d like to see it read out at the COP27 gathering in Egypt next month!

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