Hannes Wessels,

For a democracy to survive there needs to be a general consensus among the citizenry about the need for important fundamentals to be sacrosanct. One of those fundamentals is the rule of law must be impartially applied and the judiciary that presides over it must be apolitical. Unfortunately the deliberately hyped Covid threat gave politicians the opportunity the opportunity to rule by decree; they grabbed it, and got away with it. The impact of this is here to stay.  

The FBI raid on Donald Trump’s home in Miami, Florida may go down in history as a watershed moment in the history of this extraordinary country. With this brazen abuse of the law enforcement agencies to try and silence a political opponent the Biden administration, with Merrick Garland in the vanguard, has discarded that fundamental and brought their country into line with a host of Third World countries, many of them in Africa, where all the organs of state are at the disposal of incumbent politicians to suppress opposition to their rule.  

It is now abundantly clear, following a litany of incidents, that any American who registers as a Trump supporter does so at great personal risk to their safety and security. Being frightened to take an overt political position is a familiar scenario for many Africans but it appears Americans are to be similarly constrained – or for that matter millions of Brits who voted for Brexit in 2016 but would not admit the fact. This is not new; under the direction of Obama-appointee, Lois Lerner, the Internal Revenue Service admitted they were paying particular attention to associations and people linked to Trump and other conservative causes.

In the much celebrated ‘January 6th’ congressional inquiry, aimed at proving Trump engaged in seditious behaviour, absolutely no attention is paid to the killing of a small, unarmed white lady by the name of Ashli Babbitt, by a recently disciplined black policeman. While she was protesting the question is did she deserve to die for her actions? Similarly, no attention is paid to the fact that it now seems certain that one of the main instigators of the riot, Ray Epps, was, or had been a member of one of the law enforcement agencies. For reasons unknown he has not been charged. Trump and his fellow accused have been denied an opportunity to defend themselves in a process that has all the hallmarks of a ‘kangaroo court’.

Before Donald Trump even took his place behind the desk in the Oval Office the FBI targeted General Michael Flynn, for special attention. A decorated soldier and patriot, whose cardinal sin may have been his desire to mend relations with Russia, he was duped into making a statement that was then used to file criminal charges and thereby suspend his confirmation as National Security Adviser. Despite the unethical antics of a politicised judge the prosecution was compelled to drop the charges, but Flynn’s life has been ruined. I am in little doubt war would not be raging now in Ukraine had Flynn been left to get on with making the policy changes he believed would benefit America and the world.

Since then Paul Mannafort and Roger Stone have been jailed, having been convicted for actions that only seem to attract the attention of the authorities when the actors are Trump people. What Mannafort was jailed for appears minor compared to what is now conclusively known about Hunter Biden; but the FBI, and the Department of Justice, refuse to react to clear evidence of criminal behaviour which sits on a laptop in their possession.

Steve Bannon, once very close to Trump, now faces imprisonment for contempt of Congress which normally only applies to people in public office and Bannon is not such a person. When Eric Holder, Obama’s Attorney General, refused to testify on a pressing matter regarding his role in supervising the transfer of lethal weapons to drug traffickers, no action was taken.  

While the UK has not reached the same stage of weaponising security agencies for political gain, the treatment of Tommy Robinson and Katie Hopkins suggests the same trajectory is being followed. Robinson, by all accounts, a man who loves his country, was jailed for filming convicted rapists coming out of a courthouse. The problem for Robinson was the people he was filming were Pakistani Muslims and they appear to receive special protection under English law. With this special dispensation. Muslin ‘grooming gangs’ were allowed to rape and abuse thousands of English girls, whose only mistake was the colour of their skin. Literally hundreds of policemen, simply refused to intervene in stopping this mass crime because they did not want to risk their jobs by appearing to have acted with ‘racist’ intent.

A senior Metropolitan Policewoman has been absolved of any responsibility for having child pornography on her phone. Fortunately for her, she’s black and therefore the law does not apply to her.

In Australia, while following the tragic travails of my friends Patrick O’Dea and Russell Pridgeon who tried to help children in distress, I am now in no doubt that there is no place in that country for good men who cannot ignore the needs of young women who have been failed by the system, who cannot protect themselves. Their courage and selflessness has proved to anyone who might be interested, that the Australian judiciary, welfare organisations, law enforcement agencies and the political establishment are rotten throughout. Patrick is bracing himself for a ten-year prison sentence.

Letters pleading for understanding and support have been circulated to thousands of individuals across the political spectrum and throughout the relevant public sector departments, and not one has drawn a helpful response. The Australian media is silent and attempts by the two accused to galvanise opposition to this wretched system through the formation of the Australian Anti-Paedophile Party, have failed miserably.

I study this horrible reality from afar with great sadness having realised this is nation that is not what one expects it to be but then any country that determines Novak Djokovic constitutes a ‘threat to public order’ by playing in a tennis tournament, has surely lost its way. This is a determination that would be understandable if it came out of North Korea.

In all three countries it appears there is absolutely no reason to believe that any positive change beckons. This is because the majority of people who constitute the electorates, are either uninterested or cowed into servile submission and will be offering little or no resistance to the wilful dismantling of the systems that once made them great countries and a force for good in the world.

7 thoughts on “A Watershed Moment.”
  1. Some PLATO quotations:
    “We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”
    “The measure of a man is what he does with power.” — Plato

  2. Keep these coming Hannes. Maybe they will cause one or two sheep to snap out of their trance.
    I think too many people for far too long have underestimated the resolve of those who are intent on completely wrecking western civilization and bringing in their own ghoulish form of transhumanist, dystopian civilization, you know, the “You will own nothing and be happy” type of civilization that lunatics Schwab and Harai of the World Economic Forum have alluded to. Various chat groups I am on gleefully send on videos and information of ‘peaceful’ mass demonstrations by various groups who are protesting against the types of tyranny described here. Everything ‘MUST BE PEACEFUL.’ When are people going to learn? There is continual emphasis that demonstrations must be ‘peaceful!’ Are these people nuts? Do they really think after all the peaceful demonstrations that have taken place by Canadian truckers, farmers in the Netherlands, etc, etc, they have taken the slightest bit of notice? No Army or Airforce commander worth their salt would continue to use tactics that have proven to have failed time and again. These people are laughing their heads off. They are hardcore. These psychopaths make Hitler seem like something out of the film Love Story. Ultra sound devices have already been used by the Australian police against peaceful demonstrators in Australia so why must the population at large continue to employ tactics that are ‘peaceful’ and I am not referring to a frenzy of looting and burning? I am referring to an intelligent change in tactics. Hitler certainly didn’t tolerate any type of dissent and neither do these people as we have seen but their reaction is more subtle and far more deadly, ie like stopping farmers from producing crops and drying up fertilizer supplies plus many, many others that are so subtle most don’t see it. The oldest and arguably the finest airforce in history the RAF has stopped the recruitment of white males! They want foreigners and girls as pilots!! And still no one does a thing. Not a peep, except for the odd ex RAF guy expressing his feelings and opinions on a video. Mark my words, next they will turn on the SAS, SBS, Paras, Marines, etc, etc, until the British armed forces are completely toothless and still nothing will happen (I hope I am wrong, but I actually feel rocks for that bunch on that island) and all the while everyone gawking, staring, blinking, watching football and visiting pubs while these acts of high treason take place right in front of their eyes and not a peep from any of them! Unbelievable cowardice or stupidity or both. I have been hoping for a while that some gutsy ex SAS or SBS sniper might do us all a favour by dropping one or two of these pedophile, transhumanist madmen in their homes but I’m not holding my breath as it seems even people like this have been neutered. THAT would soon get their attention. Apart from an action like this they respect nothing, absolutely nothing. I can just hear people saying in horror “you can’t do that, it’s barbaric”, “uncivilised”, “are you a savage?” blah, blah, blah. Really? Well it’s no more or less uncivilised or barbaric or whatever than what we have been seeing unleashed on innocent people and families all over the world on a daily basis for far too long now. These people understand and respect nothing other than what they themselves have been dishing out to the world for decades.
    Only one of two things are going to stop what is happening.
    1) A mass awakening and action on the ground as a result.
    2) Divine intervention.
    My little two-and-a-half cents worth.

    P.S. Novack Djokovic constitutes a ‘threat to public order’ like Rhodesia posed a ‘threat to world peace’ according to that den of iniquity the United Nations. Yeah right. I think most of us have seen this movie before.

  3. Somehow I feel there is light here somewhere. The mere fact that articles like this are appearing more frequently, gives that tinderbox an inviting spark. There is going to be a fire, and we will see fresh, new growth afterwards.And in my lifetime.

  4. 100% correct – we all need to buckle up and get fit mentally and physically to fight this totalitarianism and eugenic agenda – there is a very clearly stated old plan being implemented to kill off as many people as possible and make the rest totally subservient. This will never work as totalitarianism simply kills itself in the end but we need to be strong to cope up and fight the next few years – the US is even more bankrupt than Zim ever was

  5. It is a serious state of world affairs when the rule of law is ignored to obtain political and other nefarious objectives. Thank you once again Hannes for this honest expose of world corruption and decay. We can only hope that the forces in play will be recognized and combatted by a reawakening population to end this scourge of that was once called Communism and Socialism, and which is now more recognizable as an endemic, media driven plague of misinformation and corruption.

  6. In a democracy: Parliament makes the law, government obeys the law, judiciary upholds the law. It is those Goddamned elected members of parliament who have done all the damage.They serve another master. Everything is deliberate.

    It will be interesting to see how The Donald goes in November.

    I remember your previous story about O’Dea and Pridgeon. It just aint right what they can do.

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