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The Kyle Rittenhouse trial was held in Kenosha Wisconsin, USA.  The case attracted worldwide attention and became a legal litmus test of what remains of justice and decency in the USA. 

An African-American, Jacob Blake, resisted arrest and disobeyed police instructions.  He suddenly reached into a SUV he owned, and got shot four times. Fortunately he survived.  Blake was armed with a knife.  After the travesty of justice served upon Minneapolis policeman, Derek Chauvin, over the self-inflicted death of ‘Saint’ George Floyd of Minnesota, the fascist Marxists were emboldened.

The city of Kenosha wilted as violent criminals besieged the city and burnt down businesses in another display of anarchistic lawlessness.

Seventeen year old Kyle Rittenhouse lived in Antioch, Illinois with his mother. Kyle’s father and other family members, lived in in Kenosha Wisconsin, on Lake Michigan, some 21 miles away. 

Kyle was a typical teenage boy, interested in small arms, life-saving and first-aid.  He undertook first-aid training and by his own initiative put together a practical first-aid responder kit. 

It transpired that Kyle was asked to help in guarding a vehicle dealership in Kenosha. The business had suffered serious inventory damage in previous nights of rioting.  He was one of a dozen young men invited to help the dealership. It was known that some rioters were armed, and so Kyle brought along a rifle that he was interested in buying.  He could not own a firearm until he turned eighteen. He also brought along his medical kit.

As the night progressed and the rioting started again, Kyle did what he thought was his duty.  He tried to extinguish fires in the vicinity of the dealership.  He also provided medical attention to at least three people who were injured.  

It was late in the evening of the 25th or early 26th that things turned fatal.  The rioters were emboldened and provoked the young men guarding the dealership to fight.  It was at the height of the malaise, that 36 year old convicted criminal and pedophile, Joseph Rosenbaum, noticed Kyle doing good works.  He brought Kyle to the rioters’ attention and incited them to attack and kill him.  Kyle tried to explain his good works but realised the danger he was in. He fled towards the Kenosha police precinct.  Rosenbaum chased after him and tried to pull the rifle out of his hands.  In desperation, Kyle discharged his weapon killing Rosenbaum.

A second rioter and also an violent ex-criminal, Anthony Huber 26, continued the attack and chased after Kyle.  Huber shouted violent threats and attacked Kyle’s head with a skate board.  He then kicked Kyle in the face.  Fearing losing consciousness and in defense of his life, Kyle discharged his weapon again, killing Huber.

A third attacker joined the fray to kill Kyle.  Gaige Grosskreutz 27 was armed with a revolver.  As Grosskreiutz lowered his revolver to shoot Kyle, he was himself shot in the arm and immobilised.

None of these facts were credibly challenged in court.  In fact the so-called prosecution witnesses actually verified the defence case. 

This case will go down in legal history as an aberration.  The prosecution departed from its usual role to prosecute the law and defend the people against criminality and wrong-doing.  In this trial the prosecution did its utmost to defend the criminals and to frustrate the law of legal defence.  The Defence did the prosecution’s job.  They protected the integrity of the law and secured a verdict from the jury that was in line with American values and justice.

The protests that followed in Chicago, Portland and NYC, against the ‘Not Guilty’ verdict, on all five charges, were primarily supported by Marxist socialists.  Imagine that.  Protesting against a ‘Not Guilty’ verdict.  Enough said. 

The conduct and bias of the USA Democrat Party and the MSM, has now been brought into sharp relief.  They were found to be biased, one eyed and prejudiced in support of the rioters. They refused to report the true facts of the case and went out of their way to distort the truth. Anyone with a modicum of decency would not want to be associated with such jaundice and evil.

By Will Keys  

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8 thoughts on “A verdict that made the immoral froth at the mouth.”
  1. Cricket finished for the day.
    As stated USA in a sorry state of late, and sadly a divided nation.
    I have too very close American friends. Poles apart in their thinking.
    My brother in law. New Yorker, ex USAAF . Supports the armed forces and police adamantly, no matter what they are accused of. Used to get into heated, prolonged debates on Facebook. But has no stopped. Lives in the UK. Loves New York, the “best city in the world”. His family Ian’s friends in NYC disagree and can’t wait to leave. Pro gun ownership, the more the better. Democratic party card holder. But hates Biden, denies he voted for Trump. But we all suspect he did. But to give him his due he never liked the governor of New York. Turned out he was correct.
    His son tried to o join the USAAF, failed ended up in the army. Got a wound from a base camp attack. Awarded the Purple Heart, succumbed to PTSD. Has never worked since. The less said the better. Phil calls him the bravest man he knows. I personally can think off over 100 Rhodesian that were braver.
    Californian, married lives in the UK. Highly intelligent, Democrat voter. Bring from the west coast more liberal mixed. Very active on Facebook. He would give Will a run for his money. Left USA to work in the UK. Loves it here. Soccer mad, hates American Football. Has got British nationality for himself and his family.
    His father, who I met lots of times, is a respected retired surgeon. Refuses to believe that Obama was born in the USA.

    That people illustrates the state of USA.

  2. I am glad that Kyle was acquitted. Alas America is a divided nation.
    Thought that I had better comment on Wills article. There will be two different posts. Just the ramblings of someone watching The Ashes.
    Was reading up on taser deaths in the USA. Still happening, dispute all protocol. I.e. teasers should be worn on the opposite side of the real firearm.
    Kim Potter is currently on trial for manslaughter. Same old thing., black male stopped for a traffic violation. Shot by accident by Potter. Who starts crying , when realising her error. Tragic. Keeping an eye on this case. But one thing surprised me. Wright, the victim, was stopped for two traffic violations. The first for a number plate fault? But secondly for having an air freshener hanging from his rear view mirror! Illegal in that state. How the officers even saw the air freshener is beyond me.
    Then there is Robert Bates. A 73 year old deputy, in Tulsa. Bates was a part time deputy, got the position by donating money and two vehicles to his local sheriff’s department. He and his colleague had arrested a black man,who was on the floor. Think handcuffed, but still agitated. Bates reached for his taser to subdue him. But deployed his firearm in error. Again can be heard crying in shock over his mistake. The Tulsa police initially disowned Bates, and even altered his training records. Bates sentenced to 4 years, now out after 18 months. This case never really made world headlines.

    Warner is approaching his century. Go Aussies!
    One final taser mishap that I have just recalled. A black chappie was arrested, and handcuffed. Sitting in the back of the squad car, Mr Unhappy. Not behaving. Officer reaches for his/her taser. Accidentally shot him 5 times! Another sad case.

    Don’t think for a moment that I am anti police. Just the opposite.

    In think we can all surmise that Will, Hannes and in fact will contributors are egging on Australia. Have to teach the Perfidous Albion a lesson.

  3. Thankfully, Rittenhouse escaped the court of the MSM which was how Chauvin met justice.

    1. Yes nice to see CNN in a bind with Cuomo on his way and now Lemon seems to have been up to similar tricks with Jussie Smollet; hoist by their own petard!

      1. Grosskreutz was not armed with a revolver he was armed with a Glock which he says in court. Rittenhouse was the owner of the AR 15 which he left in Kenosha at his friend’s house. At 17 he is by law allowed to be in possession of the rifle hence the reason the judge dropped the weapons charge.

          1. Look up the weapon a Glock is a magazine fed weapon not a revolver.There was no cylinder on the weapon. Get your facts correct.

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