Hannes Wessels,

At a time of year when many of us like to rejoice in the company of close friends and family while celebrating the good things in life my thoughts were with my friends Russell Pridgeon and Patrick O’Dea for whom this festive season is yet again experienced under a dark cloud with the possibility they may yet be incarcerated.

In April it will be nine years since these two good men went to the aid of a Queensland mother in distress who had fled in desperation from her home with her twin daughters, who she insisted were being sexually abused. Never in their wildest dreams did they realise that this selfless act of kindness was soon to bring forth the wrath of the fearsome monster that is the Australian government and its organs of state.

What has followed, almost incomprehensibly, is possibly the most extensive police investigation in the country’s history and the lives of these two men have been utterly destroyed. They have been jailed and bailed under onerous conditions, defamed by the media, harassed, bullied and impoverished and still there is no end to this nightmare. While most of the initial charges have been dropped because they were outrageous fabrications, lesser ones, although clearly flawed in terms of jurisdiction and procedure, remain in place.

Patrick O’Dea

In the years following their arrest they have reached out to hundreds, if not thousands of public officials and politicians from the highest to the lowest offices in the land, in a despairing search for someone brave enough to come forward and acknowledge the massive injustice that has been visited upon them but not so much as a whisper. If this country has a soul, it appears to be a dark one.

Having lived in Africa all my life, with a university training in law, I look at what is happening in Australia and the West with growing concern and a certain amount of irony. I grew up in Rhodesia which I look back on as a model state in the way in which the law of the land was applied. The Attorney General was not politically appointed, and the separation of powers was clearly defined between the executive and the judiciary. The system employed excellent law enforcement officers, and highly trained magistrates and judges who were men and women beyond reproach. Alas no more; in that country, along with the rest of Africa the law has become a political weapon available to those in power as a means to protect and buttress their positions which is why involvement in opposition politics is a dangerous endeavour.

Until recently I used to think this was a uniquely African scenario, but now I see we are far from alone here when it comes to subverting the law for political ends. What Russell and Patrick have done by refusing to         buckle under state-sanctioned pressure, is reveal a fundamental rottenness that has permeated many, if not all of the structures of state and a decision has clearly been made at a high level to punish these men for their insolence. This has all the hallmarks of a Police State in action.

In neighbouring New Zealand it appears political dissent is similarly intolerable. In a recent statement Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern made it quite clear to the citizenry that fascism, hiding behind a liberal façade, is the new order. In recent statement she explains: “We (the government) will continue to be your single source of truth. Unless you hear it from us it is not the truth.” This is the sort of message we have come to associate with a lunatic like Kim Jung-an in North Korea and it appears to have been received by a majority of New Zealanders with astounding equanimity.

In the United Kingdom it was recently revealed that the chances of a citizen being arrested for utterances on social media was far greater than in Putin’s Russia. In Russia, with a population far larger than Britain’s, last year, 400 people were arrested, while in the UK the number was 3,300. This against a backdrop of dangerous military intervention in a war in Ukraine because Putin is accused of being a threat to democracy.

In the United States it is now perfectly obvious to all that being a Republican (and worse being a Trump supporter) comes with the risk of drawing the attention of the State in some form, whether it be the Internal Revenue Service or the FBI and the Department of Justice; and this can have devastating consequences as has been shown in the indictment and prosecution of a growing number of people who are labelled ‘alt-right’ or ‘patriotic’. However if you are a Democrat, son of a sitting president, and there is copious evidence suggesting your criminal conduct you are apparently immune from investigation, let alone prosecution and imprisonment. In fact the perversion of justice in America goes further. It is now revealed, thanks to Elon Musk and the ‘Twitter Files’, that the FBI misused public money to bribe Twitter censors to suppress information appearing on the platform that incriminated Hunter Biden. So here was the country’s foremost investigative agency actually using taxpayer money to stop a criminal prosecution.

While I and many others hope and pray that justice and fairness will prevail and the distress for Russell and Patrick will soon be over, it appears bad is supplanting good in Australia and many corners of the world we used to think were ‘free’, and a dim tunnel is growing darker.

‘All is needed for evil to prevail is that good men do nothing’ they say; in Australia it appears, there is a woeful shortage of  ‘good men’.

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  1. Ntabenende, so the RF ignored the advice given by the “Rhodesian Governor who had farmed at Nyamandhlovu since 1928, and the advice given by the Chairman of the Constitutional Committee of 1964.” So what? Why should the advice of these two bodies be mindlessly followed? As the RF government was a rare case in the world at the time of being a government that was not corrupt through and through like governments around the rest of the world were, their decisions and attitude were generally reflective of the people who voted them in, myself included. You make much ado about certain individuals who were killed during the war, giving names, etc and conflicts between the military and the RF government and a certain “Smuggler-in-chief.” Of course people are going to get killed in a war situation and we all know mistakes were made, some of them bad, but hey, that’s the world we live in isn’t it? I am told there were one or two prominent individuals who were smuggling weapons in for the Rhodesian government AND at the same time supplying military hardware to our enemies. Since The Fall of Man this sort of thing has been going on and it will continue. I don’t see the point of nit-picking to this degree when our cause was a just one and the way we conducted and acquitted ourselves through fifteen years of paedophile-initiated sanctions AND a war to deal with at the same time was highly commendable.

    Minister Reg Cowper did not mislead the public into thinking we were winning the war because it was true, we WERE winning the war. Read “A Handful of hard Men” by Hannes Wessels.

    I rest my case.

    Cheers Ntabenende, I wish you well.

    1. I accept the so what but sadly the so what resulted in Lancaster House where John Giles was assassinated and HM’s Govt inflicted Soames and then Mugabe on the country for the next 37 years. I believe that Peter Drucker has differentiated between management and leadership and he might suggest that Rhodesia was very well managed but not well led? If we write the people and the country off I reckon that so what is a very accurate comment that can be applied to a lot of Africa but maybe not Zambia today? Have a good day

  2. Ntabenende, I fail to see what relevance your comments on Ian Smith, John Bredenkamp, Boss Lilford, B.J. Vorster and Rhodesia has to do in regard to the contents of this very interesting and sobering article concerning the pure evil and wretchedness of the Australian administration. Please don’t be deceived, just because, quote, “There is a massive amount of the budget spent on social services here – including families. Welfare in Australia $7,826 Billion, of which families get $1,37 Billion and Disabled persons $2,226 Billion. Health is over $3 Billion, Public Order and Safety $238 million, age care $2,792 Billion” does it mean the people running the country are not evil and need to be brought down by any means necessary, yes, even if it means people “taking the law into their own hands.” There are many, many times in history a population has justifiably risen up against tyranny and “taken the law into their own hands” to bring a corrupt government down. Don’t you see this? Perhaps you should read the article again and see just how evil the place is. Look a bit further into this and you will see how pedophilia has permeated into all western governments and western society in general. Look no further than Jimmy Saville and how he was adored by so many for “the great work” he was doing with handicapped and underprivileged children, etc, etc, etc, and all the time raping them. And what about Epstein and the rest of the rat bags? The list is long. These people will do anything to prevent their evil and perverted obsessions and deeds from being discovered. What better cover would there be for evil people to continue doing evil than to make the population adore them, and, as in the case of Australia make the population fully dependent on the state for everything under the sun? That way, very few would question any nonsense they get up to. What a brilliant tactic and smokescreen. And to finish off, your comment, “Zimbabwe and South Africa do not appear to allocate such funds to the general population but do tend expect the world at large to support their corrupt systems?” Why on earth do you think Zimbabwe and South Africa are like this in the first place? It’s because those two countries were thrown to the wolves by the paedophiles that run western countries.

    P.S. Your comment, “just as we were schooled in Law and Police In Morris Depot” is irrelevant. I was also schooled in Law and Police in Morris Depot but see nothing that I was taught there that would refute anything I have written here. What’s your point?

    1. My point is that the RF ignored the advice given by the Rhodesian Governor who had farmed at Nyamadhlovu since 1928, and the advice given by the Chairman of the Constitutional Committee of 1964. That Chairman had been a Matabeleland born young officer who was injured in France in WW1 before Ian Smith was born, and had subsequently studied at Oxford having been awarded a Rhodes Scholarship. Fourteen years later after the Mapai raid where Leroy Duberly was killed, the highly professional and brilliant FF officer stated that there was now a major military issue henceforth – eloquently stated in a Hannes Wessels interview. You will recall that General Brook gave a very similar message to Winston Churchill after the BEF had been pushed back in France? Brook’s words to Churchill were to the effect “there is no military reason for my men to remain in France as we have lost all our equipment and now risk total defeat and capture – but I am under your orders Mr. Pime Minister.” Dunkirk followed and the evacuated BEF were to be the core of the next phase of the war. I recall that it was Nigel Henson who delivered a very similar message to the RF?

    2. Similarly, I chatted with a Rhodesian born, Cambridge graduate who took issue with the Minister of Defence at a roadblock near what was Essexvale, in about 1975 – when this teacher accused Minister Reg Cowper of misleading the electorate that Rhodesia was winning the war. So angry was this young teacher at the time that he decided to emigrate because of the poor calibre of the RF Cabinet. Like the Former Federal AG in 1964 – the teacher could see the writing on the wall in that the RF was in denial. As per Voltaire, I sincerely defend your right to your opinion and opinions – but I attempt to look for the facts about what happened in France, Rhodesia or Australia and not follow popular traditional viewpoints. I am fully aware of the points raised about the Australian case and it will have to run its course in the courts. Interestingly, when Mugabe got into power – the RF Tobacco Smuggler in Chief was called in by Mugabe. When the Smuggler in Chief assured Mr Mugabe that he had only smuggled for the RF because the money was so good, Mr Mugabe was delighted and Phase 2 promptly commenced. The Smuggler in Chief told Mugabe that he had not done it for political motives for the RF – purely for the financial opportunity. Perhaps I am the only one still struggling to “put this in my pipe and smoke it?”

  3. As with all matters – there are many sides to this story. I fully appreciate and empathise with many of the replies to this excellent article. It is difficult to fully understand the complete picture and have all the facts – but there is a court system in Australia that is now under King Charles III. As a person who has been persecuted in Africa, I am sensitive to anybody taking the law into their own hands because there are legal channels to follow – just as we were schooled in Law and Police in Morris Depot, Salisbury. Back in 1964 and 1965 Ian Smith was warned not to take UDI by Humphrey Gibbs and the Chairman of the Constitutional Committee because it would lead to a civil war and international isolation – but their advice was ignored by Smith and this is well documented. Thanks to the excellent works of this forum – we can now see that in a matter of 28 months of UDI – Trooper Eric Ridge was killed in action (Bert Sacks the Officer) and Jeremy Strong found his old junior and fag from Gaul House to be the body he was extracting from an island on the Angwa River. The sad part of all this is that Rhodesia decided to “go it alone” and the end result was a John Bredenkamp leaving an estate of 730 million Pounds from his tobacco business activities set up by Ian Smith and Boss Lilford. Joining the dots we can easily see that November 1965 to December 1979 is about 14 years and we were led to believe that Rhodesia could take on Russia, China, Cuba, the USA, Australia and NZ, the EU, the UK and then in the final phase even RSA – BJ Vorster pulled the pin under Kissinger’s mentorship. I am sure that there are anomalies in the execution of the law in Australia but there is a system that generally works. I have no doubt that the persons mentioned here have and had very good intentions but unlike Zimbabwe, and to a degree South Africa – citizens of Australia are not allowed, or encouraged to take the law into their own hands. There is a massive amount of the budget spent on social services here – including families. Welfare in Australia $7,826 Billion, of which families get $1,37 Billion and Disables persons $2,226 Billkion. Health is over $3 Billion, Public Order and Safety $238 million, age care $2,792 Billion. Zimbabwe and South Africa do not appear to allocate such funds to the general population but do tend expect the world at large to support their corrupt systems?

    1. The proper channels were sought. P M Smith was correct. The betrayer disregarded lives, as in Vietnam, Iraq, Iran, Syria and Afghanistan.
      The show, “Some where in time”, with Art Bell, now “Coast to Coast”, with George Noory has podcast/recordings from the 15th, and 22nd of A D 1996.
      Among thecallers were Law Enforcement Officers.
      There were civilian callers, whom just as with the police man, reminded us that the Police are to supplement the civilians.
      Instead of a statistic, hard men who can be reasonable, with training in a practical example, can as a Gendarmee, halt law less Ness.
      Mr. Prudgeon and Mr. O’Shea are correct.
      In the near East, Iraq and Afghanistan, there were some U. S. Army Officers that stopped a cultural un natural vice, at the request of the mothers.
      These Officers were threatened with being Court Martial Ed.
      These Officers did the morally correct action.

  4. Great article Hannes. As an Ex-Rhodie living in Australia, I love the country and the people, but the socialist/Fabian governments in all States and federal government (NSW will go the same this year) will be the first to follow the The Great Reset and New One World Government. They will police it harshly as they did the Covid lock downs, as evidenced by the police in Victoria under the Andrew”S government, who they’ve re-elected again. This is now a secular country and covid terrified them, so that they will abide by anything the governments decree! God help us!

  5. Good comment Dimitrios. I have also got a copy of The Battle For Rhodesia (The authors name is Douglas Reed, not Desmond Reed) and every now and then I refer to it for a re-read and other books written in the same vein and I find them very helpful joining the dots when trying to work out the dystopian future the world seems to be facing today. One can very clearly see a thread of continuity leading up to what is facing humanity today and only those who have been living under a rock will fail to see what the end game is. If only many of us had thought a bit deeper before rushing off to places like New Zealand and Australia. Did we really think governments of the countries that so badly shafted Rhodesia could be anything other than self-serving criminals with no morals? I know a number of Zimbabweans who have returned to Africa from Australia they have been so disgusted with the place.

    1. Thanks Alistair for the authors name correction( even the google spellcheck is conscripted into fake news manufacturing!).
      Best way to summarize the current state of the English commonwealth countries: Democracies have voted in mandarins who have relentlessly expanded their staffing, their reach, their control, their surveillance and their power, becoming a law unto themselves. It is ironic that with no effective checks and balances on people voted into office (ostensibly to serve We The People) running the show, the whole mechanism gets inverted, so we end up with (A) a financial elite in league with (B) an elected elite surrounded with (C) their sycophants protected by (D) their proletarian guard (with B, C and D living off an ever increasing tax levied on the rest of us), which is just a perverse form of dictatorship, dressed up as if it was democratically elected.

  6. The historian Desmond Reed who predicted the Second World War in 1938 book Vanity fair wrote in 1966 his book The Battle for Rhodesia which is worth a re read. He accurately predicted proven by the test of time the destruction of Rhodesia by the globalists and we were their test of change. Rhodesia was full of good men and hence the war as we said no. What is happening today in the devolvement if the West especially the Commonwealth counties of Canada NZ and Australia is exactly what was done to Rhodesians with the same modus operandi by the globalists : de ja vu all over again. Even if they were abundance of good men ( alas there are none) what is the chance of reversing these malevolent evil elites!

    1. I think it was Douglas Reed who wrote that book. I have it and he basically said that it was why the world banking mafia hated us Rhodesians. We were the main thorn in their side in their headlong move to a One World Government. They are the people writing on Biden’s teleprompter and running the US government.

  7. Hannes, I will add another another unfathomable factor that shelters and is used to hide so much of the evil that prevails and that is “political correctness”.

  8. You have once again nailed this perfectly Hannes.
    Something very sinister and evil has got a grip in many Western countries. Hopefully more and more people will become awakened before it’s too late.
    Patrick and Russell are legends, absolute legends!

    1. They have been through pure hell these guys and more to come. They have another court date 9th February where they will try and quash the two remaining charges but the people in the system there seldom follow the rules. We live in hope Mids; God knows they deserve a break but both pretty resigned to the fact that imprisonment is likely.

    2. The New World Order is no conspiracy theory. Celebrated German lawyer Dr Reiner Fuellmich has already said that judicial systems around the world have been corrupted. The “something sinister” is the plutocracy that is the NWO, working through global entities such as the WEF, UN and WHO and umbrella organisations such as the EU. In the words of Klaus Schwab himself, the WEF has “now infiltrated governments all round the world”.

  9. Ardern is not a fascist, anti nationalism and pro globalism yes.
    I do not believe Kim Jong-un is a lunatic.

    South Africa was destroyed by Britain in 2 Boer wars. You then help Britain attack Germany. Maybe you should have helped Germany.

    Stephen Mitford Goodson is interesting. His death is suspicious?

  10. Thanks again for your thoughts. Having been to Australia often, and thinking what a great place it was to live, I now see that we have more freedom here in South Africa.

  11. Your last sentence says it all Hannes – “All is needed for evil to prevail is that good men do nothing” – unfortunately that appears to be the case around the world or that people are indifferent with comfortable lives or so they think whilst the sinister tentacles of a ‘One World Govt’ advances upon us all. I would like to think that there are ‘Good men’ in Australia/New Zealand/Canada/UK/USA and that they will stand up and push back. It certainly appears as I type that the Brazilians are pushing back & may they succeed.
    As usual Hannes you can be counted as a ‘Good man’ alerting all who subscribe to letters – keep it up!

    1. Thanks Chris I do feel we’re outnumbered but we have to keep trying. Indeed, apathy and stupidity are two factors standing in the way of resistance to this agenda.

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