Lt. Dick Stent (RLI/SAS)

The military world at large is finally getting to understand what Rhodesians fought for, and who some of those were.
Another superbly crafted expose by Hannes Wessels and heroic warrior, Andre Scheepers.
The relentless audacity, skill and courage against insurmountable odds, will never be forgotten.
This is soldiering at its finest, and Andre and his peers stand proudly at the head of the queue.
The jaw dropping political treachery, and wanton and savage destruction of a boundlessly beautiful and rich country leaves a great emptiness and sadness to stand alongside the admiration of such unyielding spirit.
Thank you Andre. Thank you Hannes.


One thought on ““We Dared to Win””
  1. I am so appreciative of your professionalism, and your sacrifice for a wonderful country and all the peoples who had the experience of such tremendous development, with the highest standard of living in the whole of Africa for all its peoples.

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