Will Keys,

As America, under the Biden administration, spirals downwards, it is worth reflecting on why this political disaster should not have happened.

“Highly respected Dinesh D’Souza, working together with Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote, just released a trailer to their new movie, “2,000 Mules,” that shows the world exactly how the 2020 Presidential Election was Rigged and Stolen.

“The movie exposes the lies of the Democrats, RINOs, and Fake News who say it was the ‘most secure election in history’. It was, perhaps, the least secure in history. The ballot boxes were stuffed and stuffed like never before—and it’s all on video. Ballots were trafficked and sold in a massive operation in each Swing State. The evidence is so damning, one is left wondering what will the cowards who sat and did nothing about the stolen election say now? The way our votes were taken away is a disgrace to our Nation. It must be fixed.” Quote from President Donald J. Trump.

The documentary movie ‘2000 Mules’ was released in 2022 and instantly attacked by the mainstream media (“MSM”).  The word “instantly” is deliberately employed because it was obvious that the United States’ formal establishment and its supporters are threatened by the evidence shown in this documentary.   

The film categorically proves that the Presidential Elections in 2020 were stolen because of the illegal and fraudulent posting into ‘drop boxes’, by ‘ballot mules’, of hundreds of thousands of false and illegal ballots. The case made in the film is compelling because the proof is there for all to see.

This event has all the hallmarks of a high-powered criminal conspiracy and, apart from the fact Americans are paying the price, it is unprecedented and therefore of great historical importance.  This appears to have been a successful campaign to deny the will of the populace in the exercise of their fundamental right to elect the president of their choice. Donald J. Trump, the man the ‘Establishment’ had come to loathe and despise, was successfully removed from office, and replaced by an incontinent geriatric.

The ‘fix’ required that a Democrat Party POTUS candidate and Vice-POTUS candidate, to be sufficiently malleable so as to enable the fixers to do the evil deed. It appears both candidates, Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris, being the ‘useful idiots’ they are, would not have been fully aware of, or engaged in the conspiracy per se. Their combined lack of cognitive awareness served the puppeteers well.

There is every reason to believe the 2020 election violated the US Constitution and axiomatically a ‘pretender’ has no legal right to the presidency. As a result, the Chief Justice of the United States, John Roberts, administered an oath to a man who did not in fact win a legitimate election. It therefore follows that were the law to prevail, that oath administered must be declared “null and void”.

Regrettably, the people behind this massive fraud are of such immense wealth and wield such enormous power, virtually the entire media estate has ignored this important documentary. Lamentably, this includes Fox News and Newsmax, who have, in recent years, tried to provide a counterbalance to the leftist bias that permeates most of the American press.

A US Rasmussen poll reported that “77% of Likely U.S. voters who have seen “2000 Mules” say the movie strengthened their conviction that there was systematic and widespread election fraud in the 2020 election.”   

There is one great lesson that I have learned since viewing this film and that is that it must be viewed in toto and with attention to the details. That done, it appears to me to provide incontrovertible evidence that the 2020 election was stolen. In my case, by the end of the viewing, I understood the how, when, where, why and who committed the crimes.  

Bear in mind, as a lawyer, I am careful not to make accusations without proper evidence.  I am satisfied to categorically claim that Trump was removed from office by rich people in conjunction with the Democrat Party, which has been corrupted at every level.

Sadly, we now know, that brazen political bias, much as in Africa, has seeped into the fabric of US law enforcement agencies. The once vaunted and respected Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”) is no more. If that were not the case, I am confident that a competent, impartial FBI would need only to follow the leads provided in the film to gather the evidence required to arrest those responsible for this enormous political heist.   

The reader may reason that I should take the opportunity to make the case on behalf of 2000 Mules for the benefit of this audience.  My answer is steeped in my own recent experience.  I illustrate the point by way of an example.

I have a friend and we enjoy long coffee sessions discussing history and politics.  He is a retired professor of political science and a well-publicised author.  He is the “academic” among us.  His only minor fault is that he is tight with money.  I asked him to view the film so that we could discuss it at our weekly gatherings. 

When we next met to discuss the film, he pretended to have seen the movie.  The truth was that he was too mean to pay for it.  He had obviously only seen the video reviews and read the mainstream media articles.  Unfortunately, the reviews and articles are misleading.  He regurgitated banal media nonsense that was easy to refute.  It was also embarrassing.  We learn from experience.  This film requires concentrated attention and focus.

The reader might recall that The Supreme Court of the United States, when approached immediately after the election, refused to grant “certiorari”, meaning an opportunity to have the evidence presented in the first place.  

This was a disturbing decision. It must be said, it is true that much of the information revealed in the film had not been discovered at that point, but there was other evidence to hand at that time that deserved to be heard. One must be reminded that so skewed is the American system, the validity of this election was never tested in court.  The above point is vitally important as a matter of law.  Assuming the film’s content is conclusive evidence of a stolen election it directly affects the credibility and viability of the US Constitution. 

Against this backdrop, the Supreme Court recently reviewed and reversed, a number of important past rulings. One important example is the finding that abortion is not mentioned in the US Constitution and thus Roe v Wade was mistakenly granted certiorari in the first place.  It took the court forty-nine years to review and correct this mistake. As a result, the prickly question of legalised abortion has been referredto the State Supreme Courts to be decided. 

This then begs the question as to how long it will take this court to reverse the error made regarding the 2020 election? The sad reality is the longer it takes, the longer a pretender is allowed to occupy the Oval Office and the more a great country and its people will suffer the consequences.    

By Will Keys  

By AAdmin

12 thoughts on “2000 Mules – They Thought They Would Never Get Caught.”
  1. Yes they got caught, but I doubt there will ever be any justice… it is now proven that Donald J Trump is the rightful POTUS…

  2. Hi Mike,
    Thanks for the reply. Your reply deserves a decent answer. Mike. I said that I would not re-make the case for 2000 Miles unless the person I was debating had seen the documentary and had absorbed the basic evidence.

    There is no doubt that any sensible legal reasoning must be based upon a modicum of objectivity. An objective assessment would appreciate the strength and inviability of the documentary in terms of the GPS tracking evidence.

    I have seen inter-alia the Guardian, Washington Post, NPR, NYT articles. As I said in the 2000 Mules article NONE of the MSM criticisms are in the least fair and accurate. If you have seen and objectively absorbed the 2000 Mules doco and still feel constrained to quote jaundiced half baked criticisms then I can’t help that.

    Please don’t rely on the MSM. If YOU can point to an argument, then it would be worth me dealing with it as a specific point.

    The idiotic moronic MSM rely on emotive half-baker broad brush stroke statements that they propagandise into the masses to steal the narrative. Mike, you have enough critical acuity to take my point. Let me assure you that the MSM is a misguided and jaundiced mouthpiece for certain vested interests. There is a determination to fool people and the evidence for that assertion abounds.

    I am pressing the 2000 Miles case because it will be exposed as the truth eventually. Probably in the SCOTUS.

  3. Good article.

    Not sure about the great country part though – get your arse back onto YouTube and watch Zeitgeist: Addendum and you will watch a CIA whistleblower explain how America the great has been interfering – massively, illegally and unforgivably – in everyone’s business – with involvement in virtually every conflict since WWII, basically to enrich its own Military Industrial Complex, while claiming its interest is purely humanitarian.

    The USA’s nefarious antics have affected something like 135 countries!!! The general rule is force those countries to do America’s bidding (buy their arms, provide / give unfettered access to raw materials, or whatever) in the name of “democracy” or whatever their think tank comes up with on that occasion, and to hell with the poor bastards whose lives have been trashed by the greed of America’s Senate and Congress. It seems to me also that the CIA, AND the FBI have been running rogue since the Kennedy “assassination” in 1963.

    From a legal perspective, this election fraud can now be proven conclusively, so WTF is that imbecile Biden still doing doddering around the Oval Office …. SURELY a fraudulently elected president is not a president FFS, and should be immediately replaced by Trump or ANYONE ELSE?

    1. Hi John, your reply in general terms, is endorsed by us. We remain staunch USA supporters because we believe that a representative republic is still the way forward. We believe that America will recover from the Democrats Party criminality. Your sentiments are all well founded.

    2. Hi John,
      We agree with you, there is no doubt that the CIA desperately requires far greater Congressional oversight. If the Congressional Oversight Committees were competently constituted and themselves informed enough to know what they should be supervising, the whole world would be better off. Example is in Ukraine. The CIA and Fogey Bottom got themselves involved in a region in which the USA has no geopolitical interests. The 2014 Damian revolution was a Victoria Nuland Special and entirely unnecessary. The Burisa corruption involving the Biden family is beyond criminality and yet overlooked. Even the Trump Administration couldn’t get the DOJ to move against Biden. The swamp (MIC) are in control of the Federal Government. On the other hand and taking the long view we are still, generally speaking USA supporters. In the final analysis we will always support the USA. We know it sounds like misguided loyalty, but we really don’t see we have much choice.

  4. Do take a look at least one review in the link – https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2022/may/29/donald-trump-big-lie-film-2000-mules-dinesh-dsouza – before you get more exercise jumping to conclusions, stretching your imagination, running amok and doing diddly squats! Unfortunately the /documentary/movie doesn’t actually prove anything that is prosecutable. I’ve followed Dinesh since his book ‘America’ and am aware of his incarceration. The GOP are also wealthy via the Military Industrial Complex, Oil and Haliburton and the like, so should have the resources to prove voter fraud but did not.

    1. Dominic, you should watch and absorb the evidence secured in the doco 2000 Mules before you talk like an ignoramus and insult those who have. The fact that you went to the trouble to reply to the article means you are interested. May I suggest that you go the extra mile and watch the doco yourself and not rely on someone else’s opinion.

  5. If it weren’t for low standard, Democrats would have no standards at all… (Chris Plante, WMAL Radio)

    1. Hi John, yes indeed, at this moment in time the great USA is in need of renewal. Our hope is that it will happen on 8th November 2022 at the midterms.

  6. Very interesting. But, that said, I have learnt to become a lot more sceptical as I grow older. Sometimes even more so when the writer states; “Bear in mind, as a lawyer, I am careful not to make accusations without proper evidence……” And then even more so when said lawyer provides little or no cross-reference to accessible and historically reliable reference sources.

    A quick Web search brought up the following:

    2000 Mules is a 2022 American political film by political commentator Dinesh D’Souza that falsely[4] claims unnamed nonprofit organizations paid Democrat-aligned “mules” to illegally collect and deposit ballots into drop boxes in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin during the 2020 presidential election. D’Souza has a history of creating and spreading conspiracy theories.[5] The Associated Press (AP) reported that the film relies on “faulty assumptions, anonymous accounts and improper analysis of cellphone location data” provided by conservative[6] non-profit True the Vote.[7] FactCheck.org found the film’s “supposed evidence is speculative.”[8] National Public Radio (NPR) reported True the Vote “made multiple misleading or false claims about its [own] work”.[9] AP reported that the film’s assertion that True the Vote identified 1,155 paid mules in Philadelphia alone was false. The film presented a single unverified anonymous witness who said she saw people picking up what she “assumed” were payments for ballot collection in Arizona; no evidence of payments was presented in any of the other four states.[7] The film characterizes the alleged operation as “ballot trafficking” with “stash houses”, but presents no evidence that ballots were illegally collected to be deposited in drop boxes.[7][10][11][12]

    Thus, is the above all a disinformation campaign by any one or more of these agencies: FBI | CIA | MI5 | FSB | GRU | MSS?

    The editorial board of the New York Post, a conservative tabloid that endorsed Trump in 2020, published an editorial on June 10, 2022 stating Trump “clings to more fantastical theories, such as Dinesh D’Souza’s debunked ‘2,000 Mules,’ even as recounts in Arizona, Georgia and Wisconsin confirm Trump lost.”[40]

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    1. Didn’t most of these publications cited push the Russian collusion hoax, Charlottesville hoax, Covington Kids hoax, Drinking bleach hoax, Jessie Smollet hoax, Hunter Biden laptop Russian misinformation hoax, Border Security whipping hoax, Safe and affective vaccine hoax, Andrew Cuomo Covid hero hoax, Lafayette square teargassing hoax? Yet somehow we are expected to trust their reporting on 2000 Mules and election integrity?

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