John H. Durham Special Counsel’s report, released on May 12, 2023, highlights a concerning finding: the FBI Inspection Division Report reveals that investigators consistently disregarded or rationalized evidence contradicting the theory of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. The most powerful organs of state in the most powerful country in the world, were deployed to frustrate the will of the American people. This is common in the Third World and in autocracies but deeply disturbing when it happens in America, a country that presumes it has a right to show the world the ‘democratic way’.

This pattern of presuming malicious intent raises serious questions. How can we begin to comprehend and process the magnitude of deception, dishonesty, and devastation inflicted upon the American people over five years by President William Jefferson Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton?

Consider this thought experiment: If you encountered baby Adolf Hitler, would it be morally justifiable to eliminate him? Now, let’s apply the concept differently. If one believed that Donald J. Trump posed an existential threat to the United States, would it be acceptable to disregard the Constitution and break the law in order to oppose him?

This dangerous and flawed psychology was insidiously and cunningly implanted in the minds of the Democratic Party by Hillary Clinton and her campaign staff. The toxic tool employed was the infamous Christopher Steele (“MI6”) dossier, a fabricated document designated as ‘Secret’ and extensively circulated in powerful circles worldwide leading up to the 2016 general election.

Unfortunately for Hillary Clinton, more than half of the American electorate had already seen through her intentions. Despite Trump’s legitimate election victory, the psychological poison persisted, wreaking havoc on the Trump Administration due to Trump’s unawareness of its existence and resulting in some poor appointments.

Allow me to provide an example of the detrimental impact caused by the fraudulent Steele dossier. During a conversation on the Glenn Show, John McWhorter expressed his willingness to accept some level of unconstitutionality if it meant preventing Donald J. Trump from becoming POTUS. Glenn rightly objected. Both Glenn and John are respected, educated academics. However, John McWhorter’s proposition demonstrates the corruption within the Democratic Party.

While the notorious Steele dossier is widely known, it pales in comparison to the rogue actions of POTUS Obama. Barry Soetoro, also known as Barack Hussein Obama, requested the British Government to authorize surveillance on the Trump Campaign through the British Government Communications Headquarters (“GCHQ”). Initially denied, subsequent evidence supports the validity of this claim.  These provocations are actually hostile acts.

The extent of Hillary Clinton’s deception was so persuasive and widely accepted by the international community that the Clintons leveraged their influence to enrich themselves through their scam, the Clinton Foundation. Governments worldwide eagerly bought their way into the Clinton sphere of influence, making substantial donations to the Clinton Foundation.

The Australian Federal Government, representing both political parties, made a fool of itself by donating multi-millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation. For further details, refer to the disclosures made by Miranda Devine in the Australian Herald Sun Newspaper.

All of the aforementioned events culminated in shameful disgrace when the Australian High Commissioner in London, Alexander Downer, agreed to involve himself as the source of information purportedly obtained from the wrongfully targeted George Papadopoulos, which kick-started the infamous Russia collusion hoax.

In the lead up to the 2020 general election, the disgraceful letter written by fifty leaders in the intelligence community suggesting the Hunter Biden laptop “had all the earmarks of a Russian hoax” coupled with other false and malicious anti Trump allegations, in my opinion saw Trump lose the election.

The lingering questions I pose are: Can false neural pathways be corrected in ordinary individuals? And if not, does infamy prevail? Lastly, will the Clintons face punishment for their monumental crimes?

By Will Keys  

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  1. One has to dig deeper than just recent events. Robert Kagan, Victoria Nuland’s husband wrote a paper which was the foundation of a think tank called the Project for New American Century (PNAC). It described the United States as the “world’s pre-eminent power,” and said that the nation faced a challenge to “shape a new century favorable to American principles and interests.” In order to achieve this goal, the statement’s signers called for significant increases in defense spending, and for the promotion of “political and economic freedom abroad.” It said the United States should strengthen ties with its democratic allies, “challenge regimes hostile to our interests and values,” and preserve and extend “an international order friendly to our security, our prosperity, and our principles.” Calling for a “Reaganite” policy of “military strength and moral clarity,” it concluded that PNAC’s principles were necessary “if the United States is to build on the successes of this past century and to ensure our security and our greatness in the next.”
    In September 2000 PNAC released “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” a report that promotes “the belief that America should seek to preserve and extend its position of global leadership by maintaining the pre-eminence of U.S. military forces.” The report also states, “advanced forms of biological warfare that can “target” specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool.” One has to understand that these people are what could be described as “Super Jews” unlike many of my Jewish friends who are normal, sane people and well respected. These people believe in their destiny as being the elite rulers of the world. The arrogance of Blinken (family paid off by Soros – go and look it up), Nuland and the larger majority of these people in the American Government’s Democratic party all come from around the Ukraine region. They are obsessed with hating Russia. Hence Russia gate, the Russian disinformation scheme, the Steele dossier and Biden’s involvement in Ukraine. Heaven alone knows what shenanigans went on there. The PNAC morphed into the Foreign Policy Initiative think tank and then in 2017 into the Institute for the Study of War. These people control the foreign policy of America. Another think tank – the Brookings Institute has long been the selector source for like minded people. It also operates a revolving door employer policy with many Democrat lackeys being employed there (Jen Psaki), Nuland herself and Jake Sullivan. Another entity also shows its head from time to time, The Skull and Bones fraternity operating out of Yale University whose members included G. Bush, Kerry, James Angelton (CIA founder), Kagan to name a few. Had Clinton won her election America would be forever a Democrat run country. Thank God she didn’t. But it put a permanent target on Trumps back for attack in every conceivable way. We also have the equivalent sort of entities in the UK and EU, they all communicate with each other and all form the Collective West, who have no intention of ever letting any true democracy flourish. They also have media in their pockets along with other interesting key characters, BBC was run by Richard Sharpe (resigned recently) his family came from the region, Mathew Koenig (Atlantic Council), Sally Buzbee (Washington Post),Gary Schmitt, Anne Applebaum (The Atlantic), Yuval Harari (WEF), Charles Lieber (Wuhan and Covid), Peter Daszak (Wuhan and Covid), all their families originated from around Ukraine. Just makes one think twice about “democracy”, which I no longer believe in. Good dictatorships seem to be a reasonable alterative. at least one knows who the “bad” guy is.

    1. Hi Waswe, I don’t like the descriptor “Super Jews” a few can never describe the whole and it is wrong to do so. On the other hand you appear to be a very well informed person. I follow the chronology of your reply. The philosophical question I posed was something entirely different. I argue that ‘critical thinking acuity’ is desperately required by a society if they are to make sensible voting choices. Decisions based on one-eyed bias or incapacity are dangerous. Of course we would NOT kill baby Hitler because at that state he was entirely innocent.

  2. One needs to consider all the facts and not accept only those that we like to believe.

    1. Hi John, one of the experts I watch is Col Douglas MacGregor, his perspectives are similar to my own. We love and revere the USA and its brilliant constitution, we are MAGA supporters. On the other hand we thought that the Pax Americana neocon policies ended with the Afghanistan humiliation. NATO/US military adventurism, after the 2014 Ukraine coup, orchestrated by the CIA/State Department (Victoria Nuland) is now haunting the US. Advice to the USA, for the love of Ukraine get it to accept a settlement on whatever terms Russian demands. Down the track, terms will be worse for Ukraine. What a disgrace.

  3. Hi Warwick, I’m glad you enjoyed the article. I certainly didn’t mean to imply that Trump wasn’t cheated out of the 2020 GE, I agree with you, and I’ve written extensively about it. I was watching the 2020 election night and was also appalled. I am calling attention to uncritical thinking. Millions of people are blindly anti-Trump, and they act as if he poses an existential threat. Of course, the opposite is true.

  4. Hitler in his day fought the same enemy we do today, Bolshevism/communism.
    South Africa fought in WWII against Germany to take down an anti-communist country.
    Churchill said after the war, WWII was not to destroy fascism rather to take German markets.

    In the meantime you guys should shut down your wind turbines and reopen your closed power stations.

    1. Hi Brian, I was trying to call attention to the philosophical question of ‘critical thinking acuity’. Those who would kill a baby because they think it would pose a threat in the future, are the same as those who blindly hate Donald Trump, because they believe he poses an existential threat. He doesn’t. Extreme bias types are prepared to suspend the brilliant US Constitution in furtherance of a single blind prejudice. I see it all the time.

  5. One can look up Nazis ideology which proclaims the rights of the exceptional individual over all rules and laws. It believes in racial superiority and the dangers of communism. It rejects democracy, the rule of law, and human rights, stressing instead the subordination of the individual to the state and the necessity of strict obedience to leaders. It emphasized the inequality of individuals and “races” and the right of the strong to rule the weak. We see in America the two rule system one for thee and one for me, its blatant. We see the corruption of the CIA, DOJ and FBI who routinely break the laws they are meant to uphold. We see the emphasis of inequality throughout the government, and we see the subordination of the people to the state as demonstrated by Covid lockdowns. We see the destruction of basic human rights daily across the news. And we see the slow collapse of the rule of law. We also see the absolute hate being stirred up against China and Russia as if they have death wishes for the world. Readers should get hold of two books and read them. “In search of enemies” by John Stockwell and “the Belarus Secret” by John Loftus. A search of Reinhard Gehlen on the internet. Another search on “the Wannsee Institut” will also help. America is run by the deep state and maybe its isn’t being run by the “nice guys”. Almost every single Democrat and major participant in the Trump impeachments has family that originated from central Europe, mostly from Germany, Ukraine and Poland. Ones mind can go rampant on the ideology that Hitler wanted to rule the world and the same ideology of American hegemony. Robert Kagan, Nuland’s husband wrote an in depth paper of how America must dominate the world by force if necessary. He claimed Russia and China posed the greatest threats to America. Yet it is America that has over 100 military (some nuclear) armed bases that effectively surround Russia and China. The list of American interventions, coups, assassinations, regime changes, CIA covert operations is almost endless covering over 140 countries across the world. So one has to question what is Americas goal? Is it indeed the new Nazi Germany as Hitler once wish for himself? Certainly the track its on is one that fits neatly with Hitler’s Nazi ideology. The world remains on collision course with WW3 with most of the American population oblivious to their masters end dreams of utopia.

    1. Hi Waswe, I agree with your general sentiments. I also suspect that a majority of US citizens also agree with you. The 2020 GE was, in my opinion a stolen election, and a terrible dangerous aberration. I have reason to believe that USA Constitutionality will be safely returned if the GOP wins in 2024. My article was to call attention to uncritical thinking, that is to say, blind prejudice. I have witnessed a good deal of “Trump Derangement Syndrome” and it is blind prejudice.

  6. I agree with Warwick Will. Exactly the same thing happened here in Zimbabwe. In any case how could Biden win without even bothering to come out of his basement?

  7. “…all the earmarks of a Russian hoax.”

    Translation: “…rings dreadfully true, and we need to find a way to counter it ASAP.”

    New rule of politics: Anything the Dems blame the Russians for is something the Dems are doing themselves.

    1. Hi Reziac, I couldn’t agree more. The misinformed/misguided, fifty signature letter falsely claiming the damning emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop published by The Washington Post were Russian disinformation has. been exposed. This false letter was orchestrated by Antony Blinken and executed by a former Acting Director in the CIA, Mike Morell. Morell made the disgraceful admission in a deposition before Congress in closed session.

  8. A good article Will. Though in my view Trump didn’t lose the 2020 election. Ballot counting in swing states stopped at around 11 pm when Trump was leading and suddenly at 04:00 resumed counting and Sleep Joe was now leading. Millions of blank ballot papers were rushed to the counting booths and filled in by Dem supporters. It’s hysicslly impossible for Biden to have received that many votes

    1. Warwick, an interesting analysis of the 2020 election. It appears that Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka and his former Attorney General Bill Barr offer a different perspective of the 2020 elections.

      Sidney Powell (a pro-Trump lawyer) who made claims of 2020 election fraud; asked the federal judge to dismiss a defamation lawsuit filed against her contending: ‘No Reasonable Person’ thought her election fraud arguing claims were fact.

      ‘Who is a reasonable person?,from%20walking%20blindly%20into%20danger.

      Warwick, are you aware that Donald Trump made donations to Biden?

      Trump donated money to the Clinton Foundation.

      Warwick, are you aware that Donald Trump invited Bill and Hilary Clinton to his wedding?

      Sometimes we believe we have all the facts, but then the impossible happens…. Take care.

      1. Hi Quentin, Donald J. Trump was a member of the Democrat Party? As a Democrat in NYC, and a property developer, making Democrat donations is almost obligatory. It is a no brainer, the Clinton’s would have been invited to the Donald’s wedding. Donald Trump also met Jeffrey Epstein, so what? Like Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump resigned from the Democrat Party and joined the GOP, your points are moot.

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