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With the great Serbian tennis champion dominating the news I thought I would try and explain why I totally agree with him.

While the corona viruses, and especially our arch enemy and (according to the ridiculous mainstream media) would-be-nemesis SARS CoV 2, are unusual viruses in the main they will follow “normal” viral behaviour patterns – something that our completely captured media seems to desperately want to conceal from us all. How it came about that politicians and journalists are universally accepted as THE latter-day authorities in the science of virology is beyond me, and I would strongly suggest that anyone reading this will follow the true science and the plethora of currently available medical data generated by medical experts, rather than give these stupid and misleading buffoons anything more than your everlasting contempt!

It is an unassailable fact that our present dismal state of affairs is largely the result of the ruthless manipulation of our media – we are routinely using, and worse accepting these idiots as THE source of knowledge in matters such as immunity, vaccines, tests for, and treatments of Covid-19. This will never end well. Covid-19 did not rewrite any virology tenets in existence prior to the end of 2019, as most journos fraudulently imply. The corona virus is NOT a new virus.

Almost any layperson I speak to seems to understand completely that when they contract mumps or measles, THEY WILL NEVER AGAIN GET THESE DISEASES UNTIL THEY DIE OF OLD AGE! When I mention this simple historical absolute to my patients, the light of understanding appears in their eyes almost immediately. I am here to emphatically confirm that the medical science developed recently in Israel (one of the most vaxxed places in the world) and other affected countries now shows conclusively and incontrovertibly that this simple age-old principle applies unconditionally to Covid-19 as well: ONCE YOU HAVE RECOVERED FROM SARS CoV 2 YOU HAVE A ROBUST AND LIFELONG IMMUNITY AGAINST ALL CORONA VIRUSES, INCLUDING ANY VARIANTS.

Djokovic, if Covid-19 recovered, will have demonstrable IgG (“memory”) antibodies. He therefore cannot give ANYONE this infection, nor can he again be infected with SARS CoV 1 or 2. He could not be a threat to anyone in Australia!
In 2002/3, the SARS epidemic which was caused by SARS CoV 2’s precursor (and yes, this virus was called SARS CoV 1) infected many people, killing only about 870, but giving the strong and long-lasting immunity I speak of to many more. Seventeen years later these SARS survivors are proving to be immune to SARS CoV 2!

Conversely, the immunity gained from taking these Covid-19 injections (none of them are properly approved, nor do any of them satisfy our well established criteria for calling a medicine a vaccine, so I purposely decline to use the word vaccine) is quite different, and worth closer examination. The lab-created mRNA used in these injections compels our bodies to haphazardly manufacture, with none of the normal checks and balances that are normally in place to guide the body’s synthesis of proteins, something called the spike, or S1 protein.

It is this protein that was criminally produced by the illegal “gain of function” research ordered by Dr “Teflon Tony” Fauci, using money provided unwittingly by the American taxpayer. This is not conspiracy theory, it is 100% provable fact. It is now very well established that this spike protein is a very dangerous entity indeed, an evilly and intentionally concocted bioweapon which binds to 28 different tissues in the human body, causing the profound inflammation which leads to the innumerable side effects, and the deaths seen in vaxxed people within days of their receiving this shot. In the USA, the Government’s VAERS website currently states that over 20,000 Americans have died, and over a million are seriously injured after accepting this “vaccination”. And a recent Harvard study tells us that the stats as listed by VAERS are likely to be only a fraction (about 10%) of the actual figures!

The immunity generated by these injections initially causes specific IgG (S1 protein antibody) production by the adaptive immune system levels that is often 10-20 times the IgG levels caused by normal infection. BUT, this effect is short lived and after 2 months antibody levels start to wane sharply (something not seen after natural infection) until 6 months post jab, when the levels become too small to effect any immunity. And it is for this reason that some countries are now mandating booster shots be given to hapless recipients to try to get their anti-S1 protein IgG levels back up to levels deemed sufficient to offer some sort of immunity. Israel is now taking its fourth shot, its second booster (Israel chose the Pfizer injection as their poison, uh I mean “vaccine”) and Israeli data shows that that country’s population is becoming MORE susceptible to corona virus infection, and tragically, its hospitals and graveyards are filling up with fully vaxxed people. As things stand, it would appear mankind will be asked to boost indefinitely, with this “vaccine”’s side effects becoming statistically more likely after each shot. Talk about Russian Roulette!

So why does the “vaccine” not offer meaningful immunity, WHY are the variants like Delta and Omicron causing havoc among fully vaccinated populations? Apart from the swiftly declining anti-S1 specific IgG, the covid shot does not generate or maintain any additional IgG levels as natural infection does. Recent research shows very clearly now why covid infectees have a vastly superior protection: natural infection is followed by the production of antibodies to over 25 OTHER covid viral proteins! This is a much broader and more robust antibody cover.

If that wasn’t enough, it would appear that injection with these “vaccines” paralyses and diminishes innate immunity. Innate immunity is that immune process that protects us from harm until our adaptive (the antibody producing) immunity kicks in to finish the virus off and protect us from subsequent re-exposures to that virus and its mutations (the so-called “immune memory” described above).

Another area of confusion is caused by the absurd RT-PCR test (now recognised even by the CDC as being absolutely useless) that is STILL being widely used, for reasons that escape my vivid and wild imagination. It has been repeatedly stated by the inventor (Nobel Laureate Kary Mullis) and the manufacturers that this test is completely unsuitable for diagnosing ANY actual infection. That is just not what it does. Additionally, it is being intentionally and incorrectly used at above 40 (47 actually) amplification cycles, at which level it generates a grossly erroneous 97% (mostly false) positive result! This has (a) greatly exaggerated covid infection numbers promoting the idea that we are in the midst of a pandemic, and (b) has led many people to believe that they have had Covid-19 more than once. This is just not true, and again, we should rather rely upon medical data which puts the incidence of a second infection by Covid-19 at a meagre 0.26% (3 per 1,000 previously infected people), and most of these people have severe co-morbidities that have critically compromised their immunities enough to interfere critically with their immune memories.

It follows, or should follow if you are not a politician or journo, that natural immunity is MUCH BETTER, MUCH STRONGER, MUCH LONGER LASTING AND MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE than vaccine driven immunity. Why then, is previous corona virus infection, as evidenced by high IgG blood levels, not accepted as a vast improvement in protecting the public from Covid-19? Vaccine immunity = short lived incomplete and dodgy protection, natural immunity = lifelong robust protection.

More power to you Novak; I fear you have upset the tyrants who now run Australia, who tolerate no dissent and you are being made to pay the price for having an opinion.

I fear also that you will, if allowed to play, take some serious flak from those Australian sheeple in Melbourne (you MUST show proof of vaccination to watch the Australian Open) who have swallowed the BS media narrative hook line and sinker…

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  1. And it seems that things are definitely hotting up in Oz … see quite a good article by CHD on the subject – https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/australia-revokes-djokovic-visa-natural-immunity/?utm_source=salsa&eType=EmailBlastContent&eId=5575657f-e0a2-4e2c-ba1a-091aad3fe330 … we couldn’t ask for a better demonstration of stupid by a government in a perverse sort of way.
    The burning question underlying all of this is HAS HE GOT DEMONSTRABLE ANTI COVID-19 ANTIBODIES? No mention of this HUGE detail in any of the articles I have read … whatever the final outcome it will likely only be this legal tussle that people will remember about the 2022 Aussie Tennis Open.
    I hope that Novak and his legal team have the cohones to take ScoMo’s disgusting fascist government to the cleaners on this one. I do not think they could have made a worse dog’s breakfast of this incident if they tried!!!

  2. Frankly, most of Oldies agree 100%. Unfortunately, should you wish to travel abroad, see your grandchildren, visit your sons and daughters, you cannot without complying with current “incorrectly, unscientifically” substantiated restrictions. We are only getting older and resentfully must comply – at our age, there may not be another opportunity, but better that than have them coming over to bury us and wrap up an estate.

  3. It’s a pity that you use a pseudonym “The Medic”. Why do you not use your real name, so we can establish your credentials?

  4. I wonder if this is the “second” holocaust for the unfortunate Jewish nation?

  5. How many must dies before “natural immunity” prevails? If you can tell me that I will be sure to let those to die while it kicks in are informed.

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