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We who live here in southern Africa are unsurprised by misrule; I have lived under the cosh of dishonest and incompetent politicians and bureaucrats for most of my life and I suppose, grown a little used to it. It is to the First World that most of us used to look longingly, wishing we had leaders and civil servants like theirs, who manifest the qualities required to make their countries the best they can be, for most of their citizenry. We did have such people in parts of Africa; but most were washed away in the post-colonial tsunami of terror and corruption, and the results are there for all to see.

Recently, watching events unfold abroad, I am no longer sure the countries I have considered to be the lodestars for good governance, where organs of state are well managed, public money is prudently spent, individual freedoms are guaranteed and the rule of law is fairly applied, remain the exemplars they once were.

Using the so called ‘pandemic’ as an excuse for draconian rules and regulations, parts of Australia look increasingly like North Korea where people are locked in their homes indefinitely, their communications are monitored for signs of political dissent, and the police appear to have unfettered powers allowing them to violate people’s privacy along with authority to arrest for simply leaving your home whether vaccinated or not.

All this in a country of 25 million, where 1,300 people have died of ‘possible Covid’ in the last 18 months. Like North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, some Australian leaders have declared themselves infallible on decisions relating to Covid and warned that registering open disagreement with their edicts risks swift punishment. Politicians there are talking ominously of the ‘New World Order’ and are telling unvaccinated citizens that they will be denied their ‘freedom’ until they acquiesce. It seems those who warned us there was more to this Corona story than met the eye, might be right?  New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern, seems to be adopting a similarly autocratic approach in running that country’s response to the virus.

The president of America, arguably the most powerful man in the world, appears senile, incoherent, utterly confused about the nature of the numerous crises that confront him, and his stature diminishes daily at home and abroad. As happens so often in Africa so in the USA, where he and his family, particularly his son Hunter, seem above the law. If his predecessor’s family had behaved as his has done, the justice system would have dealt with them speedily and severely; but in matters relating to the Bidens and Clintons, the FBI, and Department of Justice, apparently look away.

In the fall-out from the Afghanistan debacle, possibly the biggest foreign policy and military failure in the history of the United States, thus far, only one person has been punished.  He is Lt. Colonel Stuart Scheller of the Marine Corps, a soldier held in the highest regard, who chose to speak out against the decisions taken that led to the country’s ignominious departure from Kabul. The response to his written and spoken comments, which have not been denied, has been to commit him for psychological examination, and he now languishes in jail, pending a court martial.

All this while Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Mark Milley, Secretary of State Tony Blinken, and the Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin refuse to accept any responsibility for the tragedy that unfolded on their watch. What Milley has conceded is that he called his counterpart in China during his tenure under President Trump and promised to forewarn him if America decided to launch an attack on China. This smacks of treason!

Britain, once one of the best governed countries in the world, now appears to be in the hands of morons at every level of the nation’s administration. While the country suffered one of its worst foreign policy failures in recent history, the Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab was lounging around the Mediterranean. Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor is running up a massive budget deficit so people can stay at home longer, be paid for doing nothing, and dodge the dreaded virus. Priti Patel, the Home Secretary oversees a police force that appears more interested in tracking ‘alt-right’ hate crimes on the internet than combatting escalating urban violence and stemming the flow of illegal migrants into the country. Boris Johnson has recently acknowledged that funding for border security has been reduced at a time of almost unprecedented threat to the country’s sovereignty. Kwasi Kwarteng, Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy appears confused. He has no cogent answers as to why the economic recovery has stalled, food prices are rising, and the south of the country has ground to a halt as fuel stations run dry and the energy required to keep the citizenry warm through the winter seems likely to be in very short supply. Just what they taught him at Eton, Cambridge and Harvard is not clear, but he seems unbowed and out of his depth.

The fact is all these people are part of a government that has decided to ‘follow the science’ on ‘global warming’ and the ‘pandemic’.  In a bid to go ‘green’ the UK has banned fracking and shunned nuclear power, investing in renewables.  But the winds are not turning the turbine blades, the sun’s not powering the arrays of solar panels; and a hostile approach to Russia means Vladimir Putin owes Britons no favours and he has his hand on the gas tap that might bring relief.

Thanks in no small part to following orders from Imperial College scientist Neil Ferguson (who had to resign after being caught breaking his own lockdown rules to continue an illicit affair with his married lover), Britain closed its borders and at the same time stopped the entry of people needed to keep the economic wheels turning. Astonishingly, Johnson’s government seems to have not tried to understand the ramifications of this decision and has been taken by surprise at the consequences; the country is now short of over 100,000 lorry drivers and there are skilled labour shortages throughout.

Here where I live on the southern tip of the continent, the writing is on the wall and we know we are headed for ever harder times and then possibly violent upheaval prior to being a failed state.  But looking at what is happening in the countries I thought were attractive options, I’m in less of a rush to head for the exits than I once was.

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  1. Where to run to? This was our dilemma in 2014.

    We did a lot of research about the planned (international banker-driven) communist One World Government=SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT=GLOBAL WARMING=UN AGENDA 21=AGENDA 2030=THE GREAT RESET totalitarian agenda. As Rhodesians who later became Australian residents for over 30 years, we tried to inform Australians of what was being unfolded behind the curtain as was our duty and responsibility.

    Any fantasy that they would join us in the info-war against this 200 year long plan by the money power internationalists was soon squashed. Deciding sadly there was no point in fighting alone, and realizing the (white) first world was going to be especially targeted to be destroyed just like Rhodesia, we selected to find a third world country (not Africa and not too cold and with a low cost of living and not a closet communist nation).

    A couple of years investigation of ‘where’, and we chose Paraguay in South America. We finally arrived in 2016. Although Germany is not as tyrannical as Australia (in particular Melbourne and Sydney) today in 2021 there are larger numbers of Germans immigrating to Paraguay and to our little corner of it. Having watched from the distance the gradual marxist/fascist take down of Australia by their ‘representatives’, we have never once regretted it.

    Australia became so ruled & regulated as each year went by that we just love our new country where we are left alone to live our lives and ‘masking’ is just a facade to appease the cabal. If you live in the first world you have my sincere condolences as the economic, political and social collapse of the West in particular is being engineered and depopulation is being en-Forced. I want to say RIP to the Tanzanian president who committed the unforgivable crime of exposing the farce called a ‘covid test’. It isn’t and it cannot.

  2. Where to run to? There’s always the Scandinavian countries. They maintained their sanity throughout this shamdemic, imposing only a few moderate restrictions. Now they have lifted them all and treating covid for what it is: just another nasty flu bug

  3. I append an article which offers context to what has been going on and what lies ahead. It is a tale of treachery and manipulation and includes references from Dr Kitty Little, a retired UK senior civil servant and whistle-blower, to the perfidy of Carrington at Lancaster House, and the murder of Rhodesia’s constitutional law expert John Giles. Also Dr Little’s assertion that our CIO head Ken Flower was “the doublest of double agents”, not only working for MI6 but also for the KGB, CIA and other intelligence services. Dr Little was also a friend of Ian Smith.


  4. I am reliably informed that the Australian system is slightly more complex than we appreciate – as told me by the late great Kenyan political analyst, Jeremy Lee. I quote “Australians are a funny mob. Like Africans, they know exactly who they want to vote out of power, and they will. But often they do not look carefully at what they are voting in. When the going gets tough that is when you will see the true Australian grit come out.” It would appear that Australians do have one luxury when contrasted to Zimbabwe – they can vote a Govt out. It is a very sad reflection for Zimbabwe and Australia that it was none other than Malcolm Fraser who took Maggie Thatcher on to the dance floor at the Lusaka CHOGM conference and advised Maggie that he had just the solution for Zimbabwe – an educated moderate by the name of Robert Mugabe. The rest is history – right down to the legal adviser at Lancaster House being assassinated. What we need to research a bit more is the notion that the RF appears to have come out of what was the RTA and its chairman then ensured a smuggler of tobacco ended up leaving a 730 million pound estate last year. That is an issue for those who got shot or maimed in the war? Zimbabweans can no longer vote a government out of power?

  5. Quite right Hannes. However I thought I had already posted to you an exposé of the fake democracy we have in UK. Posing as a “democracy” we have an “elective dictatorship”. Since I cannot attach the article by this means, can I forward it to you again so that yoiu can post it, please. The trick they play upon us is quite simple to understand once explained.
    Martin Cruttwell

  6. A very pertinent article Hannes. As an Australian I am horrified at what has happened here and how soft, fearful and weak we have become as a people. The speed at which we have seemingly happily given up our freedoms without question amazes me, all for a virus which has infected around 0.41% of our population here in Australia in over 19 months. We are truly stuffed if it comes to something really serious.

    The west it would seem is very much in decline, especially under that senile old grifter and professional politician Joe Biden, and Australia is going down that same path unfortunately. The global bullies are emboldened again and the world is a less safe place as a result.

  7. Another great piece Hannes. The draconian measures applied to NSW and Vic in Aussie are of paramount importance to the world to indeed see how these political figures and police forces globally are parading their authoritarian powers with total disregard to the vengeance that it is imposing on themselves down the road. It is somewhat comforting to note that just perhaps their will be legal reprisal for these people down the line similar to those that occurred with Nurembourg. The recent resignation of the NSW Premier,(albeit as a result of as witch hunt) was cheered by hundreds of thousands of NSW people and other states alike.. We can only but hope that good indeed can overcome evil, and that society somehow begins to understand the actions of said elite are nothing more than crimes against humanity and driven by a vast swathe of Black Money, whose war chest arises from the likes of the WHO, Bill Gates, George Soros and many others who are relentless in the destruction of democracy, purely to enrich themselves and take complete control of the world as we know it. The Covid scam has to, in my mind, be the biggest scam the world has ever know.

  8. The Australia of 2021 is a significantly different country to what it was just a few years ago and yes Hannes, some of us ex Africans look longingly back at the African political incompetence and corruption as a place where you can still “work a plan”. Here in Australia we have political corruption firmly in bed with a rising ruling fascism backed up by a fully armed militaristic police force the likes not seen since the brownshirts of Hitler’s 1930’s. Those Australians not vaccinated are soon to find out first hand, what the Jewish population experienced in the early days of the Nazi era.
    The truly scary part of all this is the meek acquiescence of the vast majority of the Australian population whose lives and more importantly, whose liberties have been destroyed and which I very much doubt, will ever be fully restored.
    As goes the Chinese curse, “may you live in interesting times”. We are.

  9. Hannes,
    the one life skill Economic Sanctions taught us all was the ability to stand tall on our own two feet.
    To read the signs, sniff the air, think things through and make our own decisions.
    Most importantly, we learnt to live with the consequences of our own actions.

    Corruption is endemic in the Western world its called ‘kick forward’ rather than ‘kick back’.
    A reward tomorrow for services rendered today.
    Senior civil servants think its their right to take well paid non-exec directorships in retirement from Companies they did business with whilst working for the State.
    Politicians are paid large sums for ‘speaking tours’ or advance royalties for books that no one reads.
    They make the antics of Jacob Zuma and the ANC took like kindergarten games.

    Our family no longer watch TV or read the mainstream pre-digested news.
    We look and watch what happens all around and form our own opinion.
    Sometimes we are wrong and we live with that.
    You are never too old to learn from your own mistakes.

    Search for ‘UK COLUMN NEWS’. It’s the only source I know that references all its content and apologises when it gets things wrong!

    Despite all the problems South Africa still has amazing strengths.
    I came across reports from Dr Shankara Chetty a modest family doctor with a practice in Port Edward – a place I know well.


    He has treated over 4000 patients infected with Covid. Not one has died, all have recovered with no instances of long Covid and the rest.
    The treatment drugs cost less than GB£10.

    Ask yourself why he is being ignored.

    Please keep writing – your posts anchor us back to life we once knew and loved


    1. Thanks James, you’re right I think we did grow up realising we had to take responsibility for ourselves unlike so many people today. The fact that so many seem to welcome this growing authoritarianism is very worrying.

      1. James you are truly correct. First world corruption now makes Third World look like child’s play. And Mark Cutter you too are 100% correct in your statement too. The people need to rise. Eventually there will be be no options but to do so, if one wants any freedoms of yesteryear. Too little too late, and the world we knew will never return

  10. Did I read that correctly….”prior ti being a failed state”. Surely shome mishtake… SA has been a failed state since 1994.

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