Will Keys,

Russia finds itself increasingly isolated by Western nations, while the Western countries, in turn, are experiencing a gradual distancing from the rest of the world. There is a growing realization that an unelected group is exerting significant influence over the decision-making processes within the USA’s government. Moreover, the elected President of the United States appears not only incapacitated but also burdened by corruption allegations dating back to his time as Vice President to President Obama.

More and more people are raising the question, “Who is leading the cabal that governs the USA?” The international community in the West has found itself under the influence of the US, and there is a vague recognition that the actual government operates as an unelected Deep State. The term “Deep State” is generally understood to refer to a rogue element comprising the US Democrat Party and the Federal Civil Service.

There is a growing acknowledgment that the US Deep State has become entrenched in a hypnotic and self-absorbed state of mind. They continually repeat a mantra of false and deceptive notions that have significantly disrupted Western philosophy. Among these, the diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (“DEIB”) narrative stands out as the most prominent. Regrettably, these illusions have permeated even the most fundamental institutions, and what is most disheartening is that they are perpetuated by a misguided and dishonest media-industrial complex. 

Numerous countries that were once captivated by the USA’s influence now appear to have emerged from the spell of delusions and are swiftly reevaluating their international allegiances, options, and perspectives.   

In the USA, the malevolent presence of the Deep State is becoming evident, particularly during live sessions in the US Congress. Recently, there have been explicit warnings to parents to shield their children from a photo allegedly depicting the President’s son, Hunter Biden, engaged in a sexual act with a prostitute. The situation has escalated with some arguing that the Democrats are responsible for their predicament due to their apparent immunity to prosecution.

There is a growing perception that the Democrats have descended into a state of moral depravity, and as a result, there are calls to confront them with their own actions. However, it is important to approach such situations with a commitment to factual evidence and respect for ethical principles.

The controversial Hunter Biden photo represents merely a fraction of the extensive evidence pointing towards alleged criminal activities within the Biden family. This evidence is said to be just the beginning, with a vast array of allegations that have never before confronted the United States on such a scale. The magnitude of depraved evidence and accusations of criminal behaviour has left many questioning the moral integrity of the Biden family.  

In the course of time, it’s possible that the controversies surrounding the Clinton family might surpass those associated with the Biden family. One can’t help but wonder if the entrenched resistance of the Deep State and their unwillingness to face reality is linked to the distressing truths surrounding both the Clinton and Biden Administrations. The severity of these truths might be so disheartening that denial seems to be the only coping mechanism for some. However, it is essential to handle such matters with prudence and respect for the facts.

In recent times, the discovery of cocaine at the White House has sparked discussions among reporters, referring to it as “the cocaine in the Crack House.” The incident has been shrouded in secrecy and remains unexplained, leading to suspicions of a cover-up. Despite a prominent suspect the Deep State appears mesmerized, seemingly unwilling to acknowledge the obvious clues before them.

Major Democratic Party donors comprise some of the wealthiest corporations and families globally, and their actions are inexcusable. They stand accused of orchestrating significant betrayals against the American people, displaying scant regard for the principles outlined in the US Constitution. The allocation of the US annual fiscal budget seems to have become a feeding ground for these influential donors, raising concerns about the motivations behind their contributions.

The affluent donors cannot claim ignorance, as Eisenhower’s warning to the world is widely acknowledged. The World Economic Forum, as a movement, diligently devised strategies to invest in China, leading to adverse consequences for the USA, which some perceive as descending into a state of excessive political correctness. Billions of dollars were donated to support the election of a supposedly corrupt and senile POTUS, raising suspicions about their true intentions. They also played a role in encouraging the Ukraine war, resulting in the tragic loss of countless young lives. Most alarmingly, these wealthy donors seem willing to jeopardize world peace in the pursuit of their incredibly destructive ambitions.

With a playful spirit and a vivid imagination, I envision a whimsical scenario where tens of thousands of American patriots gather at Farragut Square in Washington DC, surrounding a French guillotine, also known as the widowmaker or national razor. In this fantasy, the wealthy donors who have seemingly betrayed the USA would face this symbolic tribunal.

Upon conviction and sentencing, these donors would be offered a final chance to redeem themselves through a passionate act of oratorical contrition. If they wholeheartedly confess their wrongdoing, they may receive leniency, but it would come at the cost of forfeiting all their assets. While the image is striking, it remains a righteous spectacle, and one can hope that heads won’t literally roll. This imaginative scenario serves as an expression of frustration and desire for accountability rather than a call for violence.

A sharp contrast can be observed between the moral decline of the US Democrat Party and the impressive performance of the Republican Party in both Houses of Congress. My admiration for these dedicated GOP politicians is beyond words. On the other hand, I hold a deep dislike and scorn for RINO’s (Republicans In Name Only) who do not uphold the true values of the party. Specific figures like Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) are evident examples.

However, my utmost scorn is reserved for Mike Pompeo, whom I view as a traitorous figure due to his perceived betrayal of Donald J. Trump. The feelings of betrayal were truly nauseating to witness. It is also crucial to remember that political opinions can vary, and these sentiments reflect a particular perspective rather than an objective truth.  I declare my bias in that regard. 

By the conclusion of this year in 2023, there is an optimistic hope that the Russian Special Military Operation in Ukraine will come to an end. However, there are conflicting views from POTUS Joe Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who insist that Russia has lost the SMO and will face defeat.

In another context, President Biden once advised the previous Afghan President to adopt a strategy of deceit, urging him to “lie, lie, lie” and pretend to be winning even in the face of defeat. Unfortunately, this advice led to the Afghan President amassing substantial sums of US dollars before leaving office.  The USA experienced a deeply embarrassing and ignominious defeat in its history. Unfortunately, it seems that no lessons were learned from this setback, as the Deep State proceeded to establish a military market in Ukraine.

In conclusion, the political landscape remains complex and divided, with contrasting views on various issues. While some express admiration for the Republican Party’s performance in Congress, others find fault in certain members who they believe do not uphold the party’s principles. Likewise, the Russian Special Military Operation in Ukraine has been a matter of concern, with hopes for its conclusion by the end of 2023, but differing opinions on its outcome. Meanwhile, the involvement of the Deep State continues to raise questions and spark debates.

It is essential to remember that political opinions can vary significantly, and perspectives may differ based on the available information and personal beliefs. As we navigate through these challenging times, it is crucial to seek a better understanding of diverse viewpoints and engage in constructive dialogue to promote a more united and informed society.

By Will Keys

9 thoughts on “What Happens Next?”
    1. Hi Keurboom, I quote : “I’m a normal male, good school, Army Gym, infantry lieutenant, into shooting and wildlife, two degrees, married, kids, successful career……. a standard right of center SA oke of a certain type”. I’m disappointed that you are not a female, but you sound like a good but ignorant ‘oke’. Who is “Putin’s pal Wagner?” quote continued “not Russia please note but those two – has done to Ukraine……. Ukrainians killed, Russians killed, homes destroyed, civic buildings wrecked, infrastructure trashed, etc, etc. That you can think this is all ok, under the circumstances justified, staggers me.” This is a low level answer. War is NEVER ‘okay’ and of the two sides, Ukraine has suffered immeasurably more. The point that you are slow to understand is that NATO and the US Deep State corrupted Ukraine after 2014 and turned it into a US PROTECTORATE. For the truth listen to Devon Archer, Hunter Biden’s business partner, in his testimony to Congress followed by his interview with Tucker Carlson. You are highly intelligent so please adapt critical thinking acuity.

  1. Hi Keurboom, I think you are a female, my family is predominately strong educated females and I delight in them. I think this because you indicate a heightened sensitivity to the mainstream (“MSM”) reportage on the Ukrainian side of the suffering. Mind you, only the Ukrainian side, why is that Keurboom? Philip is right, Russia is on a solid surface, when claiming the moral high ground. Philip is also right in his claim that Russia was provoked into the Ukraine SMO by irresponsible and unaccountable interests who manipulated NATO and the EU countries. With culpability comes the obligation of providing a remedy and compensation. Time is rapidly running out for the immoral and corrupt Biden Administration to withdraw with any dignity at all. If the brilliant and honourable Donald J. Trump wins the next election, and I predict he will, the Ukraine catastrophe will end almost immediately. Ukraine will be a shadow of its recent self. Keurboom, the end result will be a victory for Russia and catastrophe for Ukraine.

    1. The only two points we fundamentally disagree on are the totally uncivilised and mindless Russian brutality and whether some ancient history gives Putin the idea that it’s ok for him to behave like a lunatic, destroy and annex a neighbor. You seem to ignore the fact that the vast majority of Ukrainians would far rather be part of Europe than a Russian satellite, have rights?
      Phillip C, your rants are a bit sad, indicate only your background and poor education. My sex, intrigued to see that you assume I’m female. Not sure why it’s relevant here but will say it has nothing applicable to this appalling LGBTQHYFF++ rubbish……. the promotion of which by Russia, China is part of their campaign to accelerate the simpering, downward slide of the West.

  2. I agree with your sentiments, Will, except I think you are being too kind! A national razor would be too swift a death for the criminals involved in the destruction of our moral principles. I envisage a much slower and painful death in keeping with the old maxim “make the punishment fit the crime”.
    As for the comments from “Keurboom” – I must laugh when I see someone so brave that he has to hide behind an alias and then calls someone a narcissist after giving himself the name “Chosen tree”!
    I would suggest that he, she or it goes and educates themselves (perhaps listens to what Mr. Putin says) and stops using ad-hominem attacks instead of reasoned argument with evidence.
    Russia had every reason to attack Ukraine, going back to the USA-funded and organised overthrow of their elected government in 2014 and the subsequent breaking of the promise not to move military bases any nearer to Russia. This, quite apart from the killing of hundreds of Russians in the Donbas and the marginalisation of thousands more by the Ukraine government in recent years.
    You maintain you are on the right of the centre of political thought, whatever that means, however, you write like a cultural Marxist.

    1. Hi Philip, I really don’t want any national razor (LOL) and I was just making a point. My sentiments are yours. Your criticism of Keurboom is understandable, unfortunately Keurboom appears to be sufficiently informed to claim ‘centre right status’ and at the same time shooting herself in the foot.

  3. Will,
    I’ve no argument with your principal points other than to believe the Deep State is, like DEIB, more symptomatic of the Wests general rise – peak – decline cycle, a cycle that’s received a turbo boost via a manipulated social media. Where I continue to disagree is that it is ridiculous to say that somehow elements in the West are responsible for Russia, under the raging narcissist Putin, for no good reason attacking Ukraine with such depraved and demented savagery.
    Little mention though of Trump, another unhinged individual, who has done so much damage to the cause of those of us to the Right of the current sad political center.

      1. I must dig out some stats on the damage Putin and his criminal pal Wagner – not Russia please note but those two – has done to Ukraine……. Ukranians killed, Russians killed, homes destroyed, civic buildings wrecked, infrastructure trashed, etc, etc. That you can think this is all ok, under the circumstances justified, staggers me.
        Amused that it should concern you what my sex is. So by the way I’m a normal male, good school, Army Gym, infantry lieutenant, into shooting and wildlife, two degrees, married, kids, successful career……. a standard right of center SA oke of a certain type……. so you can’t write my views off as a those of a Leftie poof ☺☺☺.

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