Watching Europe seized by a ruthless reign of terror life in southern Africa looks a little less unattractive. For many of us here terrorism is nothing new, we have been through it but when the Euro-Africans were being butchered and brutalised it was mostly acceptable to the rest of the world because the ultimate goal was the universally laudable one of ‘African liberation’. What’s happening in France and Germany is lamentable but was entirely predictable to anyone with a semblance of intelligence but the ‘Thought Police’ who enforce the prevailing dogma of ‘political correctness’ were vigilant and effective. Anyone who suggested Muslim fundamentalists might not have quite the same values and outlook as the European natives, was and still is, fingered as ‘racist’ and in some cases criminalised as the perpetrator of a ‘hate-crime’. Driving this message home relentlessly the MSM (main-stream-media), and the lying political class have succeeded in convincing their audience that Europe and the UK were multi-cultural utopias and any dissent from this view was forbidden. A gruesome reality has revealed itself and Europe is in shock but there’s no easy way out of this now. The cancer is within, protected by Europe’s liberal humanitarian laws and spreading.

In a diabolical act of potent symbolism an 86 year old priest in a Normandy hamlet had his throat cut when a Mass he was giving was interrupted by two ‘Isis soldiers’. The Pope has reacted by calling for prayer and forgiveness. When will the leader of the Catholic Church do more to protect Christians from attack and attend less to being a Third World populist politician campaigning against capitalism and global warming? And talking of global warming it was interesting to note that a team of scientists gathering data to prove the world is warming are trapped by ice in the Arctic.

In the US, as Obama nears the end of his two terms, the country is more polarised than ever. Terrorists lurk but so does the BLM (Black Lives Matter) movement which has been granted legitimacy by the president himself who routinely chastises white-Americans for not doing enough in reaching the promised land of a multiracial paradise he has nothing to say about chants of ‘What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want them? Now!’ or ‘Pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon’. Because this venom is directed at white cops it’s perfectly acceptable to the Obama administration and most of the media. In the same vein Hilary Clinton said, ‘I’m going to be talking to white people. I think we’re the ones who have to listen.’

All this in the face of statistics, carefully hidden by the media that tell a very different story. For instance in New York black Afro-Americans make up 23% of the population and commit 75% of all shootings, while whites, who make up 33% of the citizenry commit less than 2% of gun crimes. Donald Trump says the police are all that separates the country from chaos and anarchy but he can be dismissed because he’s ‘racist’.

While we in Africa struggle on a regular basis with the fact that politicians are invariably above the law and entitled to abuse their power in almost every imaginable way, America is showing disturbing signs of following the same sordid path. Almost inexplicably Hilary Clinton has escaped prosecution despite clearly violating the law on the protection of classified information when she used her private Blackberry on official duty. Less important offenders would have been imprisoned and so would a Republican Secretary of State but the Democratic Party machine, surely one of the most corrupt political organs in the western world, is almost a state within the state and its anointed leaders are beyond the law.

Apart from being above the law the most fundamental tenets of democracy have clearly been abandoned by the party of Obama and Clinton. Leaked e mails have proved beyond any doubt that the question of who was going to be the party nominee was a stitch-up and Bernie Sanders need not have bothered to compete because the winner was picked before the race started. Never ones to miss a trick the MSM that backs Hilary quickly switched the attention to Putin and the Russians and made them the villains of the day. The media then went on to match Putin and Trump as ‘political partners in crime’ which seemed to bother neither of them. Trump says he respects Putin as a leader and so do we. Putin is outspoken about the threat of aggressive Islamic groups and wants to commit Russia to attacking them. Does it make much sense to continue to portray him as an enemy of the West?

It was not that long ago that the US, Britain and France were limbering up to bomb Syria’s Assad out of power in support of the faceless, nameless, ‘rebels’. Putin persuaded them not to. Had they done so ISIS would be in Damascus today. Secretary of State Kerry recently slipped quietly into Moscow to work out some sort of military working alliance with the Russians to deal with the ‘rebels’ but again the MSM ignored this. Between Clinton and Kerry under Obama, American foreign policy has been confused at best, totally misguided at worst.













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