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The thing with democracy is the people elected tell you something about the electorate. Very easy to hurl abuse at the politicians but who put them there? We all know Britain lost its greatness but why? Well maybe it has something to do with too many ‘good men’ getting killed in wars while ‘not so good men’ languish at home. Let us not forget Clement Atlee ousted Churchill in 1945 just after Churchill had led Britain to victory in WW II. Atlee was a liberal socialist who introduced the welfare state, expedited the dismantling of the empire and threw Britain’s doors open to migrants from the dominions. One indirect beneficiary of this benevolence was Keith Vaz who rose to hold immense power as chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee from which he terrorised a legion of people who were answerable to him. Vaz has finally been outed as a sodomite who preferred young boys and likes his sex spiced with cocaine. By all accounts he’s been misbehaving for a long time but because he’s a man of Asian ancestry everyone including the police dared not say or do anything just as they looked the other ways when hundreds of English girls were being raped and abused by Pakistani gangs in Rotherham. Maybe if Britain had not lost those hundreds of thousands of ‘good men’ fighting the Germans, Churchill would have won the 1945 election and Britain would have stayed ‘Great’.

Keith Vaz
Keith Vaz

Similarly on the other side of the pond Bill Cosby is finally being arraigned on charges alleging that he was a serial rapist who used drugs to sedate gullible young starlets before violating them. For decades the media and the authorities have looked the other way because not only was he a Hollywood icon but he was a Black Hollywood icon and when America fell in love with Bill they also fell in love with the idea that all black men were similarly funny, huggable, doting fathers who would never hurt a fly. In the great tradition of sociopaths Cosby is utterly unbowed and quite incredibly claims it is only because of his skin-colour that he has been prosecuted.

Talking about morons in the electorate electing morons to govern them, news that Britain is building a wall around the refugee camp in Calais to stop illegal migration to the UK might have made Donald Trump chuckle. It was only a few months ago these same politicians engaged in a spirited Commons debate about whether or not to ban Trump from entering the country. One reason was Trump had offended Britons by outrageously proposing a wall on the Mexican frontier to secure his country’s borders. We in Africa are far from alone when we complain about the quality of our leaders.

Poor Barack Obama burst into tears at the G20 Summit when the prime minister of the Philippines called him ‘a son of a whore’. Undiplomatic to be sure and unbecoming a head of state but maybe the truth hurts. His mother was certainly a very ‘busy’ girl in her day and the man he says was his father was also a very ‘busy’ boy. At present Obama’s most pressing problem seems to be the installation of ‘gender-friendly’ bathrooms at all American military installations and doing all he can to maintain the flow of illegals into the country in a bid to make the US look as much like Mexico as he can before he leaves office. His favourite European leader, Angela Merkel is following the same track in Germany and completely unperturbed by the fact many of her citizens are living in fear she has assured them that things are looking much better in Germany since the migrant flood began. When one looks at this sort of leadership one is reminded why fascism sometimes becomes an acceptable alternative.

Thanks in part to Obama’s antipathy towards law enforcement officers of a paler hue reports indicate a massive rise in violent crime in big American cities. This is undoubtedly due to the fact police officers are reluctant to engage criminals because there is a very good chance that might lead to them becoming the criminals for using excessive force or racial profiling. In Chicago over 500, mainly black people, have died this year in gun related violence. Where are the ‘Black Lives Matter’ protestors when black people are being killed by black people? And were is George Soros with all his billions when he’s really needed?

Horror of horrors, the dreaded ‘K…’ word was found imprinted on a cutlass owned by four suspected Islamic militants arrested last week in London. The blade was to be used in the severing of certain heads from certain necks. This is the word in its purest form meaning ‘infidel’ and directed at all of us who have not abandoned Christianity and committed ourselves to the Prophet Mohammed. Just wondering where this leaves us sods with white skins? Can we claim that being labelled thus is a ‘hate crime’ too?

Pretty much as we expected once the dust settled the courts seem to have fallen back into line, rejected opposition claims of vote rigging in the Zambian election and the incumbent is back in power. The Israeli ‘consultants’ once again backed a winner. Having Hichilema in the saddle there was an exciting possibility but alas it’s not to be and we can only hope that the country and good people are better served this time around.


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