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The following article takes a focused approach to the intriguing topic of Unidentified Flying Objects (“UFOs”). The author acknowledges the unconventional nature of the subject and encourages readers to temporarily set aside conventional thinking and engage their imagination.

To establish credibility, the article relies on the veracity of testimonies from various sources, and testimony given before a bipartisan US Congressional Committee chaired by Rep. Tim Burchett (R-Tenn).  The Congressional UFO Investigation is historic and unprecedented.  

The main witnesses were US Navy fighter pilot, Commander David Fravor; US Air Force Intelligence Officer, David Grusch; and US Navy fighter pilot, Lieutenant Ryan Graves.  Pentagon UFO videos were also entered into evidence.  These witnesses were selected out of many who could give similar evidence.  They all give evidence of UFO activity. Commander Fravor told the chamber he was specifically tasked to interdict a UFO during a flight exercise and it become known as the “Tic Tac” incident.  The overall evidence can be augmented by many in the US Air Force.   These men are of unimpeachable character.

It is interesting to note that the evidence of Robert ‘Bob’ Lazar, the famous UFO whistleblower going back decades is in large measure corroborated.  

The testimony of David Grusch was particularly interesting because he held the highest level of security clearance and had specific responsibility for investigating UFOs in US custody and evidence of reverse engineering.  Grusch gave evidence that deceased alien pilots had been recovered and that alien biology was in US possession and being researched.  Importantly the DNA is alien.    

For the sake of exploration, let’s assume these testimonies are truthful. This hypothetical scenario envisions that countries like the USA, China, and Russia possess both UFOs and biological entities not native to Earth. 

Witness accounts suggest that powerful private entities in the USA have taken control of the UFOs and alien samples, engaging in secretive efforts to reverse-engineer the advanced technology. This situation unveils a disconcerting revelation – the unconstitutional and unlawful behavior of those controlling these secretive entities, a phenomenon allegedly spanning over eight decades. There is evidence that the secret UFO control-agents are fighting back. They want the Congressional Committee closed down.

In an attempt to decipher the mysterious technology, the author delved into the research of Dr. Ning Li, an accomplished scientist. Dr. Ning Li, in the 1990s, worked on the concept of a gravitomagnetic field. After leaving the University of Alabama in 1993 she formed a company called AC Gravity LLC.  I speculate that the US Department of Defense (“DoD”) and the Advanced Research Projects Agency (“DARPA”) were behind Dr Ning Li’s resignation from the University of Alabama and her entry into some equivalent ‘Skunk Works’ project under DARPA.   

In 1999 Dr. Ning Li’s groundbreaking discovery involved a high-temperature superconducting disc, spun at a rapid rate and embedded with rare-earth materials. This setup generates a force-field of ions that appears to counteract gravity. In simpler terms, it’s a rudimentary form of anti-gravity technology. Dr. Ning Li theorized that by rotating ions to create a specific gravitomagnetic field, a powerful repulsive force could be generated if a significant number of ions were aligned, akin to a Bose-Einstein condensate. This alignment could potentially be achieved by trapping superconductor ions in a lattice structure within a high-temperature superconducting disc. 

Although Dr Nihg Li’s claims of functional anti-gravity devices generated enthusiasm, the DoD played them down in public, while at the same time enthusiastically taking control of the new development.  Intriguingly, Dr. Ning Li ostensibly left academia to establish the corporation AC Gravity LLC, which received a $448,970 DOD grant in 2001 for research.   Typical of DARPA, the results of the research were never made public and Dr Ning Li disappeared from public view and contact.   AC Gravity LLC still existed as of 2020.

Amid these puzzling revelations, it’s noteworthy that AC Gravity LLC continues to be registered and active in Delaware, hinting at ongoing and enigmatic activities. 

Russian scientist Eugene Podkletnov’s research adds a compelling layer to the exploration of unconventional technologies. Technologies that may have been advanced by the knowledge gained by the reserve engineering of UFOs.  According to Nick Cook in Jane’s Defence Weekly, the Boeing’s internal project Gravity Research for Advanced Space Propulsion (“GRASP”) I quote: “If gravity modification is real, it will alter the entire aerospace business.” and presents intriguing observations about Podkletnov’s research. This report stipulates: 

An Anti-Gravity Beam: Podkletnov successfully demonstrated an anti-gravity beam measuring four inches (10 centimeters) in width in Russia. This beam reportedly repelled objects over a distance of more than half a mile (one kilometer) with minimal power loss. This remarkable feat implies the creation of a force capable of countering gravity’s pull.

Potential Weapons System: The technology showcased by Podkletnov holds potential for engineering a new type of weapons system. This system could theoretically vaporize objects, suggesting a profound leap in military capabilities.

Weight Alteration:  Objects positioned above a rapidly spinning disc composed of superconducting material experienced a reduction in weight.

Technology-journalist Tim Ventura interviewed physicist Jack Sarefatti on video on July 7th, 2008.  During this interview, Sarefatti offered insights into the disappearance of Dr. Ning Li and its implications for national security and international technological development.

Sarefatti’s exact quote from the interview is as follows:

One thing that did come up and this is important from the national security political point of view, one of the key scientists in this electroconductivity super-conducting activity was a Chinese woman by the name of Ning Li. She has disappeared, allegedly gone back to China, and our Intelligence Agencies have very good information (she was working at NASA) she has disappeared for several years. The people at the Pentagon who were in touch with her cannot reach her any more, she is allegedly back in China, and the Red Chinese are putting a lot of money into these exotic projects. It looks as though… the most likely people to develop the first real anti-gravity UFO propulsion technology are the Chinese and possibly the Russians.

Sarefatti’s statement highlights the potential geopolitical implications of Dr. Ning Li’s disappearance and the focus on advanced technology development in China and Russia. 

The possibility that these countries might lead in the development of anti-gravity propulsion technology adds an intriguing layer to the ongoing exploration of unconventional scientific advancements.  

Overall, Eugene Podkletnov’s contributions and the insights shared by Tim Ventura and physicist Jack Sarefatti underscore the complex and enigmatic nature of the research surrounding anti-gravity and UFO-related technologies.

In conclusion, the entire UFO and USA Congressional acknowledgement is psychologically confronting to the human race.  We may soon be entering new territory and the future is unclear. 

4 thoughts on “The Truth Regarding UFOs”
  1. What we should be talking about is where are they from and how did they get here.
    I am sceptical.

    1. Hi Brian, Indeed, given the opportunity, I would ask both questions you pose.

  2. David Grusch did not give evidence. He gave hearsay (that is, he reported something he’d HEARD, he did NOT witness it himself).

    His story is exactly the same as one told to me by a college professor in 1974, whose Air Force CO claimed to know about a crashed UFO in storage and “bodies in the freezer”.

    [Also, there is a great deal of question about Grusch’s ‘security clearance’ which as claimed was at a level not granted to people in his position.]

    1. Hi Reziac, I agree but his advanced security clearance and designated Intelligence position adds powerfully to his evidence. Remember the hell that Robert ‘Bob’ Lazar has had to endure over the decades. Powerful forces have now accumulated to destroy David Grusch, on the other hand the Inspector-General of the Intelligence Agencies supported Grusch. Commander Fravor and his independent and accompanying female fighter pilot female, she has since been promoted, have given the same evidence. Evidence by ‘unimpeachable officers’ of UFO interference at intercontinental missile launch sites cannot be ignored.

      I find it all fascinating and I intellectually accept the evidence of UFO activity. Nevertheless from an anthropomorphic perspective I find my own reactions to be wanting.

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