Somehow, when SARS Cov 2 hit this overpopulated and beleaguered world, all the rules changed, and all of our previously tried and trusted viral paradigms were intentionally shifted – from the accepted norm, developed over centuries, to deep into the realms of the fantastic … which shifts have gone largely unchallenged by ‘sheeple’ masquerading as doctors, politicians, and, well … everyone.

Let us consider just a few of the massive anomalies that have been foisted upon us by those people with an encyclopaedic knowledge of all things viral, people like journalists, politicians and the other recently self-appointed infectious disease experts – not!

And please let us be clear. What is written hereunder is NOT an opinion, it is HARD, PROVABLE MEDICAL SCIENCE, a commodity that recently appears to be in shorter and shorter supply. Misinformation and outright BS seem to have become the order of the day.

The PCR Test

NEVER before, in the history of infectious disease medicine, has the RT-PCR test been used to diagnose a viral infection! NEVER!!! WHY? This is simply not its purpose, and yet it is THE CURRENT global yardstick by which the corona infection numbers and curves are created and measured.

The inventor of this technology, Nobel Laureate Kary Mullis, AND all of the test’s manufacturers warned us, right from the get-go, that this test was being incorrectly used with respect to determining anything about the extent of tis “pandemic”. And if that was not enough, three months ago, the CDC (The Centre for Disease Control based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA) declared what we have known since March 2020: that this test is useless because it dramatically exaggerates disease numbers, and at last it will be taken out of the Covid-19 management – but only at the end of 2021. You must ask yourself, if it is so useless an misleading, why not remove the blessed test right now, today? Why is this confusing test still required to cross a border or to board an aircraft?

Correctly applied, this test detects the presence of very specific nucleic acid sequences in RNA or DNA. Usually the amount of test material obtained in the sample is so small the test material must be boosted artificially using what are called amplification cycles for the nucleic acids in the sample to become detectable. Usually the number of amplification cycles are kept less than 25-30. Because if you go above thirty cycles the test starts to become increasingly unreliable, and above 40 amplification cycles the test is over 94% inaccurate!!! So many false positive results are obtained. Laboratories are running these Covid-19 PCR tests at 40-45 cycles. Again, you must ask … WHY? Interestingly, the cycling has recently been reduced to below when vaccinated people are being tested to obtain a SMALLER number of positives – that should surely raise a red flag or two! Proof of skullduggery is right there.

Billions have been spent using this technology, that has been so obviously used incorrectly. The pockets of people who patented this test YEARS prior to the Wuhan outbreak are jingling uncontrollably. The fact is that the seemingly intentional misuse of the PCR test has played a pivotal role in transforming a disease that currently has a statistical 99.9% survival rate, from a seasonal outbreak type epidemic into something that has terrified the world to the extent that many still believe Covid-19 poses a threat to the continued existence of humankind.


The next question is to ask how and why has virology been turned on its head since March 2020? Why have the well-established concepts of immunity been so blatantly bludgeoned to death, or so flagrantly disregarded by the ‘experts’ in the media, and summarily replaced with what would appear to be the ‘new normal’ in the science of immunity?

I am relieved to be the bearer of good tidings then – you see, in short, nothing much has changed. And I am also happy to share with you that you cannot get Covid-19 twice, and the PCR’s obvious shortcomings have had a lot to do with this huge misconception as well.

Anyone with half a brain knows that getting mumps or measles or even ebola as a child will afford the recovered victim a ROBUST, LIFELONG immunity. These very same time-honoured principles and observations apply to ALL viral illnesses, including Covid-19. Very interestingly, people who survived SARS CoV 1 in 2002/3 are immune to SARS CoV 2 today! Less than a thousand people died in the SARS epidemic, whose global threat was also blown out of all reasonable proportion. Was this a practice round?

Recent unimpeachable data out of Israel, probably the most vaccinated country on the planet, shows that natural immunity (the production of organism specific antibodies after infection with the “wild” virus) far outstrips its vaccine-generated cousin, being measurably at least THIRTY times more effective. That same country is now showing also that antibody production by vaccinated individuals starts to wane noticeably at two months and it would seem that by six months the immune response is tenuous, no longer protective and requires a booster. Israel is rolling out their FOURTH booster as I write.

I say again, natural immunity lasts forever, and is demonstrably effective against Covid-19 AND the mutants / variants or whatever you want to call them. The ‘new’ kinds of Covid-19 varieties are almost certainly caused by vaccinating in the middle of an active pandemic through a process well-known as viral escape. World renowned vaccine expert Geert Vanden Bosche warned us in March last year, that the production of more infectious, and very possibly more vicious mutants would result from mass vaccination. Enter the dreaded Delta variant just as he predicted, four or five months after the vaccination programme was started. The real experts know their science. Politicians and journos, not so much.

Here are some little-known facts about the much-vaunted vaccine:

  1. The immunity gained from vaccination is very specific, and has a narrow spectrum, a phenomenon we are seeing now when many fully vaccinated people are succumbing to the nasty Delta variant. The VACCINE MAKERS all freely admit that their vaccines do not protect you from corona virus infection, so there is no argument with this point.
  2. Vaccination very often interferes with your natural ‘innate immunity’; the immunity that allows younger people to suffer a much less severe form of viral disease. Influenza vaccines for example, make people SIX times more likely to have a severe respiratory viral infection in the year following their ‘flu vaccination, and this vaccination causes a much greater chance of that person becoming a super shedder (or “super spreader”) of the very disease the vaccine was meant to protect them against. The unvaccinated must beware the vaccinated!
  3. Vaccines contain all sorts of excipients that are not mentioned in their package inserts (some of the Covid-19 package inserts have been left famously blank!), things like mercury, aluminium, polyethylene glycol (antifreeze!) and more recently in the Covid vaccines, filthy stuff called graphene oxide – the short-, medium- and long-term effects of which are entirely unknown. Graphene has never been placed in any medicine prior to this time. Why?
  4. Vaccination messes with your immune system, and the incidence of autoimmune diseases in kids has skyrocketed since 1974 when the EPI (expanded programme on immunisation as instituted by the WHO) was extended from about a dozen vaccinations to the current 72. Yes, that is right, kids born in the USA today MUST have 72 shots (not including things like ‘flu vaccines) or they may be stopped from attending schools. In some states it is quite possible that child services remove them from their parents’ care if they are not fully immunised! Such is the power associated with vaccination in some countries.
  5. Vaccine failure is common, and current data shows that efficacy is but a fraction of that claimed by the manufacturers. Outbreaks of polio recently followed the use of Gates’ polio vaccine in India, resulting in him being banned from that country by its government!
  6. Prior to this pandemic any vaccine causing over 50 deaths was immediately withdrawn from service because of safety concerns; to date the various GOVERNMENT BASED vaccine watchdog websites have recorded tens of thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of injuries – and this obviously in no way reflects the problems still to be seen in time to come. Estimates by Harvard University personnel are that these are being under-reported by a factor of 5-10 times.
  7. The side effects of these vaccines in people under 20 years of age far exceed the reported deaths. Frankly this disease is so mild in people under 40 years of age that vaccination is totally unnecessary.
  8. Vaccines are being recommended for pregnant women in spite of a reported spontaneous miscarriage rate of 82% in the first two trimesters. Menstrual abnormalities abound and the real experts predict that there will be an epidemic of infertility amount the vaccinated. Sperm in vaccinated men are seen to be much less mobile, so both sexes’ fertility will be negatively affected.
  9. Vaccine cards or ‘passports’ show that their validity has a short expiry date – the latest single dose Janssen vaccine for example is only valid until mid-2023.
  10. Vaccine makers are serial offenders in terms of medical legislation and have literally paid out billions of US$ for criminal offences. These huge fines are chump change compared with their profits, so they are paid with a smile.

So, while vaccines seem to have played a pivotal role in child and human health, they are definitely not everything that they have been made out to be. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

The strange new (non) treatment of this viral disease

For the first time in history people suffering from viral disease were told to go home and self-manage, and to return only when their symptoms, mainly breathlessness, became a critical problem.

Imagine your terror, being sent home empty handed having been diagnosed with a disease that all of the tabloids were telling you were killing people in their thousands. This advice from any medical institution was unthinkable prior to March 2020.

The treatments offered seem to have had the opposite effect to what one might have wanted. Treatments like Remdesivir for example, are positively dangerous. Again, the same rules apply, but with Corona disease several old remedies have been revived and should now form a part of every man and woman on the planets strategy to self-manage disease.

I know of at least SIX ways to manage even the most severe viral infections at home:

  1. Vitamin C
  2. Ivermectin
  3. Vitamin D
  4. Zinc plus an ionophore (an additional medicine that gets zinc into the cells)
  5. Lugol’s Iodine
  6. Hydrogen peroxide

I have long been a proponent of the use of high diose vitamin C and even more so since my run in with Covid-19 in May 2020. As a 63-year-old obese man with hypertension I should have had, by all accounts, a nasty infection. After taking 2,000 mg (yes, TWO THOUSAND MILLIGRAMS) of vitamin C every 2 hours I was back at work in under 72 hours.

Ivermectin, taken properly (0.4 to 0.6 mg per Kg body weight), is a safe and EXTREMELY effective prophylactic (taken weekly), and treatment (taken daily) that has revolutionised the treatment of many viral diseases. Originally developed as an extremely effective worm killer for Africans suffering from River Blindness or Elephantiasis, it has been very successfully repurposed as a medicine that stops viral replication in its tracks, killing the virus and rendering the person viral load negative within four days. In the middle of 2020, its use in Chile showed a decrease in death rate to 1/14th of pre-Ivermectin statistics, and when it was again withdrawn by the new president shortly thereafter, the death rate soared by 13 times. I do not know another way to overwhelmingly demonstrate effectiveness than that experience. The three lettered acronym masters of the medical fraternity however are STILL calling for double blinded prospective placebo-controlled trials, which would give us answers in five years’ time, so sorry for the carnage between now and then … just one more way that the crass stupidity of the modern medical approach has been laid bare.

Vitamin D, which turns out to be more of a hormone than a vitamin, has been shown to be extremely effective when used both for prevention and cure. Blood levels of 80 ng / mL will prevent 70-80% of people from contracting ANY respiratory virus.

When Donald Trump stood up and advocated hydroxychloroquine as being a very effective corona virus infection treatment, the ensuing roar of vilification all but reversed the world’s direction of orbit. The fact is, that the president was spot on, and this has been known since this drug was used very effectively during the SARS 2002/3 epidemic. Again, it can be used for prophylaxis and treatment. It has been shown that 60mg of zinc given daily with an ionophore (something that enables zinc to enter the cell and very effectively prevent viral replication) is as effective as any antiviral agent. Ionophores include quercetin, chloroquine, hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin and doxycycline.

Lugol’s iodine was invented in 1829 by French chemist Jean Lugol when he was trying to dissolve elemental iodine in water. Up until the 1930’s iodine was in wide medical use against all infections, including malaria and TB! Sadly, after the discovery of antimicrobials like penicillin, this little gem of a medicine was discarded for the more profitable patented stuff, and the world lost something that is really special, and still one of the most effective antimicrobials around. Like Vitamin C, it must be dispensed frequently and in high doses to be of any use. It has a very wide margin of safety, and 68,000 times the RDA of iodine has been shown to be well tolerated.

Simple inhalation of 1-3% (as tolerated) hydrogen peroxide is very effective against all respiratory viruses. A little-known fact is that elemental singlet oxygen, in the form of hydrogen peroxide, is the chemical means that white cells use to kill organisms.

The vaccines, and enforced Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Don’t get me started!!! There is so much wrong with this aspect of this ‘pandemic’ that a large book could not do this topic justice. Vaccination has become a very controversial and emotive subject, and for myriads of good reasons.

Perhaps then a brief point form discussion, using unassailable points, is the kindest way to deal with some of the many issues – many people have been vaccinated for all the wrong reasons, and I have no wish to add to anyone’s pain in this regard.

The vaccinated will tell you that they were given this experimental inoculation without any information about its vast array of possible problems – like many things, the time hallowed principle of informed consent (actually a medicolegal requirement) went out of the window along with other hitherto sacred medical practices.

These ‘vaccines’ are untested, and Emergency Use Authorisation had to be cleverly engineered to allow their very wide use to occur without the usual protocols for new medicine development, that were in place prior to November 2019.

Since SARS CoV 1 many corona virus vaccines have been developed, but during the animal trial phase of development it was found that ALL the vaccinated animals died when they were confronted with the normal or ‘wild’ circulating corona viruses. Ferrets were used as they had the ACE2 receptor sites on their cells which allowed the coronavirus to attach and infect them. All previous attempts to make corona virus vaccines were abandoned because of the inevitable death of these test animals.

Vaccine-makers are completely indemnified against any and all side effects and deaths resulting from vaccination. Since the 1980’s, several American Presidential Decrees have ensured vaccine makers can put whatever they like into their products without fear of reprisal or penalty. Whatever they put into their vaccines was irrelevant, as they can never be brought to book. Big Pharma companies remain firmly at the top of the donor lists of all of the US presidential campaigns of these last few decades.

Patents for these vaccines, patents for the technology used in these vaccines, and for tests for the virus predate the release of the Covid-19 virus in Wuhan by several years. How is THAT possible, you have to ask?

The vaccines appear to be ineffective for their purpose, and data being developed at this time shows undoubtedly that nations are worse off now, than they ever were prior to the vaccine roll out – Israel for example was suffering 1-3 deaths a day, compared with up to 100 and more a day at this time.

There has NEVER been such a draconian mandatory side to vaccination, in the history of mankind, especially insane when you consider this shot is virtually untested. And never before have people with natural immunity been forced to vaccinate.

Several of the vaccines involve the introduction of messenger ribonucleic acid, or mRNA – it is believed by some experts that this will irrevocably alter your own DNA.

The long-term effects of all of these issues remain completely unknown – usually vaccines are tested for 7-15 years until their safety (and efficacy) can be conclusively established.

The available vaccines are all based upon generating immunity to the spike or S1 protein, which has been implicated in many aspects of the corona virus syndrome. It is the spike protein which differentiates SAR CoV 2 from SARS CoV 1, which causes ALL of the specific Covid-19 problems that differentiate it from its much more benign SARS CoV 1 cousin. You have to ask yourself WHY the vaccine developers would focus on the most dangerous part of the virus, as their immune target. This has made the virus particle, and killed virus vaccines JUST as deadly as their RNA developing counterparts.

Food for thought

The all-encompassing tragedy of this PLANdemic is testimony to man’s insatiable greed, to medical mankind’s incredible inertia and stupidity, and to the fact that politicians are inescapably complicit in what has occurred because it is THEY AND THEY ALONE who have implemented and enforced the mandates. The vaccine makers could not do this part. But, whether this has been by reward or coercion is not always clear – for example four or five African leaders who were openly non-compliant with WHO directives have died since the Wuhan outbreak. What is clear, is that whatever their motives or directives, the global leaders have thrown their countrymen under the bus and have gone along with what has been suggested by the acronymed authorities (WHO, CDC, FDA, GAVI, NIH, NIAID etc etc) without paying much attention to the dangers and problems involved. You have to have been living under a rock not to be aware of the consequences of the various aspects discussed above.

The extraordinary measures instituted by governments globally have caused more deaths from things like suicides, alcohol related problems, poverty and starvation, and diseases that have been sidelined or ignored. A Canadian study shows 10 times more people have been killed because of Covid measures than by Covid itself.

Masking and social distancing have been repeatedly shown to be ineffectual in halting or mitigating the transmission of corona virus infection, but like the PCR test they remain standard protocol throughout the world. Masking actually makes people MORE susceptible to infection with airborne viruses.

Enter a genius called David Martin. This guy has developed software that allows computers to scrutinise massive numbers of documents to find words and phrases that are concealed in their copious substance, hiding in plain sight in pages and pages and pages of writing. David has found, conclusively, incontrovertibly, and very damningly that OVER FOUR THOUSAND patents have been filed by various people and the acronymed organisations named above since 2016. Other patents date back to as early as the 1990’s. It seems greedy agenda-driven individuals have definitively fingered themselves as the architects of this horrible global plague of financial ruin, deception and destruction. This ghastly plague of corruption has provably been decades in the making.

Let us all fervently hope that these patent records serve us well in the future to mete out well deserved punishment to the so obviously guilty parties involved. It is hard for me to contemplate exactly what punishment would be fitting for what these people have done to the innocent people that were just innocently going about their business when Covid-19 hit.

There has surely been no greater crime or deception in the chequered history of mankind.

By AAdmin

4 thoughts on “The smoke and mirror world that envelopes SARS-CoV-2”
  1. Good Morning Hannes,
    I’m glad to see Africa Unauthorised is back in action.
    Your absence yesterday was missed.
    Like Icarus, I feared that you had flown too close to the truth and your wise words had been torched by the Globalists’ trolls.

    Some observations from a ‘soutpiel’ living in the chilly northern lands:

    The population here splits into two distinct groups.
    The majority, who follow main stream media, watch TV and obediently carry out the instructions from on high.
    A small minority, who observe, read and look elsewhere for news. They form their own opinion based on what they see.

    We are seeing an increase in unexplained vehicle accidents. The drivers black out and sometimes a serious crash ensues. It is highly likely they have all been jabbed.

    Worth watching is a telling interview with a Vatican insider Archbishop Virgano condemning the Pope for encouraging the faithful to be injected with an ‘Inganga’s brew made with aborted human foetus’ (my words not his!!)

    Also a more recent interview with Dr Shankara Chetty, who practices near Port Edward, where he discusses his COVID management approach. This is a world beating South African first using precise timing together with a corticosteroid and an antihistamine (both cheap generic medicines) to treat and avoid the pulmonary phase of this viral infection.

    Written Evidence Submitted by Dr Chris Newton, Centre for Immune Metabolism, Microbiome and Bio-Energetic Research, UK to a Parliamentary inquiry supports Dr Chetty’s findings.

    Once peoples’ eyes are open they can see and recognise the truth.
    Sadly for those who have been conned you cannot be ‘un-jabbed’.
    I fear greatly for all of us when the truth eventually comes out.

    best wishes


  2. Laid down just as it is: articulate and the unavoidable truth. The choice of word also does it for me: going straight to where the rubber meets the tar. One of the leading ivermectin treatment protocol docs in Zim has recently been hauled before the medical council of Zimbabwe and virtually stripped of her ability to practice: I’ve used a similar argument and personally lodged a presonal & very strong objection to the medical council: this doc has literally saved and helped thousands of citizens in Zimbabwe: a nation with a defunct healthcare system & a corrupt and tyrannical government: the gloves must come off and we must get into the trenches for truth & justice in a world drowning in greed: lies: deception and outright evil. Thank you Hannes. Will be shared widely

  3. Your best article ever. This article must be filed and produced in the future as evidence to prove this Covid is the biggest hoax the world has ever seen. Pandemic my arse ! 5 million old and sick people passed away over a 22 month period from “Flu” – all with massive underlying comorbidity issues………..thats not a Pandemic !!!!!!!

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