Hannes Wessels,

Years ago when BBC boss of Television, Danny Cohen, fired the brash but funny petrolhead Jeremy Clarkson from his job at Top Gear, I was struck by the fact that Mr. Cohen had seen fit to get rid of the corporation’s biggest money spinner over an incident involving a minor assault on a caterer, who, if you accept Clarkson’s defence as I do, deserved a slap for being lazy.  Then it occurred to me that the BBC is in the fortunate position of being tax-payer supported so it can run at a loss and let the public pick up the bill.

While the BBC is an organ of state, this is not the case at Fox News which is a public company owned by shareholders looking for maximum return on their investment and yet they too have effectively fired their star performer Tucker Carlson for reasons unknown to me. This strange move had an immediate negative impact on the company’s balance sheet but this appears to be of little concern to those who are supposed to be doing what is best for the company.

What both of these sacked men have in common is they are white Christians, they are heterosexual, both very intelligent, articulate, entertaining and they are able to attract a large audience of people who share roughly the same values and background. In both cases the motivation appears to have been an attempt to silence them no matter the financial cost.

Following on from this I listened to a speech recently delivered by another man who has been silenced; Vladimir Putin. I mention his name with caution; he was a senior officer in the intelligence services that buttressed the Soviet regime, and he is presently indicted by the International Criminal Court for alleged war-crimes. It was people of his ilk who played a vital role in driving the political transformation that has wrecked my homeland, so I have no cause to empathise with him.

Today he is demonised by the mainstream media, but I still believe we should be allowed to hear from him and those that speak on his behalf. Unfortunately the global censors are busy making it difficult to hear the Russian point of view but I have been able to and it has me wondering if he is not in the same boat as Clarkson and Carlson because I have a feeling the three of them actually have much in common and appeal to the same, somewhat restive audience.

In the course of his address he speaks bluntly about important fundamentals which are largely ignored by contemporary Western leaders. The nuclear family, headed by a mother and father he insists, is the bedrock of a healthy society. He is appalled by same-sex marriages and state-sanctioned programmes, increasingly common in Western countries, designed to confuse children as to their gender and allow minors to make life-changing (and sometimes life-destroying) decisions about their sexuality. He speaks of ‘perversion’ seeping through the West and the growing tolerance towards paedophilia. On the matter of the Anglican Church now discussing the possibility of a ‘gender-neutral God’ he ask that they be ‘..forgiven .. for they know not what they are doing’. He believes millions of people are being led towards a ‘spiritual catastrophe’ they are ’going mad’ and this malaise he fears, ‘does not seem to be treatable’. Against this backdrop he tells his audience his most important task is to protect the people of Russia, particularly the children, against this ‘degradation’.

What is frightening is his observation that these developments are not new to the Russians. He explains that the ‘progressive’ or ‘woke’ forces of change in the West are very similar to those that brought about the fall of the Romanovs and the rise of the Bolsheviks which ushered in decades of tyrannical rule leading to economic and social collapse.

He reminds us it was Lenin and his cohorts who worked so effectively to rewrite the nation’s history inducing shame upon the populace, erased the writings of those whose thoughts did not sync with the new order, (he mentions the recent moves to denigrate Shakespeare), destroy its traditional sense of values and in so doing, destroy the family and the national consciousness.

While making it clear that what is happening in these countries is none of his business he suggests the world is delicately poised and argues there is pressing need for a form of ‘reasonable conservatism’ to steer us all into calmer waters. I might be out of step but all this resonates with me

Where, once upon a time the press was there to police the powerful and protect the public; now it seems it is there to police the public and protect the powerful. It looks to me like powerful forces have been unleashed to make it dangerous, if not impossible, for anyone to speak out in defence of a dwindling white minority under siege that ironically may have secured its own demise by constructing the systems that provide the platforms for those who will now destroy them.

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  1. I think that you are entirely correct in your summing up of the situation, Hannes.
    The people who are arguing against your viewpoint should do a bit of historical research and understand that the USA and British politicians have been pathological liars and dishonourable non-keepers of their words and treaties since long before Boris Johnson, Biden and their ilk.
    The dishonouring of NATO’s promise not to advance towards Russia and the Neo-Nazi criminals who comprise much of the Ukrainian non-conscript army (egged on and financed by the USA via the CIA) are surely the obvious reasons that “Keurboom” claims to be looking for.

    BTW, “Keurboom”, why do you hide behind a nom de plume? Always makes me suspicious.

    1. Well observed Phil Curtis. The Keurboom is a pretty little flower – Virgilia oroboides. Says it all.

  2. This whole process of sidelining the white, male, conservative, nominally Christian ethic has been going on for years gaining in power. I remember the censorship imposed on any right of centre views when I was at the University of Natal in the mid 80s. This has now spread and permeated the press to such an extent that their offerings are no longer digestible and the majority do not pass the sniff test, unfortunately now at local level as well.
    When one looks at the causes of the demise of past empires it would appear that the west has entered the death spiral of its dominance. As for the proverbial ‘barbarians at the gates’ there are plenty of takers with much of the previously ‘non aligned’ world making up the vanguard. Considering the threat of the liberal and woke western influences on the majority of these states with their predominantly conservative societies it is easy to see why they are flocking to the BRICS banner as a new rallying point to preserve their status quo. Following the last 50 years of US foreign policy in inventing wars, colour revolutions, coups and general destabilisation of any state that dared to diverge from the US direction it is small wonder that many of the smaller nations are seeking refuge behind the skirts of the Russia-China bluwark. One only has to look at central Asia in the wake of Russia’s SMO to see the efforts of the US to use the same old CIA play-book to attempt to influence the direction of these states policies.
    When looking at the physical results of the SMO it is apparent that the US/Nato dominance is fading, especially as the China threat is far greater than Russia which if left unchallenged in a few years will be game over for the US.
    From that perspective alone it would appear that our current Western trajectory is heading for the rocks. It probably won’t be pleasant but is looking more and more like its only a matter of (a short) time.

  3. Jeremy Clarkson is actually an avowed ashiest not Christian, and I would say boorish rather than brash.

    1. And I say your comment is boring.
      A sense of humour is, in my opinion, a good indication of intelligence.

  4. Spot on Hannes! White Christian men are definitely not top of the pops these days, in this dystopic woke world … one only has to listen to virtually any speech broadcast by that idiot Biden and his puppets on the MSM news to hear the inevitable and sickeningly oft repeated assertions that all of America’s current woes can and must be blamed upon those dreadful white Christian men. Who must by definition be racists.

    What is really happening in Ukraine is that essentially a proxy war is being fought between NATO / the US, and Russia, using hapless Ukranian youths as the cannon fodder. While war cannot be condoned under any circumstances, anyone with half a grey cell MUST agree that what happened in the weeks, months and years prior to Putin’s invasion was the (mountain of) straw that broke the camel’s back. Would America allow nuclear-capable missile bases to be set up in Mexico? Of course not! NATO and the US have continued to poke that long suffering Russian bear for ages, decades even, until they eventually said #*&% it, we no longer have any choice but war. Biden’s openly stated intention is to remove Putin, whatever the cost (300,000 Ukranian men, 140 billion USD and counting). This war’s other purpose is to be a massive money laundering scheme for the military industrial complex that runs America today.

    Very few people understand exactly how Putin and Russia were pressured into this ghastly situation. RFK Jr is making a very welcome bid for the presidency, and what a relief to see that someone from within that democrat mess is prepared to stand up and relieve Biden of his presidency, which has been a structured demolition of the United States. Kennedy’s understanding of the Russian history involved is encyclopaedic, and listening to him carefully explain this dog’s breakfast, you cannot fault his reasoning: Russia (Putin) was all but forced to declare war. Putin’s back was to the wall. Rumour has it that certain elements within Russia’s leadership would have taken Putin out had he not eventually declared war! Heaven knows he warned everyone enough times, as did many highly placed American officials. But while he is reviled by the west, no one can deny Putin is a patriot, has his countrymen’s interests at heart and protects his people much more effectively than most if not all western governments do.

    The last 15 minutes of this Jordan Peterson interview is very revealing in terms of what is actually happening over there https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1h5AhrDajI&t=1512s .

    1. Agreed. And this is why msm were slating Erdoğan in the run up to the recent Turkish elections. He is refusing to let his country be a front line in the proxy war against Putin, and his people voted him back in because they see through the typical msm character assassination.

    2. I read the above again and could find only one hard fact advanced as a reason for Putin’s invasion and that’s the presence of US nuclear weapons located in Europe. Hardly reason for a brutal attack on many local civilians?
      The logic that runs through the pro Putin viewpoints seems to be that Europe, and by extension Ukraine, is full of wokes, Putin and a lot of us despises wokes …….. so it’s good that he attacks Europe?
      Sorry, I just can’t get it.

      1. Putin wanted an assurance on Ukraine and Nato which was denied. When the Soviets dismantled the Warsaw Pact they understood the same would follow with Nato and this was articulated by James Baker to Gorbachev. Instead the opposite happened and Nato has gone onto an expansionist, aggressive footing which has alarmed the Russians.

      2. Hi Keurboom, you want more reasons here are some. The 2014 Maidan colour revolution orchestrated by the CIA; 27 biolabs financed by Bill Gates; monumental corruption of the Ukraine government by US politicians, Biden & Son and the Burisma Corp; Nazi military build up.

    3. I concur with the article and these comments.

      Vive Rhodesia.

      Refreshing. Good reasoning.

  5. Bravo, Hannes! Your final paragraph sums it up well. This woke crap is getting out of hand… I see that the head of the Aussie Tennis Federation said he would support transgender ex-males playing against (normal) women. Imagine it – a good male player wants to win ladies’ tournaments and big bucks (and only have to play max 3 sets per match!), all he has to do is identify as a woman and Bob’s your Uncle (ooops, I mean Auntie!)

  6. Hannes, I’m pretty sure I’m on the same page as you for all political and social issues ……… with one exception and that’s Putin and Russia.

    There is wide acceptance amongst strategists that WW III was started years back by China and Russia, that it would not involve the wholesale destruction of infrastructure of previous wars. Rather it would be focused on minds, destroying the moral, fabric and the structure and soul of modern democracies. The weapon would be the media and more latterly the insidious social media. That is why every aspect of our culture is being attacked and denigrated via the likes BLM, LGBTQ, etc. The first mentioned is designed to lower the nasty and guilty Wests norms and culture to the level of the supposedly noble and downtrodden BLM masses, LGBTQ is about emasculation. Have you noticed how so much of the Western media is now focused on creating self hate within us?

    Don’t be fooled by Russia, they seek to destroy in us what you admire in them ……..what they’ve done in Ukraine is no more and no less than rampant barbarism.

    1. I don’t agree Russia or China can be blamed for the creeping decadence destroying the West. This phenomenon comes from within which Putin notes with dismay. I remain convinced the war in Ukraine is not something Putin wanted. The Americans triggered this war just as they did in Iraq.

      1. Our decay, yes and no, it’s multi faceted, put another way Russia and China delivered a turbocharger to what’s already happening in the West in line with the Rise > Peak > Decline cycle of societies, most living organisms?

        The US it’s been said only flirted with the middle phase! John le Carre’ in his later books describes them with a most delicate touch.

      2. I think you are as delusional as those who believe the woke rubbish if you really believe Putin was a victim in all this. Did the West provoke his 2014 invasion of Crimea too? It amazes me how many so-called conservative -leaning people have become Putin fans. I suggest this displays a real lack of common sense. Are your co-commentators in agreement with you view on this?

        1. I’d appreciate it if someone would strip the emotion out and give concrete, unemotional reason why Putin is justified in doing what he’s done.
          So far all I get is that Biden is a tosser ( agreed ), American attitudes are naive and bellicose ( agreed ), in days gone by Ukraine was close to Russia ( so what, Ukraine preferred a Western way, their right ), the commercial side of the US arms industry ( maybe but then go for them ), the West are decadent ( agreed but no connection, do us all a real favour, what we really need, and rid us of wokes ).

          1. Keurboom, is correct we need to rid ourselves of the wokeness in our society. The hetoric is about keeping Biden and the Democrats out, rather than either party halting the ‘woke’ indoctrination in our schools, tertiary institutions, and workplaces. No presidential candidate from the Democrats or Republicans (including Trump) has the courage and conviction to publicly declare the removal of this wokeness that is a growing cancer.
            As for trusting Putin. readers of this forum may find this video interesting, especially the end (does ASIO still have a agent supplying ‘Five Eyes’ information to the Russians) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=la8Au_c4HEE

    2. Keurboom, there is evidence to support your theory about the ‘destruction of the moral fabric and soul of modern societies.
      The link to Yuri Bezmenov’s video on using tertiary institutions to program the minds of our youth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yErKTVdETpw
      Hopefully, Australians will vote against the ‘Voice’ referendum. If not, we will be paying financially for living or fishing on ‘sacred’ / ‘dreamtime’ land.

    3. Hi Keurboom, you really are an ignoramus, you think that supporting Ukraine is righteous. Don’t you understand that the Ukraine/NATO/US war is an invention of the woke and corrupt US Deep State, to create a market for MIC products. If you haven’t been able to read the tea leaves by now you never will.

  7. Seems this Russian collusion seems trendy these days, started way back in the days of Donald Trump’s first days in office. And that turned out to be a farce.

    1. When it comes to Russia, Keurboom and Quentin, don’t have a clue.

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