by Hannes Wessels

Most people I associate with miss it completely but with the rise of Biden to the American presidency, the growth of authoritarianism throughout the world has been accelerated. Trump, for all his alleged faults, tended towards the libertarian view of how countries are best managed. He believed, as did Ronald Reagan, that government interference in the daily lives of people, should be kept to a minimum. Reagan famously said the most terrifying statement you will ever hear is: “We are from the government and we are here to help you.” Biden and Harris see it very differently, they subscribe to the socialist view that government knows better than the individual and therefore it is sensible to surrender your rights to a massive, faceless bureaucracy that will tell you what to do.

The Covid-19 hoax has come at a perfect time. Prior to this, a mechanism for instilling fear in people was generated through the transmission blatant lies and dodgy data about Global Warming. We were told the icecaps were melting rapidly and soon we would all drown, and people panicked into accepting a raft of ridiculous new laws aimed at reversing the looming apocalypse. As with all other man-made problems we confront today the sole culprits were identified as the industrialised West.

When the apocalypse failed to arrive, along came Corona and again people are being terrified into submission through statistical manipulation, and a welter of disinformation on the spread and lethality of the virus. Millions, throughout affected countries have been turned into snitches creating a fractious society underpinned by mutual mistrust. What is troubling is most people seem to have responded with alacrity to the withdrawal of their basic human rights which must have thrilled the politicians who relish unquestioning obedience from a servile citizenry.

In the case of both Global Warming and the so called Corona ‘pandemic’, dissenting views, no matter how credible and well researched they may be, and no matter how well qualified the dissenters might be, are being ruthlessly suppressed. This follows a natural progression from the institutionalising of ‘hate-speech’ laws which have criminalised any statement which may impact negatively upon any person of different gender, religion, ethnicity or race. To all intents and purposes, the fundamental human right of freedom of speech, has been abrogated. In some cases, following the Orwellian dystopian view of a future world, mere thought, without any utterances may suffice to secure a conviction.

The setting is perfect for those who seek complete control. The world we find ourselves in is now dominated by liberal politicians, a liberal media and massive corporations with awesome financial power, that share the same views and solutions. The media and the corporates account to nobody. This is a frightening matrix that the vast majority of people appear unaware of, making the path to the accumulation of unbridled power for the few, appear to be clear.

One of the reasons for the prevailing ignorance of what is unfolding before their eyes is history has been tampered with by a legion of cunning academics. Few know or remember that virtually all the dictatorships of the last century had social-democrat beginnings.

Hitler, a socialist, rose to power with the support of the working class, blaming the Bolsheviks and the Jews for Germany’s woes.  Lenin, also a man from the ‘hard-left’ claiming to be ‘for the people’, blamed the Kulaks among others for the poverty that prevailed at the time and eliminated them, triggering a famine. “We all know who the internal enemy is. It is the capitalists, the landowners, the kulaks, and their offspring, who hate the government of the workers … who do not suck the blood of their fellow villagers.”

Unsurprisingly, both Mussolini and Lenin received favourable attention from most of the liberal media of the time which hailed them as ‘progressives’ for their policies towards labour and their rejection of establishment values. And in both cases, American academics were mostly uncritical of what was unfolding, just as they are today.

But the man who Jonah Goldberg, in his book, ‘Liberal Fascism’ describes as “… the twentieth century’s first fascist dictator…” was in fact, US President Woodrow Wilson who came to the White House in 1913.  like Joe Biden, he was a liberal Democrat, claiming the interests of the poor, impoverished by the avarice of the rich, drove him to seek the presidency. Wilson, as Biden is likely to emulate, ruthlessly attacked those who disagreed with his policies, and “…unleashed literally thousands of badge-carrying goons on the American people .. that would have made Mussolini envious,” according to Goldberg. Mussolini’s ‘fascists’ were Wilson’s ‘progressives’ he reminds us. Sadly for the world, Wilson did not confine his hard-line attitude to his homeland, he was the man who insisted on crippling Germany at Versailles following WWI and set the stage for another world-war in 1939. The similarities that exist in America today are ominous; except more so; Biden’s first executive act, in pursuit of poverty alleviation, appears to be the opening of American borders to expedite the process of breaking down the old white-dominated order that he and his followers reject. How this will benefit America is a mystery to me, but if Venezuela is his template for ‘progress’ then his intentions are understandable.

The fact that much of the world has been down this path before and paid a heavy price in terms of human suffering is of little consequence to the politicians. It is a feature of authoritarian governments that they refuse to learn from past mistakes through the rewriting of history and the unfair apportionment of blame. Biden, and most Western leaders find fault lies with a world recently dominated and allegedly abused by white people and the solution in speeding up the destruction of the old order that brought these countries to prominence. Boris Johnson has not indicated he disagrees nor have any other western European leaders.

Fascism beckons and most people appear to be thrilled.


16 thoughts on “The Rise of Fascism”
  1. Game Over…….
    Jan Markell hosts Curtis Bowers for the hour. We are headed for a revolution with world government on the horizon. We are now racing towards The Great Re-Set of the World Economic Forum. Perfect government arrives when Jesus is King and the government is upon His shoulders! Until then, human efforts will fail…..

  2. Hopefully the world is about to witness the power of the US Constitution at work in resolving a disputed election (see the 12th amendment). It seems the founding fathers thought of everything. I’m sure 2000 years of failed government systems of all types contributed to their knowledge and preparation. It is not a “living and breathing” document as progressives like to surmise. It is clear and concise. The “living and breathing” nonsense is their excuse for ignoring whatever aspects of it don’t fit their narrative.
    The peaceful transition of power is critical and the goal of every election cycle.
    As a reminder to those of us who aren’t aware of the facts, the United States is a constitutional republic. Not a pure democracy. I know many people feel that is not fair but it is how we have been able to have such a cornucopia of thoughts and ideas over the years and been able to live together. It has also allowed us to correct previous injustices through application of the law. It’s beauty is that it prevents the rule of the mob and allows for numerous voices to be heard and represented.
    If Joe Biden truly receives the majority of electors through LEGAL votes then so be it. Many people have overlooked the fact that his supposed election victory is a one off. The Democratic Party was rebuked in all other aspects. The House majority is slim and will make tax legislation hard for Biden to navigate. We also are one state legislature away from the potential for a Convention of States. This could allow us the ability to completely neuter the centralized federal government.
    We are about to find out if this country will live by the law or by feelings and opinions.

  3. Another great piece Hannes. All I can say with utmost disparity is that the next generation below us will take responsibility for their voting actions and ultimately pay an incredible sacrifice in the near term. I remain content however that I will not be here for too much longer to see the annihilation of society by these despots that plague our world. Democracy has died an unnatural death.

    1. I’m afraid most of the young have been so badly brainwashed one almost can’t blame them for their naivety.

      1. Correct. As an ex-RLI who moved to Australia and went through the Australian tertiary system, the brainwashing and tertiary qualification gatekeeping is very effective. One just has to look at the Australian Nursing ‘Code of Conduct’ to see how effective the gatekeeping is.

        1. For those interested, view the following video: Your readers may be interested to read about “Postmodernism’ policies in the Australian Defence Force. It is of note that all the above happened before COVID-19. This is silent”. sinister controlling power, not COVID-19.

    2. Unfortunately Warwick we do not have democracy. Our system is “elective dictatorship” (Hailsham 1970!!) . I have tried to explain in brief below what has happened but the rest can be had by getting in touch. Readers might also like to visit UK Column News where an independent media outlet supported by viewers is making great strides. Trouble is, even they cannot say everything. contact me if in UK.

  4. Sadly very true Hannes.
    As you imply, the world is being set up for an explosion which I fear will occur before we back end baby boomers depart this earth under our own steam.
    I can’t speak firsthand about any other country, but can add that Australia is well on its way into being the model socialist paradise where dissent is roundly critised and in some cases arrests made, to support the narrative. Our slide to “social” justice by regulation has made a huge leap forward
    recently under the guise of controlling Covid.
    It is scary stuff indeed.

  5. Thank you as always, Hannes, for your clear view and words on this troubling, at least to some of us Americans, situation. You point out only one of the impending executive actions, whereas, in my situation as a legal gun owner, the second act of legislation against, and confiscation of, firearms from legal gun owners is the more troubling. This is in direct confrontation to, and contradiction with, the US Constitution 2nd Amendment and perpetrated by people that have sworn to ‘uphold and defend the constitution, against enemies, both foreign and domestic’. We all know that some other ‘Social Democrats’ used this ploy to subjugate their populations and cowed them into compliance. The left feared the gaining strength of the American population and vilified the President via means of personal attack and obfuscated his, on the whole, good political work and achievements. They got the world to focus on the man and not his deeds, which by in large they have little or nothing to do with as they are not living in or are even American citizens. They may yet rue the day that America was removed as the military balancing force in the fight against global expansionism and domination. Alas, we have seen other politicians that saw their nations through a crisis, only to be discarded when the actual and perceived threat was over. Kind regards as always.

  6. Thank Hannes – a great article. I just hope more people wake up before it’s all too late.

  7. Excellent article Hannes. I am delighted to note you openly refer to Covid as a hoax……the more people who recognise the hoax for what is is (removal of Trump) the better. Indeed, the liberals are on the march……. very sad !

  8. Thank you Hannes. Certainly the scales have well tipped against any conservatism and two of the greatest weapons unleashed are “cancel culture” and “critical race theory.” In my opinion we are facing a major cultural shift that will greatly impact us all in the near future. It will take great wisdom, insight and courage to navigate this time and make a difference.

  9. One of the coments I made elewhere is that the 349 pages of the Corona Virus Act 2020 in UK was not drafted in the short time that it appeared. it must have been planned.
    Also, as I have pointed out to Sir Charles Walker (Con) as he angrily and quite correctly exploded re the arrest and insertion into a police van in Parliament Square of a 72 year old peaceful protester against Lockdown, the party system is the revolution against the liberty-protecting constitution and that he can’t complain since he is part of that system. Whatever his claims to liberty he is part of the system that can threaten that liberty if it so chooses and as we are now witnessing.
    The following applies everywhere where what they mislabel democracy is in action.
    Zimbabwe/Rhodesia merely demonstrates how evil it can get once you have a majority. UK is catching up.
    By this I mean the following: a political party manifesto is a “package” and the trick is that when you vote not only do you consent to everything in that package but there is no opt out of any of it.
    Since this is the only game in town (allegedly) then you are trapped. Even worse, as we are now seeing, the “majority” having been obtained of the declared “package” prospectus or manifesto that majority is now available to impolement whatever else may emerge. i.e. the pre-planned CV-19 pandemic.
    The Tory Party has the occasiuonal good one and as far back as 1970 the late Lord Hailsham warned: It is the Parliamentary majority which has the potential for tyranny”. Your readers can have the rest of the story and the remedy for free if they contact me via I am in UK.

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